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Hey Canada, tell me about Pierre Poilievre. I saw him recently being interviewed by Jordan Peterson and couldn’t help but wish that he was running for something down here.
(To hear what I heard and more, click on the link at the bottom of the Life-Liners.)

Speaking of Canada, can you get rich there yet, or do you still need to inherit it? 

Shouldn’t abortion be voted on by the people?

The reason there’s so much fraud going on at the moment is because we so want what they’re selling to be true.

So in our post-Covid world, here are a couple of things that big biz is doing. Cars built in 2021 are being sold as 2023 models because they finally got to put the computer chip put in them.

Speaking of cars, they’re selling 30% fewer but making more money, just as the Airlines and oil companies are. Thanks, Joe. Don’t worry about any of it, you keep on working on climate control and the girly guys who wanna play for the girl’s teams.

One of the memories I will have about the passing of a great lady was the absence of a not-so-great lady, Mehgan. No doubt she’ll be there for the funeral, she can’t resist the cameras.

Whatever happened to 3D TV?

Mistakes are what lead us to solutions, and solutions are what lead us to success.

Getting the government involved in anything is not only very expensive, but it also unnecessarily slows everything down.

I understand that CNN is now going to ignore the extreme left and the far right so they can focus on the story with no opinions, just the facts, which I think those of us in the middle care about.

Why are we held responsible for the actions of those who came before us?

It’s gonna be tough to gain equality if you already think that you’re better than the rest of us.

When you dream about your future, you have to ask yourself, “Am I willing to pay the price to make my dream come true?”

When I was a kid, I thought the government’s job was to protect me from Mr. Businessman. However, when I grew up, I discovered that they were actually protecting Mr. Businessman from me.

Brent Farris claims that if you get a DUI here, you can’t cross the border into Canada for ten years. Update:

The movie Elvis which cost 85 million to make, has made 156 million so far, and Top Gun Maverick, which cost 170 million to make, so far has made 1.37 billion. Now, why was it we didn’t invest in those two projects?

The first step in getting what you want is by deciding what it is you want.

I wonder how much of the national news is made up?

Hell is probably not an attractive place, but the Highway to Hell sure is.

So breaking down Biden’s student loan forgiveness bill, it seems that most of the folks who have student loans are for it, and most of those who don’t are against it. What a shock, huh?

What good is 20-20 hindsight? We need to know instantly what we coulda said and how we shoulda said it.

Unfortunately, you can take all kinds of courses, but if you weren’t born a type ‘A,’ I rather doubt that you’ll be a great leader.

Life would be so much better if only bad people did bad things.

It’s ten times easier to keep doing what you’re doing rather than what you should be doing.

Why would we want a judge to be a Democrat or a Republican? What the hell does that have to do with the law?

I find it very weird that there are no photographs of Elvis and the Beatles ever having met.

According to most of the commercials we see on TV, 50% of Americans are either Black, Hispanic, involved in a mixed marriage, or LGBT. I wonder why they’re doing it when the reality of the situation is that Hispanics only make up 18.7% of the population, Blacks 13.4%, Interracial Marriages 10.2%, and LGBTs 5.6%. I guess it falls under the category of “If you don’t understand something, follow the money.”

Wow, Trump is still strong enough to be talked about at the Emmys.

A beautiful ceremony for a beautiful person, the Queen

(Click on the link below to watch Pierre Poilievere being interviewed by Jordan Peterson.)

And even more, Pierre:


Jed Duval: In the past ten years or so, I have spent much time reading about the history of the motion picture industry. As you wrote about the films “Elvis” and “Top Gun: Maverick,” these make the participants (rather than the studios) wealthy, since every this is about the stars, the producer(s), the director(s), the agencies and then the bankers. For every blockbuster hit, there are many, many films, at least since the advent of television, that are lucky to make their expenses (cost to make plus the marketing/distribution), and a significant number are flat-out bombs. The only people guaranteed to be paid are the attorneys and the accountants! If I had been smarter, I would have become either an entertainment lawyer or a C.P.A. at an entertainment accounting firm. The only problem was, and is, I would have to relocate to the Los Angeles area! (What and give up radio and show business ?!) (Go Big Blue)
Geo: Ahh, Radio, I remember it well, Jed. Whoever thought that WIBC would go dark before we did?

Dave Charles: Love your Blog points, George. Heard a great line from Lee Arnold on a group call this week. Quote: I guess you in Canada must think you’re living over a CRACK house’. Reference to seeing all the crazy shit going down in the excited states of America. Stay safe, George, and send bananas!…from the republic. (Go Big Blue)
Geo: Thanks for the read, Dave. As for the craziness, most of it is only happening in the media, or I’m hanging out at the wrong bars?

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Geo’s Media Blog (Money for Nuthin’) 9/05/22

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While watching comedian Bill Burr on a TV Special the other day, I think that he may have a point when he explains why it is that many women are paid less than men.
Bill claims that when men and women get off the Titanic or run out of a burning building together, all women will be eligible for equal pay; until then, he says, “Just look at it as a surcharge.” 🙂

Jordan Peterson a noted clinical physcologist, and Professor from Toronto, has a much more intellectual opinion about wage equality. He says that wages should be based on
your outoutput, not the color of your skin or your sexuality.
Jordan claims that your earnings should be based on your attitude and how hard you work.

I remember when I was buying my first home in Transcona, how really sexist the system was back then.
The banks would only allow 25% of my wife’s income to be used towards qualifying for my mortgage because they were sure she would get pregnant.

Then when that was declared discriminatory, and they had to use %100 of her income, it changed the whole game, and the result was; the price of houses went up.
Unfortunately, whenever the wives did get pregnant, they couldn’t afford the house payment unless she kept working, which ended the stay-at-home Mom era and one can only wonder what kind of kids that’s produced.

What I believe is that there should be equal pay for equal production.
In radio, the female sales folks usually make more than their male counterparts because they produce more.

My nephew Jamie Boychuk is a great example of just how the system works.
He’s a railroad executive and receives a large amount of money for what he does, but he has to earn it. America doesn’t serve up free lunches.

Not only does he have to work most of the time, but he also has to make sure that whatever emergency he’s solving (his phone rings every twenty minutes) has a solution that doesn’t adversely affect the price of the company’s stock.

Luckily, Jamie also has a beautiful wife at home who makes all that he does possible.
Her name is Lindsay, and she spends most of her day raising their six daughters so that he can concentrate on fighting the good fight.

Not many folks, male or female, would have the stomach to do what Jamie does daily, which is why he’s paid well.
I think if you added up his work hours and what he’s responsible for, in my mind, he’s way underpaid.

Men and women are usually very good at what they’re interested in, but what interests most men and women is very different.
However, I believe that the best at doing what they do should be well compensated, regardless of gender.
Although I must admit that getting off the Titanic together does sound very appealing.

(Nephew, Jamie, and I are pictured on top. Lindsay and I are pictured below showing our true colours at the Breakers in Palm Beach.)


As time goes by, they claim that you get wiser, but I’m thinkin’ that I was much happier when I wasn’t as wise as I am now.

Does anybody know how the Russian Mafia is holding up in America?

If you’re not a little bit frightened about what you’re doing, you’re not stretching yourself.

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, but the next best time is right now.

I was just reading a comment on Facebook where somebody from California was claiming that the taxes in Texas were larger than California’s. Now the last time I checked, Texas had no state income tax, whereas California was fast approaching 13%. Also, the sales tax in Texas was around 6% and a little over 7% in California. Hey, but I guess that’s what “California Dreaming” is all about, huh? 

Why are white folk afraid to call out black people who are racist?

I think daughters may be tougher on their fathers about who they’re dating than their dads about their dates.

When I was but a young Lad, things seemed much easier. Maybe that was because “Father Time” wasn’t on my back.

Most women love hanging out with gay guys until you point out that the good-looking guy they have their eye on is probably gay.

I’m not in favor of the government running much, but if we go electric, I think it should be nationalized because the government is afraid of us, whereas Mr. Businessman ain’t.

Speaking of the government, do you think if they ran the oil companies, the gas prices would go up as they did?

I find it amazing that in some circles, white males are considered inferior to black people and women of any color even though they probably invented or created almost everything that we use today.

When you make a mistake, all that matters is what you do next.

I understand because of slavery why black folks don’t like white people. I also understand why Americans didn’t like the Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor, so they were put in camps. However, what I don’t understand is why we’re expected to like all Arabs after 911.

Were there ever any women more beautiful or classy than Jackie or Princess Di, yet both of their husbands desired other women?

I find it quite weird that you’re no longer allowed to accuse someone of being weird.

So, not being trustful of politicians, I’m kinda wondering where the millions of dollars that we’re sending to the Ukrainians is going?

Speaking of wondering, why do women think that when we fall in love with them that our protection is free?

There are only two things that you can never learn to do; sing or draw. However, the good news is that everything else is up for grabs.

When I was young, a lot of the stuff I did, luckily, faded away. That’s not so true today.

My problem with the government is that they charge us for services we don’t want.

I remember when the press used to be anti-establishment; now, they are the establishment.

Well, my Winnipeg Blue Bombers are now 11 and 1 after winning a squeaker against the hapless Saskatchewan Roughriders. Maybe somebody should remind the players that laying down as they did against the Montreal Alouettes, thus ruining a perfect season, ain’t a good thing because the NFL is always watching.

Speaking of The Bombers, they’re barely halfway through the season and have already made it to the playoffs. Go Big Blue!


George Ferko: “I find it hard to believe that women actually believe that they deserve half of their superstar husband’s income because they, along with the help of nannies, raised the kid.” You’re not being fair to women.
First, if by “income,” you mean the superstar’s future income or earnings, that’s alimony or spousal maintenance. A great many factors enter into the judge’s decision to award alimony, e.g., the length of the marriage, the spouse’s ability to earn, and so on. Even in community property states, the spouse is not necessarily entitled to alimony, much less half of the superstar’s future earnings.
MacKenzie Bezos is almost certainly not receiving a dime in alimony because the property division made her so wealthy she is able to donate billions of dollars to her favorite charities and hardly needs anything more from Jeff.
Second, what she is entitled to in a community property state is half of the community property (unless there was a valid prenup). Non-community property states divvy up the property under “equitable distribution” principles, which looks a whole lot like community property. Whatever property or assets were acquired during the marriage is considered community property, and it’s divided in half, or, if it is not feasible to divide a certain asset in two, substitute assets are allowed. Pensions (basically future income) are considered assets that must be divided.
If the superstar athlete does not want to give his spouse 50% of the assets he earned playing basketball or baseball, he is free to request a prenup. Every state recognizes them, though there is a wide divergence on the particulars in each state.
If California, for example, both parties must have legal representation for a prenup to be enforceable. Third, children are generally irrelevant. They are taken care of in child support payments based, in part, on the custodial arrangements (50/50 or full custody to the mother) and to allow them to live the life to which they are accustomed, such as having a nanny.
If a woman, by agreement with her husband, sacrificed her career to start and raise a family, then that will be considered by the court in either setting alimony or in property division. There is nothing unfair about that IMO.
I am an attorney, but not a divorce attorney, which means I learned all of this when going through my divorce in a community property state.  🙂 (Go Big Blue)
Geo: Lots of good points, George, but I’m talking more about the pretty things lined up waiting outside for the rookie athletes to finish up their first practice with the NBA, NHL, MLB, or NHL. These are the kind of women who won’t let them wear a condom because their having a child just increases their chances for big checks. Expecting young men to resist them is ridiculous.

The Thompsons: Speaking of politicians and leaders. Where the hell are the statesmen/women, those who put the country first and not their ambitions? (Go Big Blue)
Geo: As Cami told me when she was just a little girl, “They went to pictures, Daddy.” 


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Geo’s Media Blog (Go Big Blue!) 8/22/22

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While attending Highs School at TCI in Transcona back in Canada, I only had two dreams; play running back for The Winnipeg Blue Bombers or start a rock and roll band and release some records.
Surprisingly, the latter came true, but to this day, no matter where I live, I always check in to see how the Bombers are doing.

During my era, the Blue Bombers were coached by Bud Grant, who had great players like Kenny Ploen, Leo Lewis, Ernie Pitts, and Charlie Shepard, to name just a few of them.
These guys were not only great, but they even gave us a couple of Grey Cups. (Canadian Super Bowl)

However, the current team may even be better; they’ve already won two Grey Cups in a row and were on their way to a perfect season when surprisingly, they lost to the Montreal Alouettes.
I say surprisingly because, at best, the Alouettes are a mediocre football team, and I’m told that they lost because the Bombers’ kicker missed two field goals. Huh!

Now, let me see if I’ve got this right; the kicker has no other duties other than kicking extra points and field goals, right? 
I would think that he would have all kinds of time to practice, so I can’t help but wonder if this dude has ever heard of Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics?

Larry, the legend, shot 500 baskets each and every day of his brilliant basketball career.
Maybe the Bombers’ kicker should consider trying Larry’s workout before he suddenly gets cut.

(Zach Collaros, QB of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, pictured on top, Larry Bird below.)


Doing things the same old way guarantees the same old results.

Pursuing happiness is a worthy quest if you’ve already figured out what makes you happy.

If Starbucks employees unionize for higher wages, do we still have to tip?

The world was a much better place when there were more rules.

Your character is what creates your reputation.

Most people do less than they should, so you’ll have to do more than your fair share just to keep up.

I find it hard to believe that women actually believe that they deserve half of their superstar husband’s income because they, along with the help of nannies, raised the kid.

So far, “Elvis” has grossed 250 Million and cost 85 million to make. “Top Gun Maverick” cost 170 million to make and has grossed a little over a Billion of far. Don’t you wish you invested in both of those little projects, huh?

So, even though I drive the same car, have no Tickets, no DUIs, no Accidents, and drive less than 70 miles a month, Geico has put my insurance up almost 50%, which they blame on inflation. Uh-huh!

I’m not sure who it’s about, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not about you.

Now that we have more than two sexes, shouldn’t we have more than two political parties?

At what age shouldn’t you act your age?

What the hell does climate control have to do with inflation, Joe?

If you can’t do it right, don’t do it.

Time is not on your side act accordingly.

When I asked Ron Chapman how he resisted all the women who threw themselves at him, he said, “I asked myself if she’d be worth paying her Visa bills? Very few women can pass that test.

I buy into helping everybody until being white disqualifies you from getting help.

I wonder how long it will be until computer geniuses will be a dime a dozen? Can you spell m-i-n-i-m-u-m- wage?

Hey radio, have you noticed that, unlike you, the Billboard Companies haven’t surrendered to the social media buzz?

Speaking of Billboard Companies, I think radio was foolish to give up selling cume, that’s what the Billboard companies continue to use and are doing fine with it. 

Have you ever noticed that the people who don’t know what they’re talking about generally speak the loudest?

How amazing is it that after a short walk down the aisle of a local Church, women suddenly become experts on everything?

Only Wine and liquor get better with age.

You would think that out of 330 million people, we could get some better leaders than Biden or Trump.

Have you noticed that many companies have time to call and pester you night and day but not enough time to answer their damn own phones?

Hey California, when the hell is your government going to do something about the homeless people living in your streets?


Bruce Munson: I remember with amusement when you described the 48-hour rule to me. I didn’t know it started as a 24-hour rule. Most legislation is amended at some point. (Do You See What I See?)
Geo: Yes, things did get a little intense now and then, Bruce.
Jed Duvall: I did not know that one of the criteria for being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is American citizenship. Randy Bachman is a great guitar player, and The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive belong in the H.O.F. It is the musicianship and sound that matter, in my opinion. (Sold Out)
Geo: People from all over the world are in the H.O.F Jed, but for some reason, Canadians are underrepresented. It kinda reminds me of the H.O.F. in Indy, where the folks from WIBC/WNAP are also underrepresented.
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Geo’s Media Blog (Buppa Reveals Some Secrets.) 9/12/22

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As fall fast approaches, it’s time for me to start planning my annual trek to California for Grandparents Day in Pasadena.
I’ve been making this trek ever since Nathaniel was in kindergarten, but sadly, this will be the last one.

He’ll be off to college next year, but the added bonus this year, though, is that I also get to catch him in concert with the Pasadena Philharmonic Orchestra.
Oh, and I also get to go to his wind-up football banquet.

Being a Grandfather is very cool, but it does come with the burden of some heavy responsibilities.
One of those responsibilities is that I’m supposed to occasionally offer up some sage advice.

This sage advice is supposed to come from the fact that as you grow older, you grow wiser.
The sad part is that I’m definitely growing older, but I’m not so sure about the wiser part.

However, not to worry, Nathaniel, I have life’s secrets right here, and I’m ready to pass them on to you.
1. The pursuit of happiness is a great quest, grasshopper, but I’d figure out first what makes you happy before pursuing it.
2. Next, you need to think about what kind of work you think you’d enjoy doing.
3. When you know what kind of work you’d like, then simply find somebody who’ll pay you to do it.
4. Now, the next one is very, very tough because most of the pretty things you’ll meet along the way are pretty shrewd. Never ever tell any woman other than your Mother that you love them until you’re at least thirty.
Nathaniel, if you do the four things I’ve listed above, you won’t have to pursue happiness; you’ll be happy, I guarantee it. 🙂 I’m proud of you, Buddy!

(Nathaniel and I are shown on top visiting Georgetown University in DC and below with Aunty Cami in West Palm Beach just before we headed to Boston to visit Harvard.)


Does anybody know any great radio stations that were made greater by the incoming new owners? I’ll wait!

As the road in front of me began to grow smaller, I found myself looking in my rearview mirror just to relive a few of my favorite moments. Most of those magic moments all happened when my children were just kids.

Hey, now that Jeff Smulying is abandoning radio in Indianapolis, maybe he’ll no longer be in charge of who gets into Indy’s H.O.F. It’s time for superstars like Gary Todd, Chuck Riley, Jim Hilliard, Buster Bodine, Jerry Baker, and Bob Lamey, to name a few, to get in there. Boo to you, Jeff.

Why do the women in movies always fall down when they’re running from danger? Maybe it’s their choice of shoes.

The longer it takes to build, the better it usually turns out.

Nobody is as brilliant as they themselves claim.

Do the acts today with records on the charts make as much money as those who used to have big hits?

The pendulum always swings too far; time for it to swing back towards the majority.

How can the Deshaun Watson thing possibly ever turn out good?

One of the KVIL, WRMF, KLLS, and the Class Format secrets was, “Everything was loud except the music.”

Bobby Cole claims,  “It could always be worse” is the on-ramp to the road of complacency.

Being different isn’t some kind of badge of honor that entitles you to some kind of a free ride.

Figuring out how to recover what you foolishly gave away is not an easy task.

Life’s journey is difficult because it’s a long and winding road filled with many speed bumps, but it’s also the only trip you’ll ever take where you won’t be anxious to reach your destination.

Hey guys, getting married is wonderful for approximately nine months because you’re the show’s star. Then when the real star shows up, you move into a supporting role for the rest of your life. 

I find it amazing that they claim that most kids who go bad do so because their Dads were ever around. However, if the kid turns out to be special, it doesn’t matter if Dad was around or not because Mom gets all the credit.

What if wars had to be fought by the leaders of their country? Who we’d elect as President then?

Sometimes I have to wonder, was law and order created to protect just the rich or all of us?

I haven’t watched David Letterman’s interview show for quite a while because I got bored with every guest being liberal. Now it appears as though he’s out to prove that all black folks are smarter than white people except for him.

Is it true that Mehgan didn’t travel with Harry to be by the Queen’s side? Wow!

Ok, now that we’ve handed out more rights than​ anybody needs, is it time to start handing out some responsibility?

The folks I admire the most are those who take responsibility for their actions.

Even though we made it through August and half of September without the threat of a Hurricane hitting us, the News Media continues to try and scare us by saying, “They’re coming, they’re coming!”

Hey, the Buffalo Bills sure look Superbowl bound.

Talkin’ about football, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers racked up another win to lead the league. Go, Big Blue!

Damn! The Queen is dead; what a great lady.

(Pictured below are my Nephew Jamie Boychuk and Neice Jackie, along with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that used to hang in the Winnipeg Arena. Jamie saved the picture when they tore down the arena by purchasing it.)


#Bob Glasco: “The word that doesn’t fit when you talk about most superstars is gracious.” I agree, but I’m guessing you would exclude Country folks, right? You spent at least a little time in Nashville, George. I know because I saw you and Reg there in the early 90s at a CRS. You even had boots on! (Sold Out)
Geo: Wow, the legendary Bob Glasco checks in. You’re exactly right, Bob. I remember being at a few of those when I was doing WKLB in Boston. At one of them, there I was, lined up with a bunch of others to get some liners from Garth. When it was finally my turn, and I introduced myself, he got up and gave me a big hug, and said, “Thank you, George, for bringing Country to Boston.” Now that’s fucking gracious, Man!

#Jim Wood: Well said, George. It’s complex but then again, simple. I am a results-oriented person who refuses to allow my emotions to rule my priorities, my business judgment, and in turn, my life. In our business, a radio station might be a “Critical Success (based on emotional responses versus ratings”) and their success or lack of it in (“The Ratings” AND also their success in the Business of making money.”)….. People tell me often…”Well, my opinion matters and should be heard”…I say yes, your opinion matters to you but not me unless your opinion is measured in Radio’s Business Metrics…… Your detail is a lesson in common senses, experience, and logic…..Sadly often enough missing in the mind of our leaders and the general population. We are seeing the results of this failure today…..Have a Good week. (Sold Out)
Geo: Thanks for the read, Mr. Wood. Yeah, the thing that maybe prevents us from doing what we should is the word “Cool.” Was what we did on the radio cool to our peers? I was lucky; when I moved to America, I had no peers. All mine were back in Canada, and because they couldn’t hear Kay-Ville, they didn’t call me and say, “What the hell are you doin’, Man?

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Geo’s Media Blog (Punished or Blessed?) 10/30/22

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As the long and winding road behind me grows longer with each passing day, I can’t help but think about all the wonderful things I’ve experienced as I traveled it.

Two of the most memorable events were the births of my daughters, for whom I have to thank their Mothers, but I think God had a hand in it too.
He, I believe, was trying to straighten me out when he gave me Candis first, and then, twenty years later, probably figuring that I needed a tune-up, he presented me with Camera Anne.

The only difficulty I had with any of this was I had no idea how you go about ​raising daughters,​ so ​I mostly just tried to protect them.
However, now as I look back, I wonder if, by protecting them, I was also holding them back.

Anyway, seeing as their Birthdays are around the same time (Cami’s is coming up on November 6th), I want them both to know how much I love them and thank them for making my life so damn interesting.
Happy Birthday Beautiful Ladies! 

(Candis and Cami are shown on top with me more than several years ago and below with me as they are today.)


After watching the new “Elvis” movie, I wonder why he didn’t just do his own hits in concert.

Speaking of Elvis, I understand that when he and the Beatles finally met, Elvis got bored because they just sat there staring at him.

Has any teenager ever been proven to be right when they uttered, “I can take care of myself?”

So how do we handle​ the fact that 65% of the wealthiest people in America inherited it? Most of them were pampered, and​ many​ were also educated at schools that they weren’t qualified to attend. Unfortunately, many of them​ ​are now in a position where they get to tellus how we should live.

Who​ is and who isn’t a great Program Director is​ always subjective, but​ who’s​ a ​great air talent sure ain’t.

Unfortunately, the only thing that makes us all equal is a gun.

There may be many reasons to hit a woman, but you just don’t do it. However, if one hit me, I think I’d probably wanna go a couple of rounds with her.

I know a lot of alcoholics, but the only ones I respect are those who don’t drink.

I admire the man who has the balls when a woman asks, “If I were a man would you treat me this way,”  he answers, “Absolutely not.”

I find it strange that even though they’ve uncovered hundreds of evil Priests, they’ve yet to find a bad Nun.

I understand, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but what I don’t understand is why we came up with a kinder way.

Do you appreciate it if you didn’t have to struggle for it?

Is it a bad thing to say good things to a person just to make them feel better?

Speaking of Elvis again, I wonder if the Beatles wished they looked more like him.

Speaking of Elvis, yet again, did you ever notice that he always combed his hair just like he always did, but surprisingly after singing only two songs, it fell into a perfect Beatle cut?

I hate it when singers make fun of their own songs.

An apology with an excuse isn’t a real apology.

So, if you type up a list of all the good things the CIA does versus the bad, what list do you think is longer? Next, we’ll do the FBI.

Sometimes it’s not your parent’s fault, it’s yours.

If a woman should have the right to choose whether or not to abort, shouldn’t a man have the right to choose whether or not to financially support her choice?

I wonder if the Patriots realize how stupid they looked letting Tom Brady go?

Speaking about Brady; Hey, Tom, how are you enjoying our no Florida state income tax?

You don’t have regrets when you win, but you’ll have a bunch if you lose.

Emotions are relative.

Was there ever a car sweeter than the Cadillac Eldorado ragtop?

Speaking of sweetness, once you hear the truth, nothing else is logical.

So, do all women, no matter what, deserve respect?

Speaking of women, the only ones I’ve never been suspicious of are my daughters.

When you’re cooking a special meal, there are no phone calls worthy of an answer.

When you’re a kid, everybody tells you, “Don’t have sex,” but they forget to mention how life-changing it will be when you do.

Speaking of sex, has anybody thought about telling the folks who get abortions way too often, “Hey, stop having unprotected sex?”

Hey guys, just so you know, no woman will ever love you enough to leave her child.

The big difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the extra part.

The marketing needs to start long before the product is ready.

The only reason politicians think they’re smarter than us is mostly because we’re stupid enough to vote for them.

It looks to me like Trump must have ordered the FBI invasion of his home himself ’cause he’s sure lovin’ all the publicity he’s still getting.

Come November, there is no finer place on Earth than South Florida. However, not so much when July and August roll around. 

I wonder how long it will be until the world discovers that kids can now do what the so-called computer geniuses do. Can you spell m-i-n-i-m-u-m wage?

I’ll  never forget when Dick Yancey said, “Hey man, know this, nobody’s for ya.” He was right.

The Bucs lose another, and Tom and Gisele announce their divorce. Wow!

The last of the Rock & Roll pioneers is gone. Rest In Peace, Jerry Lee Lewis.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers closed out the season with a franchise record of 15 wins. Now it’s off to the playoffs and, hopefully, the Grey Cup. Go, Big Blue!

Speaking of Winnipeg, The Jets are now in second place in the western division of the NHL.


Chris McCarty: Hey George, please tell Mark I said hello and to get in touch if he gets out to Nashville. Speaking of Notre Dame, he once sent me a video he took at halftime of the ND marching band doing a version of Steve Miller’s and my song “Swingtown.” The crowd loved it, and so did Steve, to who I sent the video, and he sent a platinum album to the director of the marching band, where it hangs at ND today. Here’s a link to the fully finished recordings of the three songs I wrote with and produced with a young vocalist and musician here in Nashville. (Do You See What I See?)
Geo: Hey, back at ya, Chris. I love “Blue River Lady” and only wish that I could hear a Lynyrd Skynard version of your “Flora Y’all.” (Hear what I did by clicking on the link below)

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