Geo’s Media Blog (Blow the Room Away) 8/29/22

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When I was jus a freshman in Highschool, I learned something one night at a dance that I ended up using my entire life.

There I was one hot summer night, standing outside the East End Community Club in Transcona, trying to cool down after dancing my ass off for most of the evening.
Suddenly a car pulls up right in front of me, and a voice rings out saying, “Hey cutie could you come over here for a minute?”

As I approached the car and the back window went down, I found myself staring at a young Marilyn Monroe. Whew!
I could hardly breathe, and then when she asked if I could help her light her cigarette, it was all I could do to keep my hands from trembling.

Then she said, “Hey, you’re kinda cute; what’s your name?”
When I told her, she said, “Mine’s Pat, why don’t you call me sometime,” and then after handing me a piece of paper with her number on it, she was gone.

Now, what makes this all so weird is that she had to have been 17 or 18, and I was only 15.
After taking a few days to work my courage up, I finally called her, and we made arrangements to go to a dance at the Maple Leaf Community Club in Transcona.

Moments after our arrival, we were suddenly surrounded by a bunch of seniors from TCI.
They were acting like I was their best friend. and I was surprised because I didn’t think they even knew my name, but they did that night.

The lesson I learned was, “He who enters the room with the best-looking lady on his arm owns the room.”

So in honor of that special night, whenever I attend an important event like the opening night cocktail party of a radio convention or a big film festival, I always ask Joasia or Marnie to grace me with their presence.
Hell, when either of them is on my arm, not only do I own the room, I blow it fucking away!

(Photo of Joasia on top and Marnie right below)


Have you ever noticed that the artist takes no responsibility for the ticket prices?

I think I’m up for Hybrid vehicles; all-electric or all-gas puts too much power in the hands of too few.

Sometimes too many choices freeze us.

To be successful, one must become obsessive.

I see those orange cones everywhere, but I seldom see anybody working. Why don’t they put them out when they’re needed instead of screwing up traffic?

Men will die to protect the ones they love. Not so sure that women will?

The left says that there’s a revolution coming. The right agrees.

Who decides what world atrocities get a pass?

I think book deals for former presidents are just a way for the lobbyists to launder the money. What think you?

Does viagra help if you have absolutely no desire for a particular woman?

Your image is everything.

I enjoy being an ass-hole, but my brother says that I’m not good at it.

I wonder why global warming hasn’t hit Florida? It appears to be the same as it’s always been.

I wonder how many new billionaires Covid created?

Sometimes It takes one huge leap of faith to get over a deep chasm. Two smaller ones wouldn’t work. What country doesn’t have racism?

I think my problem with women is, “I just can’t get that pussy whipped thing down.”

Like most guys my age, I get hit on by young tarts on Facebook who claim that they’re only looking for true love. These pretty things are relentless, but most of them go away if you ask them for nude photos. However, the good news is; that some don’t. 

Why do the entertainment venues that change their name assume that we know where they are?

Handmade ain’t necessarily better made, but they definitely cost more.

Most great radio was created in smokey bars, not at a radio station.

So, how old do you have to be until your gettin’ hooked on something don’t mean nothin’?

Is it more productive to make better what you already do well or try to improve what you do badly?

Only friends will drive you to the airport, not acquaintances.

There are only two things that you can’t learn how to do. Sing or draw. However, everything else is up for grabs.

What you do is much more important than what you say.

What you believe might not be true; it may be just your opinion.

I’m amazed that Trump still gets more press than the President.

Whenever the media gets overly excited about a black person accomplishing something, I think it’s demeaning.

Sad news, two of Radio’s best passed recently, Ed Christian and Mark Driscoll. 🙁

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers won another game to stay on top of their division, but The Vancouver Lions look dangerous. Go, Big Blue!


George Ferko: “Is it true that you must prove that you’re innocent in Britain?”
No. Indeed, the U.S. Constitution does not mention either “presumption of innocence” or “proof beyond a reasonable.” Yet, that has been the law since our founding. Where did we get it from? English Common Law. It wasn’t until 1895 that the Supreme Court made it the law of the land. Where did the Brits get it from? Roman law and the Bible, specifically, Deuteronomy. (Under Construction)
Geo: I was watching a film about a slander case against an American who was being tried in England, and the lawyer said, “You have to prove that you didn’t slander him.

Bill Gardner: You know I love the Johns brothers, George AND Reg! And maybe Winnipeg and Transcona too. But I also love Calgary, where my wife and I spent our 40th anniversary in 2019 and the home of at least two great bands, Loverboy and the Stampeders!
Must confess I’m listening to “Workin’ For The Weekend,” “Turn Me Loose,” and “Sweet City Woman” on Spotify on my daily round trip to work.
I guess I understand city rivalries. Pittsburgh is a great Pennsylvania city, but I always thought it couldn’t hold a candle to my hometown of Philly. (The Royal George)
Geo: Reg and I both feel your love, Bill, but including Winnipeg and Transcona as part of that love may be pushing it a little. 🙂
As far as Calgary goes, I love Calgary; it’s Canada’s Dallas but with a much better view. However, as you succinctly put it, “The talent in Calgary don’t hold no candle to my hometown of Winnipeg/Transcona.”

Doug Herman: “I remember when the owners were not only afraid of the FCC but also of not being #1, so they put characters like me in charge of their radio stations.”  And hired top-tier FCC attorneys. You and I both had one of the very best, John King. Neither of us ever lost a license or did any time in The Big House. Thanks, John! (The check’s in the mail.) (The Royal George)
Geo: Uh Huh, Doug! I remember when I created a promotion called “The Magic Ticket,” and a competitor turned us into the FCC. We had to send them every promo and all the liners that mentioned the contest. Thank God, with Mr. King’s help, we were cleared.
However, when “The Magic Ticket” went into syndication, the sales copy, of course, read, “The only contest that not only improves ratings and revenue but it’s also the only radio contest that’s already approved by the FCC.”

Dave Charles: Hey George,
How’s life in the “Excited States of America?” Hope you’re well and safe.
I’m on board to do a tribute to our friend Roy Hennessey with Red Robinson and others in Vancouver.
I was wondering if you had any REAL Roy Hennessey photos in your archives that I might submit to the committee putting this tribute together. Please let me know. (The Royal George)
Geo: I didn’t know him very well, Dave, so I have nothing. I only remember being introduced to him many moons ago by Daryl ‘B’.
As for the Excited States, it’s only exciting on TV and Facebook. In the streets, it’s very boring.

Robin Solis: Hey George! re: “With all this gender stuff going on, I wonder how the French handle Le and La?” I’m guessing LA de Da? (Under Construction)
Geo: Tres Bien, Robin.

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog. (Here’s To All The Ladies I Adore.) 2/14/24.

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Geo’s Media Blog is a mostly politically incorrect inside look at Radio, TV, Music, Movies, Books, Social Media, politics, and Life, primarily written with men in mind.
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#9 Radio Geo’s Media Blog (I’m Your Dad) 9/26/22

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When you no longer care about what I say ’cause you think I’m a little old-fashioned and you want your own way, That ain’t bad; cuz I’m your Dad.
When you talk back because you think that you know more than I do, that doesn’t make me mad because I’m still your Dad.

When you leave home, you leave with a piece of my heart, so we’ll never really be apart. Hey, I’ll be sad, but I get to still be your Dad.
Not only will I pray for you, but I’ll be checking your wings to make sure they’re strong enough for you to soar. And that ain’t bad ’cause when you do, I’ll be a proud Dad.

I’ll always want what’s best for you and will even scrap my adventures for one of yours. Cuz nothing’s bad when I’m your Dad.
I’ll always have room and a hug to welcome you home, no matter where you’ve gone or how long you roam. None of that is bad ’cause I’m your Dad.

Until my last breath, I’ll carry your love, but for how wonderful it’s been, I’ll have to thank the man up above. Hey, did I mention how glad I am to be your Dad?
(Candis is pictured on top, followed by Curtis and then Cami, Cami, and Candis below.)


Before having daughters, I knew of very few men who ever gave a shit about women’s rights.

Yes, I realize that some white guys have done some bad things, but they’ve also done some good stuff, too, which I’m pretty sure outnumbers the bad.

Did anyone ever turn on the radio hoping to hear bad news?

Did you ever trip over something and then just try turn it into part of a dance move? Or when somebody walks into the room while you’re talking to yourself, you sing the words?

Is it true that you must prove that you’re innocent in Britain?

I like a little socialism now and then, but I’m definitely not a Socialist.

Speaking of Socialism, after traveling across Canada recently, I discovered that Canadians were much more sophisticated and civilized about it than Americans.

It’s much easier to do what you do for the people who already like you rather than try to convert those who don’t.

Unfortunately, women seem to love successful men much more than all others. But then again, that may be a good thing if you’re an ugly man with no personality.

If I were a rich man, I’d say, “I’ll help the poor people right after all the rich athletes do.”

It all started with ten, but now there are 88,899 laws that fixed what?

Does Biden get a mansion as nice as Obama’s when he leaves office?

There’s no escape; you pay the price for what you do and also for what you don’t do.

With all this gender stuff going on, I wonder how the French handle Le and La?

To be understood, sometimes you have to be offensive.

If you’re in the middle of a rating party, somehow, you know that you must have had a great book.

Silence is only golden if you have nothing to say.

Hey, radio, dare to be dangerous.

Performance always trumps promise.

It’s tough to differentiate between what we believe to be real and what’s really real.

At their age, ya gotta wonder what superstars like Sir Paul and the Stones do with all the money they’re making now compared to yesterday?

Why don’t politicians realize that if they stopped lying, they wouldn’t have to spend so much money trying to get elected?

With Top Gun II at 1.24 billion, how can Hollywood resist making Top Gun III?

How you act at your worst is who you are. It all started with ten on a tablet, but now there are 88,800 laws that fixed what?

I was always nervous about how a fair fight would turn out, so I only recruited folks I figured had a shot at being in the Radio Hall of Fame.

It sure would be nice to have a K103 reunion in Portland before the station fades away, or even worse, we do.

I wonder how strong the Russian Mafia feels today in America?

I think the problem that Neil Young and David Crosby have with each other stems from the fact that Neil is much better than he thinks he is, and David is not near as good as he thinks.

The ancient explorers had to have been Gay; what wife would let her husband go off chase[ng windmills for a couple of years?

Speaking of Gay Guys, according to Bill Burr, they’re happier than the rest of us because they don’t have to live with women.

Looks like Hurricane Ian is going to miss South Florida. Whew!

Wow, the Dolphins lead the AFC East; who would’ve thunk it?


Winnipeg Wendy: First of all, George, I take umbrage with your playful reference to our Prime Minister’s name. I would suggest that Justin was possibly only giving Barack some well-deserved respect for being the eloquent individual he is, as is Justin.
I do, however, agree with your opinion of Letterman’s new late-night talk show. I find his show somewhat introspective and almost like a therapy session. Carson was the best and favored us with the best comedic interviews, such as Johnathon Winters, whom I love, and Robin Williams, who didn’t have to use profanities or filth to be funny, to mention a couple. After watching his show, we felt happy and uplifted and had no problem having a good sleep.(The 1% Club)
Geo: So, first of all, Wendy, how much fun would my blog be if you agreed with everything I wrote? I’m a Centrist, so I zig-zag between left and right depending on the issue.
As far as Justine goes, he’s more like his mother than his father. If Pierre and Obama had ever met, it would have been Barack who looked like he was ready to go down on him.

Jed Duval: Today, at lunch, my Indiana University campus radio station alumni friends eating at Pho Real on North College at East 96th Street (Laotian, Vietnamese and Cambodian food-who would have thought that in the late 1960s-early 1970s) were discussing why there are so few iconic and legendary musicians and comedians. Immediately the greatest of our era were Jonathon Winters, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Tim Conway (with Harvey Korman), Bob Newhart, Shelley Berman, George Carlin, and before he became a rapist, Bill Cosby. What was memorable was “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson, with both Winters and Williams as guests. While I always loved Steve Allen’s “Tonight Show” with comics like Louie Nye, Tom Poston, Bill Dana, and Steve & Eydie, Carson was the greatest of the late-night hosts. His producer, Freddie De Cordova, who was George Burns’ and Gracie Allen’s as well as Jack Benny’s TV show producer, may be the greatest late-night program producer. Several of my college classmates also opined that perhaps in the era of Pro-Tools and self-produced music, the guidance of George Martin, Quincy Jones, Richard Perry, or an Arif Mardin as producers of the LPs is sorely missed. In that regard, Jim Hilliard was a great program director and an excellent manager, but Fairbanks and FairWest needed a full-time producing director/consultant to focus on the details (promotions and promos) that made your stations and talent great. (1% Club)
Geo: Good stuff, Jed.

Joasia: Hi George!! I just thought I’d say hey 🙂 (1% Club)
Geo: Hey, back at ya, Beautiful Baby Mama.

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#10 Radio Geo’s Media Blog (The George) 7/25/22

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While traveling across Canada on the Canadian with my brother Reg recently, when we got to Winnipeg, we got off the train for three days to hang out with family and friends.
While there, we stayed at the gorgeous Fort Garry Hotel, where we visited with everyone.

On our last day in Winnipeg, we decided to revisit our old stomping grounds in Transcona.
After spending a couple of hours driving by all the houses we lived in, and the schools we went to, we decided to pop into the Royal George.

When I was growing up, “The George” was one of the many beer parlors where the men who worked at the CNR shops went to get a couple of cold ones before heading home for supper.
(Women weren’t allowed in Beer Parlors back then)

Once inside, I was surprised and delighted to see a bunch of Rock & Roll memorabilia hanging everywhere.
Guitars, posters, and hundreds of records made the place look like a funky Hard Rock Cafe
(The proud owner, Greg Pesker, pictured on top with just some of the memorabilia)

However, what was most amazing to me was that everything in there was by Winnipeg artists, including two of my records with the Jury. (Pictured below) Good on ya, Mr.Pester.Until I saw all those records hanging on the wall, I had no idea how much talent came out of Winnipeg.
I, of course, was well aware of Neil Young, The Guess Who, BTO, Burton Cummings, Terry Jacks, and Crash Test Dummies, having played with a lot of them, but how cool was it that so many others who also were knocking at fame’s door were hanging there?

So with all that in mind, I only have one question, why isn’t the Canadian Hall of Fame in Winnipeg?
Hey, even Neil Young claims that Winnipeg is the Rock & Roll Capital of Canada, so why the hell is it in Calgary? Who the fuck came out of Calgary?


The next thing you should do is that which you’re the most afraid to do.

I wonder if Ryan has noticed that his former co-host, Ellen K, is kicking his ass in LA.

The rich man is blamed for a lot of what’s wrong with America, and that’s tough to disagree with, but the winner has to be the government; who else would be stupid enough to think that they can change the culture with laws?

In the history of radio, has any new owner ever made an already great radio station better?

There is nobody that can ruin a radio station faster than an accountant; they win it going away.

Speaking of accountants, are there any of them in the Radio Hall of Fame?

Say what, LeBron? It’s America’s fault that WNBA player Brittney Griner is in trouble in Russia, pray tell.

Some Democrats are now saying that Biden is merely a position holder. For whom is running in place would be my question, as I’m sure would be true for about three hundred million other Americans.

Giving those who desire it your attention always speeds things up. Hey, it may even work on those who don’t desire it.

Shouldn’t growing old take longer than this?

Do they still have ratings parties these days?

Does it hurt less when you hear, “It’s not personal; it’s just business?”

What the world is in real short supply of is real leaders.

I just read somewhere that the Hockey Hall of Fame is in Toronto because it’s the only way the Maple Leaf Fans are ever going to see the Stanley Cup.

I remember when the owners were not only afraid of the FCC but also of not being #1, so they put ​characters like me​ in charge of their radio stations.

Speaking of radio, ​​I never believed in fair fights,​ so I always recruited the folks who I thought would end up in the Radio Hall of Fame.

Everything comes to an end; even Sir Paul ends “Hey Jude” on stage.

I’m all for equal rights unless I become less equal in the process.

Boy, “Awesome” has sure lasted longer than “Right On” and “Far Out,” huh? But then again, it’s not in the league of Canada’s EH!

You learn nothing from your victories, only from your defeats. Case in point, my first ski instructor said, “Mr. Johns, until you fall down, you’ll never learn to ski; take your time.”

Miracles like deals with the devil come with strings attached.

All religions have flaws.

I remember when if you acted weird in any way, two guys wearing white smocks would jump out of a van and whisk you away. Now not only do the weird have the right to walk amongst us, but they also have the right to buy guns.

I believe in God but am very suspicious of all the humans who claim that he talks to them.

As bad as things may seem to be, they’re still better than they’ve ever been.

Even a bad plan is a good plan when there’s no plan.

Wow! The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are 7-0 so far this season. Go Big Blue!

If your daughter was raped, what kind of a plea bargain deal would you agree to for her rapist?

I’m all for equal rights as long as my rights don’t become less equal in the process.


Warren: George…you would know this. Based on what I’ve just read here, it appears that Fairbanks might well have been The CHUM of America. BTW Jed. Thank you once again for Your Hospitality many years ago when Pat Martin suggested we meet as I was driving across the U.S. to California. (1% Club)
Geo: Hey Warren, Jed Duval was one of those behind-the-scenes giants at WIBC who made it possible for me to focus on KVIL and the rest of the Fairbanks properties. As for Fairbanks being the CHUM of America, in stature, maybe.

Josie Thomas: Hey George. Enjoyed your critique of David Letterman. No one can top Johnny Carson. He used humor to bring out the best in his guests, not fawning over them for what purpose, I don’t know. Pandering at its best! Loved your comment on the possible reason.
Going down on them? So funny!! *The 1% Club)

Chris McCarty: If nothing else, George, you got to admit Letterman grows a pretty darn good beard. Since I’m posting, I put a link in the website section to a 30-sec radio spot I recorded for a restaurant/bar here in Nashville, and besides writing the copy and putting some music in it from a song recording of mine, it was cool to be doing some voice over work again. Ain’t nothing like talking into a really good mic, huh? (1% Club)​​
Geo: I like Santa’s beard more than David’s, Chris, and he also seems to be a lot nicer guy.
As for the mic, none of them made me sound any good, so I stuck with coaching. Speaking of coaching, it sounds like you could use a little. Thanks for the read, Man!

(Unfortunately, as you can see, Chris, my blog, apparently didn’t like your link.)

Geo’s Media Blog is a politically incorrect inside look at Radio, TV, Music, Movies, Books, Social Media, Politics and Life, primarily written for men.
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Geo’s Media Blog (“X”) 8/01/22

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Well, it’s that time of year again; gotta to call Xfinity and cancel them again because my Wi-Fi bill, as it does every year, went up 30 bucks.
However, I got Sarah from India on the phone this time instead of Bruce. But as Bruce had the year before, Sarah explained that I had just come off the “new customer” promotion plan. (I’ve been coming off it for over ten years now.

After she finally got through her scripted explanation, which I lip-synced with her, I explained, as I do every year, that even though I loved Xfinity’s service, it was just too expensive, so I have no choice but to cancel.

As I knew she would, Sarah asked if I could give her a few moments to see what she could do for me?
“Absolutely,” I responded, and within a few minutes, she was back with a new script, and for the eleventh year in a row, I’m now back on the “New Customer” promotion plan again.


There may be a bunch of reasons not to do something but if you can find one good reason to do something, just do it.

Life becomes much better when you use please and thank you a whole lot.

Billy Bob from Big ‘D’ says, “Geo, just before I die, I want your life to flash before my eyes.”

There is no good gossip; it’s all designed to be destructive.

Hey Mr. radio executive, the accountants have been lying to you, it’s never been about the bottom line; it’s about one person, the listener.

The only thing that affects all of us is the economy; why isn’t Biden working on that full time?

If we only did what we wanted to do, we’d probably do nothing.

Getting someone to listen to the radio should be Radio’s main mission.

The service and attitude of the server are much better when they get paid by tips.

Why does temptation always lead us to a bad place?

Your learning how to accept adversity will change your life.

I heard the word no more often during my recent visit to Canada than I’ve ever heard it in the US.

Only in the movies do the folks who don’t have the higher ground win the battle.

Why does freedom come with so many rules and regulations?

The style of music you play on your radio station tells the folks who you aren’t more than who you are.

How much wrong does a person have to do before they can never be forgiven.

You have to be frightened first before you can become courageous.

Being politically correct goes against mother nature because in order to be happy, you must be able to say what you mean and mean what you say.

What I can’t understand is why America feels more guilt about Black folks than the Native Americans. In Canada, somehow, the French are also in front of their First Nation folks. 

Nobody is worry-free.

Fear may be the greatest motivator of all time, but inspiration produces so much more.

Nothing much has changed, women still only control one man, and many men still control many women.

Why wouldn’t the rich guys all over the world know each other?

Some of my happiest days were spent living in Coronado, especially after being told by everybody that I was crazy to leave Indiana.

There are two ways to make America great, get rid of Lobbyists and limit political contributions because it’s the only way we can force the politicians to hear us.

Brent Farris of KZST in Sonoma County recently told me that I must be a shitty teacher because, after more than 30 years, he still doesn’t understand half of what I say.

Oh did I mention that the Grey Cup Champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers are 8-0 so far this season? Go Big Blue!

Most men are sexist until they fall in love, and then they become totally pussy whipped. Sad. 


Bill Gardner: That’s TWO of my absolute favorite humans, who both deserve the fun and pleasure of each other’! Safe travels, boys! (Bucket List)
Geo: It turned out great, Bill.

Warren Cosford: My Father was 90 when he Bused Winnipeg West to Vancouver and then Motorhomed to California. The Advantage of Busing was that every 24 hours another Bus would arrive. This meant that he could visit in Regina as long as he wanted, providing he left at 4 PM on whatever day he wanted to leave. Could I do that with Trains? I’d take a Train over a Bus if only because with a Train, I could likely take My Bicycle.  That’s what I did while Truckin’.
Of course, another advantage with Trucking was that they paid me.  Until Elizabeth had her Heart Attack, we were thinking of Retiring in The Truck and then living in a Senior’s Home…wherever.
My Deal with Dispatch was…I’ll live in The Truck, I have no ‘Home’ to go to.  But I expect you to take me wherever I want to go and let me stay there for at least 48 hours.
They agreed.
Then when Dylan was drafted into Junior Hockey in Oregon, he played from between Calgary/Vancouver to Las Vegas/LA., and Dispatch would get me Wherever providing I gave them a week’s notice.
Meanwhile, thanks to all the Markets I was driving through. I was also doing a little Radio Consulting…..which is how Liz Janik and Bob Segarini got jobs at Slaight’s Sirius Canada.
Trains may be on the way
Within a few years, we’ll be welcoming Canadians on board a new fleet of trains in the Québec City – Windsor corridor. Read the latest news. Sustainable … VIA Rail Canada (Reg&Geo’s Most Excellent Adventure)
Geo: Good stuff, Warren.

Paul Cavenaugh: Yo George
I think you left a couple of points missing…
On the subject of old rich white people, there are simply so many more of them to attack! At least we agree on Tom Cruise. He can only play one character. An Angry White Guy!
As for Trump.  What planet are you on, George? Joe Biden has clearly aged beyond usable function. Still, he is a safer choice over Evil.
And, I would let our mutual Congressman Lois Frankel babysit my Grandchildren…
Oh, and a question you brought up last week. If I just met myself for the first time, what would I think?
I would immediately be impressed by my warmth, openness, intelligence, and integrity. I’ll even take it so far as Yes…I would consider sex with me! (Daddy’s Day)
Geo: You’re always a hoot, Paul. Love ya, man!

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