Hard Work Is “Old School”

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The other day a fellow Broadcaster who was about to launch a new format asked me how I would do it. I told him about something we had done years ago in Oklahoma City that got enormous media coverage.
I always felt that the idea was very instrumental in our becoming successful quickly but when he passed it on to his new ownership they claimed it was jut “old school” stunting. They may be right, stunting must be passe because you seldom hear any on the radio anymore but I’m thinking it may be more about laziness than it is about being “old school”.

One of my all time favorite stunts was done in San Diego by Jeff ‘n Jer back in 2001 at an event they cooked up called the Human Flag.(pictured)This promotion turned out to be so huge that not only was the local media all over it but it also got a ton of national press coverage. Little Tommy told me that over 40,000 of their listeners participated in this event which was done in honor of 9/11. I’m sure that an enormous amount of work went into that project and I’m sure the whole station must have been involved in order for it to go off as well as it did. The way I look at it is it’s not the stunting that is “old school” it’s all the hard work that goes with it.

The law no longer determines punishment, public opinion does.

I’ve been a fun father for most of my life but now I’m beginning to wonder how wise that really was.

Feedback is the nourishment of creativity.

If the product is free you’re probably the product.

All Hall Of Fames are color blind but they’re not character blind.

When Jackie Robinson first appeared in Major League Baseball most of the owners were totally against it because they feared that the Negros would take over the league but they never did.

There are not a lot of love songs written about women with PMS.

The thing that sets men with talent apart from the boys is a lots of hard work.​

Your word is only as good as your last.

Sometimes opportunity is cleverly disguised as an obstacle.

Love is like any other addiction, you can either try going cold turkey or get addicted to something else. As they say though, the only know cure for a beautiful woman is another beautiful woman.

Just as I was about to solve the mystery of women I forgot what the question was.

Except for my daughters I don’t think women are near​ as innocent as they appear to be.

You get to choose whether you become the type of person who makes things happen, watches things happen, or just wonder​ what the hell happened.

In order to have a great morning show one must talk about what the people are talking about​ then figure out how to get them to talk about you. Until that happens there is no need to talk about yourself.

​Doug Erickson once said that greatness​, true greatness, is always linked to originality.

If you don’t have sex or greed involved in your Web page don’t expect a lot of visits.​ 

I wonder how many good athletes are good human beings.

Do you suppose that Bill Clinton still has that old sign of his lying around that he can pass on to Obama … “Its The Economy Stupid”.

Somewhere between Daddy and Dad little girls become women.

If radio wants extra money it’s going to have to figure out how to do product placement.

It is said that attitude is everything, but without ability it is really nothing.

You learn from your mistakes so whenever I do a new station I know either we are gonna kick major ass or I was going to get a whole lot smarter.

Why do the pros seem to lay back when they’re leading where as the armatures pour it on.

Neil Young only does a couple of takes when he’s recording a new song. He claims that the extra takes may move you closer to to technical excellence but he also feels it moves you further away from the spirituality of the song.








Good People Are Irrelevant.

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Brent-Farris-KZSTBrent Farris of KZST claims that there’s not much difference between him being married or divorced because most of his money still goes to the same woman anyway. Brent is one of those rare radio personalities who could run for Mayor, but like most radio folks he needs a little reinforcement so with that in mind he had his 50th birthday at a funeral parlor to hear what all the attendees had to say about him while he was still alive and able to enjoy it.

What do we have to do to get the government to stop sucking up to the rich and poor and share the sugar with the rest of us.

The only thing with a shorter shelf than forever is always.

If you have enemies it only means you stood up for something you believed in at some point in your life.

There are no sidelines only sides.

It’s figuring out how to beat the rules that makes football great.

Sometimes it’s as simple as just asking for it.

From the Doctors we hear that its how many years they had to go to school is ​why they charge what they do so it’s not their fault​.The pharmaceutical companies claim it’s ​their r & d costs so it’s not their fault​, the hospitals say it’s staff and equipment costs so it’s not their fault and of course the insurance companies claim​ it’s the cost of all of the above that drives the cost of insurance up so of course its not ​of their fault​. Hey I’ve got news for​ all you guys, it is your f**king fault.

When is the last time you heard an Arab bragging about their high IQ.

Only the women you desire seem worthy of trying to solve their many mysteries.

When whispered the vilest words are the most erotic.

When a man starts losing weight there is usually a new woman in his life, when a woman starts losing weight she wants somebody new in her life.

It is said that men no longer crave what they already have.

The Laws are made for Lawyers not for the people.

For any project to be worth even beginning, the potential upside must be at least twice as big as the potential downside.

Does anybody today know any other persons phone number besides their own. 

Bruce Walker claims he is ready to hear the first father in law joke but it needs it to be funny.

Music is the scariest thing you can do on the radio because nobody will suffer through a bad tune.

I’m cool with Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Gays and whomever the latest buzz minority is but you are never going to convince me that they are any more special than me.

If I were one of the good people of the Arab Nations I would check the history books about how America handles good people who live around bad people. At the moment it is politically incorrect to dislike a Muslin because seemingly there are more good ones than bad but it don’t mean a thing. Check out what happened after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and even though we were told that most of the Japanese were good people we nuked them anyway. Oh and I would also take a look at what America did to the good Germans even though we were told that the Germans who killed 6 million Jews plus a few million others were only a small portion of the German population we didn’t care we bombed their cities and killed them anyway. Now we are now being told that we need to lighten up on Arabs/Muslims because the terrorists who are bombing and killing not to mention beheading people are really just part a small group but if I were a good Arab I would try to figure out how to fix the terrorist problem myself before becoming irrelevant like the good people of Japan and Germany who came before them did.

I wonder how many lives profiling has saved.


I Felt The Earth Move.

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10516723_10152663478288523_4642183259022230945_n3382682_10151918927604307_70499549_n2My life it now appears must be destined to be filled with never ending drama. Recently while visiting KZST in Northern California I got a panicked call from my daughter Cami informing me that even though her scheduled move to college was only 3 days away her mother told her she would be unable to move her into her dorm at USF as planned. Originally Cami’s mom was taking her to orientation and I was going to move her but that changed because her mom was moving into a new place so we switched tasks. luckily for us Christine Hilliard (pictured) became our new hero when she graciously volunteered to drive Cami to Tampa and move her into her dorm so all turned out well as the picture of a happy Cami shows. Meanwhile back in California fate was not done with me yet. Only few days later I was asleep dreaming about being aboard a cruise ship which was cresting some very huge waves only to awaken to find that I wasn’t on a boat at all and in fact it was my hotel room which felt like it was going over some pretty serious waves as we experienced a 6.0 Earthquake.

Speaking of California it is as you’re probably aware a very expensive place to live what with the price of gas, real estate, and food, not to mention higher taxes​ but for some reason most of the people who live there seem much happier than the folks who live in Florida are. What’s up with that!

The worst person in the world you could possibly lie to is yourself.

Good leaders soon discover that people need a lot more reminders than do more instructions.

Most great talent comes from the dark but unfortunately sometimes the dark side wins. RIP Robin Williams.

You seldom regret what you never said.

My lifetime job is to protect my daughters from all evil which includes their mothers.

Free WiFi seems to be fading away from Starbucks as the company discovered a lot of people had turned it into their office for the price of a cup of coffee.

America has the richest poor people on earth.

So if you didn’t know which candidate was a Democrat or Republican how vote thee then?

You are today what you were thinking about yesterday.

Doing your best brings you peace of mind.

One of the most exciting things you will ever do is accomplish something you earlier had thought impossible.

I used to think I was one good rating book away from being happy. Now instead I think I’m one good woman away from being happy but I’m probably wrong about that too.

Only the people who are behind you need to learn patience.

The process works this way … First you are young and stupid, then you are old and wise.

There is no honor in just playing in the Super Bowl, you have to win it!

How did we get to the point where everybody has all these rights but nobody seems to have any responsibility.

How do people who do the least appear to be doing the most.

Show biz and sports are fueled by the young.

I love women but now I have to figure out how to like them.

The first time that you’ll ever hear you may need to make some changes is shortly after you tell a woman that you love her.

Isn’t it interesting that women who bed professional athletes never seem to insist that they practice safe sex.

Speaking of those kind of woman isn’t it also interesting that they all appear to be “right to life” people also.

Speaking also of professional athletes, have you ever noticed that the only time they seem regretful for past behavior is when they are up for a hall of fame nomination.

Nobody ever got rich working 9-5.

A year ago if you started the day working on getting rich you would be well on your way by now.

A mirror does not reflect the real you.

Is it intellect or intuition that causes you to hold ’em or fold them.

Remember when a sales person’s job was mostly to get the money. Now they also have to figure out how to get the money to fit the system.