Love & Hate Are But A Heartbeat Apart!

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482733_10151827071844307_1141666166_nWhile watching the 50th anniversary special of The Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show recently I came to realize that 1964 was not only a big year for them but it was also a big year for me too because four major events occurred that changed my life forever.
I got married, I signed a recording contract, I saw The Beatles and I started in Radio at CKY in Winnipeg. (see pic)

Adversity has a way of bringing out the talent in people who weren’t aware they even had any.

All Women are very special to someone.

When you love someone you fight for them not for what’s right.

People who left their mark on the world had no idea they were doing so.

Never forget most people are taking care of themselves first.

Nobody can keep a secret.

If you want to know the truth about Women just ask the Mother of a young teenage Boy.

As much as I would like to I can’t handle being involved with more than one Woman at a time.

It’s a Man’s responsibility to accept the blame for a break up of a relationship even if it’s not true.

The best way to kill a great idea is to give it to a committee.

Have you ever noticed how close love is to hate, I have a way too many times.

The very beginning of your creation is the most important part of your work so start already.

Speaking of Radios does Radio Shack even sell them anymore.

Why do most Women think that what they think is the right think.

Speaking of Women I have met a few worth dying for but none so far worth dying over but the nite is young.

If you’re not controversial you’re just part of the audience so get used to it.

Women crave honesty until we actually tell them the truth.

Here’s some of that truth Ladies … The only time we notice those young tarts is when you try to change us because they seem to like us just the way we are.

C’mon you can tell me! Have you ever prayed that the Woman who was screaming vile things at you would turn into a man just for 5 minutes.

I salute how Heinz has managed to turn the fact that you can’t get their f**king ketchup out of the bottle into a good thing.

It’s much easier to teach a talent how to be local than teach a local sounding guy how to be talented.

Do you think that the reason that grown ups always ask little kids what they want to be when they grow up is because they may have run out of ideas themselves.

Just because we look the other way does not mean we didn’t notice.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the things you don’t like to do are done in the name of safety.

I read somewhere that depression really was just anger without much enthusiasm.

Has a secret relationship ever had a good ending.

Speaking of secrets, the secret of a great story is to have a great opening and a great ending then simply put the beginning and the end of the story as close together as possible.

I don’t believe most Women are as bad as their girlfriends claim them to be.

A long time ago my Brother asked me how many people I thought read my Blog! I told him I really didn’t care because the ones I want to do.

All new tunes are a way too loud but soften with age.

Most great morning shows are grown not manufactured.

The Art should never be adjusted to fit the mechanics.