Pedophiles Rights. (new Blog for the week of July 11/16)

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Years ago I had the oil painting done of my two daughters (shown above) which didn’t turn out as well as I hoped for but c’est la vie. When I asked the artist when he thought I should do a portrait of Cami he told me to wait until she was about 14. At that age he claimed she would pretty well look like she was gonna look for the rest of her life but she’d still have the look of innocence in her eyes.

It’s not about a deranged black man killing 5 policemen in Dallas, it’s about what the black community thinks about it.

The longer the explanation the more likelihood of it’s being untrue.

Stupid and/or greedy people are the most dangerous creatures on earth.
Judge a man not by his answers but by his questions.
You are who you hang with.
If Canadians and Americans spoke a different languages they’d understand each other better.
I wonder why Tim Tebow being unstoppable in the Red Zone wasn’t enough.
Be 1st, Be Better or Be Different otherwise be prepared to lose.
How long do you suppose till pedophiles are screaming for their rights?
You only need to do what ever it takes to be happy today because tomorrow never comes and the past exists only if you think about it.
The only smart thing I may have done in my life was not marrying all the women I fell in love with.
Hey Washington, on a scale of 1 – 10 how’s your war on terror and drugs going.
Do news anchors really believe that they can change our minds about anything.
How come the market reacts so quickly to anything and everything but adjusts so slowly kinda like gas prices that also rise quickly and fall so slowly.
Lest we forget, it was our liberating Kuwait that got all this bullshit started which has cost us billions. Hey did they ever even send us thank you card?

Wow Jeff & Jer plus Delilah are going into the National Radio Hall Of Fame. Proud to have had the honor of working with them.

Speaking of chasing oil doesn’t anybody realize that with all the oil we have in North America it would be impossible to use it all up.

Few people realize that the only qualification needed for becoming part of the news media is a job but being qualified to also work at Hooters doesn’t hurt either.

Most women are aware that we lust after them, they’re only confused about why.
Women hate womanizers unless they’re the one being womanized.
A well educated assertive man can handle anything thrown at him except a beautiful woman.
Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.
It’s very fun working with people in radio who want to become super stars and very boring working with those that are just trying to hang on.
Things are what they are but unless you work on how you dream them to be they will never be.
A lot of schools can teach you how to do business but none can teach you how to do gifted.
The off button is radio’s real enemy whereas the scan button has always been its best friend.

The thing that makes running different and harder to do than any other sport is you’re either running or your not.

Being in love means having your significant other’s back even when they’re wrong.

A bunch of politically correct buzz words is not going to correct what went on in Dallas.

Nobody ever retires from show business the phone just stops ringing.

Why do people who finally make enough money to actually pay taxes spend most of their time trying to figure out how not to.

I just read somewhere that the Canadian Postal workers are threatening to strike or maybe do work slow downs or something. Recently I received some mail from Canada that took 15 days to get here and I couldn’t help but wonder how they could possibly go any slower.

The secret to success is your continuing to pursue it.

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Sometimes My Daughters Make Me Cry!

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Thank you for buying me all the lavish dresses over the years, scaring away every sales lady when I gave you the “look”, sitting for hours when I tried on hundreds of outfits, pursuing through “uppies” even when your arms probably were about to break, answering every phone call no matter the hour or the situation, putting up with my April Fools jokes that gave you heart attacks, all the vacations, activities, sports and hobbies you paid for just to prove I could do anything I wanted, all the life lessons I told you gave me headaches, for all the stories I’ve heard a hundred times and still ask to hear a hundred times more, and for being the chauffeur of teenage girls to every mall, movies, and skatezone trip. Thank you for being the best dad I could ever ask for and letting me have dreams bigger than my 5’1″ self. Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad and grandpa I know – Camera Anne Johns Summerfield.






Bad Muslims ( New Blog For week of July 4th/16)

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Did Zeppelin nick a riff from Spirit, did Ray Charles kinda borrow a few gospel tunes from his church, did Little Richard rip off a dirty limerick, did Randy Bachman reverse a Zeppelin intro for American Woman and did most bands steal a lick or two from Chuck Berry, of course they all. Rock & Roll’s always needed a little extra help so the pilfering of a phrase from here or a borrowed lick from there never meant much to anybody because most folks realize that a few notes not a whole song makes. Unfortunately now that big money is involved it’s attracted the accountant sharks so do up your seat belts.
I wonder whose validating the methodology that they are using to gather ratings today is valid.
Successful radio stations tend to play the tunes folks like more often than those they don’t.
Repetition begins the 2nd time you play a song your listeners don’t like.
Your best stories always come from your worst decisions. 
I know lots of guys who aren’t sleeping around but I know of no beautiful woman who isn’t sleeping with one or more guys.
The word yes doesn’t need an explanation but the word no sure does.
Sometimes I just like to listen so I wonder how much it would cost to have Morgan Freeman come to your home and talk about whatever he wants for about an hour.
Our Prez seems reluctant to admit that there may be some bad Muslims but recent events would suggest that there are. So in trying to sort out the good from the bad, are the good ones OK with gay people?
It’s what we think about something that makes it good or bad.
Everybody loves to hang around with the person who is the life of the party which makes me wonder why there aren’t more of them.
Even though I have a problem with doing things for the greater good I have an even bigger problem with whomever it is that chooses what the greater good is. 
Winners don’t have to play by the rules because by the time the rules are in place it’s already too late.
The first time you realize that somethings are better off left unsaid is usually right after you’ve said them. 
The secret to success is to simply pursue it.
Isn’t weird that overtime how the people you’ve cut the most checks for seem to like you the least.
When I turned 21 my father said that I was now in charge of the family name and he didn’t care what I did with it. Now that I’ve reached the age where I also no longer care this may be a tradition that ends here. The only strong people in our family now are the females and why would they give a s**t.
Only fathers understand why their sons need to go to war, mothers don’t so I think that they should be in charge.
So who do we have to call to tell whomever that we don’t need or want Arab oil.
Only the losers are ever charged with war crimes.
As George Burns once asked, is it still premarital sex if you have no intention of getting married.
Unfortunately the knowledge of what you should have done when you were young only shows up when you’re old.
You really never think much about how you are living until people close to you start dying.
Staying silent is a hell of a lot easier than speaking up.
When you dream there are no rules so you can do anything and everything.
The possibility of failure is a great motivator.

How weird was that, not watching GOT! 

If we finally convince the young to stop bothering us with their revolutionary ideas, what then.
With men it’s about what we did, with women it’s about why we did it.
Seeing as a lot of marriages end up like a business shouldn’t an exit plan be put together before the wedding so that somebody besides the lawyers get some money at the close of business.

Wow Kevin Durant to the Warriors lets do the ring ceremony right now and get it out of the way.

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The Bible Is Not A History Book. (new blog for June 27/16)

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12642965_10154517779214307_3970564022000698544_nNever give into only becoming what you’re expected to become nor only doing only what you’re expected to do.
It’s never about who you are it’s always been about who you’re gonna be.
For marriage to work the male has to be smitten otherwise it’s a way too tough.
Because a player makes more than the coach doesn’t mean that he knows more.
Now that I’ve had a long time to think about it, my lawyer may have been right when he advised … Can’t you just f**k around.
Hey Uber when you left my daughter stranded in Miami recently it reminded me that because we made you we can also destroy you. Are you able to spell “LYFT.”
Difficulty breeds opportunity.
Few are looking for the new way, most are just looking for a cheaper way.
Superstars expecting us to feel sorry for them because of how difficult it is being one, falls mostly on deaf ears.
You’re not born to be courageous you have to choose to be.
The Bible is not a history book it’s a collection of ideas.
Nobody feels compelled to call a TV station and just chat with them like they do a radio station.
Has anybody other than a geek invented anything new lately?
When wine women and song become too much for you drop the tunes.
One of the scariest things ever is to get what you want.
Very few people have a plan about what to do when they’re successful.
They say in the not to distant future very few people will bother to get driver’s licences and as usual my daughter Cami is ahead of her time.
What I can’t understand is as liberal as America appears to be why the rest of the world hates us for being fascists.
Hey whitey how do you feel about bout being the only species in America that’s actually legal to discriminate against?
If women don’t trust each other should men?
Brent Farris says that if you need to hear how great you are do something great.
Start acting like the person you’d like to be.
Does anybody have any good stories about record companies and their artists. The trouble record companies are in today sure looks like Karma to me.
So now I hear that the pedophiles are bringing suit saying that now that you accept all these other freaks what about us.
Motivational statements like “employee beatings will continue until the morale improves” have proven to be not very successful.

Never get into an argument with a person who buys ink by the barrel has always been good advice. How much ink do you suppose is in this computer?

Only beautiful woman have the power to make you forget that profound thought that you just had.

I watched the Winnipeg Blue Bombers get beat up recently by the Montreal Alouettes and couldn’t help but think that it may be time for the CFL to adopt NFL rules. Their are lots of ways for Canada to have it’s own identity but just like soccer football ain’t it.

People contemplate what they hear us say but only believe what they see us do.
How would you like to work hard at hockey your whole life and then when you finally become one of the best players in the world you’re drafted #1 by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Damn!

Watched a sad documentary recently about Janis Joplin which claimed that when she was going to high school in Port Arthur Texas, she was voted the ugliest Man in school. Damn no wonder she did drugs.

The fact that ABC made an extra 78 million dollars of of there being a 7th game in the NBA finals wasn’t a factor right! 

So the father of Brock Turner the rapist swimmer from Stanford talked the judge into a 6 month jail sentence because as he said “20 minutes of action” didn’t warrant anything heftier. He’s just lucky it wasn’t one of my daughters he raped otherwise his son would want to hide in prison for a much longer time.
Speaking of that horrendous rape, where the hell is the girl’s father in all of this?

If it doesn’t appreciate rent it.

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