#6 Geo’s Media Blog (No Risk No Reward.) New 10/05/2020

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When Ted Rogers (pictured above) hired me in 1972 to fix CFTR in Toronto I couldn’t do whatever I wanted because CFTR’s license stipulated that the programming had to be adult-oriented.
All the radio stations in Canada that had that same stipulation played it safe with standards by the likes Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Mel Torme and Ella Fitzgerald.

Having little or no ratings to speak of, and knowing that necessity is the mother of invention, I decided that the time was right to create something brand new.
My thinking was, “The only people who could possibly enjoy the music we were currently doing would have to be as old as my folks so I needed to take CFTR younger.

My plan was to go through all the top forty hits of the past 10 years and pick out the ones that I thought would appeal adults. (there was no research in those days)Oh, and seeing that females control 71% of the spendable income, I might as well lean it that way.
After pitching my new concept to Mr. Rogers, he said, “George, you’ll have to go to Ottawa and explain your new idea to the CRTC (FCC), if they buy it, so do I.”

At that historic meeting I was very nervous but totally prepared but surprisingly, the CRTC folks interrupted my detailed presentation. They said, “George, we don’t care what type of music you play, we only care who’s listening so just like you we will be very interested in your first rating book; if it says that your audience is mostly adults, congratulations, if not, we’ll be calling Mr. Rogers.”
That was the moment that Adult Contemporary Radio was born; now all I gad to do is figure out was what the hell that was?

America’s most significant weakness is, its citizens are divided.

One of your best days will be the day that you realize how great your father was.

Depending on the circumstances, I used to be several different people when I needed to be, but now I’ve got it down to two, the one who’s with his daughters or the one who ain’t.

Whatever happened to the former Prince and his Mrs?

One of the problems with loving someone is that you see them differently than others do.

A friend is a person who stays as others leave.

Lots of folks have great rookie years; it’s their sophomore year that concerns us.

I find it hard to believe that everybody doesn’t realize that Fox and NPR are both slanted, albeit in opposite directions.

Do you get to retire, or do they just stop sending checks?

With my daughter Cami’s 25th birthday on the horizon, it made me realize that I wouldn’t want to be her age again without this old brain.

What particular thing have you done that would make us believe that you deserve space on our crowded planet?

Is there any doubt that 4 years ago Hillary already had the Presidential towels ordered?

I’m so sensitive that whenever I feel slighted, I become highly insensitive.

People who lie usually do so because they want something they don’t deserve.

The two things that you have to be born with are the ability to draw and sing. You can learn everything else.

Eventially we’ll have to pay for what we’ve done.

I think the president of the United States should be obligated to do what the people who voted for him want him to do, not whatever his party wants.

If a documentary about a celebrity isn’t R rated, it’s probably filled with half-truths.
Gordon Zlot: Geo: Remember to wear your mask and wash your hands every hour. (54 Years Ago Today)
Geo: I’m on it, Mr.Zlot. Hey, congrats on not only your recent double-digit ratings at KZST but also on inducting another staff member (Brent Farris) into the Bay Area’s Radio Hall of Fame.

Nick Alexander: In 1986, KVIL billed 22.5 million $.
Mel took over in July 87. His first year billing dropped to $16 mil.
The prize catalog was soon replaced w free movie Friday. Listeners could win two movie tix and a tub of popcorn.
We used to pull 11’s and 12’s in the ARBs 12+. Much higher in women.
Today they pull a 2.
Like the jingle said: it’s a shame what happened to radio, but they can’t afford to do it anymore. (Whimpering and Whining)
Geo: Yep, when Mel took over, Nick, I was dismissed like Hop Sing on the TV show, Bonanza. Mel knew better!

Bill Gardner: Interesting numbers, Nick and George! Thanks. May I add in the heyday of KOOL 94.5 Phoenix, while my morning show and the entire station dominated 25-54, KOOL was billing $50,000 a DAY, or a million and a half a month. I wonder what they’re billing these days? (Whimpering and Whining)

Tom Hoyt: KVIL, $67k!!! Huh? Do they have any salespeople? That’s the dumbest number for a station in Dallas I’ve ever seen!!! (Whimpering and Whining)

Robin Blair: Hi George, I hope you are well? (Whimpering and Whining)
Geo: I am, Robin, but I think a couple of prayers on my behalf couldn’t hurt?

Dick Yancey: What the hell, you are at an age where long term is next week. (54 YEARS Ago Today)
Geo: Thanks for blazing the trail, Dick.

Kevin Robinson: Great story, G. Unfortunately the younger (and untrained) generation when I talk about Radio Magic they look at me like they’re Nipper The RCA Dog. (54 Tears Ago Today)
Geo: I feel your pain, Kevin.

Orly Knutson: 81 For Me Next Week I Still Work 5 Days A Week 8:00 to Noon For My Daughters Company, Love It, Still. My Best Radio Days were At WIBC for you And Jim, Great Times!! (54 Years Ago Today)
Geo: Orly, you sound as good as your old man did at WIBC. Love ya!

#9 Geo’s Media Blog (It Was 54 Years Ago Today) New for 9/28/20

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A couple of days ago, somebody posted on Facebook that 54 years ago that the famous 56, WFIL was launched in Philadelphia. At the helm of that great radio station was my longtime friend and mentor, Jim Hilliard. (pictured above)

Jim disposed of his main competitor, WIBG, rather quickly but unfortunately, he not only killed Wibbage, but he also killed his dream.

When Jim was a young Dee-Jay in Boise, Idaho he got a job offer from a radio station in Wichita Falls, Texas and as he blew into town in his brand new T-Bird with the top down, he spotted a beautiful girl’s picture on a billboard and said to himself, “I’m gonna marry her.”
Not long after hiring Chuck Dann (Riley) out of broadcasting school, he tracked the girl down. Her name was Barbara Goforth and she worked at a local department store which used her photo on a lot of their advertizing. Soon they were dating and before long they were married which soon produced “Little Jim.” (Jim and Barb pictured below)
Right from the get-go, Jim explained to Barbara exactly how it was all going to work. His dream he told her was to end up in New York City at the #1 radio station and live in a penthouse. However, he explained, the only way to do that was by moving a lot so We don’t care about awards or titles, all we need to know is how much the next radio station was going to pay as they moved closer and closer to the Big Apple.

Soon enough, Jim gets a job offer from Amarillo, and their gypsy-like existence begins.

Two things of note that happened during their stay in Amarillo, daughter Crystal was born, and the radio station made him a vice president of the company. However, when he excitedly rushed home to share the good news with Barbara, her only comment was, “Great, how much does that pay?”

Next, they headed to Seattle to work for Pat O’Day before being sent to KNEW in Spokane as the morning man and PD. While he was there, he hired a young Dee-Jay named Larry Lujak, but unfortunately, he had to fire him.

It seems that Larry had a live spot for a Volkswagon dealership every night, and every night Larry would claim that they were using the dealership to funnel money to Hitler, who he claimed was still alive.

From Spokane, Jim went to CKY in Winnipeg as the PD and afternoon drive jock.

I was a part-time board op there at the time but had no idea that not only did he become my mentor, but also my lifelong friend.

Jim was at CKY for about a year and a half, and during that time, he influenced many people who worked there and then went on to change Canadian Radio. (Some of them are pictured below. L-R Gary Russell, J Robert Wood, George Johns, and Chuck McCoy)
When Jim left Winnipeg a year and a half later, he decided that he didn’t want the hassle of being a PD anymore so he took a job as the morning man at WIBC in Indianapolis.

Before long though, Mr. Fairbanks discovered his leadership skills so once again he became a morning man/PD. Things were going well until suddenly, Mr. Fairbanks just disappeared and finally, after zero communication, frustrated, Jim took the Program Directors’ job at WFIL.

He later found out that Mr. Fairbanks’ was flying his wife all over the world looking for a cure for her cancer.

Anyway, Jim launches WFIL and as the ratings explode, he has two job offers from New York on the table. Then suddenly, out of the blue, Mr. Fairbanks calls and offers him a piece of the rock.

In the ’60s, nobody had a shot at owning a piece of a radio station, let alone a group, so this was a huge.

When he told Barbara about the incredible offer Mr. Fairbanks made him, she said, “Jim, we’ve already done Indy, we’ve seen the race.”


Commitment is what makes dreams come true.

Yep, we do lie, ladies, we only want to sleep with half of you.

I wish they’d try a different tact and give us some hope instead of always trying to scare us about the Coronavirus.

How come men don’t wear clothes that are cut down to here?

Getting your first record deal is a bitch! The next one may come more manageable, but the money remains the same.

Speaking of records, they’re forever, whereas radio only lasts until your next rating book.

The scariest thing ever may be your own thoughts.

What’s the only thing that Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators, Kings, Chancellors, Chairmans, Supreme Leaders, Dukes, and Duchesses have in common? They all end up millionaires.

Billy Bob Harris says, “The only people you should try to get even with are those who helped you.”

I believe that most of the products advertised on Facebook are scams, be very careful.

Creating “Magic” is what it’s all about, not the Hokey Pokey.

I’ve never liked talking on the telephone, especially my cell. However, I must admit that I enjoy talking to my daughter Candis though, because she does most of the talking.

When Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act in 1996, he created consolidation, which helped the one-percenters going from millionaires to billionaires. I wonder what other surprises the Democrats have in store for us?

The first person you need to please is yourself.

People need hope.

After the Beatles conquered America, a lot of guys took up guitar hoping to attract chicks, and a few of them even became “guitar gods.” The good news about that is, they attract more than their fair share of women; the bad news, it leads to inevitable turmoil at home.

I feel a backlash coming about the Coronaviris. Can you feel it?

You make more friends when you share your joy rather than your sorrows.

Sandy Sims: Such a sad memory George, thanks for sharing it. I’ll share one of mine with you, my Dad died when he was 49, and my mom was left to take care of my grandfather and me and my two brothers – both younger than me. Sadly, she never remarried. She said that my Dad was the only man in her life and was not interested in anyone else. She died at 72, so I’ve outlived her so far by two years. And here’s one more, every year, my BFF comes up to our cabin and spends a few days with me. We do the girl things, shopping, eating weird food that our husbands don’t like, and enjoying each other’s company. We got home this past Wednesday, and the following morning, her husband dropped dead outside while waxing and buffing his truck; he was only 77. My heart is broken both for her, and I knew her husband from the time I was 19. I find this point in my life, and this year with the pandemic a tough one, especially when you start losing close friends. I say stay strong, George, and have some fun before it’s too late, my friend. (The Good The Bad & The Ugly)
Geo: Thank you, Sandy, unfortunately, sad news like this will begin to show up more and more, so I’m not waiting, I’m going on a 4000-mile bucket list train ride across America. Fuck the Virus!

#11 Geo’s Media Blog (USA Today You Say?) 11/30/20

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With the recent induction of Bill Gardner into the Texas Hall Of Fame and Brent Farris into the San Francisco Hall, I was reminded once again of just how many “Hall Of Famers” I’ve been lucky enough to work with both here and in Canada. (Bill and Brent pictured above)

This week I’ll also have the pleasure of visiting another Hall Of Famer, Ron Chapman. Ron of course is one of the very best and after I had the honor a few years go of inducting him into his 3rd Radio Hall Of Fame, we retired to the Palmer House Bar to trade ancient KVIL stories. (Ron and me pictured below)

While having a few adult beverages we both agreed that his twenty-dollar caper turned out to be one of the biggest promotions KVIL we’d ever done but amazingly it never cost a penny.
Being provoked by a newspaper writer one day who after seeing the bags of mail lining the halls at KVIL, laughingly said, “I bet you could just ask the people to send you money and they would.”

Feeling challenged, Ron went on the air the next morning and said, “Hey, if you’ve got an extra 20 bucks on ya, could you send it to me and we’ll figure out what to do with it later?”
Within 3 days Ron had a 1/4 of a million dollars in twenty-dollar bills and was begging the listeners to stop sending them.

The story, of course, was all over the local press and then soon went national in a bunch of newspapers and magazines like People, and also on TV programs like Entertainment Tonight.
As I said, it was one of the biggest promotions we’d ever done and we’d done a bunch of barn burners but Ron couldn’t help but notice that even though most of the media locally and nationally had checked in with him, USA Today was conspicuous with their absence.

Ron, having been a morning man for most of his career had a routine that he never deviated from.
This routine included an early afternoon nap which allowed him to attend the many nighttime gala affairs his celebrity got him invited to, and they could never be interrupted.

Ron’s wife, Nance guarded these naps and there was no way you could get to Ron no matter what was happening.
However, Nance knew that Ron was a little perturbed by the fact that USA Today hadn’t done a story on his twenty-dollar caper yet, when they finally called, she took a chance and woke him up.

Startled awake and shaking his head to get the cobwebs out Ron picked up the phone and using his best radio voice said, “This is Ron Chapman, how may I help you?”
The voice on the other end of the line said, “Mr. Chapman, this is USA Today, I’m calling to tell you that we’re running a special in your neighborhood this week that could save you some money if you subscribe today.”


Dying is easy; it’s the living that’s tough.

Speaking of dying, it’s the only thing that makes life worth living.

Is it just me, or does Facebook like Snopes and Skim lean left?

As liberal as Hollywood is, I can’t figure out why they mostly portray black folks as thugs?

There’s no one more loyal than a woman who loves you.

Obstacles are opportunities in disguise.

The more you hide the real world from your kids, the darker your world becomes.

Memorizing ain’t learning!

How many bad things do you suppose have been done in the name of Jesus, the greater good, safety, Allah, and Conid 19?

I believe in morals more than I do laws; laws only seem to protect the guilty.

So do I have this right, it takes 12 people to take a thug off the street, but it only takes one to put him back on it?

What leaders of what countries would you be willing to die for?

Governments may change, but their lies remain.

What breaks more often, a car or a computer?

Is the American dream done?

When My friends from Winnipeg ask me why Florida has so many coronavirus cases compared to them. I say, “Maybe it’s because a million and a half people live in Manitoba and 22 million live in Florida.”

Bill Gardner: I fondly remember being invited to the club at the top of the Mandalay Bay here in Las Vegas when you two finally met face to face the first time! Memorable moments.
Undoubtedly two of the biggest impact players radio has known and also two of the brightest.
From an on-air talent point of view, I know you and Mike respect talent, but where you say, “We’ve got to hire this guy,” I think Mike says, “I have strategies to be competitive without him.” And as you said, “Sometimes, you both made the right call.” I may be partial, but I think we had more wins than losses. (Young Turks)
Geo: Thanks for the read and the comment, Brutha Bill! When Mike and I were doing battle back then, it was Radio that was winning the war.

Mike McVay: I am so honored, George. Thank you for this recognition. I would like to think that AC became the format it is today because of our drive to make it better than the other guys and win. You are the master, though. I would fly to San Diego in the days before the Internet and hole-up in one of those two Hiltons by the airport. A week-long monitor of Classy was like a quick college course. Blessings to you. (Young Turks)
Geo: It takes one to know one, Mike.


Geo’s Media Blog (Geo’s Bucket List Adventure) Special Edition for 10/01/2020

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As you read this I will be on a flight bound for Burbank California where I will begin my newest bucket list adventure. Originally I planned on doing this in September, but because of the Coronavirus, I moved it back a month.
Initially, I intended to take the train across Canada but the Coronavirus not only killed that plan, it even shut down all the Canadian passenger trains until November. Hey, why would I want to travel across Canada in November, I was born there, I know what goes on in November.

However, by pushing the trip into October it made it even better because it’ll be “Birthday Time” for me and my daughter Candis.(pictured above)
I’m staying at the Burbank Marriott so we’ll be having a birthday dinner together at their restaurant called the “Daily Grille.”
The last time Candis and I dined there my grandson Nathaniel (pictured with me above) was minus one day old. (Candis gave birth to him the next day)The next morning I’ll pick up the rental car and head out to Sunland to pick Nathaniel up for a guy day.
Nathaniel wants to tour LA, but I doubt that he’s talking about the places that the Beach Boys were singing about when I was his age.
Come Sunday morning, my 4000-mile adventure begins as I board the train, find my room, and then settle in as we make our way to San Jose. (see my route in red below)
Once I arrive in San Jose, I’ll be spending a few days with my good friends Jim and Barbara Hilliard before moving onto Portland. (pictured above)
While hanging out with Jim and Barb, there is no doubt that Jim will bring up, “The day I f**ked him,” as he does every time we talk.
He’ll be referring to Aug 03, 1981, which was when I left Fairbanks in Indy and moved to San Diego to start my own company.
Barbara, on the other hand, will probably point out once more that my choice of women over the years has been less than formable, and perhaps it was time for me to settle down with an age-appropriate lady. (I’m sure glad she didn’t meet ’em all)
After spending a couple of days with Jim and Barb, once again I’ll climb aboard the train and after finding my room, I’ll probably have a toddy or two before bedding down for my overnight ride into Oregon. (see my accommodations above and my route in red below)
By the time I get to Portland, hopefully, the Coronavirus will have faded enough so I can dine with some old friends.
I’ll be reuniting with John Erickson and the legendary Craig Walker who are both from my K103 days.(pictured below)






Craig, John, and I will probably reminisce about why it took me a whole year to get Craig over to K103.
When Craig finally joined us, the Portland people were so hungry to hear him that the day he hit our airways with his trusty news guy, John Erickson, K103 went #1. (For the whole story, click on the links at the bottom of the page.)

Late the next afternoon, once again I board Amtrak for what I’m sure will be a magnificent ride through the mountains of Washington and Montana where I’ll get to see all the leaves changing. (see photo on top of the page and red route below)
Hey, and when we get out of the mountains and into the plains of North Dakota, I’ll raise my glass of Canadian Club as we roll a little south of my hometown of Transcona.

Oh, and we’ll also be passing through a few of towns in North Dakota and Minnesota where I used to play when I was with The Jury those many years ago.
I arrive in Chicago around 4 pm and even though my train to Syracuse doesn’t depart until 9:30, I ain’t going nowhere, I’m staying safe and sound at the station.
Yes, it’s true, I did once own a radio station there for about 15 minutes but Chicago just ain’t my kind of town and I’d recommend that the folks think ling and hard about defunding the police department because I’m not sure how they’re gonna defend themselves when the rioting and looting start up again. Anyway, when I arrive in Syracuse (see the train route in red below), my snowbird buddy, Bob Thomas, will be picking me up and taking me to his home in Northern Pennsylvania where I’ll spend a few days with him and his wife, Josie. (pictured above)
I’ll also get to reunite with a few of the others who like Bob and Josie, spend their winters in West Palm Brach and I’m kinda thinkin’ that there’s gonna be some serious drinkin’ going on.
After the drinking’s done, Big Bob will drive me to Philly where I’ll board the train for an overnight ride to Jacksonville. (see the route in red below)
Once in Jacksonville, I’ll spend a couple of days at the home of Jamie Boychuk his beautiful wife Lindsay, and their gaggle of precious daughters. (see photos photo of below)

Jamie is the Executive V/P of CSX Railway, and why would a big honcho like that allow a scoundrel let me in his home you ask? Well, for one thing, Jamie like me is from Transcona and the other is, he just happens to be my nephew. Oh, I almost forgot, we may head over to the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa for a couple of nights of gambling while I’m there.
Come Sunday morning; I’ll board the train for the final leg of my bucket list adventure as I head home to West Palm Beach (see map below) where I’ll begin planning planning next years adventure which hopefully will include a train ride across Canada.

Geo’s Media Blog. (The birth of K103 Part I)

Geo’s Media Blog. (K103 Part II, Craig Walker)


#10 Geo’s Media Blog (You Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet) New for 11/16/20

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What a great day I had yesterday, an old friend of mine, Sterling Faux was celebrating his 50 years in radio and generously invited me via the phone along with another old friend, Doc Harris, to participate in the festivities on his radio show in Vancouver.(see Stirling with me above)

Over the years, a lot of people have asked me where the hell I come up with all the crazy stuff I write about? Well, the short stories are easy because I have a pretty good memory so when Sterling reminded me that I gave him his first radio job in Sudbury, it brought back many memories of my own beginnings.

My growing up in Winnipeg was pretty normal, but when my folks moved us to a suburb called Transcona, my life became anything but normal. Not only did I meet Candis and Curtis’s Mom when I moved there, but I also saw Elvis on TV which changed everything. Seeing Elvis inspired me to buy a guitar and start a band with my best friend, Rolly Blaquiere.

The next thing that happened was, we signed a record deal with London Records and released four records. Hey, I must have been on the top of the world, right? Wrong! I’d discovered the thing I was destined to do. Radio!
Today though nobody cares about the many radio successes, they just wanna hear about those records hanging on the wall. (see below)

We were called the Jury, and I will tell you this, there is nothing finer than being a rock star when you’re in your early 20s. Not only did we have records out, but we got to open for legends like Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash and play with fellow “Peggers,” Burton Cummings (Guess Who), Randy Bachman (BTO), and Neil Young. How cool was that?

While playing with the Jury, I also worked part-time at CKY radio where I met my mentor and best friend, Jim Hilliard. I loved the radio business; it was the first time I’d rather be at work than anywhere.
However, when my daughter Candis was born and even though we had the #1 Canadian record on the charts, I left the band. (see chart above)

What had happened was, CKY offered me the Music Director’s job, and being a new father and all, I figured that if I concentrated on the radio business, maybe I could make a go of it.
We were soon on a rocket ride, which began in Saskatoon at CKOM when they made me their new Program Director. Then it was off to CKSO in Sudbury, CFRA in Ottawa, and finally, CFTR in Toronto, where they made me their station manager. While at CFTR, I reunited with Doc and Sterling, and we created a brand new format aimed at women and later named Adult Contemporary Radio.

As exciting as all that was, a phone call from my old boss Jim Hilliard changed everything again.
Jim wanted me to be the National Program Director of a group he was running called Fairbanks Broadcasting and all I could say is, “Hello America, how are ya?”

Upon my arrival at Fairbanks, we launched the format on our new station in Dallas, KVIL where it quickly became one of the most successful radio stations in North America.
KVIL’s success led to me being able to start my own Consulting Company and realize another childhood dream, living in California.
With my brother Reg’s help, not only did we put our “Class Format” on in forty markets, but it also led to our being able to purchase an FM radio station in Portland, Oregon called K103 which I’m proud to say is still #1.

I’ve lived a fascinating life and I remember almost every moment of it which makes the writing of these stories so easy.
However, when it comes to the Life-Liners, I have no f**king idea where they come from. I’ve always assumed that I must have read or heard them somewhere so I decided to run a bunch of them through a plagiarism service. When the results came back the document read, “These quotes are from a blog entitled, “Geo’s Media Blog” and we recommend that you get permission from the author before using any of them.”


When politicians start making noises about taxing the rich, they’re only talking about the upper-middle class. They’d never do anything that would hurt the rich, let alone the wealthy. Hey, those are the folks who make it possible for them to live in mansions and out of phony charities. I wonder how the Obamas like their new digs?

Speaking of taxes, I understand that San Fransisco just voted in a new law called “The overpaid executive tax.” This new law would tax anybody making over 100 times the lowest-paid employee. Hmmm, I wonder what the folks who play for the Warriors, the 49rs and the Giants think about all this? Those ballboys sure don’t make much.

What if nobody cared if Kap knelt or not?

Just because you have freedom of speech doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences.

Having an R or D in front of your name doesn’t make what you stand for any more or less palatable.

I wonder what the people who hoarded the toilet paper are doing with it now?

You’re either an example or a warning.

Radio only has two consumers, listeners, and clients. So what I can’t understand is how either benefit from long commercial sets?

No matter how dark it may seem to be, somebody always sees what you’re doing. The top five radio stations in any given market usually remain the same.

However, how they rank is determined more by the methodology used than the listenership.

What most business folks don’t get is that companies may come, and companies may go, but talent is forever.

The only people who ever say, “Money isn’t everything,” were born with it.

The new swear word in 2021 will probably be 2020. 2020 that! 2020 you! Are you 2020ing, me? Don’t 2020 me etc.

You’re not born with PMA; it’s a choice.

Few artists can handle criticism, constructive or otherwise, so unless you can go on for them, I’d tread softly.

I was banned from Facebook for three days for saying, “Hey, the Romans treated my ancestors real bad, but I don’t hate Italians.” Huh???

Can you imagine bringing your wife to work all the time as John Lennon did?

Have you ever noticed that most people who don’t want advice insist on giving it?

How do Corporations and wealthy people get away with funding politicians so-called charities and also paying them outstanding fees for speaking engagements? Isn’t that just a form of money laundering?

I can’t believe how many laws there are to protect women and minorities from old white guys like me. I’m feeling stronger every day.

So, if it’s true that Russia is hacking us, isn’t it reasonable to assume that we’ve been hacking them?

The big difference between truth and fiction; only fiction has to make any sense.

Buzz Barnett: God Bless You, George Johns, fondly known as “RadioGeo”! You weave threads of culture and un-matched experiences with notorious Success into these fun-lovin’ free-form expressions, and I am deeply grateful. Just wanted You to know. Buzzy (Don’t Ever Stop Fiddlin’ Around)
Geo: Thanks for the read, Buzzy, and the kind comments. I miss our days together at WRMF in Palm Beach.

Jerry K: Loved working with Buzz. Little did a lot of folks know he was running the whole show in Pompano Beach.

Bruce Walker: Too bad you quit playing, George. I still practice regularly, write songs, and sing my heart out. Music is invaluable to me. It is a place to go and drown all your cares for a while. Extremely relaxing. (Don’t Ever Stop Fiddlin’ Around.)
Geo: I hear ya, Bruce; after I left the Jury for the radio biz, I couldn’t go to concerts, let alone play my guitar in fear of my wanting to crawl back up on the stage again.

Jed Duvall: George: One of the factors about the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic was that it had already claimed many victims in Europe, and when it hit in the late Spring/Summer of 1918 in the U.S., the world and the U.S. were still engaged in World War One. Woodrow Wilson never spoke of it, although it may have begun the deterioration of his health when he was stricken by something in April 1919, in Paris negotiating the Treaty of Versailles. The Republicans were disorganized and would remain so into the 1920s, which is how Warren Harding won the nomination. Remember, the only instantaneous communications were the telephone and the telegraph. Commercial radio didn’t begin until 1920, with KDKA in Pittsburgh and WWJ in Detroit. When you don’t know what really ails you, and everybody is still spitting in spittoons and on the ground, sanitary practices seem a little silly. (Don’t Ever Stop Fiddlin’ Around)