#12 Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Reg & George’s Bucket List Adventure Recap) 7/07/22

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DAY #1

Last June, my brother Reg and I decided to reunite by taking a train trip across Canada.
We planned to hook up in Toronto at the Royal York in the afternoon and have a few toddies with some old radio friends that evening.

However, when I got to the ticket counter at PBI with my vaccination card and passport, I was told I also needed a Can Card. a WHAT!

By the time it got straightened out, I’d missed my flight, so they booked me on another through Philly, where thankfully, they felt my pain and treated me well. (See above)
However, when I hit the Royal York at 1:30 in the morning, Bruce from India, at the front desk, never heard of me, so I had to wake Reg up to come and get me.

DAY #2

We were up bright and early the next day and headed across the street to the first-class lounge at Union Station. (shown above)
Once aboard “The Canadian,” we found our compartment and then went for breakfast in the dining car.

After breakfast, we headed for the dome car and watched Ontario and its many lakes slip by. (shown on top)
Unfortunately, after you see a few lakes, you’ve seen ’em all, so other than our stop in Sudbury, where I used to be the PD of CKSO, it was pretty dull, prompting Reg to ask me if they had a movie car.

Fortunately, things got a little better when we found the Bullet Bar & Lounge way in the back and discovered that most of the onboard staff was from St. Boniface. (Bullet bar shown above)
To work for VIA, you have to be bi-lingual, so they recruit people from St. Boniface because, unlike their counterparts in Quebec, they don’t have accents.

DAY #3

The next evening when we were finally done with Ontario’s never-ending lakes, we pulled into Winnipeg.
Reg and I both had bands there and worked in radio, albeit years apart. (Pulling into Winnipeg shown above)We spent the next three days with the help of Fran, the super server, greeting friends and family at the magnificent Fort Garry Hotel. (shown

DAY #4

The meet and greets started the following morning when some of the legendary Transcona Nationals, Jim Quail, Syd Hepworth, David Low, and Hugh Coburn, dropped by for breakfast. (Shown above)The festivities continued later that evening when a couple of my bandmates from the Jury, Bruce Walker and Terry Kenny, showed up along with a couple of Reg’s guys from the Mystics, Harry Crowder and Larry Martineau, who stopped by for a few adult beverages. (Shown above)

DAY #5

The day began with a massage and then greeting some family, including my brother-in-law Ronnie Boychuk and his daughter Jackie, cousin Donna, and some radio folks, Buster Beau Dean, Heidi Bock, and Tom Milroy. (Shown above)
Hey, even Lindsay Boychuks parents, Ron and Rhonda, showed up for a glass of wine; how cool was that? (Shown below)

DAY #6

Because we were boarding the train again that night, the day was reserved for roaming around Transcona.
We picked up Reg’s buddy, Jack, we headed for our old stomping grounds. When we drove by our original home, it brought back a few memories, but nothing like the ones that showed up when we stopped in front of our house where Reg and I spent most of our time growing up and where The Jury was born. (Shown above)

Speaking of the Jury, color me shocked when we went into the Royal George, and while walking around checking out all the memorabilia hanging on the walls, I spotted two of the Jury Records. (Shown below)

Later that night, once again, we boarded “The Canadian” and immediately bedded down as we began the long trek across the prairies on our way to the magnificent Rockies. 

DAY #7

When we awoke the following day, we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise that only the big sky in the prairies can produce. (See below)Before long, we stopped in a place where I could see Saskatoon. This is the place I became a program director for the first time at CKOM. (Saskatoon in the distance below)

After breakfast in the dining car, we headed for the Bullet Bar & Lounge to watch the prairies slowly slip by until it was time to bed down. (Both are shown below)

DAY #8

When we woke up the next morning, we found ourselves in Jasper, Alberta, the gateway to the Rockies.
And as the day continued, so did the incredible scenery. (see below)

DAY #9

We woke up the following day just as our train was pulling into Vancouver (See below), and because it was too early to check into our hotel, we drank coffee for a couple of hours at an outdoor cafe.
The weather was just great, and I was looking forward to hooking up with some friends that night.

Later that afternoon, Marc LaFrance, drummer and backup singer for Randy Bachman’s band, joined Reg and me at the hotel bar, where we caught up on who we all knew in the early Winnipeg bands. (Marc is pictured below)After Marc left, Canadian radio legends Doc Harris and Stirling Faux joined us for a few toddies and a lot of old radio stories. (Doc and Stirling are shown below with Reg and me.)Before too long, we were joined by Willy Parasiuk, who now resides in Vancouver but has the distinction of being Transcona’s only Rhodes Scholar. (Willy is shown below with me)

DAY #10,11,12, and 13

Time to head back to America, where we would visit with a couple of our friends in San Jose, the Hilliards, and the Smiths.
I was staying with the Hilliards and Reg with the Smiths, and after having dinner when we first arrived and lunch the next day, Reg and I went our separate ways.

Reg flew back to Boston, and I stayed behind and caught two movies with Jim and Barb, Top Gun and Elvis, which were superb. (Me and Jim pictured below)

DAY 14, 15, & 16.

Time to climb back on the train again and head to Camarillo, California, where my friends Bob and Jan live.
Unfortunately, Bob, who cooks too well, does so while pouring me huge Martinis as Jan also keeps my glass full of expensive wine.

The result of all this is not only am I going to gain weight, but I’m gonna have to check into rehab when I get home. (Me with Bob, Jan, and their good friend, Big Ray, below)

DAY #17

Once again, I was back on the train, but instead of getting off in Burbank to visit with my Grandson Nathaniel, I go to LAX instead and check into the Hilton. (His Mother had come down with a mild case of Covid)

DAY #18

Time to board American Airlines and return to West Palm with another adventure scratched off my bucket list.
The best part of this adventure, though, was getting to do it with my brother. Love ya, Bro!

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Geo’s Media Blog (Do You See What I See?) 8/08/22

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Now that my old friend Mark Hubbard and I are putting a trip together so not only can Nathaniel visit Notre Dame but we can also attend a football game.
I’ve been a big fan of the Fighting Irish for most of my life but have never been lucky enough to see them play in person.

Just thinking about our visit started me thinking about all the great coaches who’ve won championships at Notre Dame over the years.
I’m talking about legends like Knute Rockne, Frank Leahy, Ara Parseghian, and Lou Holtz.

Lou Holtz, who coached the Fighting Irish for 11 years, and whom I related to the most because he was from my era, had a ritual that he did every year with the incoming freshmen.
At the end of the first practice after clearing the locker room of everyone but the Freshman, he would climb up on one of the treatment tables.

Once up there he would ask for their attention and then say, “Gentlemen, I believe that every season should begin with a dream, and my dream is to win the National Championship.”
“However,” he went on to say, “My dream can’t become a reality until it becomes your dream too.”

“National Champions, can you imagine it? Wouldn’t that be something?”
He then told them to close their eyes, but instead of leading them in prayer, he said, “I want you to visualize something.”

“Can you imagine you and your teammates up on a makeshift platform near the edge of the field where you just won the National Championship,” he asked?
“Can you see all confetti swirling down around you as hundreds of flashbulbs go off like strobe lights when they present us with the National Championship trophy?”

“That trophy,” Lou said, “Is given to the best college football team in the nation, which means that you too are the very best.”
“Ok, now, with your eyes still closed, can you also see the 100,000 people still cheering for you?”

I guarantee you this; he went on with, “You’ll never forget that moment for the rest of your life.”
“Can you even imagine the millions of people watching you on TV? “Hey, and have you spotted your folks in the crowd yet? How proud do you think they are, huh?”

“Wait a minute, listen to that; they’re playing our fight song, and it never sounded so sweet.”
Do you have any idea what that moment will mean? I do; it’s the moment you become immortal!”

After letting it all sink in for a moment or two before saying, “Do you see what I see?”
“If you can,” he went on with, “Then I promise that if you’ll give me everything you’ve got, we can turn the dream into reality.”

Then Lou Looked at them all for a moment and then said, “Luckily for you, I have the plan right here,” and with that, he raised the Notre Dame playbook high into the air.
(Lou Holtz is pictured on top with Mark and I just below)


Speaking of legends, an incredible moment makes no sense if you don’t have Vin Scully there to describe it. RIP Mr. Scully.

When the things you wanna say are too politically incorrect to say out loud, “Sing ’em!”

How does the media show up at crime scenes almost before the cops?

You’re never too old to dream a new dream.

Marketing and promotion are not the same things, but they are responsible for 25% of your ratings.

One of the neater things about being a Dee-Jay is that you get to meet famous people all the time.

Back in the day, the big difference between the CRTC (Canada) and the FCC (USA) was that the FCC realized that you had to make money, but the CRTC didn’t care.

A man can be strong about everything except the death of his child.

In uncertain times Gold is always certain.

At what age do you develop shame? 

Why do Whiskey and Wine go down so smoothly and water doesn’t?

Tolerance sanctions incompetence and misuse. Familiarity breeds contempt. 

Very few people are born special, but anyone can become special if they really want to.

Unfortunately, most folks, including the children, take one side or another during a divorce, but the truth is, the fault lies with both.

I think men may be more intelligent than women. Women think that they can get it done without a man; we already know that we can’t get it done without a woman.

Wow, I guess Will Smith sure disappeared, huh, which proves once again that ten atta boys are always wiped out by one, “Oh shit!”

The more courage you can conger up, the bigger and more exciting your life will become.

Does anybody doubt that it’s not going to go well for the Democrats in the mid-terms? Hey, somebody has to pay for what’s going on, and I always love when it’s the politicians.

After a year of working for Jim Hilliard as his National PD, Jim called me into his office and said, “Johns, I love your passion and intensity, but sometimes you put me in a tight spot.”
He then said, “However, I don’t want you to want to back off, so I’m installing a 24-hour rule. This rule means that if we have a blow-up, I can’t fire you, nor can you quit for 24 hours.
All seemed well until he called me back in and said, “Johns, I need to change that to a 48-hour rule.”

Hey Now! The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have just gone 9-0 on the season. Go Big Blue!


Winnipeg Wendy: Geez, George, Interesting that you know Willy and Wilma Parasiuk!! Wonderful people! I met Willie when I worked for the Provincial Government and then when Doug and I worked for the NDP here in Winnipeg. We worked for Willy’s campaign eons ago. You must say hi to them for me!! (Ridin’ The Rails Again.)
Geo: I went to high school with Willy and Wilma in Transcona at TCI, Wendy.

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Geo’s Media Blog (“Daddy’s Day”) 6/20/22

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After receiving an early couple of new shirts and pants because I’m on a train somewhere in Canada with my brother Reg and won’t be home for Father’s Day, I couldn’t help but think back about my life so far with Camera Anne Johns Summerfield.

One of my favorite moments occurred when Cami was just a baby and it was my turn to pick her up from the Nanny’s.
After carefully strapping her into the back seat and then driving off, suddenly I heard, “Da Da.”

“Oh wow,” I thought, “How cool is that?” But after she said it a couple more times, I thought, “Oh shit, her Mother is going to think that I’ve been coaching her.”
So the next time she said “Da Da,” I started chanting, “Mama, Mama, Mama,” and each time I did, she chanted back, “Da Da, Da Da, Da Da”

Even though I loved the “Da Da” name, it was soon eclipsed by my all-time favorite, “Daddy.”
I think I like the “Daddy” because Cami’s Grandmother once said to me, “George, any man can be a father, but it takes a helluva man to be a “Daddy.”

Unfortunately, all things must pass so “Daddy” soon morphed to “Dad” and then all the way to my least favorite, “Dude.”
I also noticed that somewhere between “Daddy” and “Dad,” little girls turn into women, and even though this has happened to me once before, it still came as a shock.

They go from a precious giggly little creature who hugs you all the time to a little drama and the occasional shoulder hug.
Thankfully, the “Dude” part didn’t last long, and we were soon back to “Dad” and “Daddy” again.

I began to notice that the “Daddy” word seemed to show up the most around Christmas, Easter, and her Birthday though.
And, of course, it was always used when she needed me to pick her up because her Mother grounded her or when she needed me to drive her and her friends to the Mall.

However, before any Mall run, I was always instructed, “Daddy, please don’t embarrass me by talking, just drive us, ok?
Oh, and I’d also hear it again when she needed her hair done,e or her phone wasn’t working.

I now realize that I didn’t need to hear “Daddy” any more than I already did because I couldn’t afford it.
(“Da Da” on top, next down, “Daddy,” then “Dad,” followed by “Dude.”


I must be a romantic because I fell in love six times, but I was only excited about marrying one of them.

While watching some old Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movies I began to realize that they were successful because Tom was smart enough to have some great actors like Anthony Hopkins and John Voigt in them with him.

Courage needs to be constantly exercised.

The question may answer more questions than the answer does.

Good enough is the sworn enemy of great.

I think the oil companies are going to keep raising prices until we all promise not to vote for a Democrat in the mid-terms.

Hockey players are the only athletes in the world who pretend that they’re not hurt.

What politician would you trust to babysit your grandbabies?

If 65% of the rich didnt inherit their wealth I rather doubt that they’d be running anything.

I once read that Einstein married his cousin because she had big tits. How wise was that?

Most listeners don’t want their favorite radio station to get any better.

Has anybody thought that maybe we shouldn’t export our oil?

Please tell me that Biden didn’t say on the Jimmy Kimmel show that he won’t execute an executive order putting harsher gun laws into effect because it’s too much like Trump would do?

Speaking of Trump, I think the main difference between him and Biden is that he just said some stupid things but unfortunately, Biden may actually be stupid.

I don’t believe you can teach ambition.

I’m beginning to realize that my daughter Cami is not a “sportswear chick” because when she worked at Express she brought home new clothes at least a couple of times a week. However, now that she’s the Assistant Manager of a sportswear shop, so far, nothing.

When you don’t care who wins because it changes their lives more than ours, it’s pretty easy to figure out what politician or even what party is going to win.

Exceptional people aren’t usually happy. Weird huh?

If you keep your word, most people will keep theirs.

I can’t believe that Biden actually said to Jimmy Kimmel, “I don’t want to issue an executive order about gun control because it would be too Trump-like. Are you shitting me?

I hate the part where when you get older, time passes so quickly. When I was but a lad, I went from a board op in Winnipeg to the station manager of a radio station in Canada’s largest market in four years. At the time it seemed to take forever.

Shouldn’t the new comics on Bill Burr’s Comedy Special open for him, not the other way around?

I believe that Charlie Crist who is running for Governor of Florida could be the poster child for what politicians will do to get elected. First, he was a Republican, then an Independent, and now a Democrat. Wow!

Brent Farris of KZST claims that the reason we were put to bed at nine is because our parents were training us for becoming a grand parent.

Doesn’t “having the home-field advantage” only mean that the refs cut the home team a lot of slack?

I keep hearing that old white rich people are the problem in America but do people really think that rich black men, Hispanics, or rich women young or old, act any differently?


Terry Kenny: Hey George, what day would you prefer us in Winnipeg to come and visit during your visit? (Excellent Adventure)
Geo: I’d love to see you every night, Terry but I’ll check with my brother who has a lot of band guys from his era coming too. He may have some ideas.

Ron Below: To answer your headline question- War, What The Hell Is It Good For?… Absolutely nothing! (War)
Geo: Uh-huh, uh-huh!

RJC: The proprietors of the Belleza Street Bar and Grill are looking forward to your arrival. We’ll send a car to the Amtrack station to pick you up.
Cakes asks, “Do you want the burgundy sheets or the striped on your bed in the guest room?”
Geo: I’m thinkin’ Burgandy, Bobby, and I can hardly wait to see you both.

Warren Cosford: Great Trip guys. I might still do something like that. Considering some people are living on Cruise Ships, do you think I could live on Trains? (Reg&Geo)
Geo: I don’t know about you, Warren, but I sure could. Ron Chapman had a condo on the ship called The World, which sailed around the world every year. After two years, he said to his wife Nance, “Can you get me off this fucking Merry Go Round?”

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Gar & Geo’s Big Apple Adventure) Part 2 (Are You Ready for Some Football?)

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As I mentioned in part 1, Gary Russell (RIP) and I were in New York to watch our hero Bret Farve play a little football.
However, our having way too much fun; the night before, we weren’t at all that ready for some football, but we did achieve our goal of being hungover for the game.

After gulping down some breakfast, with our very expensive stub hub tickets in our hands, we headed out into the chilly November morning to hail a cab.
When we finally flagged one down and asked the cabby to take us to Giants Stadium (the Jets use the same facility as the Giants), he told us in broken English that he had no idea where that was.  

So with the clock ticking, we jump out of that cab and into another, only to hear that he also doesn’t know where it is, but at least he got on his radio and found out.
Who could have guessed that anyone living in New York wouldn’t know where Brett was playing today?

When we got on the freeway, there was absolutely no traffic, so I was sure that we must be going the wrong way until after coming over a hill, there it was, Giants Stadium.
Once we arrived, we hustled through the gate and found our seats just in time for the kick-off.

Our seats were perfect; not only were they in the warm sun, but they were on the Jets’ side of the field too.
We were surrounded by a bunch of raucous Jet fans, who, as they kicked off the ball, never stopped being rowdy. Cool!

Our boy Bret had us a nice 34 -0 lead at the end of the first quarter, so of course, we did some leaping high fives with our new best friends.
Bret went on to win 50  to something, so Gary and I were very happy, except, how the hell do we get back to our hotel?

When we left the stadium, we asked one of the attendants if he knew where the cab stand was.
He pointed to a place that about half a mile away, so as the sun started to go down along with the temperature, off we trudged.

When we got there, we found one beat-up old cab, and when we asked the cabby, “How much to Manhatten,” he said, “A hundred and twenty-five plus tolls,” so we passed.
Wow, no wonder these guys were wiped out by Uber.

Looking around, we noticed a bunch of folks lining up for buses, so we hustled over to ask if there were any buses to Manhattan.
The good news was yes, but the bad news was the bus stop was on the other side of the stadium, which of course, was another half-mile away.

We rushed over there as fast as we could, hopin’ and prayin’ that we hadn’t missed it.
Not to worry, though, because as we came around the corner, there was still a long line of folks waiting. Whew!

Unfortunately, though, we soon discovered that the line continued not only around the next corner, it went around several corners.
Two hours later, we were finally on the bus headed back to Manhattan, but we had no idea where the bus ride would end up.

Luckily, the bus terminal  was right near Times Square, and as we left the terminal, I noticed a big ol’ statue of Ralph Kramden from the old TV series, “The Honeymooners,” and I couldn’t help but yell, “And away we go!”
As Gary and I made our way back to our hotel couldn’t believe how many people were still in the streets, it was shoulder to shoulder, and it was Sunday night; what an unbelievable city.

What a fun experience and we both agreed that it turned out much better than we’d expected.
The next morning after saying our goodbyes at JFK and I was winging my way back to West Palm Beach, it suddenly hit me that two radio guys were in the Big Apple for three days, and we never turned the radio on once.

Miss ya, Gar!
(Gary Russell and me pictured on top at my 70th Birthday party in San Diego when he was on his Honeymoon)

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Gar & Geo’s Big Apple Adventure) Part 1. 1/09/23

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Sadly, on January 02/16, one of my dearest friends, Gary Russell, passed away.
When I became a Program Director for the first time at CKOM in Saskatoon, Gar, who, like me, had started his radio career at CKY-FM in Winnipeg, was the first air talent I ever hired.

Gary had an incredible radio career culminating with his induction into the Radio Hall of Fame, which I was delighted to attend in Ottawa.
Throughout the years, we stayed in touch and got together at various radio conventions whenever possible.

I remember doing many things with Gar over the years, but my favorite memory was when we decided to hook up in New York for a little football.
We were both huge fans of Brett Farve, and because he was playing for the New York Jets, we picked out a game that we thought he could win and booked a hotel near Times Square.

We both arrived in New York around the same time, and after checking into our hotel, we had a quick late-night supper at a nearby Deli, and then it was off to bed.
Come Saturday morning, we were up bright and early and off to Central Park for a little morning run.

It was a brisk morning like you’d expect in New York in early November, but the iridescent brightness of the fall leaves made our run breathtaking in more ways than one.
After showering, we met downstairs for a little breakfast, and then it was off to explore Times Square.

It was a beautiful day as we strolled by all the Broadway theatres and we were almost tempted to do the unmanly thing of buying a couple of tickets for a musical.
Luckily, the $350  price tag to see “Jersey Boys” kept our manhood intact.

After lunch at another incredible Deli, we returned to our hotel to clean up for what we hoped would be an enjoyable evening.
Little did we know that it would turn into an adventure we’d never forget.

Once we were all spiffed up and ready to rock, we checked in with the hotel’s concierge for some restaurant recommendations and maybe a fun blues club.
He said that there were a lot of good places to eat within walking distance on “Restaurant Row” and some blues clubs were only a short cab ride away.

As we were leaving, he added, “Hey, and you guys might want to check out a bar on Restaurant Row called, Don’t Tell Your Mama.” 
Once we got to the right street, we began checking out the menus hanging on all the restaurant windows. 

We decided to go Italian, and as we were leaving after a suburb meal, I noticed  “Don’t Tell Your Mama” was right across the street.
Hey, what the hell? It was early, so why not pop in for a “quick one.”

The plan was to have a glass of wine or two and then grab a cab and find a Blues Club.
However, when we walked in, we quickly discovered that the place was mostly full of women. Hmmmmmmm!

After finding a couple of stools at the bar, we ordered the house red and looked around.
Surprisingly, even though the women didn’t look like they played for the other team, the only other guys in the place were a couple of sailors.

Wow, not a bad find for a couple of guys who just flew in for a little football.
Hey, now I’m thinkin’ maybe we should have another glass or two before we rush out into a chilly New York evening to look for some unknown blues club. What’s the rush? 

The entertainment was some guy who played the piano and sang some Broadway songs with a few Elton and Billy Joel tunes thrown in.
As Gar and I sat there chatting, suddenly, one of the servers reached over me, grabbed a microphone, and started singing harmony with the piano player.

When several other servers did the same thing, I figured out that most of the help must be Broadway talent between gigs.
Microphones were everywhere, and they were all singing background parts while they served food and drinks.

“Hey Gar,” I said; “Maybe we should hang in here for a while; this is getting good.”
What a wonderful night, just the two of us and a couple of Sailors tapping our feet to the tunes and hanging out with a bunch of beautiful women.

Hell, even the sailor boys sang a couple of songs as the ladies yelled, “Take it off, take it off.”
“Oh, What a Night” was the tune going through my head when we were invited to join some ladies at their table.

I don’t remember much after that, but when I woke up the next morning, my head was pounding.
When I asked Gar what happened, he said we had a pretty good time until the ladies started buying us Tequila Shots.

“Tequila shots,” I said, “I’m a wine drinker!”
Gar then added, “When the ladies invited us back to their place, and I asked you what you wanted to do, you said, I think I wanna go home!”

When we wobbled our way back to our hotel, Gary claimed that it was around 3:00 am.I’m not sure our leaving was a good decision, but I know it was a wise one.
(Gary and me pictured on top)

Part 2 of Gar & Geo’s Big Apple Adventure (Are you ready for some football) Posts on Tuesday.

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