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Some of the best sales people in the world were some of the women who through the years convinced me they loved me but at least I’m free to love again.

Speaking of love quite a few Men now only use the “C” word to describe the Woman they used to love with all their hearts! I also use the “C” word to describe the only two Women I love and trust with all my heart! Of course it’s very different C word! (see picture)

Why would a beautiful Woman want to be equal with anybody.

Just because you haven’t heard about it yet doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!

Have you ever noticed that pretty Women tend to hang with not so pretty Women.

I love being there when a Woman begins to pray … OH GOD, OH GOD, OH OH!

So far they have discovered there are 7 different intellectual gifts. All of us have one or more of these gifts but unfortunately readin’ writin’ n’ rithmetic are the only 3 SAT’s are based on. Old think me thinks!

I know it’s not good to seek revenge but every once in a while you have to do it just because it feels good!

When a Man has a new Woman in his life other than his weight loss it’s hard to notice. When a Woman has a new Man in her life he seems to become her life until she has children of course.

Remember when you needed directions to get anywhere, now you only need the address.

The most noble thing a Man can do for a Woman is to ask her to marry him. The noble thing she can do in return is tell him no if she doesn’t love him.

If you’re not working on your own plan chances are you’re working on somebody else’s.

Why are the only Women I want not the ones I need.

One of the things I love the most about having the privilege of being able to have been with Cami from her being a baby to a beautiful young Woman is we have our songs. No matter how far apart we are, when one of us hears one of them playing we immediately text, call or e mail each other.

Would there have been any airplanes if there were no birds.

Dreams are not built on logic, It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than logic to accomplish your dreams.

A small market will listen to a big market but unfortunately the reverse is not true and I unfortunately know it too well!

USA Today is not a factor in any market, it’s still the local paper.

Businesses that are successful usually work this way … The customer is #1, The Employees #2, and The Bosses #3

Very few of the biggest hits of all time were Rock & Roll.

Being gifted is just not enough, it takes an enormous amount to ever achieve greatness.

Lest we ever forget absolute power absolutely corrupts.

I wonder why some Radio folks think that playing the same old tunes in a different order is some kind of a new format.

Everything you do on the Radio should be done for people who don’t give a damn what you’re doing on the Radio.

We are all gifted at something but unfortunately just what that is sometimes remains a mystery.

Radio at the moment sounds like we are doing it in black and white, it needs a little color.

It’s not important who you know but it’s very important who knows you.

It’s never convenient to do great things.

Wanting to be great is not enough but it’s sure one of the most important requirements.

Adults laugh about 17 times a day where as children do it 200 – 300 times a day. Well there goes any need I may have had to grow up.

If you focus on what you want it’s pretty easy to get what you need.

Creativity is the only thing that is not in a state of destruction.

Have you ever used the words “Thank You” in a manner that actually means would you mind getting the hell out of here and leaving me alone!

I don’t think I have ever heard them predict a light hurricane season in Florida. No money in that!







Oh Oh I’ve Gone Silent!

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1002229_10151947588459307_2029388839_nA few years ago I started hearing rumors out of Indianapolis about some fool who was trying to make a movie about  the rock radio battles that went on there. I remember thinking at the time  … Who the hell would want to see something like that. But before too long they had a short trailer up on You Tube which was very neat because it featured WNAP which was one of the Fairbanks stations I was involved with for many years. Now and then a little news would pop up saying the project was still alive but taking a little longer than expected. Yeah good luck!

The fool turned out to be a great guy by the name of Dave Fulton whom I met when came down to Florida to film Jim and me about our involvement in the “Naptown Rock Radio Wars”.  The movie finally came out and it turned out a lot a people wanted to see his movie which is now also a book and wouldn’t you know it Dave even has even won an Emmy with it. As I re run all of this I’m thinking maybe I was the fool on the hill. Congrats Dave!

Fathers are the only parent smart enough to allow the other parent’s day to be bigger than his even if they don’t deserve it.

How sad, former “Class” mate of mine Bill Bailey passed away unexpectedly. RIP Bill, you were a fine gentleman and it was a privilege to have worked alongside you.

Now that the saying “so goes Wall Street so goes America” turned out to be bullshit and consolidation didn’t work, one can only wonder what other schemes the wealthy have up their sleeve so as to even more financial help from the Government.

Seeing as somehow they traced how AIDS got to North America back to an Air Canada flight attendant surely they can come up with the name of the person invented “politically correct”. Hey we only want to beat the shit out of him even though he deserves so much more!

The way Women can become even a bigger force they should support all Women not just the ones in their age group.

Whenever a Woman gets too close to me I soon get nervous then get them mad at me so I can slip away. In the end of course I become the real loser. Send in the shrinks!

I know of no Man who has any interest in supporting a Woman he does not love. The law also realizes that.

The only good thing about divorce is it’s like having the ability to buy your way out of prison.

What ever happened to “Dead Air” being like death!

Losing the Superbowl puts you in loser category right behind teams who have never been there.

It’s a hell of a lot easier to become a good executive than a good air talent but unfortunately the executive is the one who decides what the air talent should earn.

You only dream about your wants not your needs, but sometimes you can dream up a solution that fixes both.

Have you ever noticed that most of the rules and laws seem to be designed for other people.

85% of what makes a bit a great bit is how it ends.

Reid Reker claims he used to tell his staff … Either you get George or you don’t! If you get him you’ll be rich, if you don’t you’ll think he’s a prick and you’ll be driving a car that’s 10 years older than you for the rest of your life.

Speaking of being a prick, a couple of years ago I thought I I would try to be less of one and see if I could maybe even become a decent individual. Since then I have lost two lovers and my Brother is not speaking to me any longer. It feels good to be a prick again!

I see said the blind man to the deaf man who said I hear where you’re coming from.

Brent Farris told me that Freud said sometimes a Banana is just a Banana which I get but what concerns me is on that rare occurrence when it’s not a Banana just what the hell is it.

You have to conjure up courage, fear shows up all by itself.

As long as I’m bitching and moaning and acting all pissed, everything is probably OK. It’s when I go silent that the bad stuff begins.

I went to a concert a week or so ago with a few friends and the Woman I was sitting beside was hugging and caressing her boyfriend a little during the show. He kept trying to pushing her away whenever she would do it so I couldn’t help but ask her why she continued to do it when he obviously didn’t like it. She replied … He needs the reassurance! I’ve been with some very smart Women in my life but none of them were smart enough to ever figure that out about me.



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944326_10151926517904307_1007996077_nFor my money Bill Gardner has always been the world’s greatest midday jock but Bill as he should has always thought of himself more as a morning man. We started working together a long time ago in Dallas where from his noon – 3 slot on KVIL he won Billboard’s “Personality Of The Year” award. So I rest my case!
I loved Bill’s midday sound so much we ended up working together many times in markets like, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, San Diego, Philadelphia, and LA. The reason Bill is so good in mid days is because of his unique ability to be foreground and background at the same time. His act is a fairly simple one to explain, but very difficult to do. I truly believe Bill’s memorized the punch line of every joke ever written, then he simply uses the local newspaper to find his beginning. The end result is he sounds more local on his very first show on a new station than most of all the other staff put together do. 
Not only is Bill local but he can also get a half hour sitcom down to 12 seconds, lay it smoothly over the front of a hit record, and of course hit the post.

Speaking of mid days at KVIL, in the beginning Jack Schell did 9 – noon and Bill Gardner noon – 3. Jack appealed to 35-44 year old females and Bill to 25-34. Can you say #1 25-54 real quick.

Fear is only an illusion it does not exist, you created it! 

Have you ever noticed that adults are amazed at magic shows but kids are only slightly amused. Adults are busy trying to figure out how in the hell he did that. The kids know it’s just magic!

Dave Fulton’s “Naptown Rock Radio Wars” won an Emmy. How fucking cool is that!

D Wade sure ain’t in Michael Jordan’s I sure hope he’s not getting Jordan like money.

The only Women it seems who forgive me for being an idiot are my Daughters.

Mentally I’m usually the youngest one in the room.

Life is just all fun and games until somebody loses. 

Have you ever noticed there are very few statues of either critics or businessmen anywhere.

I’ve noticed over the years while watching music documentaries, that Black people only talk about Black artists where as everybody else talks about all kinds of artists. Surely they couldn’t have missed Frank, Elvis, and The Beatles.

If you are very excited but also a little bit frightened about what you are doing, you have the perfect mix for success.

The far left and the far right are so out of touch now their voting rights should be revoked.
It’s easy to get rich just dedicate your whole life to it. What do you mean you have to call your Wife, you’ve got no time for nonsense like that.
I was told that America would never fall like all the powerful nations before them did because we don’t go in a straight line like they all did, we zig zag. Hang on now, we’re in the middle of an extreme left turn.
Why do I have the feeling that all those little white receipts they try to give us while our hands are full aren’t about us.
I tend to tease only the people I love.

You are who you are, not whom you marry!
Angels and Demons talk to gifted people, unfortunately they use the same voice.

Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues!

The only way to understand Radio’s listeners is by becoming one.

Radio today has no money, no people, and no time. If you want to sell them something it better come all done with a bow on it or all you’ll hear is no.

When an artist is making a movie or recording a tune they usually do a few takes. Only Radio does one even when voice tracking.

Radio has to figure out how to get people to want to check back in like Facebook does,

I think it may be actually easier to get advertising money for Radio than it is to run the systems that are supposedly designed to do so.

It’s very difficult to figure out if you’re winning or not if you’ve never won before.

When dealing with a talent who has won before your task is to make him want to so so again.

Young Women today are nothing like their Mother’s, they do everything so much faster.

One of the great things about America is we can laugh out loud at the government and ridicule all the giant corporations who are stealing us blind with out fear of imprisonment or execution. Man I so hope it’s still true!

We’ve all heard the perception is reality but Aristotle would beg to differ. He claims truth is truth and not what you think it is.

If you are up against a phenomenon you better do something real different, real quick.

Men are very easy to understand, they’re hard when they are soft and soft when they’re hard.