Canada Lied To Me! (new blog for thanksgiving week)

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482733_10151827071844307_1141666166_nA sales promotion is 10 times more successful if it sounds like it came from the programming department.

If we ever did all the stuff we put off by promising to do it tomorrow, we would never make it through the day out of sheer exhaustion.
The 4 different ways you get to die are:
1. When you stop making love.
2. When the child in you dies.
3. When you stop learning.
4. When you stop breathing.
Do Hollywood writers love to write or write because they feel a need to get their liberal point of view across.
Truth is truth, what may appear to be the truth or what you believe it is in no way changes that.
If you don’t have any artistic talent what the hell are you doing in showbiz. Artistic people can’t just start practicing law!
Fame unveils who you were all along.
The primary job of the air talent is to promote the radio station as the job of the radio station is to promote the air talent. It helps of course if the air talent actually has talent.
It’s the strong hooks in a song that cause it to be a hit and even as different as the Beatles were they obviously well aware of that fact.
I have found that as fun and as exciting my life has been that writing about it seems to take a hell of a lot longer than living it.
Women forgive but never forget, men never forgive but they forget.
You seldom get what you don’t ask for.
Just because you have the power doesn’t mean you have the ability.
Silence is not only golden but is also a great teacher as well.
As a Canadian/American I have no interest in any policy that allows someone easier access to America than I had.
Speaking of Canada, when I was growing up the government used to say that in order for me to have a better life we needed a larger population. Did they know they were lying?
Since moving to America I have discovered that Thanksgiving here seems to be a bigger deal to the folks than Christmas, except in the stores of course.
If it’s true that capitalism is based on supply and demand how come wine isn’t 50 cents a bottle.
In radio it doesn’t matter what you did yesterday only what you are doing today counts.
Jack Collins the GM of the first “Class” station told me sales people generally work for the client not the radio station. I told him I totally understand that but therein lies the problem, I don’t work for the radio station either I work for the listeners.
Speaking of the listeners, sometimes I feel like I’m just their shop steward.
Most people do not listen to the radio to be educated.
Enough of all the decisions already lets have the person who is paying the bill decide where we should eat.
When my Daughter Candis was growing up she said she had difficulty deciding if I was sexist or not. She finally claimed I was but just not with her.
If it’s true that talent comes from the dark side how come I’m not a hell of a lot more talented.
The device used to get the product to the people is ever changing but the product lives forever.
My Brother Reg has often told me that I should give up the a-hole part of my personality because I wasn’t as good at it as a lot of radio people he has met but I think I’m getting better.
I loved a lot of the things Ronald Reagan did but his emptying of the insane asylums was not one of them as they walk amongst us today with guns.
Growing old is inevitable but growing up is an option. 
Why do married guys have to ask permission to have a “boys nite out” whereas women just do it.
Did you ever notice that you tend to turn down your car radio when you are looking for a street address.

Boy America’s Bill Cosby is making Canada’s Jian Ghomeshi look like a bit of a wuss isn’t he.


Where Are All The Decent Women?

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970508_10152110011794307_670433441_nMy Father always told me that if you weren’t sweating you weren’t really working but perhaps the reason you’re sweating is because you really don’t know what you’re doing.

The tougher the rules the stronger the creativity.
Creativity begins when you leave certainty behind
Remember when we used to know the stock price of all the radio companies and whether it was going up or down.
Bobby Cole once told me that diplomacy is the art of letting you have my way.
A lot of women appear to be looking for the fathers of their unborn children but I know of very few men who are looking for mothers.
Our natural tendency is to like people who like us but I’m not so sure that works for love.
Unsolicited advice is usually very self serving.
Art is simply making something out of nothing then selling it.
Unlike the rest of show business, in radio the sales department seems to have all the power so lets just blame the whole mess on them.
In the 60’s the CEO’s of companies made 40 times as much as their staffs but now they make 400 times as much. Is it just me or does that also make you want to vote for whatever political party they are against like America did in the last presidential election.
For whatever reason decent wages never show up until you’re 40 if even then.
Speaking of money, Joe Amaturo claimed he never made any real money until he was 65.
Someone once said that living in California was like being in High School with money.
I would suggest that to all air talent that their first goal should be to become as good as they already think they are.
In the early days Paul McCartney’s father in law told him never to invest in anything he didn’t know. Obviously our radio leaders didn’t know him.
Letterman and Leno’s ratings at their best when combined were about half of Carson’s.
Celebrity is just obscurity merely biding its time.
I am a self proclaimed expert on a very limited amount of subjects but like everyone I have an opinion on almost everything.
Life usually turns out a lot better when you are chasing your wants rather than your needs.
Everybody is gifted at something so you just have to figure out what that is and hope its saleable.
Woman seem to be able to be very selective about who they fall in love with whereas men just pray that whomever we fall in love with turns out to be a decent person.
I think the way to cut down on all the concussions in the NFL is to simply take all the face guards off the helmets.
Unfortunately too many people in American business have the power to say no.
Having had worked at a lot of jobs when I was a kid I think I may have been attracted to radio because my Boss’s name was Jimmy not Mr. Darin.
Speaking of names, there is nothing more important to a human being than his name.
When radio reflects life with a slightly exaggerated distorted view it is usually very successful.
It’s a whole lot better radio when the air talent is more interesting on the air than off.
Radio like all of show business will never be about the technology it will always be about the artists.
Most accountants can’t tell the difference between good and bad talent. Need I say more!
All great radio stations had a “cause” but I doubt very much that paying down the debt was one of them.

Field goals only make sense to me at the end of the half or at the end of the game for the win.

Of all the things I have been accused of normalcy was never one of them.

In order to succeed one must use all the gifts God gave them.

When was the last time big business created any jobs.



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Coronado-Bathroom.The-Shower-in-my-bathroom-folly.1While going through some stuff the other day I came across two magazines which I had completely forgotten about because they showed how stupid one could be. When I first moved to California we bought a large old home in Coronado which unfortunately had several bathrooms that began to shut down until there were none. I had to use the shower down where my boat was docked (another stupid tale) which put me into a rage so before thinking it through, I loudly and stupidly said to my wife … You would think as hard as I work that the least I could have is a bathroom that worked. The next thing I knew Architects, Decorators, and Construction workers were everywhere and they must of smelled my “F**k You” account with well over 200 thousand in it. Now my wife and the 200 grand are gone and after using the bathroom only once all I have left of those days are these pictures in “Better Homes and Gardens”.

Most people are either a Democrat or a Republican except for the wealthy who own both of them.

The only time the past exists is when you think about it.

So what I don’t understand in the John Goodman trial is what the hell the lawyers did that cost 4 million bucks.

Three things most men really hate doing are.
1. Asking directions.
2. Filling out forms.
3. Going to the mall.

How much is enough.

Tomorrow is a mystical place where everything is going to be OK.

When you’re young time moves so slowly that you measure your age by fractions. I’m 8 and a half going on 9, then it moves to, I’m going on 16 even if you’re only 14. It starts picking up speed when you become 21, you turn 30, you’re pushing 40, you reach 50, you make it to 60, you hit 70. When you get into your 80’s it starts slowing down again when you claim you just turned 90, and if you are lucky enough you get to proudly brag that you are a 100 and a half.

My Daughter Cami decided to come home for her birthday from college but for some reason her train was delayed 4 and a half hours. When she finally got on board she texted me that while waiting at least she had made a new friend and when I asked her if it was a male or female she said she would have to get back to me on that one. She later explained that at some point he got up and went to the restroom and when he came out he had turned into the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

If you ever worked for Jim Hilliard you soon realize that you are ruined because that isn’t how regular radio really works so you become almost unemployable.

Speaking of Jim, he once told me that when he first got into radio he learned every job in the building so that someday he would be able to run the place. That would kind of thinking would disqualify most folks today I figure.

When I first got into radio it was more fun to be at work than be at home which works out well for the industry but was hell on marriages.

Radio if it ever wants to get new money has to figure out how to do product placement.

Luckily I get paid to listen to radio because I’m not so sure I would otherwise.

Is it possible to buy anything anymore without them trying to up sell you.

It seems to me that America decided it was time to spank the Democrats on Nov 4th for whatever reason. The thing I noticed though is Jews, Blacks, and the folks who live in California and Massachusetts always vote for the Democrats no matter what. Strange!

Have you ever noticed that as soon as a company becomes successful their good service is the first thing to go.

Betsy Cameron told me that even Haiti is a wonderful place to visit if you know some rich folks you can stay with.

The great thing about having strong Daughters is if a woman does me wrong I will just turn her over to them.

Who was it that told women that they could say anything they wanted to a man without fear of violence.

The only way to be happy is become one person instead of trying to manage all the people you are. You know the one with strangers, the one with clients, the one with fellow workers, the one with family, the one you are when you are alone etc. So far I’ve got it down to 2, the one with my Daughters and the one who isn’t.

When I first moved to California I officed at KOGO/KPRI where Tom Shadek was kind enough to give up his huge office for me including a couple of bottles of whiskey which he left behind. That was just too tempting so before long it turned into “toddy time”  in my office each day at 5. Hell even the morning crew came back to the station everyday for it and I finally had to promote Reid Reker to Maitre D’ just to handle all the reservations .

Every project needs a balance between what you want to do, what you like to do, and what should be done.

It is said that it is better to have loved and lost than have never loved at all but I’m just wondering how many times you get to go through the procedure before you’re just a loser.

Great leaders have one thing in common and that is they just simply support what the staff wants to do.

When a team decides they’re not gonna lose they seldom do.

It is very difficult to act stupid unless you are.



“In Flanders Fields”

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During World War I Lieutenant Colonel John McCrea from Guelph Ontario who was there with the Canadian forces wrote a poem while gazing sadly at the recent grave site of his friend Alex Hemer. As John gazed around he noticed that the only thing growing amongst the crosses were the poppies which inspired his immortal poem “In Flanders Fields”.
My old Jury band mate Bruce Walker recently had to endure the butchering of Mr. McCrea’s poem at a Remembrance Day service so upon returning home he picked up his guitar and decided to give the famous poem a melody. Bruce dedicates his version of “In Flanders Fields” to all the fallen soldiers in all wars.
Nice work Bruce and know that the rest of The Jury were there with you in spirit.