To Beard Or Not To Beard! (Blog for the week of Jan 19th)

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733784_10151835971959307_917910399_n110929104_10153490026814307_5902555610740026562_nBack on New Years day in ’81 and against my wife Lana’s better judgement I began growing a beard which came in, blonde, red, dark brown, and grey. After about six months I decided to shave it off and now here I am at it again but I do remember the last time I did this my whole life changed so I’m doing up my seat belt! 

Women must hate it when we forgive them because they realize that we probably didn’t remember what they did wrong in the first place. Unlike women men don’t forgive we just forget.

It finally came to me that no matter how beautiful a woman is if I don’t desire her she has absolutely no power over me. So how does one go about stopping desire!

Our mistakes do not damage us unless we let them.

It takes an awfully strong man to turn down an offer from a beautiful woman.

How did it get to the part where everybody has a ton of rights but nobody seems to have any responsibilities.

You usually have to fight more than one battle to win the war.

Just because some people are upset with the police doesn’t make them bullet proof.

Avoiding a problem only allows it to grow.

A clue that might mean you’re not doing so well is when the whole family flies into see you in the hospital.

Einstein claimed … “It depends”.

Speaking of relativity Daughters are relatively cheap when compared to their Mothers.

Can’t is also a 4 letter word.

Society doesn’t deserve revenge after a murder but family members sure do.

Speaking of revenge ours is not letting thugs into our “Hall Of Fames”.

You have to have patience for this kind of format, it may take a couple of years to grow it said by no owner ever.

Deep down do you really believe if radio cleaned up all its debt it would pay the folks more money.

If you wake up with a beautiful woman by your side and you even wonder for a second if she sleeps with anybody else it’s your last chance to run.

My Father believed that all gas station robberies began at 12:01 am so I had to be in at midnight.

Most successful air talent love the city they live in and also love to brag about it.

Most people in radio only do what they’ve always done not what they should be doing.

Speaking of greatness the things great air talent do best are the subtle things that the not so great even notice.

It seems to me that the only folks in America who don’t have any special rights are white guys with no money.

Radio ranks as the #2 gadget of all time right behind the smart phone which soon will have a radio in it also.

The average person in America mostly care about keeping their job which may explain our government’s activities.

Heinz Ketchup convincing us that not being able to get their product out of the bottle was a good thing was one of the best branding techniques of all time.

Seeing little old ladies with tattoos is one of the many weird things about California.

If business was done for the consumer I believe there wouldn’t be an economic problem.

Wasn’t it paying the middle class higher wages which turned them into consumers that caused the economic boom in the first place.

Well the Packer coaches sure blew that game for Rogers unlike Belichuk who has never let Brady down.

I keep hearing that we are coming out of our economic slump but how long do you suppose we’ll have to wait for it to trickle down to us from the 1%ers

Walt Disney operated his company from the bottom up where as US Steel did theirs from the top down. What do you mean you’ve never heard of US Steel.

Watching the National Championship game last week I thought the Ohio Bucs looked good enough to beat the Tampa Bay Bucks.

Speaking of the College Championship some say it will soon be bigger than the Super Bowl.

Speaking of NFL Football, Manning sure looked a little old last week huh.

Brent Farris of KZST in Santa Rosa upon meeting Cami for the first time asked her if she had figured out who I am yet. She replied … Yeah he’s my Daddy!

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# 8 “CLASS REUNION” (from Jan 12/15)

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Jack-George.3586_10151827070879307_632979385_n1Jack McCoy always claimed that in order to be successful one must have a secret and two of his early ones were how to get out of the “Last Contest” alive and what the phone number was to the special printing press that could print 5 different ticket numbers for his “Prize Catalog”.
Our little secret for the “Class” format was knowing that women loved rock stars but never liked their music.Once music research hit the streets our secret was gone as was Jack’s when lots of those special printing presses came on line so it was time for both of us to move on to other secrets.

Meanwhile before it’s too late it would be fun to have a “Class Reunion” sometime and relive all those wonderful days when we were kicking ass and driving fancy cars. Any thoughts on where or when?


It’s not about creating art that will sell it’s about figuring out how to sell the art we all ready have.
There is no acceptable time for your parents to die.
The only good part about the split with the Hunny Bunny is no Alimony nor Child Support involved.
Most men are looking for a woman who is an ice queen in public and a slut behind closed doors.
When the women I care about call me George I know I’m in trouble.
Languaging is the beginning of understanding.
If I was the owner of a NFL team I would give my new coach everything he needed except the right to run the “prevent defense”.
Is it just me or now that Hotel lobbies are getting bigger the rooms seem to be getting smaller.
Truth is truth so there is no way around it but ratings are not true so there is another way.
I find it very scary that a person may be a Republican or Democrat their whole life no matter what.
If there was full financial disclosure before the wedding about how the marriage would end I’m sure there would be fewer weddings.
The only way to super succeed is by not following the system.
The best time to go with a system by the way is at the moment you run out of the “good stuff”.
Most staffs only need you to be real specific about a project when they really don’t wanna do it.
Remember when radio came with “perks”.
Why do successful things have a tendency to become evil as they get more successful.
Why do stolen sex tapes always seem to restart an otherwise waning career.
What you think is kinda useless information, it’s what you know that brings home the bacon.
I wonder when I should start explaining to my Grandson Nathaniel who is pretty special how great his Mother is.
Most groups break up because the only thing they have in common is the music.
If you’re doing something special on the radio it really doesn’t matter if you are FM or AM.
Radio amongst other things is missing the element of surprise.
If your clients don’t need you to send anybody to their store then you really don’t need that expensive morning show.
Most of the good radio of the past sounds better when talked about then when listened to.
There are two theories about how to argue with women and neither of them work.
When you’re a young Turk there is no need for a rear view mirror but as time goes by you’ll wish you had one just to see all the great stuff you may have accomplished.
The dark side is 10 times more powerful than the bright side.
So far only two musical phenomenons have changed the world … Elvis and the Beatles.
Is there such a thing as a born again Jew or Muslim.
If you’re worried about politicians screwing with your retirement funds elect older ones.

The fact that women control 81% of the spendable income in America not to mention possessing 100% of what most men want makes them a very powerful entity.

Lesley Palmiter claims that the only reason that the women of Iraq and Iran walk 10 paces behind men is because of land mines.

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Racism !

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66706_10151829874374307_762286618_n2When I began my radio career I was a part time board op at CKY-FM back in the day when FM wasn’t cool. The reason I was hired was so fellow white glove wearing board op Jack Stuart (whom I’ve just recently reconnected with) could have a lunch break.
There were a lot of board ops working there at the time and I think most of us wanted to get over CKY AM where they played the Beach Boys instead of Ray Conniff. Luckily for me I got to I assist Chuck Dann (Riley) in production for a couple of hours a day and slowly worked my way into more hours on the AM and eventually I was even invited to attend Jimmy Darin’s (Hilliard) jock meetings.(pictured are some of the attendees, Gary Todd, Jimmy Darin, Dean Scott and me) These meetings were held at each Monday morning at 11 and sometimes would run past noon hour and before long Jack would be standing Jim’s office trying to get my attention by waving through the window. Jim’s desk faced the window so he was the only one who could see Jack and finally would say … Johns why the hell is that kid from FM jumping up and down outside my door! Not wanting to leave the meeting where I was learning the stuff I would use for the rest of my career I assured him that I had no idea what Jack wanted and besides that Jim … He’s always been a little goofy.

As much as kids are mostly a pain in the ass the best part is you get to do it again when you become a grandparent.
It isn’t about what’s good for American businesses it’s about what businesses are good for America.
I couldn’t help but notice the fact that Don Henley and Glen Fry pay themselves a lot more that the rest of the Eagles because they claim they’re the singers and the writers so they are the Eagles. Can you imagine John and Paul cutting Ringo’s pay!
Speaking of Super Stars I guess John Fogerty is not allowed to refer to himself as once being a member of Creedence Clearwater Revival or to say anything bad about the former members or they can sue him. It shows how pissed people who own the name of the group can become when you refuse to play with them when you’re being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Even former members of some of my friends from Winnipeg who were in the Guess Who are going through this and more. 
Being the best in the world at anything pays a lotta loot but real money begins when you’re simply the best in the room.
Do you know anyone who thinks they are over paid.
Every year around this time I always look up and say … What’s with all these birds until I remember when living in Winnipeg at this time of the year saying, what the hell happened to all the birds.
I don’t mind when a lot of the series on TV are from a liberal point of view but now that they are going politically correct too, (State Of Affairs) they have lost me.
Your opinion without insight and understanding can be a very a dangerous thing.
Has a Heisman Trophy winner ever not been drafted?
Addressing someone as “Man” was an early derogatory term used by blacks towards whites in retaliation for them being called “Boy”.
Over the years a lot of white people have been very instrumental in the fight against racism but I have seldom heard that mentioned
Rich people tend to spend money only when they are desperate.
It’s how you handled your flaws that made you who you are.
Prince Philip claims that when a man opens the car door for his wife it’s either a new wife or a new car.
Women are the people who create “Womanizers”.
My proudest moment in Canada was when they kicked Charles de Gaulle out of the country during his visit for some anti Canadian remarks. Even America wouldn’t have large enough stones to do that.
When my Father discovered I had no intention of ever working for a living it resulted in some very intense arguments between the two of us. When I began my radio career I think he realized I had just beat the system.
Did you ever notice that the woman you married wasn’t anything at all like the woman you asked to marry you.
It’s impossible for only one person to be happy in a marriage.
It’s much easier to make someone other than yourself happy.
There are two types of intelligence … Intellectual and smart, but smart produces much more revenue.
I’m not sure my parents were ever really concerned about whether I was happy or not. I on the other hand worry about that a lot.
I’m pretty sure like can turn to love whereas I don’t think love can turn into like if it wasn’t already there.
Human beings have about 3000 thoughts a day, unfortunately most of mine can’t be said out loud.
Variety is only the spice of life not life.
Play by play sports guys are much more forgiving of pro athletes than I am.
Have you ever noticed that the time and temp is now missing from the air.
When I was a kid I loved all the on air folks who loved all the music I loved. I didn’t know from talent. 

When women first meet me they claim I’m kinda funny and smart but they soon get over it. 

Looks like my fellow Canadians aren’t gonna have Cuba to themselves anymore Eh!Speaking of Canada the secret talks that went on between America and Cuba were held in Ottawa and Toronto proving unlike America Canadians can keep a secret.

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My Daughter Of Song.

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922866_10151869708724307_1380844229_nThis is my Daughter Candis pictured above at The Whiskey and below at The Roxy in LA singing some tunes she wrote. The first two are called “Let Me” and “Pipe Dreams”, the third is a very special song that she wrote with my Grandson Nathaniel’s Kindergarten class as an art project called “Kool-2-b-a Kid.”