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Hey, a bunch of folks all over the US and Canada read my Blog so I’m gonna figure out how to use the power of that to get us some free stuff.
The first place I want to try this experiment is here in West Palm Beach because it will be easy for me to smooth out the bugs that always show up because somebody didn’t get the memo.

It will be a small beginning until I’m sure the system works. Hey, we wouldn’t wanna screw up your free new car, would we? 🙂
After that, if all goes well, I’ll start expanding it from city to city, and as I do, the free stuff will get bigger and bigger.

So. here’s how our wee beginning works. If you live in West Palm Beach, starting Monday, September 11, for the next thirty days, whenever you go into BJ’s Brewhouse, simply say to your server, “Hey, Geo said that the first round was on him.”
If you’re with a date or a buddy, change that to. “Hey, Geo said that our first round was on him.” But you already knew that didn’t ya!

That’s it, no fuss, no muss, no big deal but it could become one.
Oh, and go ahead and tell your friends how this all works and while you’re at it, tell ’em to read my Blog. Geo

Radio Geo’s Media Blog (under construction)

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Athletes usually retire when they’ve lost a step or two, hey, but not our crafty old politicians, who not only have lost a step or five but can barely hobble their way to the payout window as they suck us dry, fulfilling all the lobbyist wishes. 

When you live in a part of the country that’s beautiful and has nice weather, you have to pay for it. Case in point: no earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes, tornados, mudslides, droughts, etc., in Winnipeg.

Don’t you wanna rip the throat out of the people who answer your questions with, “Well, that depends?”

Even though I hated the word no for most of my life, I rather like it now because it means I don’t have to do anything.

Being a Democrat or Republican neither makes you right or wrong nor good or bad because what you think is just an opinion.

With 1.5 million registered charities in America, how can there be people living on the streets or any poverty and why does our government think that allowing boys who think they’re girls to compete in female sports is more important work?

I would love to see a televised debate between a person from the extreme left and one from the far right;  even though they’re both insane, I think it would be such fun. Hey, we could have a Centrist as the moderator whose job it would be to blow one of those air horns every time either side tried to turn opinion into fact.

The best way out is always straight ahead.

Don’t wait for anything because time waits for no one.  

Is there anything more boring than being in a meeting where everyone agrees? Hell, I was already gone at the first, yes.

Wouldn’t you like to hear in a movie when a person is asked if they’re okay, just once they answer no?

If you ever wonder if you’re crazy, you ain’t. Crazy people don’t ask themselves silly questions like that.

How far back can you go to seek out injustice? I’m thinking the Romans treated my ancestors badly; do I need to see the Pope about a handout?

When people don’t answer your questions, it’s probably a good reason to keep on asking them.

I remember when folks were proud to be white; I still am.  

Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we elected everybody at the same time? We’d get at least two years off of their constant pestering.

Why do the people who hurt the most hurt other folks the most?

So answer me, this grasshopper, how is it that a wife can fly across America to visit an old friend, but a Husband can’t? It, along with many others, is one of the reasons women don’t receive equal pay. Oh, a couple of the others are when we get off the Titanic together and when you get to do equal time for equal crime.

How did white men, if so bad, manage to create and invent almost everything on the planet?

If you’re not a little bit frightened about what’s ahead of you, you obviously set your bar too low.

Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we elected everybody at the same time? Hey, we’d get at least two years off from their constant pestering.

The operative word here in South Florida when you need some work done is”Manana.”

I’m pretty sure I know what the left is for, but  I have no idea what they’re against.

The road to the future goes through places you’ve never been before. Do up your seat belt.

To have what you’ve never had, you must do things you’ve never done. before

Most things aren’t as beautiful close up as they are from afar.

I’m kinda good with cops banging on thugs who bang on innocent people.

What most people never understood was what Ronnie’s trickle-down theory was. It was designed to get the wealthy to trickle down money to the rich. Unfortunately, the bucks stopped there.

Hey, are we almost done with the pandering to black folks yet?  Can we say anything bad about them yet without ruining our careers?

Why would you ever take advice from a person who thinks that owning 40 to 50 pairs of shoes is normal?

Speaking of women, when they get divorced, it’s disastrous because everything is split fifty-fifty, but they’re used to controlling 73% of the income. Meanwhile, the husband is partying with some young tart because he just got a raise.

Why do singers talk so much? Everybody can talk; it’s the singin’ part we pay to see. 


Humphreys Kwena: Thanks for the great job you are doing for Geo’s Media; keep it up. Managing a business is like climbing up a slippery mountain with bare feet.
Geo: No, thank you for the read, H, and you’re exactly right. managing business is not for the faint of heart.

Wendy Holmes: Geez, George, I know you have an enquiring mind, but really, do you have a need to know what percentage of female athletes are gay??
What purpose would the numbers serve for you? Do you think that lesbians might be better at sports just because they are not straight? Are you thinking that gay women are actually more physically stronger than their straight sisters? WTF? Who really cares? Sometimes, you need to dispose of your thinking cap and say to yourself; it is what it is. I still love you, though!
Geo: Wendy, first of all, how dare you try to pretend that you know what I’m thinking. The only thing you got right is I am curious because, on the male side, there are very few gay athletes. Love ya too, babe!

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