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 I remember the day I had the Man to Man talk with my Son Curtis(pictured). You know the one where you have to explain that the free money has dried up. But I told him that if he ever wanted to try and better himself though with a little more education or maybe some special training Dad would gladly pick up the tab. I asked him if he given his future any thought yet.
He claimed he had been thinking about it a lot lately ’cause he kinda suspected this talk was coming. I was surprised by his words and decided to press on by saying …That’s great Son, have you come up with any ideas yet about what you would like to do with your life? He said yeah … I just wanna hang out!

It doesn’t take much to change around who ranks where in Arbitron. Hell I remember when all they did was change the question to what Radio Station did you hear instead of which one did you listen to. That little move took some #1 stations down to #10 and few #10 stations up to #1. Now we have PPM! Good luck to us all cause I think they are going to tinker with it forever which means the listening wont change but the rankings will all the time..

Why do we all look so happy in pictures.

Shortly after launching KVIL we had a nice little gain in the ratings and at the rating party I remember Ron Chapman whispering in my ear “George exactly what page in Arbitron are we celebrating”

The only moment that may be as exciting as great sex is hearing Jimmy Darin introducing your new record on the Radio.

I was told by Jamie Gold that she discovered talented people love me but a lot of the rest tend to dislike me. What do you mean the sales folks don’t like me, how can that be true. Hey whose more sales friendly than me. Enough already!

I remember once attending the CNE in Toronto and watching the CHUM jocks do their thing on the front porch of a huge broadcasting vehicle but all the girls were lined up to meet the board op while ignoring the talent. Seems the sweet young things only like the guys who touch the music.

Radio only needs to say what it means and mean what it says.

I just read that a pretty face will get old, a nice body will change but a good woman will always be a good woman. According to Ron Chapman the definition of a good woman is one who attentively listens to your stories again and again and again. Here’s to Good Women!

I can handle good and bad reaction it’s no reaction that really brings me down.

Coach Vince Lombardi said There is only one way to succeed at anything and thats to give it everything.

I’m not a real big fan of most Women but I am a huge fan of some!

If it’s true that Women don’t do as well as Men financially how come there aren’t more of them on street corners begging for money like men do.

Survivors may be more self centered than ego maniacs.

It’s much easier to react to stuff than create stuff.

Candis used to tell me when she was singing and writing with her band “The Tortured Poets” and she broke up with a guy it was good for at least 4 songs. I totally understand what she means, hell when I just have a little disagreement with the Hunny Bunny it’s good for 4 or 5 lines on my Blog.

Some folks have a Maid, some have a Handyman, a Driver, a Gardener, a Pool Man or maybe even a Butler. I have my own professional Bartender.

Easy to to be cruel and hard, hard to be soft and warm.

Cris Conner and I once created a program in Indy on WNAP called “Fantasy Park” which had the whole town crazy. I thought it was bad enough when some syndicater just ripped it off and started selling it, but when he tried to sell it to me was the all time worst. Can you say “Trademark” baby!.

Walt Disney didn’t worry much about copy writes and trademarks nobody wanted to spend the amount of money he was spending to create the quality stuff he was creating.

Sometimes the only thing that needs fixing is you.

When I was at CFRA in Ottawa we had a TV news clip that had the Prime Minister getting out of a limo and answering a news mans question with “Well all I know about that is what I heard on CFRA this morning” How often do you think we ran that.

When I was a PD I spent a lot of time keeping Management and Talent away from each other because they both scared each other to death.

Most of the time when I went into a radio station I was mostly ignored by all the young pretty receptionists. But time was on my side because I knew that any day now I was going to hear these wonderful words … Mr. Johns I’ve been told that you are the one who picks all the music we play. I love music and would love to be involved in it in some way here at the station. I was wondering if we could we meet somewhere soon and discuss my future. There is a God!

As John Huston used to say … Air talent just needs to be sincere and if they can fake that there is beaucoup bucks waiting for them in Hollywood.

People really don’t know what they like but they sure like what they know don’t they.

Is it still true that once you take a gig as an oldies jock, you just became an old jock. I remember telling that to Don Bleu years ago which kept him from leaving K101.

Sometimes just being different for different sakes is reason enough.

Without death there would be no reason to live.

I’ve recently reconnected with a great guy George Derenchuk who was the only teacher who ever gave me an “A”. I was in the 10th grade at TCI and he was our Science teacher. He went on to become the schools Principle and later the Superintendent. One day early in the year he says to the folks sitting up front in his class … Alright you brains, you’re moving to the back and I want Quail, Johns, and Ringach up front. OK guys he says to us, listen up, here’s how it works. I need your undivided attention for 20 minutes each and every class. During that 20 minutes I’m gonna teach you just what you’ll need to know to pass the exams. But here’s the good part, once the 20 minutes are up we talk Football. Do I have a deal? My Daughter Candis claims I got the “A” because he was the only teacher smart enough to give me one.

The Lovin’ Season!

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Once and for all I’m going to explain the mystery of why so many talented musicians come from Winnipeg. Winter shows up there just before Halloween and doesn’t disappear till around Easter. During the 1st snow fall you begin to load up the Rec Room up with enough beer and whisky to get you through the oncoming brutal winter. The lovin’ season begins sometime during the 2nd snowfall, if you didn’t have a girl friend you took up playing guitar and were a Rock Star by Spring.

Here’s the secret formula you’ll need to enjoy a successful career in show business.
T + S = A + (p + i + t + ee) x P + I = $

The only advice anybody will ever listen to is the advice they asked you to give them.

Candis my eldest once told me that she was a little confused while growing up about whether or not I was sexist. Did you come to a conclusion I asked … Yeah you are but just not with me.

The only thing that would keep your buddies from falling down laughing at you if they heard the way you talk to your Lady in private is they do it too.

Bobby Rich was telling me he thought I should allow my Daughter to get a tattoo but there was no way he was allowing his to have one. Isn’t it funny how well adjusted we think we are compared to our parents but as soon as some family drama shows up we become our parents instantly.

Keith James sent me comment about a line in a recent Blog about the needing two “Tarts” and a lotta booze to get through a cold winters Transcona night. He wondered if we ever thought about the fact that the Tarts had Daddies too. Hell no! We only thought about what we thought about but as I look back I’m really not sure who was zooming whom.

I think my kids would appreciate if I would start to act my age. I ain’t gonna do it!

Columbus was the Dude who started this whole illegal alien mess we’re in today.

There are 3 kinds of folks you’ll never forget. The folks who helped you through tough times, the ones who left you during the bad times and the people who put you into difficult times.

We are not born good in fact the complete opposite is a lot closer to the truth. Goodness must be learned and practiced often.

Great talent comes from the dark side.

There are 4 topics Men always have time for. (1) Sex.( 2) Sports. (3) Career. (4) Sex.

Art is created when Science and Talent are in perfect balance.

Sometime ago I read a quote from Keith Elshaw who claimed Talent loved to work for George Johns but most of the people George worked for were afraid of him. Surely that’s not true.

When you mix the perfect concept together with philosophy you’re only about half done ’cause now comes the hard part. Implementation!

When you launch a brand new format and Radio people “Get It” it’s generally not that good.

The old adage of give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach him to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime is still true. But if you explain the concept of fishing to him he can soon open a chain of Seafood Restaurants.

The first time a guy like me ever hears about station trade is when I get an e mail advising me not to use it anymore.

What ever happened to “Satellite Is Going To Kill Radio” thing.

I think a comedian is just a person who remembers all the jokes.

Ed Shadek once told me that every GM he ever hired needed a new logo and a client party to fix the station’s bad image. Ed always let them play with the logo a little but took part of the cost of the party out of his bonus.

Don’t you think that when your sold out there should be some kind of celebration rather than anger.

Many times I have been told by an angry sales rep that we are the only station in town who rejected their client’s commercial. I always responded with … I Know, Isn’t That Great!

At most of the Radio Stations I have visited eventually the GM and SM ask me if I believed in community involvement. I believe in it strongly is always my answer but I didn’t believe in remotes. That usually ends the community involvement discussion.

A lot more people like to sit around and discuss why something happened than fix what happened. They are called followers and they represent 73% of the population.

Why are we always so happy in pictures.

Radio used to be so simple … Bring more money in than is going out. What the hell happened!

If you’re the Radio Station the folks would go to when a huge column of smoke appears in the horizon you always do well.

When you listen to some Dee Jays do you ever wonder if they use that same approach when ordering a burger at a drive-thru restaurant.

Warren Cosford wrote … I did my annual check up of whats going on Online with the cult status of one of my favorite Forgotten Oldies from 60’s Winnipeg……Who Dat by The Jury, I wasn’t disappointed. 

Daughters Are Boring To Some!

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 As you may know my 17 year old Daughter Cami recently sent me an essay she did for her 11th grade AP Language and Composition class.(no thats not her picture) Her assignment was to write a letter to her parents asking for something she knows we don’t want her to have. Turns out Cami wants permission from her Mom and me to get a tattoo. This should be a no brainer right! Well you need to read the essay (To Tat or Not To Tat Blog) it made me and a couple of my friends tear up. Even her sister Candis who several times a year has made me promise I’d never ever consider letting Cami get a tattoo started her response to Cami’s essay with the words “Tattoo It Is” I’ve been searching high and low for a way to say no but I’m failing miserably.

Speaking about my recent Blog, To Tat Or Not To Tat … That Is The Question at You’ve got to read all the comments from a very impressive line up. Cami told me last night that some of them got her “Johns Rage” boiling.

After dropping Cami’s friend Haley off after having dinner the other night Cami said, “Daddy Your Weird” but it’s OK ’cause all my friends love you.

Growing up I was always afraid of my Dad but for some reason my Daughters just laughed whenever I threatened them with a spanking.

Robin Garrett after heatedly telling me at Duffy’s that not only did I raise my Daughters incorrectly but she also claimed her and a lot of other people are very bored with me writing and talking about them all the time. According to Robin folks just roll their eyes and laugh whenever I mention them. Boy they’re sure gonna hate a few pieces I’m working on right now. This just in … My Blog about Cami wanting a Tattoo just moved into first place on the long list of my most read Blogs (well over 200) and it had to go by the former #1 which was my Blog about Cami’s Sweet 16 party last year. Hey and Candis’ Birthday tribute comes in at #6 on the list and there at # 7 is Cami’s 17th birthday tribute. Robin is right about one thing I do write about my Daughters a lot. I guess I must love them too much.

Sometimes because of my behavior I think the Hunny Bunny (yes that is her picture) wishes she could just drop me off at the Pound.

The only people you can expect unconditional love from is your immediate family. Listeners at best can only give you some very conditional love.

Sad to report that John Picano recently passed away at the age of 60. In 1979 Russ Morely, John and I launched WJNO/WRMF together in West Palm Beach. RIP John you were a true gentleman and I was proud to have had the honor of working with you.

What I love most about advertising is it kills bad products.

Most people at a Radio station think the Radio station would fail without them and thats why they act so strangely. They actually think their part is the biggest part and are just waiting for you to come around to their way of thinking.

One of the great things about being #1 besides the obvious is when it starts happening again maybe you’ll recognize it and let it happen without f**king with it.

Sometimes losing is the only way you can figure out how to win.

The two things you need to become a great entertainer is Passion and Imagination. They also will make you a better lover.

Hanging on to what you have keeps you from having what you want.

Read a great sign while driving by a Church. Honk if you love Jesus text if ya wanna meet him.

Recently while inducting Ron Chapman into the Radio Hall Of Fame in Chicago I I had the pleasure of meeting Radio legend Art Laboe who was also being inducted by another legend Dick Biondi. Art was traveling with 3 pretty assistants so I said to one of them, isn’t it great Art is still active on the Radio and with a smile she said that Art was also still active at other things too.

Jim Hilliard taught me that even a bad plan if well executed has a pretty good shot at succeeding.

Has any Woman really ever been seduced.

According to Bob Christy McDonald’s is having it their way. Soggy fries, un melted cheese on the Burgers, and dirty stores. McDonald’s blames intense competition for it’s recent drop in revenue. Bob claims otherwise.

It’s how you got through the tough times that defines who you are not your getting through.

Sucking your tummy in as you get on the scales is the very definition of one being self delusional.

I read a great question that maybe Jim Hilliard Jr. would care to respond to. Do you like The Stones in the 60’s or The Stones in their 60’s.

Some text messages just look mean even though intended loving.

The worst swear words are the most erotic when said correctly thus proving my argument that it’s how you say what you say on the Radio not necessarily what you say.

For me it’s the Woman wanting to make love to you thats more important than the actual lovemaking.

It’s a waste of time looking for short cuts to any place worth going to.

1. Express Gratitude. 2. Cultivate Optimism. 3. Avoid Over-Thinking. 4. Practice Acts Of Kindness. 5. Nurture Social Relationships. 6. Develop Strategies For Coping. 7. learn to forgive 8. Increase Activities. 9. Savor Life’s Joys. 10. Commit To Your Goals. 11. Practice Spirituality. 12. Take Care Of Your Body. No wonder I’m pissed most of the time!

How come when you already have a Woman seems to be the only time other Women want you.

In my day the way a Transcona boy used to make it through a cold winters night in Manitoba was … Ya get a two four, a two six, and 2 tarts. By the time we drank the 24 of beer and the 26 of whisky we forgot what to do with the tarts.

I know more about Women than most Men (hey I did the research) But I’m also smart enough to realize I still know almost nothing about them.

To Tat Or Not To Tat … ( a repost 2 years later )

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733885_10151825085159307_1663421509_nMy Daughter Cami had to write an essay recently for her 11th grade AP Language and Composition class. This essay needed to be in letter form and had to ask her Mother and I for something she definitely already knew we didn’t want her to have. Some Radio folks who have read this have moved quickly and have already offered her radio sales jobs. What do you think my answer should be, I eagerly await your comments.

Camera Johns Summerfield. Mrs. Rigolo AP Language and Composition November 11, 2012

Dear mom and dad, I’ve looked up to your guidance while growing up and you’ve never let me down or let me go askew. Your opinion has always been the most important so your permission and acceptance means everything. Which is why this is such a meaningful topic to discuss, in detail, with the both of you. I understand both of your views on tattoos already, and the way they come across to other people, which I know also concerns you. I’m hoping though to wane you away from those thoughts for a just a few moments, and listen to mine. I desire getting this specific tattoo because, it is sentimental to me, it’d help me through my anxiety and depression, and it is small and elegant.

There is usually a reason, or a story behind someone’s tattoo. Sometimes it is really inspiring and meaningful, and other times it was just an excuse to add another one to their collection. Since it has become so common for people to get meaningless tattoos it has slowly ruined the reputation of them, and has taken away the beauty and art of the ones that do represent something significant to the person wearing it on their skin.
The main significance behind the tattoo I want relates to you, daddy. Most people have a prominent memory from something that was reoccurring in their childhood, like a place, or a smell, mine is a song. Remember all those days driving around while you played your CDs trying to teach me the “good old music,” like Fats Domino, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys. Especially The Beach Boys. You’d quietly sing “Don’t Worry Baby” while casually looking back at me in the back seat, like self-consciously reassuring yourself and me, that everything was going to be alright. But back then that constant reminder went through one ear and out the other, and I paid no attention to it, it was just an everyday routine. So now, I realize all that time I was trying to grow up as quick as I could and I began turning off The Beach Boys and replacing it with the newest pop song, I was turning that routine into a memory. As time goes on we are both growing older, and time to relive this memory and reminder is running out. So, having the phrase “Don’t Worry Baby” tattooed on my wrist will keep the memory with me forever.

During the time I would hear this repeated phrase I was little and still learning about life and all that it comes with, as I still am today, so I didn’t know much about stress or what to worry about, making the valuable reminder meaningless. Now that I’m learning of and dealing with the stresses of life, worrying will get the best of me. Both of you have held me together to the best of your ability, with your open arms on a weekly basis for my sobbing self, mom, and you being there as fast as you can with just one phone call, dad. But as I grow older and continue to struggle through my anxiety and depression I won’t always have the comfort of your arms to go to, and the distance will become too far to travel no matter how many phone calls. I know you both feel helpless sometimes, watching me go through things either because of my depression, or just regular teenage drama, and not knowing how to help or what to say but I do need to slowly learn how to deal with incidents on my own. This phrase would be more than a childhood memory, since worrying is the core of my anxiety. Every time I would look down whether I’m about to have a break down or am having a good day, it’d still be a reminder not to worry, and everything would be alright.

The meaning and significance of the tattoo is a main portion of the decision making of actually getting one I believe, but also the price and visibility are factors. The price of a tattoo depends on many different characteristics of it such as, color, location, size, and complexity. Since I am still young, and this would be my first tattoo I would want it done very simple. No color, and quite small, also for issues concerning visibility. A brightly colored tattoo tends to cost more than just a solid black being like I want. I understand the difficulty of covering up a wrist tattoo for a job, or any professional setting but it isn’t impossible. For instance it’d be small, elegant and simple so easily hidden by a couple of bracelets or long sleeved shirt. I currently don’t have a job though and during the time it needed to be bandaged I would not participate within settings where visibility could cost me something important.

?You both are probably thinking about my blood and needle phobia and wondering how I could even withstand the process of getting a tattoo. I have learned though that the needle of the tattoo gun only goes in 1/16th of an inch, and the little to no blood that is produced gets wiped away before I probably could even realize. Also, everything the tattoo will mean to me after the frightening process is over will make it worth it.

In conclusion, this tattoo would be more than just some ink in my skin to be “cool.” I have put a tremendous amount of thought into this, especially for being my first tattoo. It would represent a memory in my childhood, it would help me to continue moving forward, and it would be simple and easy. Thank you for giving me these couple of moments to share my insight on this.





Inconsistencies Are Good!

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Very few Women are ever going to ask if you want them to talk naughty or send erotic pictures to you. For this kind of stuff you’re gonna have to learn to beg.

Speaking of the above I recently received several messages on Facebook from Women who were looking for a long term relationship with a kind and honest Man. I soon became suspicious when these Women next used very graphic language to describe the kind of loving they had in mind for me. As I suspected shortly after erotic pictures started arriving the request for emergency money also showed up. After a little research I soon discovered these so called Women were really guys using fake pictures and fake prose to attract lonely Men. Thank God I’m not that lonely yet.

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated my Daughter Cami’s 17th Birthday. I figure the next big events in her life will be her graduation from High School and College but the major event I’m looking forward to is when I get to dance with her at her Wedding. I have no plans though to make anymore Flower Girls.(Cami was the Flower Girl at her Sister Candis’ wedding)

R I P Big John Gillis. Live stream of the service Saturday Nov 17 at 2 pm EST

Can you imagine if we could vote on line. It’s easy to safeguard the banks did it long ago. People who don’t vote now would probably do it then which would change everything because there is no research in on them. The Politicians would be flying blind. Very exciting!

Jim Davis added an addendum to my claim that the the 3 words Women yearn to hear are “You Were Right” Jim’s got it down to 2. “I’m Wrong” and “I’m Sorry” Now if we could get it down to one word Jim we could all get back to watching football a little quicker.

I got hacked recently and a request must have gone out asking people to endorse me. I receive a few messages everyday from folks claiming they have endorsed me. I want thank all the nice people who went out of their way to do this but what the hell does one do with all these endorsements?

I’ve always felt we have a way too many choices in America except in the Presidential Race. Surely those two weren’t the best we’ve got!

Only two types of people tell you the truth about yourself … Dear Friends and Angry Enemies.

Almost everyday we hear about another high paid executive being fired because he ruined the business he was running but was paid millions of dollars in severance anyway. I wonder if the reason Mitt didn’t fare well in the election had anything to do with the fact that maybe the folks didn’t buy his act because he looks too much like one of them. Regular folks don’t get those sweet deals like that when they get fired.

While hanging with Ron Chapman for the weekend in Chicago at the Hall Of Fame ceremonies we did a little reminiscing about the early days at KVIL when we launched America’s very first AC station in Dallas. Ron told me he didn’t buy into the project at first but being a pro he would give it a fair shot. When the rating book came out he said he “Got It” completely and the rest as they say was history.

If you were born to stand out its going to be awfully tough to blend in.

I have heard the term “sales friendly” used in a lot of programming meetings but I don’t ever remember hearing the term “programming friendly” used in a sales meeting.

When I first met Jim Hilliard I was a kid. Jim was this older guy with a Wife and 2 kids so consequently he was like a father figure to me. When ever I was thinking of buying something expensive I would be a little nervous about it so I would ask Jim if he thought I should buy it. You know things like a new Corvette or a Larger house or maybe even a trip to Hawaii or Paris etc. Jim would always say … Step up there Man, you deserve it you work hard. It was almost like my Dad saying go ahead son. Dads always knew what was right for you. I don’t know what the hell happened but Jim and I seem to be the same age now and he doesn’t think I should buy anything.

The Hunny Bunny thankfully has a vicious attack dog named Rico guarding her.(see picture above) Rico’s presence makes me feel a whole lot better seeing as she lives too far away in South Miami for me to get there quickly.

It’s very dangerous to play it safe.

There is nothing better than double digit ratings.

My favorite celebration of course is a ratings party see above.

I think I could be best described as a reluctant romantic.

Have you ever noticed that the people who are not funny backstage all tell jokes when they go on the air.

The only way you make big money in Radio is to make management afraid you’re going to leave.

All Radio stations eventually sound like the PD.

There’s really only 2 tempos in music. It’s either up or it’s not.

The Walt Disney style of Management was done from the bottom up. Walt simply supported what all the people above him in the inverted pyramid wanted to do. This put enormas pressure on the troops to come up with something for Walt to support.

As Lee Masters remembers, the attitude in the hallways always manages to get on the air.

Have you ever noticed there aren’t a lot of songs written about Mr. Businessman.

If your not talented your only other hope is … Get yourself famous!

No matter how good you think your Radio station sounds a sales person will soon straighten you out.

Women with children or plans to have them hate 3 things on the radio. Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll.

The hundred dollar bill wrapped around a commercial or tune doesn’t make it sound any better.

For me the only good show on a Radio station is the one that produces a great promo.

The only thing a listener remembers about a Radio station is it’s inconsistencies.