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When I landed in Winnipeg last week for the big CKY reunion along with Jimmy(Darin)Hilliard the pilot informed us it was 59 degrees but Jim said we were gonna be fine because the baggage guys outside were all wearing shorts. We got a Rental car and headed out to drive around Winnipeg for a while which Jim hadn’t seen for over 47 years. The city had changed somewhat but still looked like the blue collar town we both remembered.
That evening at the Reunion I got to see a whole bunch of folks I haven’t seen in a long long time. Unfortunately most of the attendees were from the eras after mine because a lot of the people I worked with and looked up to when I was a pup at CKY had already passed away. One person I had been really looking forward to seeing from my old band days with The Jury was Burton Cummings (Guess Who) who was scheduled to entertain but sadly he had to cancel because his Mother was very ill. Near the end of the evening though Burton quietly made a surprise appearance. When I brought him over to meet Jimmy Darin he was as excited as a little kid which was very cool. Even though I’m sure he wasn’t in the mood he graciously got up to do a tune for us and started singing a few bars of our Jury hit “Until You Do” just to tease the 3 of us who were in in attendance. He then lit into “Shakin’ All Over” and blew the room away.
It was so neat hangin’ with some folks again like Deno Corrie, Roy Hennsey, Warren Cosford, Em McDermid, Terry Kenny, Jim Quail, Bruce Walker and Dougie Thompson who was there shooting a new TV special for the fall about Canadian Music and Radio. It was a magical night and Winnipeg gave me what I remember about her most … It was f**king freezing!

(pictured left to right, jimmy darin hilliard) deno corrie, george johns, burton cummings)

While in Winnipeg my good friend Jim Quail arranged a surprise luncheon with the only teacher who ever gave me an “A” my 10th grade Science teacher Mr. Derenchuck. He explained that his secret to teaching us was to move we rowdies to the front of the class where he proceeded to say to us … I need your undivided attention for 10 minutes then we talk about football, do I have a deal? Who couldn’t buy into that. It was so wonderful seeing him again and he claimed the only reward he needed for being a more than decent teacher was this luncheon. When I told my Daughter Candis about the get together with him she said, Dad he was the only teacher smart enough to give you an “A”. How can you not love Daughters(-:

Cami’s Grandmother Maggie once said to me “Any Man can be a Father but it takes a hell of a Man to be a Daddy”

Now Robin Gibb is gone! Man they are going down by the 6 pack now. Scary!

Very little of what the Radio consolidators are creating has anything to do with bringing in the enormous sums of money needed to keep the ship upright.

Where is written or who told women they could say the most vile things to a man without possible recourse.

I think same sex marriage may be more about health care than it is about Love.

Speaking of love when Men get married they have to change their whole life style, Woman’s just improves.

If women spent as much time working on their bodies as they do their hair they would need armed guards to be able walk down the street.

Besides the Government the only other people who are afraid of Big Business is other Big Businesses.

Radio done for the Client seldom works out for the listener which in turn seldom works out for the Radio Station.

The economy being what it is would anybody else besides Obama have a prayer of being elected again.

Seeing as I’ve never being any good at taking advice there is only one person I can blame for how it all turns out.

#8 All-Time. Radio Geo’s Media Blog (The Greatest Radio Promotion Ever) Published 5/21/12)

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While getting ready to attend the long-overdue reunion at CKY in Winnipeg, I started thinking about all the great jocks I listened to while growing up in Transcona.
Unfortunately, we may have waited too long because most of the first crew were already gone.

While going to school at TCI in Transcon, I used to watch a very popular TV series which was called “The Millionaire.”
It was about a wealthy man named John Beresford Tipton who gave away a million dollars to random people.

You only saw Mr. Tipton from the back and heard his distinctive voice when he would summon his assistant, Michael Anthony, to his study and then hand him a million-dollar check.
“Michael,” he would say “I want you to give cashier’s check to (The actor playing the needy person that week). (Michael is shown on top with the legendary Jack Wells who I eventually ended up being was a board op for at CKY.)

The show was so realistic that the network received thousands of requests every week addressed to Mr. Tipton, begging him to give them the money instead of giving it to all those losers on TV.

I’ll never forget the day CKY broke into the middle of a tune with a news bulletin reporting that somebody in a gold Cadillac was driving around Winnipeg handing out free money.
About an hour later, a newsman from CKY was interviewing the guy who claimed that he was from Austin, Texas, where he’d recently purchased his brand-new Cadillac, and while test-driving it, he ended up in Winnipeg.

He went on to say, “I’ve never met anybody more friendly than the Winnipeg folks so I want to thank them for their hospitality the only way I know how, I’m gonna share my wealth with them.
Unfortunately,” he continued, “I have no idea how to communicate with them.

The news reporter, bless his heart, immediately jumped in and said, I have 2-way portable radio that you could use to tell the folks where you are so they can come to you.
I, of course, never noticed that this big news story was only a big story on CKY.

Sure enough, starting early the next morning, there was Mr. Money Bags on the radio every hour, saying, “I’m at the corner of so and so and the first five people who come and say hi, are gonna get some free money.

Before long, there was a mile-long line of cars following him, which was tying up traffic, so pretty soon, the police had to escort him.
I remember thinking how bizarre this was, but of course, I knew nothing about radio promotions, but I did know that all my relatives and friends were bitching and moaning about why he hasn’t shown up in their neighborhood.

Thinking back about all the commotion this promotion caused, you would think that it couldn’t be topped, but topped it was because this part was only the teaser.

Suddenly, one day, you hear John Beresford Tipton’s voice on CKY saying, “Michael, somebody in Winnipeg is not only handing out free money but also claiming that he’s a millionaire.
Michael, there’s only one Millionaire so I need you to go to Winnipeg and show them how a real millionaire does things.” 

The next thing you know, all the TV stations and newspapers are at the airport as Michael Anthony unbelievably steps off the plane.
Somehow though, he is quickly whisked away before any of the press can speak to him.

Wouldn’t you know it, somehow CKY has secured an exclusive interview and during it he says, “John Beresford Tipton has sent me to Winnipeg to outdo the fake Millionaire from Texas.”
Now what you hear on CKY is both of them calling in their location on CKY. Michael is in a chauffeur-driven Rolls and the Texan is still driving his gold, Caddy.

The city goes berserk. Traffic jams are everywhere; people are pushing and shoving each other as they rush to both cars to get their free money.
It’s like dualling Millionaires as they try to outgive each other.

Then when things are really getting out of hand, and the police are threatening to shut it all down, the Texan disappears.
However, it’s much too late, the line of cars following Michael’s Rolls is now over three miles long.

Finally, the mayor gets involved and says, “This has to stop; it’s putting people’s lives in danger.’
I don’t quite remember how it all wrapped up, but I think it had something to do with a listener receiving the interest on a Million Dollars or something.

Years later, I learned that there was a sticker on the front of the rating book saying, “Due to an unusual promotional activity that took place during the survey, the rating results may be inflated.”
Nobody was listening to any other radio station; CKY had them all. 

The Countdown Continues Tomorrow With #7

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Trolling For Tramps & Tramping For Trolls

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Wow! We recently did a wonderful cruise down the inter coastal with a bunch of former WRMF folks aboard Paul Cavenaugh’s immaculate yacht Pizzaz. During the 5 hour cruise my job was to make sure Lindy Rome, Too Tall Hall, and Robin Garret didn’t take off their tops so we could live up to the pristine image of the legendary WRMF which Russ Morley and I originally launched in West Palm a way back in 1979. Unfortunately I did too good a job.

If I was the Miami heat I would want some money back from LeBron and Wade.

Wow how sad, Donna Summer and the Miami Heat both die on the same day.

Men go out at night practicing the age old art of “Trolling For Tramps” Divorcees it seems have now caught on to this and have begun to practice the brand new art of “Tramping For Trolls”

There’s an old saying that for the best results always treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady. The tough part is figuring out which one your dealing with.

Unless he’s Gay I don’t think there is such a thing as a Guy friend for Women.

Women forgive but they don’t forget … It’s the exact opposite for Men.

It used to be that if you weren’t overly ambitious your best shot was a government job. Wages were terrible but the benefits were great. If you were assertive and ambitious the private sector was the place to be. Not a lot of benefits there but a shot at the big money.
Now we find out they have been sneaking up those government wages over the years using our money and also making the benefits even more spectacular. Now government employees make more money than most folks and also have “bennies” but are still pissed about something. I’m now going to recommend to my Grandson Nathaniel that he get a job with the government when he graduates, they have unlimited funds and we could sure use some upgrades. I’m so tired of no service. I mean have you been to the DMV or Post Office lately.

The first lie of the day begins with a woman putting lipstick on.

I understand in Canada that same sex marriage has been legal for a long time but not that many do it. I figure it’s because they already have so called “free” health care.

I think Daughters become the new Mothers in your life.

I remember Jack Schell telling me that back in the day his Uncle used to own a bar in Texas. Behind the bar he had a switch that turned off the Juke Box because his competitors would stuff it with money and punch up the flip sides of all the hits. Whenever he heard two songs in a row that he wasn’t familiar with he would shut down the Juke Box because he knew his Bar was soon going to be empty. The reason I even bring this up is because I think Duffy’s competitors have hacked into their music system. I am no longer familiar with most of the music playing now and there is for the first time there is lots of room at the Bar.

America consumes 80% of all the pain killers made in the World. I guess it’s not as much fun living here as we think.

Early in my consulting career Frank Osborn hired me to team up with GM Jack McSorely and fix K101 in San Francisco. Frank told me the way it worked was if I didn’t see him very often it was because we were doing a good job. I got along with Frank and Jack real well but I don’t think the owner Bob Price liked. K101 did real well fairly quickly so I seldom saw or heard from Frank. I got a rare call from Frank one day thanking me for all my help but he was also calling to say goodbye because he was leaving the company to start his own group. The next call I got was from Bob Price saying … Now that your buddy is gone it gives me great pleasure to fire you.
Hours later he offers Frank’s job to Jack McSorley but Jack says he will do it only on the condition that he can have me help with all the stations. Back I go on the payroll only now it’s for even more money which must have made Price crazy. Things were going real well until Jack also decides to leave and start his own company just like Frank did so Price says the hell with it all and puts San Francisco, Detroit, Nashville and Albuquerque up for sale. I’m sure I was the first person he calls to inform me of his decision and of course once again relieve me of my duties. Guess what … He sells his company to my long time good friend Jim Hilliard who told him in no uncertain terms there is no way he was going through with the deal unless I was there keeping the stations on track. Back on the payroll I go again but Price and his Lawyers start running up the fees so Jim walks.
Can you say it with me … Your Fired! Next Frank Osborn who was doing real well with his group steps up and makes a deal to buy Price’s stations.But he tells Price unless I’m rehired he wont move forward on the deal so Price calls me back and says I don’t know what you’ve got on all these guys but once again I’m forced to put you back on the payroll. Bob Price fired me 3 times but I never missed one day of pay. Sweet!

Born Again Women it surprisingly turns out are sexy and very sexual.

Are only Christians Born Again?

OK let me check it again … Yep it’s still the same! The smaller the signal the more unique the programming must be.

A lot of people are exactly who they claim they’re not.

I think the opinions of people who pay income tax are very interesting but the others can go skip a rope!

How come when you get married there is no “Boys Night Out” but the “Girls Night Out” continues.

I’m going back to a Radio reunion in Winnipeg on the 24th of this month. CKY was where I started my my Radio career as a board op. They paid me for 3 hours a day but I hung around the station for at least 15. Can you imagine anybody doing that today.

I think Arbitron is acting like spoiled little brats leaving non subscribers out of the ratings we see.

Most of the folks who run radio today already know they are fired. They just don’t know the exact date of their termination so they spend most of their days making cuts to try and delay that moment. Soon the only thing left to cut will be them and Radio will head into bankruptcy and the new era will begin.

Doug Herman told me that Irish Soccer great George Best once said he spent 90% of his money on Women and Drink, the rest he wasted. It must run in the George’s.

I think Facebook beats Radio in delivering News that shocks you. Junior Seau for example.

OK the survey is complete now most woman don’t watch Football. Yesterday my friend Reid Reker was walking through Bally’s Casino in Vegas with his date when all of a sudden she says Oh Wow! Look who that is. Reid looks up to see Jerry Rice probably one of the best Football players of all time wandering around the casino. Reid’s date hurries over to him and says to him … Weren’t you on “Dancing With The Stars” He smiled and said yes I was but I also played a little Football.

Taking Care Of Business!

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May is definitely going to be reunion month for me and it started with watching Bachman & Turner blow the room away at the Hard Rock Casino in Ft. Lauderdale. What a great show as they blasted their way through all their huge hits.
At my mini reunion backstage with Randy and Fred we fondly recalled all the great bands we played with back in Winnipeg when we were oh so very young. Hell I can even remembered as I told Fred the first time I ever saw him play which was at an outdoor restaurant called Champs when we were both just in our teens. Randy and I laughed about how cold it always seemed to be in those little towns in Manitoba when we played together for a short time as The Phantoms. He surprised me from the stage with some of this when he did a shout out during the show which was very cool!
The show was very exciting and I couldn’t believe how strong Fred’s voice still is, scary! Randy’s chops are the best they have ever been and when he asked me if I noticed all the Lenny Breau licks he threw into his “Looking Out For # 1” I laughed and asked him if the Pope was Catholic(-: We both agreed what a big thrill it was and how good we felt when he was with The Guess Who and I was with The Jury and we both had records on the charts at the same time back when we were only kids. Randy claimed he still has all those charts and the memories that go with them. I do too Randy! He claimed The Guess Who’s best line up ever consisted of him, Chad Allan, Burton Cummings, Garry Peterson, and Jim Kale. Having Chad and Burton both singing lead Randy said made it possible for them to perform each and every song on the chart.

Speaking of the Bachman & Turner concert Ric Hindes CFO of James Crystal Radio was with me and is a big fan of theirs. He told me as we headed home how surprised he was by how down to earth and unpretentious they seemed to be. I told him it was natural because they were just being Canadian which is another word for polite. I think over the years I may have lost a few of my Canadian traits including that one but people still laugh when I say “about”.

This weekend a whole bunch of the old WRMF crew from South Florida are getting together aboard Paul Cavenaugh’s yacht for another little reunion and a cruise down the inter coastal. I’m sure there will be plenty of Adult beverages aboard that will lead towards many revealing stories about who was doing whom back in the day. Fun!

My final reunion stop later this month will be in Winnipeg to hang with all the folks from CKY where I started my Radio career. I can hardly wait to swap old war stories with the likes of Mark Parr, Dennis Corrie, Jimmy Darin, Gary Russell etc. plus get to hug on Em McDermid once again. Burton Cummings is going do a little entertaining to pay tribute to a bunch of the 60’s jocks he idolized while growing up. It will be great to hook up with Burton again along with a few of The Jury who are also attending. I can hardly wait!

I was reading Warren Cosford’s Blog yesterday which was in the middle of a debate about who the Can Con regulations really helped besides the recording studios. I weighed in with the fact that hits are magic and no Government I know makes magic. Having seen Bachman Turner the other night do World Wide hits like “You Ain’t Seen Nothing yet” “Let It Ride” and maybe one of the biggest songs of all time “Taking Care Of Business” reminded me they sure didn’t need any Government help.

Joyce Kaufman told me that more than 47% of Americans don’t pay Federal Income Tax. I would think coming up with a plan to get the rest of them to pony up would be a better solution than continuing to come back time after time to the rest of us who do pay.

Barsky told me on Big Talk 8-50 that he has already made up his mind and is going to vote for Obama this fall. He claims he needs Joe Biden in office so he can get four more great years of show prep.

I wasted most of my money on Wine Women & Song but I’m pretty sure I’m happier than most of those who didn’t.

Wow! It’s already been a year since Osami Bin Laden was taken out. Would somebody please slow down this Merry Go Round, I wanna get off.

Dirty talk is just a more explicit version of a little naughty talk.

Wow Junior Seau dead at 43. Only he knows why he decided to exit the planet now instead of waiting for all the glory that lay ahead. I’m guessing depression once more raised it’s ugly head. Sad!

I believe that Blacks and Whites are drifting further and further apart instead of coming together as we had hoped. Because of PC though nobody is talking about the fact that not only don’t we look the same, we don’t live the same, we don’t act the same, we don’t talk the same, we don’t dress the same and we don’t even like the same kind of music or listen to the same Radio Stations so how the hell is all that supposed to come together. The fact we are different should be celebrated as well as respected that’s what we should be working on instead of doing silly TV commercials showing us all hanging out together. Never going to happen!