#5 All Time. Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Age is just a #) Published 5/29/18.

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While dating the Hunny Bunny (above right) for a couple of years, not only did my friends rag on me about our age difference, but they also didn’t want me bringing her around their wives.
Unfortunately, they claimed, “If our wives ever meet her, we will no longer be allowed to hang around with you.

So, even though we had a couple of great years together and she claimed that age was just a number when my daughters didn’t even want to meet her, I decided to move on. (Man, do I miss her!)

Obviously, I didn’t learn my lesson because here I am again, back at the bar again, playing the fool again
This time I’m excited about Sammanthia (above left), who is turning 21 soon and appears to be more than interested in a little plan I’ve put together.

“The first thing we’re gonna do,” I told her, “Is do a little shopping at Victoria’s Secret.
Now the reason that excites me is because I know what Victoria’s secret is. They encourage the ladies’ companions to join them in the dressing room as they try on the various little sweet nothings.

After we load up at Vic’s, we’ll then pack it all up for a plane ride to Malibu Beach.
Then after a few fun days of lying on the beach tanning, we’ll slip over to Tahoe for even more fun.

When at some point, Sam asked, “Aren’t I a little young for you,” I responded, “When I was 15, I loved twenty-year-olds and I still do.
What I’m thinking now is, maybe the Hunny Bunny was a little old for me?

Oh, and I also promised Samanthia that for her birthday that I’d make her famous well you are now, darlin’ Happy Birthday!


In my day when you bought your first guitar, as soon as you could play “Louie Louie,” you started a band. What’s the entry-level tune today?

Men and Women are nothing alike but we’re all pretty happy about it.

My Daughter Candis once said to me, “Dad, the Women you get involved with all seem to get your money, but none of them get you, do they?”

Speaking of money, how much a person makes is not the proper measuring stick to judge how talented they may or may not be.

If it’s politically incorrect to say it but it’s true, do you still have to keep your mouth shut?
OK how about if it’s politically incorrect but you are under oath, what then?

How come at most restaurants you never have to get anybody’s attention to take your plate away?

When you hear the words “I wonder who she’s sleeping with,” accurately describes the activity they were wondering about?

Speaking of that special kind of activity … Hey guys, if in the middle of making love you wonder if she’s sleeping with anyone else, it’s your last chance to run.

You may be only one more try away from succeeding.
There is a list of people in our heads that consists of some folks whom when you hear they died before their time you’re not shocked.
Your kids will never accept nor want to meet the next love in your life after you and their Mother split up.
So if in school they don’t let men and women shower together because of the sexual ramifications, how does that work with gays.
I was at Duffy’s tonight when Sheryl Crowe’s ” Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man” came on the speakers. No problem baby, unless of course that means physically pushing you around?
It doesn’t matter what you think, it’s what you figure out that matters. 
Sometimes the closer you get, the less you see!
The reason a lot of very successful people aren’t happy is because they are so busy succeeding that they don’t have the time to enjoy it.

You become smart right after you figure out how stupid you are.

Speaking of stupid, most of the young ladies who appear attracted to me are the damsels in distress types, and the Women I’m attracted to are broken. So when we come together, we produce a new strain of stress!

There is absolutely no correlation between your need for money and what you’re being paid.

One of the first stressful things you’ll ever do is take that long walk across the dance floor and ask a girl to dance while all your buddies watch you. Once you do that you can do anything.
I am currently writing a story about the legendary Kay Ville and even giving up some of her secrets. One of them was the hiring of great talent and the Texas Hall Of Fame agrees with our hires because most of them are in there.
My Daughter Cami told me that not everyone gets my humor, including her.
Even though I’m a better Father than my Father was, I’m not even close to being as good a man as he was.
When I was a kid the Dee Jays were much bigger than the music. So I’m wondering if they’re less talented today, or did the music just get better.
Have you ever noticed how forgiving businessmen are of each other’s evil?
Unfortunately, most Doctors did not graduate from the top of their class.

Never forget the fact that the dark side is at least 10 times more powerful than the bright side”

Most leaders of most countries are measured more by their charismatic attraction than they are by their deeds. Isn’t that right, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Trudeau.

Why are most condo boards filled with people who have never been in charge of anything in their entire life?

My #2 All-Time Blog, Friday.

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970317_10151432979311134_1785329076_nMarch 15, 1972 we launched the first AC Radio Station in North America at CFTR in Toronto. It later evolved into a top 40 station which eventually knocked off CHUM.

Above is the loud Billboard we used to introduce our new soft sound to Toronto. The board featured Earl Mann, Bob McAdorey and the Magic Christian but our advertising agency refused to get involve with it. They claimed the only purpose it served was to be noticed. Huh?

Speaking of CFTR through the wonders of Facebook I recently connected with Earl from the above billboard and Sharon who helped put it together. Sharon was the love of my life but of course barely remembers me and Earl just wants to know if I still use the Voodoo he claims I used on him.

After several decades of chasing Women on the Radio and doing countless research studies about them including my own up close and personal observations, I came to the realization that by now I must know more about Women than most Men. The problem is I hardly know anything.

I grew up in an exciting time ’cause the blueprint for how it all worked hadn’t been drawn up yet. So people just like me actually had a hand in the creation of it.

Why is it so easy to publicly declare your love for your daughters but not so easy to do so for the love of your life.

I never raised either of my Daughters to be wives so I’m not sure how good they will be at it.

Walt Disney taught me that recognition and appreciation gets more done than money ever will.

Why are politicians far right or far left on everything when the rest of us are a little left on this issue and a little right on that.

I only hear the media and the banks they owe money to talking about and making a big deal out of social media. The folks just use it, and they don’t seem that impressed.
Pretty girls make themselves prettier for a reason.

Why is America the toughest country in the world to get in legally but the easiest illegally.

You can get away with anything but sex in America.
I love being the champion of a deserving lady!
Success doesn’t happen conveniently.
The good and bad news is … Nothings permanent.
The way showbiz works is … Big open, drama in the middle and a huge ending. Hey ya can’t fade a song out on stage Man!

How do they count how many calories are in everything and can we trust the counters?

The only time we have a problem with “doing the math” is when it comes time to count our blessings.

It’s not the idea that gets results, it’s the implementation of the idea.

First time in a long time who won American Idol wasn’t instantly part of the evening news. That should scare the producers a tad don’t ya think.

Ermanno Barone claims the things we do for ourselves are gone when we are gone but the things we do for others become our legacy.

Some 40 year old divorced Women spend a lot of their time in bars tramping for trolls and the only Men they find there are simply trolling for tramps.

When you see a few white lines across the expressway slow down, they can calculate your speed from above.

I just hate it when my demons were right all along!

There has always been a debate about whether the the death penalty prevented the crime of killing. When I lived in Boston every crime in the North End where the mob lived had the death penalty attached to it. Net result,  no crime.

An idea guy and a concept guy are two different animals. Everybody has ideas but very few have concepts!
I believe Radio of the future will be Local Radio of the past.
You should forgive your enemies but definitely never forget their names.
There is a lot of Radio money out there for leads but none anymore for image making.
I think fixing the health care problem in America is easy we just all kinda adopt an uninsured person on our family plan.

Other than for money I have never heard a listener repeat a Radio Station’s slogan.

When I was a National PD all my ideas got on the air. When I became a consultant I was lucky if half of them made it to the airways.

The way to shorten up meetings is to only discuss what people know rather than what they think.
When a Woman has children she usually leaves three things behind. Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll.



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geo-ronIt is said that a movie as great as “The Godfather” will never be shot again. One of the reasons being that no modern director will ever let the amount of time go by without action as Coppolla did. In God Father II he showed Michael arriving home one night and while still dressed in his coat and hat he stood quietly in the doorway just watching his wife sleep. Suddenly he pulled her to the floor only moments before bullets riddled the room.
That scene reminded me of one of my favorite listens to Ron Chapman, the Godfather of Morning Radio.(They actually pay me to do this sort of thing.) On this particular still dark out morning Ron says … OK get yourself a fresh cup of coffee and I’ll meet you after the break from high a top KVIL. He actually crawled up a ladder and went through a small trap door which led to the roof while dragging an extended microphone cord behind him. After the commercial break Ron came back on the air and said, Alright lets enjoy a little coffee as we watch this beautiful sunrise together. He then spent about 12 minutes describing in intimate detail just how magnificent that sunrise really was and also explained how lucky we were to be living in Dallas Texas where this kind of thing happens all the time. It was a breathtaking performance which is also unlikely to ever be heard again. Sorry you missed it!

As you may know I’m writing a book about my somewhat unusual life mostly because it’s therapeutic. A lot of it features my mentor Jim Hilliard who claims my memory of certain events is a lot different than his. Next he’ll have forgotten I introduced him to Mr. Fairbanks.

Fear is a great motivator. I remember the chill that swept through my body when my Father informed me that if he bought my clothes he was going to buy me the clothes he wanted me to wear. I became part of the work force very early on.

Making love is very serious fun.
Speaking of love, I’m still looking for a replacement for the hunny bunny which is turning out be a very difficult task. 

Women don’t realize that the special night they gave us as a reward is not special anymore, it’s now on the menu!

Why does the far left and the far right both call their opinions balanced.

Most of the terrible things that happen to us only occur in our head.
If Women thinks it’s tough being a Woman they should try being a Man whose trying to deal with a Woman.
It takes a perfect balance between optimists and pessimists to make things work. The optimist invents all the new stuff and the pessimist comes up with the safety devices for it.

I’ve been asked if I’m a Womanizer. I don’t think so, but if I am, I’m not very good at it.

I learn more from what Women don’t respond to than what they do.

A great Man accomplishes a lot more great things when he has a great Woman in his corner.

Well I guess another old wives tale just bit the dust. ” So goes Wall Street so goes the economy.” 
Have you ever noticed that the words you can’t use in public take on a whole new meaning when said privately.

What if the Hokey Pokey ain’t what it’s all about!

My relationship with sales began with a guy by the name Cy Brownstone in Winnipeg when I was a production board op at CKY. Occasionally when I helped him out of a bind he would reward me with one movie pass. Surely I’ve let that go by now.

I still remember all the things that used to get my attention when I was just a listener to Radio and they still work till this day.

The real you is the person who does what he does when he thinks no one is watching.

When Candis was in the 5th grade her first male teacher took her from a C student to an A student which lasted all the way through college. So when Cami hit the 5th grade I asked her she had any male teachers and she said no, they only teach the ungifted.
We tend to like people who like us.
I think America is still in the middle of a financial crisis but unfortunately the people working on it ain’t.

Becoming successful is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever go through.

The three things a man will most regret on his death bed is (1) Not having spent enough time with his family. (2) Not making love as often he could have. (3) Wasting time with acquaintances instead of spending more quality time with his real friends.
In novels written by females it usually ends with at least a full chapter about the wedding. If written by a man the wedding is in the middle somewhere and gets no more than a page.
Bill Finginshu once told me when he handed out GM stripes to SMs they turned into Art Directors and immediately started designing new station logos.
I remember when the rich used to actually be afraid of the government, but things are much better now. NOT!











#6 Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Ladies of the Nite) Published 5/04/13

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Recently I’ve been contacted by yet another “Lady of the nite” who like those who came before her, claims she too needs my help.
Her name is Raijanna (pictured above) and knowing that I had worked with Delilah in her early years, she told me that she wanted to become the new Delilah for a new generation.

Raijanna presently plays love songs every evening on KZST in Sonoma County, but now she wants to turn her game way up.
Not too long ago, though, I had written in a blog that most of the guys I coach privately pay me a fee but the fairer sex for some reason thinks that a knowing smile is sufficient payment for my services. NOT!

Fortunately, before I could conger up the courage to say, “Will that be cash or sex, Ma’am,” the station jumped in and paid me.
That probably turned out to be good thing because it kept me out of the clutches of the “Me Too” society. (RIP, Raijanna.)

The Countdown Continues Tomorrow With #5


I love the ladies, but I’ve finally learned that I can only handle one at a time, and most times, not even that.

Speaking of beautiful, a police officer named Kari Pallotto once told me that the way the system works is, you get a speeding ticket every 45th time you speed.
And the fact that the person in the next lane was actually driving faster than you has absolutely nothing to do with it; it just wasn’t his turn.

When a Man Loves a Woman,” two things happen, first he starts protecting her, then he tries to make her happy. This, of course, is an impossible task and is only God’s way of amusing himself.

Even though I am attracted to beautiful women, my favorites have to be the forty-year-olds; that’s when their minds and bodies come together. Whew!

There are four types of death. 1.You stop learning. 2.You stop making love. 3.The Child inside you dies 4.You stop breathing.

One of the things that Women have over Men, they don’t waste a lot of time or money on pursuing sex.  

Have you ever noticed that most “Yes Men” can only say no?

Has any successful radio format ever got its start in a major market?

McDonald’s only creates a new meal now and then, so they have something to advertise. I would suggest Radio do the same.

Hey, it looks like my buddy from Transcona, Ermanno Barone, is going to build a huge film studio in Winnipeg, hoping to attract the Hollywood crowd. RIP, Ermanno

Years ago, when I asked Cami what had happened to my little girl? Her reply was, “She went to pictures, Daddy!”

Speaking of Cami, I remember her asking me one day, why the parents who insist that their kids be closely supervised when going to the mall, never seem to participate in the supervision.

There are very few real sales folks working in Radio anymore because most of them call on agencies. I would think that a degree in accounting would better prepare them for their sales presentations.

My father, at 14, was on his own, and even as smart as my kids are, I couldn’t imagine them being able to do that at the age of 14. I know for sure that I couldn’t have.

When I was a kid, I was always afraid of my Father, so when I became one, I tried to make sure that my kids weren’t afraid of me. However, I may have even over succeeded somewhat.

I was around 15 because of all the frigid winters in Transcona, my “California Dreaming” began, but I was almost 40 before I finally made it.
Recently though, my Daughter, Candis, remarked, “Dad, you dragged our whole family to California, and now you’re the only one not here. What’s up with that? 

One of the neatest things that ever happened to me was going from Da Da to Daddy, Dad, Dude, and then back to my favorite, “Daddy.”

When I worked at WIBC in Indianapolis, we preferred being sold out because it made us sound better. How could that be, you ask?
Well, we used 3 codes for the commercials, (A) Great Sounding (B) Good Sounding (C) OK, and as we approached being sold out, we replaced the C’s with A’s, and then when completely sold out, we replaced the B’s with A’s. How does that sound?

I believe that the way you make a station great is to program it like a symphony. However, making the commercials fit takes some doing because most sales departments prefer that the commercials be treated as an island.
Unfortunately, there are no islands in a symphony!

I’ve never liked Dee Jays, but I do love the characters. Fortunately, I’ve been lucky enough to work with many who are now in the radio hall of fame.

If you use fear as your motivator, know this. Whoever is afraid of you will spend most of their time plotting against you.

Most of America will hear a radio next week, but very few of them will be listening.

Back in the day, a lot of radio folks did radio for other radio people. I don’t know who they do it for today?

Why do Broadcasters who are notoriously bad at paying bills are always upset about their own collection problems? You’d think they’d be a little more understanding.

Why is it when the GSM gets GM stripes, they want to start picking the tunes?

Radio which is in the advertising business, doesn’t seem to believe much in advertising.

Jim Hilliard recently said to me, “Johns, you have always been a poet.” I would have no idea if he meant that in a good way or not?

When I was growing up, I was always told I better curb my tongue before it adversely affected my future. Well, now it’s too late because I’m already in the future, so you better stand back ’cause I’m not sure how sharp this little ol’ tongue is gonna get.

When you’re on hold, and you hear “your call is important to us,” do you believe they really mean it?

When Gay marriage became legal in Canada, I heard that very few got married.

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photoMy Grandson Nathaniel who lives in LA is showing signs of quite possibly becoming even more brilliant than the intellectually gifted Johns girls. Not only is he very smart, but at 8 he is also already better than I was at 12 when I played baseball on the all star dream team.

What people think of you will last a lot longer than you will.

I read that 50% of Women understand Men dating Women thirty years younger than themselves where as 100% of Men completely understand it.

Speaking of understanding. John Lennon’s quote “The Beatles are just a band Yoko’s my life” is better understood by Men like me who used to have both.

Even though I understand and long for what John had, I can’t help but wonder when he last had the prescription for his glasses checked.

I continue to believe I’m still only the “Right Woman” away from being happy.

Wow!  Dave Fulton’s Naptown Rock Radio Wars got nominated for an ” Emmy.” Do we need a tux Dave?

In the good times your friends know who you are. In the bad times you know who your friends are.

I hate the word “No” and detest the phrase … I don’t know anything about programming but…
Successful people are not normal people, they like entertainers come mostly from the dark side.

How much money do you suppose those very rich athletes put back into the communities they all came from.

Except for my Daughters Candis and Cami plus my Niece Christina, I find Women in general aren’t as innocent as they appear to be.

Only by failing a couple or 3 times did I manage to figure out what I should have done the first time.

Most Women understand the need for alimony and child support until it has to be sent to your ex.
Who you know is a way overrated. Who knows you is all that counts.

Jack McCoy was the only guy I ever met that could sell something then go back to the office and invent it.

Tim Reever claims that selling without ratings builds character.

The first time I met Ron Chapman he told me he wanted to be so big in Dallas he would have difficulty walking down the street. I immediately bought a new car because I knew we were already halfway there.

The only music you can play on AM has to be very special.

Most things done for safety reasons have absolutely nothing to do with safety.

Motivational parties do very little but ratings parties are life changing.

I only tease the people I love!

9 times out of 10 a creative person can beat a gifted person but you don’t stand a chance against a creative gifted person.

The only on air break that counts is the one you are doing right now.

When the president mentions all the hard working Americans he’s not talking about government employees is he.

I wonder who “They” are as in … They claim…

Is it the singer or is it the song?

People listen to the Radio they don’t look at it but if you don’t get them to look at it every once in a while you’ll just fade away.

Does anybody know what the hell those people are saying over the speaker in the drive through lane at McDonalds.

It is very possible to reinvent yourself.

You can get over love, I know ’cause I’ve done it 5 times.

I’ve always been a student of Radio but it has not taught me much lately.

If you only do your Radio show for people who don’t know who you are or what the hell you’re talking about you’ll soon be a star.

Walt Disney was smart enough to get someone better than him to continue drawing Mickey Mouse!
I’ve always believed that good product produces more revenue than good sales.

Angels and Demons both talk to gifted people but unfortunately they use the same voice.

Mr. Fairbanks once told me what America needed most of all were stronger rats.

It usually takes an emotional experience before someone changes.