#10 All-Time Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Pretty Privileged) #1, 8/07/23

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The talk continues these days about equal pay for women, which I must admit I’ve never thought about much.
I didn’t because I’ve worked in radio for most of my life where the female sales staff were the highest paid people in the building by far highest. Oh yeah, and most of them were pretty.

Also, most real estate people are good-looking women who do quite well.
Oh, and the ladies behind the bar at places like Twin Peaks and Hooters aren’t hurting, not to mention the dancers at certain risqué bars who do even better.

Then there are the singing stars like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, who outgross their male counterparts.
Have you ever noticed that young men don’t drive BMWs or Mercedes, but a lot of pretty young girls do?

Why do the above-mentioned women do so well, you may ask? Simple, they’re “Pretty, Privileged.”
I bet most of you lovely ladies know what I’m talking about, or you wouldn’t bother to put makeup on, right? (Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are shown on top.)


My main weakness is my family, which, unfortunately, can be used against me. However, those who do may not like the consequences.

Color me too smart to play dumb.

If you’re not evolving your following.

The truth may be painful, but it cleanses and cures.

If our politicians don’t like how our troops fight in wars, maybe they should stop starting them.

So how are things going in Africa? Are they showing us the way yet?

The future always finds those who are capable of handling it.

The purpose of life is purpose.

I guess Sports Illustrated didn’t see the results of a survey that claimed that 95% of Americans are against Transgenders competing in female sports.

The person who never makes a mistake is probably working for someone who makes a bunch of them.

The only thing bad about living a good life is; it’s too short.

So grasshopper, who do you think the CIA represents, the American people or American Corporations?

When men become fathers, which they were never trained for, most, surprisingly, go full in.

The mind always follows the heart.

Enough of all this pronoun stuff; why don’t we call everybody by their given name?

Do Lesbians ever call each other sluts?

The biggest distraction to a man and his career is a child.

Nothing gets done on its own.

Have you ever noticed that the gas price always goes up when bad things happen?

I think what I dislike about rich folks most is they overpay for real estate, which drives the price up, making buying a home unaffordable for the rest of us.

Wow! Don Coryell, who was the coach of the San Diego Chargers when I lived there, is finally enshrined in the Football Hall of Fame.


Wendy Homes: George, If you want to go for a single station, then go for it; if anyone can, you can!! Also, since my husband passed, I couldn’t care less what men think; I’ve been propositioned twice and told both to FO!! (Graduation Day)
Geo: I may do that, Wendy.

Billy Bob Harris: George, you are the BOMB……..
Geo: Thank you, Billy Bob, but I’m not nearly as explosive as you.

Kurt Johnson: Love your Chapman limo story. You can’t make that stuff up. I was blessed to work with the man for four years after he left for KLUV. Truly a one-of-a-kind genius. Bob Cooper told me, “Ron has retained the ability to look at the world with the imagination of an 11-year-old boy.” Amen. Money dulls most entertainers. It just made Ron more interesting. After I’d launched Jack-FM in Dallas, Ron pulled me aside at an event. He looked me in the eye and said, “Jack FM. I like it. It’s kicking up KVIL kind of dust.” The highest professional compliment I’ve ever received.
Geo: Always good getting a compliment from Ron, Kurt, he gave them out so sparingly. (Was that an L-Mo or a C-Mo”)

Jed Duvall: George: The fact that KKCW-FM Portland, is consistently the top-rated station in spite of iHeartRadio ownership shows that you built K103 and hired the right people the first time around. It proves your point that you don’t need a cluster of stations to win. I would also predict that if you were the owner of KVIL, it would still be far and away the station in Dallas-Fort Worth.(Stand Alone)
Geo: As Jim Hilliard always said, Jed, “Anybody can sell a top-rated radio station.” That’s what KVIL lost sight of; they chased the money instead of the listeners.

Steve Eberhart: “Remember when Radio Stations had huge staffs yet still managed to put 45% to the bottom line?”
Yes! The problem is the debt service is now 50% of the bottom line, and they still WANT 45% to shareholders….thus the problem. (Graduation Day)
Geo: And the music goes round and round and…

Doc Harris: Don’t fear the future, George. I’ve been driving a Tesla Model 3 for about four years now, and I want to tell you, it’s brilliant! Beats the tires off the Ford I had before, and the savings are amazing. In four years, I’ve had it in for maintenance, tune-ups, etc., exactly zero times. And it goes like stink! You really ought to try it. (Graduation Day)
Geo: You’ve always been ahead of your time, Doc.

The Countdown Continues tomorrow with #9.

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Was it an L-Mo or a C-Mo?) New 8/21/23

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When I became the National Program Director of Fairbanks Broadcasting, my first assignment was to launch KVIL in Dallas.
What an exciting adventure for a kid from Transcona, a suburb of Winnipeg. (Go Jets)

Over the years, KVIL became very successful, and the part I’m most proud of is that eighteen of the original staff I got to work with are in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

However, in those days, the rating period was only four weeks long, four times a year, so everybody was at their best for those four weeks, and radio became very exciting.
I’ve often wondered what the folks thought when the rating period was over.

Anyway, every quarter, I would head to Dallas just before the ratings, but not wanting my visit to be a drag, I always came bearing gifts.
You know, new Heller Jingles, new Billboards, plus huge new promotions.

Ron Chapman was the key to everything, so one year, I flew down there and told him that a limo driven by a pretty lady would pick him up at his home each morning for the next four weeks.
Waiting for him in the back seat would be the early edition of the Dallas Morning News and a hot cup of coffee.

For the duration of the rating period, Ron bitched to everybody at the station about how ridiculous this was, not to mention the inconvenience of having to call her when he was ready to go home.

However, as the four weeks drew to a close, Ron called me in a panic and said, “Hey George, is there any way we can keep this limo thing going?”


You only get more when you demand more.

A man only begins to give up his dream when he becomes a father, which he never dreamt of becoming.

No doubt in my mind that hockey players are not only the toughest athletes in the world, but they also don’t feel the need to dance when they do the impossible.

As Steven Sills sang, “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.”

You can educate yourself simply by reading pop novels because they are at least half true.

Some do what’s expected; others do what’s needed.

So, how much do you tip; no service; reluctant service; good service; and excellent service?

What I can’t figure out is, with fewer flights, why so many are late or canceled.

Solving problems makes your brain stronger.

There are no shortcuts to Success.

Why is it much easier to subscribe than unsubscribe?

Only the lobbyists keep us at war.

How much money do we spend trying to save a world that doesn’t want to be saved?

Was anything worthy ever created carefully?

I adored the air talent who wanted to do more than I wanted.

AI has everything at its fingertips except what it needs most; talent.

I doubt the cure for cancer will come from the far right or the extreme left.

Looking for answers when you’ve run out of questions is very scary.

Successful people tend to listen more than they talk.

It’s going to take more than laws to overcome prejudice and racism.

Of the three ways it takes to succeed, be first, be best, or be different, being different outshines them all.

Just because you’re smart and in shape doesn’t mean you can give up learning or working out.

There are many reasons to say no, but it only takes one good one to say yes.

Everything is much easier said than done.

The truth is the easiest thing to remember.

Drinking alone is a slippery slope.

An excellent past doesn’t guarantee an excellent future.

Here are some words only a woman would say, “I love you so much that I can’t be with you anymore.”

The only future in radio used to be “The next book.”

Family is everything, not country.

It takes courage to pursue your dreams.

Unfortunately, good things don’t always happen to good people.

Should evil women be treated differently than evil men?

The biggest surprise of my life was my children, and they continue to be.

Only women make men weak, right, Harry? All that matters is whether or not you can handle the project, not why you can’t.

Does America send free money to Pakistan, and if so, why?

It’s much easier to rock the boat from the inside.

The only man who can get a man off his game is a woman.

The human body was never designed for war, but unfortunately, here we are again and again and again.

The way it worked at Fairbanks was every quarter low salesperson and jock out.

Choose your friends carefully because soon enough you will be just like them.

Even though the politics of China, Russia, and the US differ, the politicians still have one thing in common; they’re all rich.

When you fall in love, it changes you, but having a child changes everything.

So, if the world goes electric, how do you suppose the Arabs will feed themselves?

For some reason, the only women who find me attractive are broken, so at some point in a fun conversation,  I have to ask, “When was the last time you talked to your therapist?”

Is it just me, or are women not much fun to travel with?

Anyone who thinks every business can be run the same way is a fool.

So, ponder this grasshopper; when the whole world goes electric, how are the Arabs gonna feed themselves?

Do you remember how you felt when you hadn’t been laid for a while? Well, teenage boys feel like that all the time.

During my lifetime, I’ve owned nine different homes. Sadly, my children will probably never own one.

Happiness is a chosen attitude.

One of the things my brother and I tried to change from the world we grew up in was to make sure that our children knew that we loved them.

I want to vote for anybody who’s not afraid of oil barons, banks, or big pharma. Who ya got?

The best thing about growing up in Transcona was; nobody outside of Transcona fucked with you.

How many people who played by the rules ever became somebody?

The most dangerous men in the world are those whose children have been threatened.

So, CSX, how’s your stock doing since you pushed your COO out for political reasons?


Woody Cooper: Loved hearing from (and about) Doc Harris, Roger Klein, Buster Bodine, Jim Hilliard, and Bruce Buchanon. CKOM, CKSO, CFRA, WNAP & KLLS – easily the best years of my radio life! Thanks for the opportunities, George. (Things I’ve Read etc.)
Geo: Wow, the great Woody Cooper checks in. What a ride, huh, Woody/Gary? I’ll never forget that night in Saskatoon with a snowstorm raging outside, Gary Russell calling me and saying, “You gotta come to the station and hear to this guy’s tape, man!”

Larry Macinnis: George, I must be the male exception. I am ONLY attracted to smart women. Nothing is more unattractive than stupidity – be it a man or woman. Beauty fades. Stupidity is forever. (Kay Ville)
Geo: I hear you, Larry; my problem is, I fall in love with the broken smart ones.

Wendy Holmes: I have only one comment, and it’s not about your blog! On the other hand, I prefer Carrie to Taylor!!
WHAT ABOUT THOSE BOMBERS!!! Fly Bombers, fly!!
Geo: GO BIG BLUE!! (Pretty Privileged)

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