#12 Wrong But Right Anyway. (from April 27/15)

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Cadillac for some time now has been trying to change it’s image but I wonder if they really know what they’re up against. Case in point, my good friends Jim and Barbara Hilliard (pictured) who live in California seem always to be in the market for a new car. Jim has always been partial to sports cars.
Barbara on the other hand insists that they have a “go to dinner car” which is large enough to accommodate their entire family because she doesn’t go for the driving separate cars to dinner routine. Barb who still looks like a second or even third wife likes to straighten out the affairs of the whole family before they arrive the restaurant so that she can just relax and have a nice dinner. Occasionally when I visit them Jim will drag me out shopping for Barbara’s “go to dinner car” but we always seem to end up at the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porch, Mercedes, BMW, and Bentley dealers first just in case they have any new sports models that Jim just has to have. Of course by the time we got around to shopping for Barb it would usually would be running late so we only got a quick peek at the big sedans and SUVs so no intelligent decision could be made. Trying to help out a little I felt compelled to point out one day to Jim that whenever he visited WFTL in Florida he always rented a Cadillac so why not just buy one. He looked at me like I was crazy and explained that Caddies were cool to rent but claimed that he wasn’t anywhere near old enough yet to consider buying one!


You would think by now my computer would know who the Beatles were but it insists on telling me that I’m spelling it wrong like I do the names of my daughters.
When the road behind you is a lot longer than the one ahead it’s time to take your foot off the gas and just relax by having some fun.
I wonder if  Coach Smith and Wooden are patiently waiting for their best players to make an appearance so they can take each other on. What a game that would be huh!
So when the Israelites say “Never Again” are they speaking for all the Jews in North American too. Somehow I don’t think so.
Only bad people have to worry about karma.
So far over a million people have died in retaliation for 911 but the strange part is that none are from Saudi Arabia even though the terrorist hijackers were all Saudis. 
I think it may be my prehistoric instincts that have me thinking that woman are so special, not my intellect.
The only way to get a much younger woman to notice you is to get in between her and her dreams.
I wonder if strong women like strong men who stand up to them.
The first time you hear those dreaded three letters PMS is usually shortly after you uttered those three famous words … I love you.
If you’re ambitious America is the place to be, if you’re not Canada is much more forgiving but you better buy a lottery ticket if you wanna get rich.
The only thing I dislike about planning is that if something goes wrong you hate hearing those words pre meditated thrown around the court room by the prosecution.
America still has the richest poor people in the world.
I think we have too many choices of everything which just leads to confusion rather than customer satisfaction.
It’s pretty easy to figure out what others should do with their lives it’s our own that remains a mystery.
Here are some stats that I find somewhat interesting … When Ted Williams was at the top of his game he failed 60% of the time, on any given day 90% of a radio station’s most loyal listeners are not listening, but the best of all I think is when record companies were flourishing back in the day they were wrong 99% of the time and became billionaires making them right anyway.
We should have never made the accountants sit with the engineers at the radio station’s Christmas party. Payback is a bitch!
I’ve never understood why morning talent always want the radio station to pay for their prep service. Why wouldn’t they want me to think that they came up with all that great stuff.
I wonder what radio performers from today will end up in the Radio Hall Of fame.
OK doing another check, any other words other than yes usually mean no, all the words that precede but or actually are meaningless, holding on to what you have still keeps you from having what you want, ten atta boy’s are still wiped out by one aw s**t and there is no punishment or rewards for your behavior only consequences.  
Have you ever noticed that about 10 minutes after the debate you were in is over all the great copy you should have said shows up.
Shouldn’t the service at a hospital match their 5 star prices.
Whenever I get in a dark funk only a beautiful woman can get me out of it. Do you know any.

Why is it even though we pay a ton of money to Neilson for ratings we usually have to pay another company to check and see if they did them right.

Most people know what they like and only like what they know.

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Abolish All Taxes Except One. (new blog for week of april 20/15)

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I was contacted the other night by Lorraine Marshall Rey a friend of mine from Indy who just happens to be a fellow Canadian. (of course she’s beautiful, I don’t have any female friends that aren’t) Anyway Lorraine is promoting a new lifewave.com product called Maveric which she claims will not only improve my energy but will also increase my libido.
I did my best to try and explain to her that what I really needed was a product that would calm my libido not excite it, it’s already got me into enough trouble without trying to inflame it. But she insisted that I get it to have handy just in case I run into another wild wild woman.

Speaking of good looking, women are just as attracted to good looks as men are but it’s just not that important to them.

Women prefer the men they love the most whereas men prefer the women that love them the most.

If a woman kisses you in public she is really into you.

The Hunny Bunny claimed that when she tried on her new dress it made her booty look like it should have it’s own zip code which of course made all her comings and mostly goings very exciting.

I’ve been in love 6 times in my life and the only thing I’ve really learned from it all is that you can get over it.

If a candidate wasn’t allowed to tell you if they were Republican or Democrat except for the extremists how could you really tell

Ronald Reagan as I recall when he got into office didn’t spend a lotta time whining about what kind of shape Jimmy carter had left the country in he just got on with the fixin’

The whole world except has changed several times during my lifetime except for the school system. Why do you suppose that is.

You will never become successful working 9 to 5.

My Son Curt whom I’ve recently reconnected with told me recently that he wished I had pumped gas for a living so we could have spent more time together.

​Speaking of family how great is this … Someone threatened Cami on facebook the other night which not only brought some of her Canadian relatives threatening Transcona justice to the rescue but her brother Curt also showed up. Curt had already figured out who this creep was so if I were that guy I’d make a run for it.

The thing about being from Transcona was that if someone hurt one of your loved ones, leaving it to the law to take care of was not an option.

The past can steal your future.

Everything you do on the radio must have a reason or a premise even if you have to make one up, but doing it to make money for the company ain’t one of them, those are called commercials.

​Coach Wooden said be concerned about your character not your reputation. Your character is who you really are your reputation is who others think you are.

Tons of radio stations are disappearing from a bunch of markets so either more and more stations are going dark or fewer and fewer a​re subscribing to Neilson.

​Has any radio station made a dollar from social media yet.

Income tax is not the only tax so actually everybody pays taxes and in fact my friend Jim Hilliard jr. says that they should abolish all taxes except for the sales tax which would completely level the playing field and would get the government a little more interested in the folks buying something seeing as it would be the only way they would get paid.

Rock & Roll was not invented by a Black man or a White man it was the fusion of both musical worlds.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of very nasty swear words when whispered are the most erotic.

Do you ever wonder if while the executives of Blockbusters who were in another meeting trying to figure out how to get more folks in the store were all too busy meeting to notice that the girl on the front desk was watching a movie on Netflix.
Both God and the Devil are in the details but Genius is in the subtleties.
In 1934 the Auto Club of New York took a poll which revealed that almost 60% of drivers felt that a radio was a dangerous distraction while driving. We need to get back to that kind of radio.
We should always respect radio’s rich history but we need to develop a passion for its future.
Most people totally understand new projects that they like its only the ones that they don’t like that are confusing.
Wow 2015 is moving along rather rapidly and seeing as I’ve never been here before does anybody know how the hell it all works.
Perception is not reality but it may be the reality we are forced to live with.
I once saw a T- shirt I loved that read D.A.D.D which stood for Dads Against Daughters Dating. Their mission statement was “Shoot The First One And The Word Will Spread”.
There is no use getting real mad at people you don’t care about.
What ever you tolerate actually encourages.

Upon hearing that Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison without parole Roger Goodell immediately suspended him for 4 games.

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2 Outta 3 Ain’t Bad ! (new Blog for week of April 13/15)

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Long before I even imagined that I would ever try to write any my own stuff I had the privilege of meeting Victor Gold. Mr Gold who is a brilliant political strategist also happens to be an author, and I believe the Crimson Tide’s biggest fan.
Most of Victor Gold’s adult life has been involved with politics either as an advisor to the White House or as a political consultant to others while also writing several successful fiction and non fiction books whenever of course an Alabama time out permitted him to do so. 
I first met him at his home in Falls Church where I saw some great pictures of him and Bear Bryant taken in the very room I was standing in. His daughter Jamie had earlier informed me that not only did Hollywood pick up one of his novels but they also retained him to write the screenplay. When I queried him about what he left out seeing as the screenplay was so much thinner than the book he claimed that he had left out absolutely nothing. Recognizing though that I was a mere civilian he quickly went on to say that it almost took him a whole chapter to describe what the scene looked like to the wife of a prisoner who was visiting her husband in prison one dark and dreary day, the camera would show all of that in two or three seconds so dialog was the only thing necessary in the screen play.
Many years later when I first began to scratch out a few words of my own I recalled our meeting and wished I had taken some notes that day but nonetheless I did leave with a few things that I have never forgotten. (1) Make the reader see what you are trying to say. (2) Publish or Perish! (3) Pray that somebody actually reads your stuff.
Well I kinda publish my own stuff and there’s a counter on my site that that tells me how many people read my Blog so the way I figured it is … Two outta three ain’t bad.
The reason you have friends is to give you some relief from your relatives.
Is it just me or do Rock Stars seem to die younger than everybody else. 
Because tech is soulless it’s sole purpose should be to deliver art full of soul. Is that just a tad too cute?
Only your enemy decides when the war is over.
Bob Christy claims that owning a Ferrari is like loving a beautiful woman who doesn’t love you.
I’m sorry Tony but you just don’t have the magic that Dandy, Roger, and Troy had.
If the bartenders in Florida ever moved to California they would soon starve to death.
The amount of time you spend in planning will be subtracted from the time you will need to spend in execution x 3.
Most people just want a benevolent dictator, they’re tired of trying to figure out what crook to vote for.
It strikes me as quite odd that in Nashville which is the the home of Country Music there’s not a country station in the top 7 of the ratings.
You need to focus on all the things you do have instead of what you don’t have otherwise you’ll always feel like you’re behind.
Are men allowed to file sexual discrimination charges.
Speaking of women are they really ready to give up what they have in order to be equal to men.
If the taxes on cigarettes are designed to discourage smoking then what do you suppose income tax is for.
Even the Chinese don’t speak Chinese.
The topic youthful people talk about the most is music.
It is 10 times easier to sit down than get up.
Is there anything finer than hearing a beutiful woman tell you that she loves you when you wake up in the morning.
I remember when I first moved to California how horrified I was to see all the taxes that had come out of my first pay check which made me feel like I was back in Canada again.
When you wake up one day to discover that you’re finally an adult you may also realize that you’ve already made some life changing adult decisions and are out here swimming without a lifeguard.
As you go through life you will soon discover that the hardest things to find are True Love and Loyal Friends.
I’ll be ready in 5 minutes and the game only has 5 minutes left, take roughly about the same amount of time.
You may only be one person in a 7 billion person world but if you’re lucky enough you may get to become one person’s whole world.
One special tune is worth a 1000 memories.
Brent Farris claims that back in the days of Black & White TV there were a hell of a lot more Whites than Blacks.

Wow Coach K is quickly catching up with legendary John Wooden as the greatest College Basketball Coach of all time isn’t he.

So after not so subtle hints from my youngest daughter, my grandson, and my son, the beard is gone.

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The Voice (new blog for Easter and the week of April 06/15)

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Attention all Air Talent! Go get a pen and paper, watch “The Voice” Monday and Tueday, write down what the coaches said, do what they advised on the radio everyday, become rich & famous.

I had a lot of great Easters with my kids Candis and Curt and then I got to do it all again with Cami(see picture) but the Easter I remember the most though was my first one in America. In Canada Good Friday is a very sacred so you even needed a permit to keep your business open.
Imagine my disbelief when my boss Jim Hilliard dropped me off at home the night before and said see you in the morning and shocked I said, but Jim it’s Good Friday and he said I know, welcome to America boy!

It’s not about who likes you it’s all about who you like.
According to the stats your best shot at a good marriage is to marry someone you went to college with.
The toughest club in the world to become a member of is the lucky sperm club.
I never understood why America lived in so much fear of Communism which allowed scum bags like J Edger Hoover and Joe McCarthy to have the power to destroy so many peoples lives. In Canada the Communists were so nothing that they even let them run for office to no avail.
The bad times seem to understand the trickle down theory but not the good.
As long as I’ve been in radio all I’ve ever heard is how tough it is now to sell radio because of the economy and a slew of other factors. I’ve been in radio since the late mid 60’s so I figure when it was easier to sell must have been before that.
When I was Jim Hilliard’s PD Jim used to say that anybody can sell great ratings so with that in mind he said … Johns, just get me some f**king ratings then get out of the way and go play racquetball or something cuz I got the rest.
Some of the best things I’ve ever done in my life I did while being scared to death.
Anybody can say no but only the powerful can say yes.
Stephen Hawking claims he has a pretty good handle on all the mysteries of the universe except one … Women!
Just because we have been raised to never ever hit females doesn’t mean we don’t want to.
The folks who love change the most are those who are making them.
The old staff hates changes, the new ones love them.
23% of car accidents are alcoholic related which means most accidents are cause by people who are not drinking which is very scary.
I’m not sure if it’s the word no or all the reasons why it is no that’s wearing me out, all I know is I’m exhausted.
Most people who fit in with the crowd generally don’t sound very good on the radio.
The truth is always much easier to remember than a lie.
Seeing as only 9.2 percent of our oil comes from the mideast I’m confused why our gas prices go up every time they sneeze over there.
Things are how they are not how we wish them to be but if we don’t continue to work on our wish list we are destined to go round and round in a never ending circle.
Everyone usually has a plan “B” if we fail but very few have a plan for after we succeed.
Only artistic people understand that there is something in between fast & slow, up & down, loud & soft, mellow & intense, happy & sad, etc.
It may be time to stop worrying about all the new technology and start worrying about how to come up with some content to put on it.
Joe Montana recently said … Everybody gets a trophy! Really.
Have you ever noticed that there is not a lot of statues made for nor hi ways or bridges named for Mr. Businessman. I wonder what he did wrong.
Someone enthusiastically telling us over and over again how good they are only leads most of us to believe that you like us suspect that you’re not near as good as you claim to be.
Back in the day you could always figure out what stations were unsuccessful by how much power the Chief Engineer had. I wonder who that person is today.
Nothing has changed, the Democrats and Republicans are spending a way too much time taking care of the rich and the poor at the expense of the middle class.
Women who love you are the most loyal friend a man can ever have.
Folks who talk on the radio always like to feel comfortable while they are on the air but I have found that they sound better if they are not.
The smartest person in the room is the person who is surrounded by people smarter than them.
Are you a little nervous about the fact that a lot of the people who sent us to Nam still have a lot of power.
Of all the buzz words that come and go isn’t it awesome that awesome is still around.

A few weeks ago I took my Daughter Cami for her orientation at USF in Tampa but now she says that she needs me to come and pick her up because her Freshman year is over. How can that be!

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