Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf) (revised geo Blog from 02/17)

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My friend Tim Moore (pictured) recently wrote in his Blog that nobody became successful without the help of others. He went on to say that seeing as we are all running out of time there was no time like the present to thank those that helped you along the way. So with that in mind here I go…

Barry Levasseur and his gorgeous sister Carol who introduced me to my love of sports, Rock&Roll, and beautiful women all on the same day.

George Darenchukwho not only who gave me my first “A” but also encouraged me to stay in school.

Marshall Quelch and the rest of the crew at Pete’s pool room on the strip who gave me my real education.

Peter Proskurnikwho talked me into going to my first dance which changed my world.

My parents Sandy and Betty Johns who put up with a lot of very loud band practices in our rumpus room and for not totally freaking out when I turned down the GM’s job at a new bowling alley to become a part time board op at CKY.

Shayne who invited me to become a member of “Shayne and the Devines” which jump-started my musical career.

Rolly Blaquiere who helped me start all those bands which eventually led to us getting a recording contract.

Bruce Walker and Terry Kenny and the rest of The Jury without whom there wouldn’t have been any records.

Jim Quail and all of the Transcona Nationals who taught me how great it felt to be part of a great team and showed me what you could achieve in life with good teamwork.

Coach “Coby” Cockburn Who perhaps believed in me more than even my father did.

Bill Burdeyny who wrote about us in the Transcona News making me want to become somebody.

Mark Parr who tormented management until they gave me my first radio job at CKY in Winnipeg.

Jack Wells who convinced me that if I could handle him in the morning, I could handle anybody.

John Wells who made an otherwise very boring radio station fun which prevented me from leaving the business.

Jim Hilliard who spotted me early on and not only guided me my whole life but along with his beautiful wife Barbara is still my best friend.

Lana Johns who gave me a daughter who instantly took me from a boy to a man.

Chuck Riley who taught me what great production was all about and also how to handle talented people who are difficult.

Daryl “B” who along with Riley produced my first record and also got me promoted to Music Director of CKY which jump started my radio career.

George Dawes who hooked me up with CKOM in Saskatoon where I first learned to be a Program Director.

My dear friend Gary Russell (RIP) who helped me become a real PD.

Ralph Connor who made me realize that you can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself

J Robert Wood who got me my first major market programming job at CFRA in Ottawa.

Joel Thompson who made my living in Ottawa tolerable in spite of our epic ratings.

Ted Rogers and Keith Dancy who let me put an experimental format on CFTR which just happened to be in Canada’s largest market.

Roger Klein, Keith Elshaw and Sharon Henwood who made CFTR sound so good that it got me a job in America as a National PD.

Cris Conner Who made this Canadian’s transition from not only his country but from being a PD to becoming a National PD a piece of cake.

All the “Hall of Fame” talent and those that should be who were on the air and in production at Fairbanks Broadcasting whom without I would be nothing.

Ron Chapman who showed me how big a dream could get.

Ed and Tom Shadek who made it possible for me to start my own consulting company plus get to realize my dream of living in California.

Jack McCoy who not only inspired me but let me have first shot at all his world class promotions.

Reg Johns & Reid Reker whom without there couldn’t have been a “Class” format.

Jim West who took “Class” national.

Bill Yde who got me into radio station ownership.

Tim Reever who showed me that if you mixed in a little running sometimes selling could be fun.

Bob Christy who not only has been at my side through many projects as a co-worker but has also been one of my closest and dearest friends along with his beautiful wife Janny Cakes.

Kari Summerfield who also gave me a daughter which gave me another shot at becoming an even better father.

Betsy Cameron who not only has helped me with many projects including getting me into my beautiful condo but is also one of my best friends too along with her husband, Barry Smith.

Gordon, Tom & Brent at KZST who for well over 30 years have kept me in good wine. Thank you, guys!

And last but definitely not least, my beautiful daughters Candis & Cami who have kept me young which allowed me to “have at it” all these years.

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F*#k Your Code Of Silence! (new geo Blog for week of March 20/17.)

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In a recent Blog, I mentioned that one of band mates from the Jury, Bruce Walker told me that there were over 750 charitable organizations in Canada which I found a little surprising. However, now Syd Hepworth one of my old Transcona National team mates claims that there are actually 175,000 not for profit organizations registered in Canada and that 85,000 of them are dedicated to helping the underprivileged.
OK so let’s do the math! When I was growing up in Canada, we always figured that whatever Canada did the US did it at least ten times bigger and better. So using that formula the most conservative estimate that I could come up with is that there must be at least 850,000 charity organizations in America helping the underprivileged. So once again I have to ask … How the f*ck can there be any poor people in the US and why would they need any government assistance? Ahh but then again maybe a lot of these so-called charitable organizations are just like the folks who claim that they’re chasing the cure for cancer and not the money. Or perhaps maybe they are similar to the Clinton Foundation where they pay young Chelsea $950,000 a year to run it but as soon as the election goes south so does her job and the millions that were in the fund?
Who is responsible for checking on where all these tax-free dollars are going and oh yeah how about those ridiculous expenses the people who are in charge of these organizations run up not to mention the ridiculous compensation packages they have. I guess I just need to know where I can sign up so I can get in on these great scams and stop whining

Wouldn’t you love to attend a meeting between Trump and HBO’s “Young Pope?”

What you have to understand about Trump is that not only is he not politically correct, hell he’s not even political.

Speaking of our president, I’m not so much worried about him as I am the about the people who surround him. One of the problems I’ve had over the years with the Republicans is that the same people who advised Nixon made it all the way to both Bushes without ever being elected.What we got from them was our never ending war in the middle east plus 911. What they got from us was filthy rich.

Hey, Mr. Singer your fame just causes us to listen to your songs a little bit closer which may not be a good thing.

Blind faith is just that. BLIND!

Being a romantic as I am is sometimes tough sleddin’

Have you ever met anyone who claims that they’re overpaid, me neither, but I know a bunch.

Even though we’re told that size matters, I’m pretty sure that the ladies prefer the bulge in a man’s jeans to be his fat wallet.

Wouldn’t you love the names and addresses of the people who told George W that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? This misinformation not only led not only to 911 but also our continuing operation in the middle east and I don’t think these people should be sleeping peacefully!

Speaking of names and addresses, I also need the names and addresses of families who made up the 5% of America who owned slaves because they were too lazy to pick their own damn cotton. We’re gonna have come to Jesus meeting with you because the rest of us are tired of being thrown under the bus just because we’re white so bring your checkbook.

As capable as you may be shouldn’t you pick out the thing that with a little practice you could be the best in the world at. Being the best at anything also pays the best.

The reason men like to tell their life story over and over is because it’s the only story that has him as the hero.

The definition of a “good woman” is one who can listen to all your stories over and over and hang onto each and every word of them like she’s hearing them for the first time.

As truthful a truth may appear it still may not be true.

My dream girl is an intelligent beautiful woman who acts like an ice queen in public and a slut in the bedroom.

Beware of women with cats because it is said that they are all out of love.

Being not afraid to die is not courageous it’s crazy.

One could assume that with the election of Trump a lot of Americans had contempt for all that was politically correct.

When Cami was a little girl, and I asked her whatever happened to baby Cami she said … She went to pictures daddy!

In the mid-2000’s Jane Roe as in Roe v Wade asked the supreme court to overturn her case. The Supremes turned her down.

All the good cops know who the bad cops are just as the Muslims know who the evil Muslims are. F*ck your code of silence you’re on your own. Good luck!

If you don’t set your goals, you’re forever destined to be working on somebody else’s.

What’s your preference, Bald, Landing Strip, Trimmed, or Full Bush?

The folks know what they like, and they only like what they know.

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Batshit Crazy! (new geo Blog for the week of March 13/17)

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When I turned 21 I was living in Winnipeg and for my first time at the polls I voted for the New Democratic Party. The NDP were and still are much further left than even the Liberal Party who rule Canada today are. Hell, even the right wing Conservative Party is a little bit left of center.
However, after moving to America, I found myself slowly moving more to the right and now find myself smack dab in the middle. Politically I’m a little left on some issues and a little right on others.  Although my daughters Cami and Candis would probably argue that because as Cami, a junior at USF claims, most of my Blogs lean more to the right than they do to the left. Being that as it may I believe that I’m a centrist because the way I see it, the extreme left and the far right are both batshit crazy!

Most creativity begins with no!

There are no small parts in radio only small time bit players.

Speaking of small time players, is Hollywood predictable or what? Last year they got a lot of heat because I guess too many white people were winning awards. This year the best picture went to “Moonlight” which was about a gay black man coming of age in a rough neighborhood. Surprise Surprise, and in fact, it was so much of a surprise that they couldn’t even get the right card out there announcing it as the winner. It kind of makes you wonder just when they decided which picture won. La La Land which had won everything else so it wasn’t a surprise was incorrectly named the winner. Does this all smell a little bit to you?

My heart goes out to people who suffer from depression, but I’ve got to wonder if they’re aware of how hurtful they can be at times to those who love them?

Rich people only fear each other.

A lot of gifted people have great difficulty recognizing talent in others.

Adversity brings out the best in some people.

It’s not the strong but the adaptable who survive.

Today’s starting out real good, so far no new social network was launched.

Do survivors ever become somebody special?

The more successful you become, the more you tend to stop doing the things that made you successful.

Creative people are ultra sensitive to everything.

Mediocrity knows nothing better than itself.

Genius must always be tolerated.

A lot of information is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately, a lot of it is not always right.

Father time is still the greatest teacher of all time.

If you have any hope of ever becoming an artist you must be able to observe life and then comment on it in an exaggerated manner.

I wonder what the founding fathers would think of America today?

The thing about hanging with celebrities is that when they begin to bore you, you tend to blame yourself.

Most people dream about their wants all the time but only worry about their needs.

I never knew who the Walter Cronkite or Johnny Carson types voted for, but I sure do today.

Until they start treating Trump like the president of the United States, he’ll continue to act like Trump.

Speaking of Trump, when he was first elected the stock market went way down, so a bunch of folks started ranting about the impending doom. Now all I hear is crickets.

As much as I love the product at Victoria’s secret I still can’t figure out how so little could cost so much.

When you read all the comments about Trump, it’s hard to believe that they’re talking about the same person.

I’m starting to pick up that the Jews in America love the Jews in Israel about as much as the Cubans in Miami love the Cubans in Cuba.

How come the Asians in America don’t need the government’s help?

Even though we love them all dearly, there is no such thing as a woman who is a “10.” In fact, the highest a woman can ever score is a “4.”
(a) A woman we wouldn’t sleep with is a “1.”
(b) One we would sleep with is a “2.”
(c) A woman we’d be seen with is a “3.”

(d) And anyone that we’d love to take back to our high school reunion is a “4.”

I’ve been hearing a lot of lame promos on WRMF lately promoting the JVC morning show but they make no sense. Does anybody know how they’re doing in the ratings, can you check real quick? What’s that you say, Alpha who just fired Joe Raineri from across the hall at 6-40 Sports and is having Jennifer Ross voice track her show on Sunny so she can do more live stuff on WFTL now wants to renegotiate their contract. Ahh!

I’m still wondering why Trump didn’t use the ad he had from 8 years ago which showed Michelle Obama scolding Hillary by saying, “you can’t even run your own house what makes you think you could ever run the Whitehouse? There still must be some be honor among thieves.

Speaking of Trump, his speech to Congress must have been killer because I hear nothing from the Democrats but crickets.

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Faster Cars, Older Whiskey, & Younger Women! (new geo Blog for week of Feb 27/16)

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As I sit at Duffy’s in West Palm beach I enjoy watching the all the young couples when they come in and trying figure out where they are in their relationship.
If the woman is doing most of the talking it usually means that he has already told her that he loves her but if she’s still hanging on to his every word he obviously hasn’t.
I believe that one of the responsibilities of all grandfathers is to pass along sage advice to their grandsons. Now that Nathaniel (pictured above with me) is 12 it’s time to tell him that even though he’s crushing school, he needs to know the real meaning of life as Tom T Hall once explained to us in the song “Faster Cars, Older Whiskey, Younger Women, & More Money.” When we’ve finished that I will wrap it up with my final recommendation which will get him the fun filled life he deserves. Nathaniel never tell any female other than your mother that you love them.

The fact that Jim Hilliard with all his successes is not in a Radio Hall Of Fame somewhere leads me to believe that the must all be phony.

Speaking of radio, old friend Joe Martelle has a book out that you can get on called “Radio Pro” that is a great read if you like back stage stuff.

Thinking must be difficult which would explain the reason why so few people do it.

To be remembered as a good person you’re only required to be kind.

While growing up in Winnipeg I promised God that if he would put me wherever I could put the top down this time of year, I’d do it every day. He did and I do!

As Reid Reker was told, “carrying a briefcase in this day and age screams old.”

The fewer facts the folks have on hand the stronger their opinion seems to be.

I may bitch a lot but I don’t whine much.

Why would you ever enroll in auto pay with your cable company?

I wonder if black folks noticed how many white people marched with them back in the day to end segregation and racism because If they did they forgot to mention it.

Wow, so some players from the Patriots are refusing to go to the White House to be honored by Trump. If Obama was still president they’d be labeled racists.

So knowing that Bill Belichick only cares about football I wonder how it’s gonna go for the players who refused to go during training camp next summer. Bill has rights too, the right to cut you or trade you.

If I wasn’t paid to do so I rather doubt that I would listen to much radio anymore.

Great leaders mostly support what their staffs wanna do which of course puts enormous pressure on the staff to come up with something worthy of supporting.

Have you ever noticed that no matter who’s in power nothing changes much for we workin’ stiffs?

Ya kinda figure out your baby’s all grown up when she orders Grey Goose and Cranberry juice at dinner.

So if America was to align itself with Russia how long do you think Isis would last?

The only people who make big money in radio today are the executives but I remember when it was the air talent, that’s how old I am.

Just ’cause it ain’t left don’t make it wrong right?

Speaking of liberal, what’s the press gonna do for a living when Trump denies a bunch of them access.
Speaking pf Trump I understand that he’s considering telling all the people on welfare that they have one year to find a job.

Being originally from Canada I’m getting a little tired of paying for a bunch of southerners who were too lazy to pick their own damn cotton.

Why does it seem like you can only have the women you don’t want.

Leon Russell claimed that you have to earn the right to wear shades on stage.

Intelligent people reasonably informed seldom disagree.

I bet Trump jumped right on that call from the defiant Jerry Brown who was calling about federal aid for California.

I started smoking at 15 when a very beautiful 17-year- old picked me up and I needed to look older as quickly as I could. When I was in my 30’s a beautiful 13-year-old made me quit when she saved up all her babysitting money and bought me a thing called smoke enders.

I’ve heard a lotta great things about a lot of great people but I’ve seldom heard that they were especially nice.

It used to be that when two young ladies walked into a bar together you thought it was your lucky day but now you just assume that they’re lesbians and move on.