“What The Hell Happened?” (new geo Blog for the week of September 18/17)

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I know a few very talented on air people like Jimmy Darin, Ron Chapman, Jim Harper, Cris Conner, Buster Bodine, Cat Simon, Michael O’Shea and Scott Shannon who only became program directors so the PD couldn’t f**k with their show. They all instinctively knew that you had to have full control of your show if you were to have any shot at ever becoming successful.
Bob Newhart (pictured above) who starred in two very successful TV series that also won numerous artistic awards turned out to be the ultimate control freak. Bob had two simple rules, no kids, no animals. He had no interest in playing a part where not only were the kids smarter than Dad, so was the dog. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the writers ran out of ideas, so they tentatively approached Bob with a fresh new twist. They suggested that it would be fun to write about the numerous things that would happen if his TV wife were to become pregnant. When Bob didn’t immediately reject the idea, they excitedly forged ahead with their new script ideas. Before long they had Bob on the floor just howling, in fact, he was laughing so hard he could hardly speak. However, he did manage to say, “This is great stuff guys, and I would venture to say that it may be some of your best, but I’m confused about one thing … Who plays Bob?”
Beware of people bearing signs.
I’m continuing my never-ending search to find a reason why greed is good.
I wonder if it’s only a coincidence that most rich guys had rich fathers?
Answer me this grasshopper, why did Harvey and Irma drive gas prices up in Canada? They export oil they don’t import it.
Parked right next to me at my West Palm Beach condo are some folks who hail from Quebec and surprisingly they speak English when they greet me. However, I haven’t yet told them that I’m also a Canadian.
The NFL doesn’t have any problem with players who have emotional problems, just physical ones.
When I immigrated to the US, America didn’t adjust to me; I adjusted to it. I see no sense in changing any of that now.
The only difference between talented people and talent who are successful is the hard work involved.
In the pilot of HBO’s new series “Deuce,” they played “These Eyes” by The Guess Who in a bar scene. Very cool.
Better they should have Drones fighting fires in California rather than killing people all over the world?
The thing I find most interesting about my two daughters is that Cami is like I used to be and Candis is like who I became.
There are three ways to look at what’s happening. Make it happen, watch it happen, or wonder, what the hell happened.
If you’re white, skinny and smart, you’ve got no excuses.
Money should be used to buy things, not special privileges.
It takes a lot of courage to sit down and listen as it does to stand and speak up.
Let’s see if I have this right. If something bad happens to a black or a Muslim, it’s ok to mention that they’re black or a Muslim. However, if either is caught doing something bad, it’s not?
The only person who can stop you from becoming great is you.
Your job on the radio is to make someone want to listen to you again tomorrow.
Sometimes being born different is a disadvantage but it can also be an advantage, and you’re the one in charge of which way it goes.
Other than pretty girls, my favorite people on earth to hang out with used to be middle age white guys. However, now for some reason, I find myself hanging with old white guys more and more.
The only thing moving for the last few days was my car. The AC, water, elevators, lights, refrigerator, stove, phone and TV were all shut down by Irma. I now think that an electric future may not be my cup of tea.
We prepared for Irma so long, and as the after Irma cleanup continues, I’m beginning to realize that I no longer remember not being in Hurricane mode.

Do people living in America who can’t speak English make less than those who do?

What type of person do you suppose thinks that their country’s agenda is more important than their family’s?

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“Bringing In The Sheaves” (new geo Blog for the week of Sept 11/17)

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When my daughter Cami (pictured with me above) was going to high school in Wellington, she lived with me for a little while. I was in charge of getting her to school and back each day, and she was in charge of the car radio. Some days it was cowboy music on WIRK, sometimes CHR on WILD 95, and occasionally even a little AC on WRMF. However, the one she listened to most was WAY-FM, which was a Christian rocker.
One day she asked if I could drop her and a friend off at a Christian concert at the fairgrounds. I got back to pick them up around 10, and when I asked the folks at the gate how much longer it would be, they told me that they were running a little late, but I was welcome to come inside and wait. When I came around the corner at the back of the venue where I could see the stage, I was surprised to see what looked like a punk rocker climbing up on top of one of the huge speakers. Once up there he screamed at the audience, “Are there any Jesus freaks in here?” The place went wild, and when the band who sounded like Led Zeppelin exploded, the singer continued to scream, but now it was about loving Jesus. I remember wondering at the time “What the hell ever happened to “Bringing In The Sheaves?”

Think about it, some Psychologist somewhere probably has heard all about you.
How can you communicate with women if they don’t even understand Lombardi time?
What does the DOJ do?
The only thing the Democrats and Republicans agree upon is that greed is good.
The director’s job is to make sure that he/she never gets in between the performer and the spot light.
It doesn’t matter how talented you are, if you’re not coachable and directable, “It don’t mean a thing.”
The key word in marriage is “compromise.”

The best marriages are the ones where the husband is so smitten that he’s not even aware that he’s living his wife’s dream.

Asking questions is the secret route to success.

If your life is in danger, you’ve got a problem; everything else is merely an inconvenience.
Do liberals ever laugh?
The reason I’m still single is probably because the good ones like Barbara, Betsy, Bridget, Georgina, Heidi, Jan, Lorraine, Lorenda, and Marnie are already taken.
Risk taking would be called a “sure thing” if it wasn’t risky.
Being a conservative or a liberal doesn’t make your opinion right or wrong.
I wonder how much democracy there’d be in the world if America weren’t so powerful?
You can’t buy off social media.
If it has an agenda, it’s not news.
Over 30 years ago, I realized that I was gonna die someday, so I changed my whole life. I think it’s time to do it again.
If fossil fuels are in fact causing climate change, why do the Democrats and Republicans keep granting drilling rights for something that doesn’t have a future?
Why do banks only lend money to people who don’t need any?
If we’re all equal in the eyes of the law, why does a rich person still have a better chance of being acquitted?
If somebody was hurting your daughter would you care about the law?
When a woman says, “Correct me if I’m wrong,” be careful, it’s entrapment.
How come Henry Ford didn’t worry about the fact that there were no gas stations?
The best time to start a revolution is when you’re hungry.
My father always told me that if you wanted to get a job done quickly, give it to a lazy man.
Few men can resist the temptation of naughty women.

My good friend Roger Vergnes said, “Writers pontificate, editors, consolidate.”

That bitch Irma is on the way but looks like she’s gonna miss me but unfortunately is headed towards my daughter Cami in Tampa.

Speaking of Irma, when it looked like she was going to give us a direct hit, the TV reporters were trying to calm us. Now they are trying to scare us?

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Made it thru Irma with a just sone wet carpet. The best news though is Cami is safe in Tampa and has power. I sure don’t but Duffys is open.