Daughters Are Really Punishment! (new for Nov 02/15)

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blue-red1Around 400 BC Plato proclaimed that what it’s really all about is the “Principle Of Influence”. The POI can best be explained by you visualizing a thousand warriors rushing at you with their swords drawn, your immediate need is to find out who the POI (leader) is real quick because only he and he alone can save you from being slaughtered.10404877_10153003351204307_8665266998486747413_n
While working at WIBC in Indy the POI was the legendary Chuck Riley who was the malcontents leader and if I introduced anything new at a jock meeting all heads would turn towards him because Riley was their last chance.
The way I took advantage of the situation was to bring Chuck into my office the day to my before the meeting where I would explain what I was trying to accomplish in great detail. The next day when I introduced our new concept or promotion all heads of course immediately clicked towards Riley but what they heard was … I really like this one!Of course it was devious you had to be, Hilliard (pictured above Chuck Riley) was insatiable about such things as ratings.


November is the month that most couples break up because of the pressure of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Have you ever noticed how extraordinarily long it takes for parts that are on order to actually come in.
For some reason lately I really relate to the Bob Seger’s line “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then”.
Walt Disney constantly reinvented his company, a practice which drove his accountant brother Roy crazy but ultimately helped Disney flourish.
Most men need to be some woman’s champion.
Meeting your heros is usually a huge disappointment.
The age old question … Is the glass half full or half empty can best be answered by the pourer or the drinker.
In order to become bigger one must first dream bigger.
There seems to be a hell of a lot more talent off the air than on at the moment.
Reading is the real great escape.
The definition of art is your observation of life alng with your twisted comments about it.
A certain attitude only lasts for a short period of time so hourly attitude adjustments are needed.
Women don’t make a lotta sense until you love them.
Women will never go back socially and men will never go back sexually.
Most communication is done with the eyes so when you’re on the radio you might wanna think about that.
There are no boring stories, only boring story tellers.
It is very expensive to learn that the secret of Victoria’s Secret is that men are most welcome in the dressing rooms.
A long time ago my father warned me to stay away from the bad girls but even now I wonder how you tell the difference.
Joe Amaturo taught me that … Use becomes abuse and abuse becomes law.
As far as I can tell there are only two tempos, it’s up or it ain’t.
A friend is a person with whom you can continue a discussion even though you may disagree.
If you’re not a little bit frightened you are not living up to your potential.
Is it just me or does the Creedence stuff sound better today than when they were big hits.
The big difference between Australian and Canadians who both have similar ties with Britain is … Canadians don’t think they are as good as Americans whereas Australians think they’re better, both of their thinkings are incorrect.

Speaking of Canada, she hasn’t been at war since WWII but still continues to tax income which was only conceived to help with the war effort, maybe it pays for that “free health care” eh!

Speaking of income tax, maybe if we stopped paying it we would stop warring.

Wow my two favorite Quarterbacks went at it in Mile High Stadium and Peyton ruled the day.

The day you grow stronger is the day you realize how weak you really are.

So The Kansas City Royals are the World Champs or do they have to play Japan first.

Never invest in a company whose memories are larger than its dreams.

So many choices what’s a guy to do. The World Series, the NFL, College Football, the NHL, the NBA and all the Beautiful Women.

When I was just a kid playing with the band I must have been having too much fun because God gave me a Daughter so as I think to point out the error of my ways but I suspect that I must of started slipping again because 25 years later he gave me another and she turns 20 this week, Oh Oh.

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A Woman’s Wants Excite Me. (new for Oct. 26/15)

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I first became painfully aware that most Doctors didn’t graduate from the top of their class while living in a small town north of Winnipeg called Swan River.
I will never forget Swan River because it was where my four year old Sister Sandra sadly died from Measles.
11220943_10154172455684307_7053787976923286924_n1I can only think now that had we lived in a bigger town perhaps we would have had better Doctors and I would be enjoying her company today.
My next painful experience with Doctors occurred in Indianapolis when I came home early from work one day and thought I would grab a few Z’s before dinner.
As I lay down, the bedside phone rang and when I answered it the voice on the other end of the line was our family Doctor who informed me that he was calling about my Daughter Candis’ (pictured above Sandra) test results and of course further tests would be needed but he was fairly certain that she either had Mononucleosis or Leukemia.I wasn’t even aware that Candis who was around 1o or 11 at the time, had even been to the Doctor let alone was waiting for test results. I was in total shock and for the first time as an adult I cried.
We immediately took Candis to a specialist who turned to me as soon as we sat down and said … Mr. Johns I can tell you this right now, your Daughter does not have Leukemia which I know because unfortunately I have seen too many that do and it is very obvious to me when they first walk into the room. He then turned to Candis and asked her, young lady have you had the flu or a cold recently and when she confirmed that she had, he said to me and lana and said that when females get a cold or the flu it drives the white cell count up which may have confused your GP. All I know is that we never ever went to our GP again.
Even though there is nothing physical about the passage of time it does heal and this I know because I miss my parents and my sister as much as I ever have but I handle it better now.
Laughter is so contagious that you don’t even have to understand what everyone is laughing at before joining in.
When asked why I started writing at this late date the answer is simple, it took them this long to invent spellcheck.
A woman’s wants are what excites me, not her needs.
The greatest honor a man can ever give a woman is to ask her to marry him.
Sometimes a no to a marriage proposal can later be celebrated as an unanswered prayer.
No matter how softly praise is spoken one can always hear it.
Doesn’t everybody wish they could sing.
Unfortunately old age has a very short shelf life.
Sometimes we are prevented from learning something new because we are “know it all’s”.
Listening to advice requires a lot more wisdom than giving it does.
I’m much better than my enemies but still unequal to my friends.
Why is it so easy to be negative and so difficult to be positive, just urther proof I guess that the dark side is 10 times more powerful.
Being normal buys you a ticket to nowhere.
Very few people don’t owe their success to a lot of other people.
It’s much easier to make a living doing something you really love to do.
A man should spend his life striving to become what his 4 year old daughter already thinks he is.
To a lot of people opportunity just looks like more hard work.
Your limits are bound only by your imagination.
Being unhappy may be best described as the place in between what you have and what you have not.
I know very few beautiful women striving for equality.
You can’t go around failure, you’ve gotta blast through it in order to become successful.
The way you get those food carts down the aisle faster the airlines figured out was by charging for everything on them.
The world used to wait for America to invent new radio formats now they try to sell us theirs.
Shakespeare claimed the “plays the thing” not the client.
Radio sales folks have always tried to convince me that if they got a buy it was because of their ability to sell but if they lost one it was because of the ratings.

Acquiring too many toys takes away your freedom.

I’m watching ESPN as I write this on Sunday and it’s terrible. Finally Chris Berman leans into the camera and tells us that ESPN is going through reorganization so a lot of backstage people have been let go. Sad!

Rich guys are very sharing when it comes to the downside but the upside, not so good.

Damn, the Blue Jays and Cubs are both out, who the hell do I cheer for now.

Surrounding yourself with people smarter than you makes you the smartest person in the room.

Wow Justin Trudeau is the new Prime Minister of Canada. Hell I can still remember whenever his old man spoke the whole world listened.

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How to get Women To Hit On You. (new for Oct. 19/15)

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Years ago when we launched the first ever Adult Contemporary Radio Station at CFTR in Toronto we also put up a bunch of billboards over town. We were on our own though because our advertising agency though refused to become involved claiming that our boards depicted violence and would only serve to get us noticed. Being on our own now and not knowing what we were doing we rented a vehicle and drag one of the extra double sided billboards we had on a small trailer to the busiest areas in the city. Unfortunately for us though it kept breaking down (shown broken down on busy Yonge Street during the lunch hour) which was very embarrassing and I can only hope that no one noticed. 🙂


I think that most of us agree that there must be some sort of an invisible man out there called God, I mean how could all this be just an accident. What we don’t agree on though is all the very visible humans who claim to represent and speak for him.

I believe that radio has lost sight of the fact that most clients advertise to get results not because spots are cheap.
Just ’cause I don’t do it doesn’t mean I don’t know about it.
Each time you discover something’s actually possible, you continue your process of learning.
The brain has only so much room for memories so to have a new one you have to get rid of one. If you could choose which one would that be.
Great morning men like Jimmy Darin, Ron Chapman, and Jim Harper only became PD’s to protect their morning shows from PD’s.
According to long time friend Ken Sebastian Singer the way to true happiness is to have a new wife every decade.
It’s a woman’s love for me that obligates me to her, not mine for her.
A few more sales people can get you more billing easier than any other method.
Radio sales has never been about the rate.
A GM used to get two PD’s and a PD got two books. How does it work now.
It’s fairly easy to fire people but starting fires in them is a whole other thing.
If you can do one thing very well you can become very successful.
If you can control the language you can control the budget.
You have to demand a piece of the rock, nobody is going to offer it to you.
After the age of 30 most women start to lose their appetite for new music.
There are six sides to every problem.
Joe Amaturo was the one who suggested that my having gone to the Manitoba Institute of Technology needed to be shortened up for my resume.
Unfortunately I say this from experience but you can get over true love.
It’s the middle class who is in charge of the economy, no middle class no economy.
Someone needs to explain to the rich folk the pursuit of profit is a privilege, not a right.
One of the lessons winning teaches you is when it starts to happen again, you’ll leave it alone.
The more unique something is the more valuable it is.
How come they don’t have any “Honey” shots of the cheerleaders at the Superbowl.
It is said that forgiving your enemies is the only way you can become great. I’ll have to think about that one for awhile.
It’s wonderful to think big but one should never forget all the small pleasures in life and wallow in them.
Ok, by now there’s gotta be one good thing about consolidation otherwise they would break it up wouldn’t they.

I wonder how many patients the worst Doctor in the world has.

The only things that don’t smell like pumpkins these days are pumpkins

I think when the oil companies lead with the copy about cheaper oil prices is the first time we should consider letting them drill in sensitive areas if at all.

Occasionally my needs interfere with my ability to attend to other peoples needs.

The only way to get women to hit on you is to show up with the best looking woman in the room but unfortunately they’re only practicing their flirting skills without fear of you flirting back.

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