Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Tantalizing Temptations) New 3/13/23

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Recently I was writing about KVIL’s Ron Chapman’s retirement, which reminded me of having lunch with him when he was at the height of his popularity.
Not only did almost every female in Dallas between the ages of 20 and 50 listen to his show, but they also adored him.

Anyway, while we were having lunch one day in a popular restaurant in Hyland Park, a couple of lovely ladies came over to say hi to Ron.
After gushing over him for quite a while, when they finally left, and because they all looked like Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, I couldn’t help but ask how he resisted tantalizing temptations such as they were.

Ron responded, “Whenever a beautiful woman approaches me, I ask myself, is she worth paying all her Visa bills? Very few can pass that test.”
Rest in peace, Ron, miss ya!
(Ron and me pictured on top just before I had the honor of inducting him into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and below just after he was inducted into the NAB Radio Hall of Fame)

The acquisition of knowledge could be the best purchase you ever made.

What I need help understanding is if Gisele loved Tom, how the hell could she walk away? No Man could ever do that.

So, as bad as women claim they’re doing, how come more of them aren’t on the street begging for money or part of the homeless? nation?

Who’s more corrupt, cops or politicians?

The talk at BJ’s is a backlash coming.

Don’t you think that each state should decide on the hard issues?

What the hell do the rich politicians from DC know about life elsewhere?

If you can’t trust the word of a corrupt cop or a politician, who the hell can you trust?

Is it just me, or does the left seem to support any issue or anybody that is ant-America?

Somewhere between your being too cautious or something being too risky is exactly what you should do.

Only the person in charge can be wrong.

Gun Control: Shouldn’t we take the crazy people with guns off the street first?

If you’d rather be at work, you’re closer to a successful career.

Unfortunately, the Laws and rules only change when they benefit one of our protected minorities, the rich.

How’s that old song go, “You Always Hurt The One You Love.” Well, it’s true; nobody else gives a shit. 

Somewhere Trump and Biden lies the Truth.

It must be very hard to believe in God when your child dies.

Do promises have an expiration date?

The only time politicians care about what the majority wants is when they’re running for reelection.

Most men dream about fantasy women; most women dream about a fantasy life.

I can’t be the only one that realizes that the protests about the Viet Nam war weren’t about the war; they were about the draft.
We’re still fighting the same bullshit wars, but when you look around, do you see any protesters?

Is anybody not doing it for the money?

I don’t believe that the color of our skin has anything to do with anything. It’s the cultural differences that will be tough to overcome.

Since the King Arthur days, we’ve been trying to convert the Arabs to Christianity; why do we care?

It’s not about working hard; it’s about accomplishing something.

Damn, the legendary coach, Bud Grant of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, just passed away at 95.

Jed Duval: George: Your comment about Hispanics not complaining about discrimination as much as perhaps other groups at this time is something true about most immigrants in this country.  The truly exploited and downtrodden ethnic groups in the history of this country (from the 1630s to today) have mostly found that despite the barriers of language, social customs, discrimination at many levels and so forth, men and women found that they had freedoms to work around those barriers, much like your journey to radio stardom.  When one reads of the poor Eastern European Jews, for example, who came to the U.S. and Canada at the turn of the 20th Century, like Adolph Zukor (Paramount), the Warner brothers, Louis B. Mayer, Samuel Goldwyn and Carl Laemmle (Universal), to develop the film industry on the west coast and elude the Edison patent police, one can make the case of how oppressed immigrants, once given opportunity to grow and prosper can do just that.  When I lived in Des Moines, Iowa, working at KIOA-AM and a couple years later at WHO-AM, it was resettled Vietnamese refugees that had developed a thriving community for small businesses that were catering to the neon cornfield crowd.  On the southside of Indianapolis, political asylum refugees from Myanmar (Burma), have in ten-years begun to assimilate and prosper (with many of their children in my K-12 substitute teaching classes within Perry Township now grown up working in businesses and attending college).  Sadly, our national, regional and local news coverage focuses on the bad things that involve a few immigrants (and I do believe that Bill O’Reilly’s statement that 10 % of the human race is truly evil is likely accurate), but ignores the achievements of those, like you George, who took great simple ideas and became an outstanding success.  I see many Hispanics and other immigrants who find ways to contribute to the great story that is this country.  We are, except for the Native Americans, who greeted the explorers when they came ashore, a continent of immigrants, and God bless us all in peace.(Sales Savages)
Geo: As usual, good stuff, Jed.

Bob Glasco: I know what you mean about protecting daughters, George. I have 4 of them, 3 of which I was a single parent to. Funny, as you get older, they try to protect you! (Punished or Blessed?)
Geo: That is so true, Bob, especially from other women. 🙂

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (What’s Your Cause?) 2/27/23

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My Brother Reg and I had a conversation the other day about how sometimes the description of a finished product is an oversimplification of it.
It would be like describing his Rewards program as simply putting the American Airlines Advantage program together with the Prize Catalog and then putting it online.

Or, in my case, saying that the “Class” format was just chicken top 40 or soft rock.
Believe me; both entities were a little more complicated than that.

The “Class” format had its beginnings at CKY-FM in Winnipeg, where I was a board op.
CKY-FM was a hybrid-beautiful music station, and we played mostly instrumentals, but we also played some smooth top 40 covers by Ray Conniff, and that’s when I learned about texture and flow.

Then, when I became the PD of CKOM in Saskatoon, which was a hybrid top 40 station, is where I figured out how the top 40 mechanics worked.
A couple of years later, when I was the PD of CKSO in Sudbury, another hybrid-top 40, I learned how to do outlandish on-air promotions.

When I became the PD of CFRA in Ottawa, a MOR station, I added the texture and flow of CKY-FM to an already popular radio station, and the ratings exploded.
Next, I was hired to do CFTR in Toronto, and that’s where I put the elements all together.

Our radio license at CFTR said that we had to appeal to adults, so I had to figure out how to play the hits without attracting teens.
I put the flow and texture I learned in Winnipeg, together with the top 40 mechanics from Saskatoon, the outlandish promotions we did in Sudbury with the style of the MOR jocks in Ottawa. Crazy, huh?

I also added in some quarter-hour maintenance tricks I learned from Buzz Bennett and then launched it.
Surprisingly, our first rating book was great, and better yet, nothing but adults were listening.

Next, I was hired to be the National Program Director of a group of radio stations based in Indianapolis.
That’s where Jack McCoy taught me that TSL was not based on how long the folks listened; but how often, so I added some recycling stuff and appointment tune-in to my bag of tricks.

This was exciting stuff because I believed that I had a few secrets, and if anybody needed secrets, it was me.
(Jack McCoy pictured on top with me)

When we launched the same format on KVIL in Dallas, one of the things I did differently, was, we evolved it.
The listeners could actually hear us creating a new radio station before their very ears.

We also added some outstanding jingles from Hugh Heller to the mix.
KVIL eventually became so successful that it launched my consulting career.

As I look back, though, I’m not sure if quarter-hour maintenance or recycling ever worked, but because we thought we had some secrets, it made our jocks sound more confident, so our radio stations sounded much better.
Our radio stations all had a cause, and if radio needs anything today, it’s a cause. What’s yours?


Is it the accomplishment of the mission or the welfare of the troops?

There’s a little bit of good in all things that are bad.

Group decisions usually result in much slower results.

Creating a good product is not the hard part; getting someone to consume it is. 

Sometimes, you’ve gotta let God sort things out.

Ignorance is not only blissful, but it’s also a blessing. How many projects would you have continued if you knew what lay ahead?

A lot of wars are rooted in religion, but even so, if there’s nothing in it for the wealthy, they don’t happen.

Sometimes you’ve gotta ask yourself, is it the guns or the crazy people using them that’s at fault? 

Speaking of crazy people, why do they have to kill somebody before we take them off the street?

Unfortunately, unless you’re very smart and graduate from a great school, the odds are you’ll never own your own home.

Speaking of owning your own home, I owned my first when I was 22. At the time, I was a struggling musician who worked part-time at a radio station.

When you have a decent script and good actors, but the movie doesn’t come together, isn’t that the director’s fault? How about a football team with good to excellent players and a decent playbook, isn’t that the coach’s fault? Hello Bucs.

Speaking of the Bucs, how the hell did Brady focus on football when he was going through a divorce? 

Is there anything more seductive than the forbidden?

Getting what you want politely is difficult.

Unfortunately, you get unlucky and lucky about the same amount of time.

Without James Bond, I think the Beatles would have had a tougher time making it in America.

So, I guess if you have no shot at the golden ring, you start caring about the planet.

Why is it that even though I don’t see as well as I used to, everything seems clearer?

Most stuff is just too fast and too fucking long.

Can you imagine a world without religion?

America’s poor are the richest poor people on earth.

Why do the words “Trust me” make me do the opposite?

Why do the people who can do the least about global warming seem to care about it the most?

I don’t know if I’ve matured or just grown old, but when a woman at BJ’s asked me while sipping her wine if I had anything good at your place, I responded, “Yeah, my daughter, Cami.”

As big as Don Henley’s ego is, I wonder if he now thinks he’s bigger than Paul McCartney? Let me help you with that one; oh, Great Eagle, “No, you ain’t.”

Changing the world is not for the timid.

The words fathers have been saying to their sons for decades are, “Dreams don’t pay the bills,” were right;  “Dreams are what make you rich.”

So, here’s what the media seems to be trying to teach me;  Moms are good, Dads are bad, all women are good, men are all bad, all minorities are good, white guys are bad. Sorry, ain’t buying it.


​Angela Manfredi: I love “The Great Gift.” xo
While I’m here…how does one become Hall of Fame-worthy? (Coming To America Part 2. The Great Gift)
Radio Geo: Wow, the beautiful Angela checks in. xo back at ya! The way one becomes Hall of Fame Worthy, Angela, is by becoming more popular than the music. Easy answer but very difficult to do. 🙂

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Benevolent Dictator) 2/20/23

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 When I left my home in Canada and moved to America, I did it for two reasons, taxes and freedom from regulations.
Canada not only has a ton of taxes (That free health care is sure expensive, ain’t it), but it also has too many rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, some restrictions in Canada were getting in my way, so I left for America.(Oh and after Saskatoon, Sudbury, Ottawa, and Toronto, it was time to play in the Super Bowl of radio, the States.)
After crossing the border, though, I discovered that the U.S. was in turmoil.

Vietnam was raging, protest marches everywhere, and Watergate was about to drive Nixon out of the Whitehouse.
But only having a green card meant I couldn’t vote, so why would I care about politics?

Back then, all I cared about was creating good radio, but now that I’m winding that down and am also an American citizen, I’ve become very curious about how the political system in America works.

After doing a little research, I’ve discovered that in Canada, how much a corporation or an individual can contribute to a political campaign is limited, which makes perfect sense to me.
However, I’m pretty sure that the politicians in the U.S. are totally against limiting the amount of money they can raise from corporations and lobbyists.

In America, big corporations contribute huge amounts of money to both parties.
Not only that, but the lobbyists get the cooperating politicians some great book deals, speaking engagements, and insider stock tips which give them a hell of a retirement. Can you spell R-I-C-H?

The Media, for whatever reason, doesn’t bother to report on any of this, I guess because both sides of the aisle are involved, so exposing one exposes the other
My question is, who the hell do you vote for, and why? 

For example, what if Trump were to run again and win, then four years later, once again, he loses? Does he leave?
Five years ago, this kind of thinking would just be some kind of a crazy conspiracy theory, but…

Is this where we’re headed? Are we going to end up with a president who may do away with term limits, so like in China and Russia, the leader will appoint themselves an “in office forever” title? A Dictator, if you will?
We’re already used to Dictators, our parents, our teachers, and our bosses, but I think I’d prefer a benevolent one; it seems to work for the Catholics.

Hell, nobody votes anymore, and those who do continue to vote for the party their grandparents voted for, so I think we need something radically different.
But a Benevolent Dictator? How would that work? Do we let them do whatever they want? How would we keep them in check?

Other than some perverted priests, this system has worked well for Catholic Church since 1054.
The flock, as far as I can tell, seem happy doing what the Pope tells them to do. (Can you imagine if the Pope told them how to vote?)

The rest of us are reluctant to do whatever the current President wants.
We take what he says under advisement and treat what he tells us to do as suggestions.
I’d rather be ordered to do stuff; that way, I wouldn’t have to think so much because I think I’ve already got a thinkin’ problem.

But, just in case, let me be the first to suck up, “Long live our Benevolent Dictator.” 🙂


Wouldn’t you love to see a list of all those who got rich because of the Pandemic?

Things that give you a perk or two are my favorite investments.

Nobody has the right to do wrong. 

Is it the singer or the song, the lyrics or the melody, the accomplishment of the mission, or the welfare of the men?

When like me, you live in places where folks go for their vacations (San Diego for eight years and West Palm Beach for more than twenty-five), it’s hard to figure out where I should go for my vacation.

If we don’t respect our leaders in Washington, then why the hell would the rest of the world?

So far, I’ve figured out that the only right that I may have that my parents didn’t is the right to tell everyone, including the President or Prime Minister, to go fuck themselves. 

Don’t you hate it when what you’re doing interferes with what you should be doing? 

What would happen in America if the wealthy had no more power than the rest of us?

The only time you can’t lose is when you’ve got nothing left to lose.

So, if the politicians are cheating, I guess that lets the rest of us off the hook, huh?

Most of the stuff I write about is only my opinion. However, what I do know a lot about is radio, and what I know is, “It ain’t workin’.”

Years ago, one of my favorite Presidents, Bill Clinton, said, “It’s about the economy, stupid.” So with that in mind, I want to wish President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau good luck; they’re going to need it.

Unfortunately, as smart as my Grandson is, I actually had more opportunities than he’ll ever have.

After all this time, I still can’t figure out what the hell we’re doing, still fighting in the desert.

Back in the day, Jim Hilliard used to say, “Anybody can sell good ratings.” Unfortunately, Jim, today, good ratings ain’t near enough.

Are you, like me, a little bit suspicious of those who don’t say what they believe?

Some people change the world, whereas a lot of folks are changed by it.

Wow, the most beautiful woman in the world, Racquel Welch, is gone. 🙁

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Once Accused, You Lose.) 2/06/23

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Brett Kavanaugh hearing: why powerful men get more sympathy than women ...

Recently reading that Movie and TV Star Kevin Spacey was acquitted of four counts of sexual assault reminded me of Jian Ghomeshi in Canada and Brett Kavanaugh, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in DC.

Jian was a popular radio host on the CBC who was also accused of four counts of sexual assault.
He, like Kevin, was also acquitted of all charges. but because of the accusations, both of their careers are in shambles.

Brett Kavanaugh was accused of molesting a woman when he attended college.
However, his accuser now says that she never even met him back then, let alone he molested her.

I bet all these men were excited about their acquittals, but it looks like only Brett came out of it unscathed.
Kevin and Jian’s careers are in shambles.

My question to you is, what repercussions, if any, should happen to their accusers?
(Kevin Jian and Brett are pictured on top.)


Back in the day, it was a badge of honor to work for one of the big radio companies.

Successful people don’t use excuses.

You are who your boss says you are.

Revenge may feel good for a moment or two, but eventually, it will hurt you.

Don’t you just love the politicians who use our money to turn themselves into Santa Clauses?

When you don’t understand something, somebody’s probably being paid to confuse you.

One of the few things that the government does well, they keep the incompetent employed.

If as many employees at large corporations were busted for being pedophiles like Catholic Priests, would that company still be in business?

There are only two good things about being old, you don’t have to take off your shoes at airport security; unfortunately, I don’t remember the second.

Successful people always do more than expected? 

If you know the truth, flaunt it!

I love hearing what you know, but your opinions, not so much.

Outside of the craziness of politics, is there a buzz going on about anything anymore?

I believe that our reason for being on this planet is to improve it.

I find it very strange that even though ships can convert seawater to fresh water, nobody has figured out how to do it with the ocean in the state of California.

 You’ll begin to understand immortality once you have a child.

There’s a big difference between being sad and being angry. Sadness never worked for me.

Bob Lefsetz nailed it when he said after watching the Bee Gees documentary, “As big as they claimed the Bee Gees were, they weren’t the fucking Beatles.”

The thing I like best about high wages is nobody is gonna pay ’em to fools.

Wow, as fast as the Kenyan marathon runners already are, why would they be doping?

So who’s “worse,” the Italian, Irish, or Russian Mafia?

The reason why politicians don’t close up the tax loopholes is they use them too.

My favorite time was when Ronald Reagan was President. Not only did he let me keep most of the money, but the whole world, including Russia, was afraid of the U.S. How cool was that?

What amazes me is how many people forget that they voted for Nixon, kinda like nobody remembers adoring Mussolini and Hitler.

If you’re lucky, few people see what you see.

According to my father, you can’t cheat an honest man. What tells you ex-Bernie Maslow fans?

If you don’t choose a path, fate will.

Wow, when was the last time you used a landline? It’s like going from AM to FM.

Have you ever noticed that the rich only share their downside?

If your problems this year are the same as last year, you may be the problem.

I wonder how much Apple has to pay to have their laptops in every movie?

Doing what you have to do to become successful while taking care of those you love is an almost impossible mission.

As strong an individual as you may think you are, someday you’ll discover that everybody needs not only a coach but also a co-pilot.

Can you imagine, as a straight guy, how exciting it would be to be a figure skater or ballet dancer?

Sometimes, the harder I tried to make something bigger, the smaller it got.

Very few things in this world are more powerful than a smile.

Well, here’s something that I’m not very proud of. The U.S. is home to 4 of the most dangerous cities on earth, St Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, and New Orleans.

Justice or the law doesn’t make us equal; unfortunately, only a gun can do that.

Why do men feel obligated to take the fall for women?

Communication is the beginning of understanding, and understanding leads to a conclusion which results in a better resolution.


Jed Duval: George: When the original and second-generation (post-W.W. II) F.C.C. bureau chiefs retired, these radio and TV engineers were replaced by career Washington attorneys, beholden to the political party chieftains that helped get them appointed.  After 1974, in my opinion, the F.C.C., more than ever, became a political puppet.  Yes, engineers are still a part of the staff, but prior to 1974, the process was more by the book and rather objective, except in those areas where Congressional mandates had begun to interfere with the ownership policies (like TV-newspaper cross-ownership).  The F.R.C. /  F.C.C. commissioners were always political appointees, but they were far more involved with the issues of the best use of the spectrum and licensees “serving the public interest, convenience, and necessity.”  Today, sadly, political pull and lobbying (i.e. money) are what goes on outside of the hearing rooms of the F.C.C. (This One Is For My Brother)
Geo: A sad but true tale, Jed.

Steve Eberhart: The reason why the politicians don’t tax the rich more is simple; they’re rich. …actually, it’s really because they need their money, and if they’re giving it to the state, there’s not much left for the politicians! (Nothing But)
Geo: Thanks for the read, Steve; hey, the word on the street is that you’re now one of the rich, so you should know. 🙂

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog. (This One’s for My Brother) 11/07/22

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So when my brother Reg recently said to me, “Hey Bro, I’ve heard all your stories, could you just go with your Life-Liners?”
My immediate thought was; if a woman said that, I’d be shopping for a new woman, but because I don’t know where you shop for a new brother,  I decided to go for it.


I wish my Father were alive today for a lot of reasons, but one of them would be to tell him that he was wrong when he told me that if you weren’t sweating, you weren’t working. If he was here today, I’d say, ” No, Dad, if you’re sweating, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Has any country with low-hanging fruit ever invented or created anything of substance? Hey, maybe they didn’t need it?

Can you believe that five hundred thirty-five people who live in DC are protected by Homeland Security, the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, DEA, ATF, U.S. MARSHALLS, The Coast Guard, and the armed forces? Unfortunately, the rest of us (330 million) are protected by the local police. What’s wrong with that picture?

Is it ok to lie if it protects the ones you love?

Loyalty is everything.

Does anybody know how many wars the CIA has started and why?

Of the six women I was in love with during my life, only one of them sent me birthday greetings. However, one of them has passed, so she gets a pass; the rest, not so much.

Therapists always claim that it’s not your fault, but what if it is?

How do the kids of wealthy people get to go to Harvard? They can’t all be that smart. What’s that, you say? They have the same name as the new wing that was recently added.

In the early ’70s, was there anything sweeter than an “Eldo” ragtop?

Evolution is invisible; revolution is not.

In 1968, I heard Hey Jude for the first time in CKOM’s production studio. Now here I am in 2022, listening to a lovely instrumental version of it on YouTube but I can’t stay to the end because I’m finally burned out on it.

Surprisingly, I’ve found that most Liberals aren’t very liberal.

Have you noticed that because of social media, more and more people are speaking out, which means that even more people ain’t listening?

Speaking of speaking out, I can’t understand why more Mothers aren’t protesting about Transgenders playing on girls’ teams. Someone is gonna get hurt, and that will certainly bring Dad into the picture.

Speaking of Dads whose daughters got hurt, if he hits a guy who thinks he’s a girl who hurt her, does the law say he hit a boy or a girl? Asking for a friend.

I know some folks that are so far left that they accuse some of their fellow Democrats of being Trumpers.

Who’s the real woman you fell in love with, the one you began dating or the one you married?

Some of the NFL coaches may have coached in college, but it’s pretty obvious they didn’t attend a class.

I think that most Americans would prefer “The best person for the job” rather than diversification.

When a woman does everything she can to get pregnant, why should that become a responsibility for the man involved?

I know that Gay men don’t speak for me, so I can’t help but wonder why Lesbians think they speak for women.

The only thing Black Americans have in common with Black Canadians, Britains,  Parisians, and Africans is the color of their skin.

Getting mad at the right person at the right time sometimes produces the right result.

Why do we feel better when we find out that someone is doing worse than we are?

My being for men has little to do with women.

The only folks who take the radical left seriously are the extreme right, and they’re getting very pissed.

How do the American Oil Companies justify record profits every time the Saudis put the oil price up?

I guess the only people black folks can’t say anything bad about are the Jews. huh?

Speaking of Kanye, back in the day, just before Ronnie closed all the Asylums, two guys in a van wearing white smocks would have already picked him up and whisked him away. He would have looked great in that jacket with the extra-long sleeves.

How much help can you expect from those who do everything by the book?

I wonder what percentage the artist gets of the ticket price?

Charities usually do a much better job than the government during disasters because they get more bang for their buck. The government just throws money at the situation.

What the hell do all the birds do during a hurricane?

It is said that rich old white guys run the world. Well, I’ve got two of them going for me, so I guess two out of three ain’t bad.

What do girls/women hope to achieve by screaming when they’re frightened or excited?

I wonder why nobody challenges the FCC about the fact that there are very few local radio stations anymore; kinda un-American, don’t ya think?

Opportunity is sometimes cleverly disguised as trouble.

So Hollywood, has your always putting black people in positions of power in your movies changed anything? What say the Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians?

I wonder what the car insurance companies did with all that money they saved when we didn’t drive for two years?

While growing up, I was trained to hunt, but even though I did it well, I never heard thank you. All I heard about were the things I didn’t do.

Well, I guess it’s that time of year already; the Christmas decorations at the Outlet Mall, where my daughter Cami works, are up.

When you remove the constraints, you free up the bad guys.

I think that one of the toughest things in the world to do is to forgive. Still trying.

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