Geo’s Media Blog (Hello America How Are Ya?) New 9/13/21

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Growing up in Canada, I was always in awe of America.
They wrote songs about her cities, shot movies in all her states, but the clincher was when the Beach Boys sang about all the pretty girls that played on her beaches. I knew then that I just had had to live there.

I was in my early 30’s before I finally made it to the US when I became the National Program Director of Fairbanks Broadcasting.
Fairbanks was based in Indianapolis, which was great because I got to take my Dad to the Indy 500, a lifelong dream.

I also had great seats down front for both the Indiana Pacers and the new hockey team, the Indiana Racers, who had a fellow Canadian playing for them by the name of Wayne Gretzky.

Not only did my kids get to go to some of the finest schools in the nation, but I also got to work at the two best radio stations in town, WIBC, and WNAP which had its privileges.
Hey, what’s not to like about Indy?

Being the National PD of Fairbanks, I traveled to Boston, where I saw my first Major League Baseball game, which happened to be during the World Series.
In Dallas, I fell in love with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders so I designed a radio station especially for them and their girlfriends which surprisingly also became the darling of the radio industry.

In Philadelphia, Rocky used one of our Jingles in his first movie, and I got my first taste of what it would be like to live in South Florida when I traveled to our station in West Palm Beach.
No snow here, baby!Life was good in Indy; my home in Carmel had a large swimming pool out back and a Benz and a Caddy out front so I must have been deliriously happy, right? NOPE!
The Beach Boys had never stopped calling out to me, so I finally stopped resisting.

After almost nine years of living large in Indianapolis, I left for San Diego and started over again. (San Diego shown below)
Whoa! What a beautiful city, not only did it have almost perfect weather, but everybody smiled at you. Ya gotta love that western hospitality.
I loved Southern California, and it took me well over two years to get over the feeling that I was on perpetual Vacation.
The thing about San Diego was, you could even pick out the exact type of lifestyle you wanted to live because no matter where you were, you were only 20 minutes from the Beach, Mountains, or the Desert. Pick one.

I chose the beach, and for 8 years, I lived over the bridge in Coronado and officed in downtown La Jolla which overlooked the cove.
I must be finally happy, right? NOPE! (My Coronado home shown above)

Before I knew it, I was divorced and had moved to South Florida where I’d fallen in love with a beautiful psychotherapist.
I know, what was I thinking, right?
Our plan was to marry, but even though it didn’t work out, we did produce a beautiful daughter, and after 25 years of living in West Palm Beach, I guess I kinda like it. (shown below)
I’m not happy about a few of the choices I made along the way, but even with all the political unrest going on at the moment, I’m still very happy that I moved moved to the US.There is no other country on earth where a kid from Transcona could have achieved half as much and lived as well as I did. Thank you, America.


Do you find it as discouraging as I do that when you help some folks, they actually critique how you help them?

Until women accept responsibility for their actions, their beauty may make them more than equal, but they’re not equal.

Let’s tell Mr. Businessman to stand down and stop buying oil from all Arab countries. North America doesn’t need it, and he doesn’t need the money.

Have you ever noticed how quickly selfish people notice the selfishness in others?

There are seven intellectual gifts and six ways of looking at everything. Unfortunately, politicians don’t appear to be using any of the above.

Unlike art, nobody is irreplaceable.

Only the greedy athletes understand leaving their leaving the cities that love them for more money elsewhere. Their fans sure don’t.

Being the best at something always pays well.

I used to admire Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs until I recently watched a documentary about him. Obviously, being both French and black didn’t mix very well, can you say very arrogant?

It used to be about what our radio heroes said between the records that made us loyal to them, but that loyalty lasted till they played some lame music, then someone else had a shot at us.

Even though I’m an inquisitive person, I’m not curious at all about what government officials have to say. They didn’t write it.

Why do women always claim that they can take care of themselves?

Who gets to decide if you turned out alright or not?

It takes eight minutes of practice for every minute of stage time.

People with knowledge are the most powerful people on earth.

Speaking of power, it’s those who create what we really like who change the world, not those who distribute it.

I think Brady is a lot like Bird, not the best athlete in the world, just the best at kicking your ass.

Speaking of pro athletes, I wonder what percentage of them have been arrested for one thing or another compared to the general public?

My favorite story about the legendary Jack McCoy comes from his long-time partner Doug Herman. According to Doug, when Jack would come off the road all excited because he sold something, Doug would have to say, “But Jack, we don’t have that.” Jack would respond with, “What, we don’t want the money?”

Most of us know that Bill Wyman was the long-time Stones Bassman, but who the hell is it now?

In hockey, you can either chase the puck or be like Wayne Gretzky and be there waiting for it.

I don’t think black thugs’ lives matter more than white trash lives do? In fact, I don’t think they matter at all.

Do guys have comfort dogs, asking for a friend?

There is nobody poorer than the man who doesn’t have a dream.

The two lies radio people tell themselves are; “We can’t sell more time because we don’t have big ratings. And the reason we don’t have big ratings is, we don’t have enough promotion.”

Oh, and the two things that are seldom done that produce all the revenue and ratings you need are; Cold Calls & Show Prep.

A moment of encouragement is worth more than an hour of praise.

Nobody is politically correct at home. 


Doug Thompson: George, your radio career was stellar and amazing…but what’s even more amazing is that you’re friends with Jo-Ann Pflug… “M*A*S*H,” the movie’s Lieutenant Dish.
Course, here in the Great White North, we pronounce it Left-tenant Dish.
Wow, NOW you’ve really impressed me. (Let’s Hear It From The Girls Part Deux)
Geo: As tuff as you are, Dougie, I had to go with my ‘A’ girls. In reality, though, she had a radio show down here, and I was helping her with it. Wonderful lady.

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Geo’s Media Blog (New Mother Nature) New 9/06/21

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No, I am not drinking, well at least not yet, but​ I am noodling, and what I’m noodling about is probably wild and crazy, or is it?

What I’m thinking about is, even though the whole world shut down for more than a year and a half with covid, our planet didn’t get any better.
So now what I’m worried about is, maybe that Mother Nature has come up with a new plan

In the beginning, she really screwed up when for whatever reason she made most of the creatures on earth much too large.
After realizing that the Dinosaurs were probably going to eat themselves into extinction which would also leave the planet inhabitable, she came up with a new plan.

What she did was create a giant comet, and poof, just like that, no more Dinosaurs.

Next, her new plan consisted of putting much smaller creatures on earth which included us. Unfortunately, what with our wars and such, we turned out to be even more destructive than the dinosaurs.

Now I’m fearful that she’s come up with another new plan.
I’m thinkin’ that she was thinking that we were probably going to take ourselves out with Global Warming and is now pissed at us because we’re trying to slow it down?
Hey, somebody got Covid 19 started, and it sure wasn’t me.


The lines only get long at the airport ​when ​you’re running late.​

The four words a guy never wants to hear are​, “We need to talk.”

If you move with confidence in the direction of your dreams, eventually, you’ll smell success.

I can’t afford for anybody to fall in love with me at the moment, but I am saving up.

Men only have one reason to get married whereas women have several.

Is leaving the truth out lying?

Has anybody seen an approval rating of slow old Joe lately?

The only people who are not afraid of Mr. Businessman are the people.

We all understand how tough it is out there for radio salespeople but do they realize it is for us to get somebody to listen to some of the shit they sell?

Speaking of bad stuff, we spend too much time moaning about it and not enough time celebrating the good stuff.

Never ever sanction incompetence.

When my Cardiologist asked me if I would have done anything differently, I replied, “I would never have got divorced, I would have spent more time with my kids, and I would have celebrated my victories just a tad longer.

Why does the service at a bar always get worse when there’s hardly anybody there?

The further radio continues to drift away from showbusiness, the more unsuccessful it will become.

Nobody should ever have to apologize for crying.

My old pal Socrates told me long ago that it’s really all about cause and effect. Then he went on to explain that’s it’s above the bottom line that causes the bottom line. So with that in mind, what causes racism?

You never know how long you’re gonna be the best, so it would be best to put a little away.

Always start small and then go big, really big.

As Leon Russell said, “You’ve gotta earn the right to wear shades at night.”

Wars may end, but they’re never over.

So do I have this right, white males are only responsible for the bad stuff but none of the good stuff?

If I didn’t have daughters, I doubt that I’d give a damn about women’s rights.

Sometimes it’s good to be selfish.

Hey Ladies, never forget, Wives trump Moms.

Oh, and guys, when you give your daughter’s hand in marriage, you are giving up all rights to her.

Women who marry for money deserve all the bad stuff that awaits them.

Only when you operate outside your comfort zone, do you grow.

Trust is the ultimate winner.

It started with Maurice Gibb, then continued with Glen Frey, Dusty Hill, and Charlie Watts. They all went in for routine procedures, but none came out. I, for one, am gonna skip routine procedures.

Sweet Connie Hamzy, who passed recently, must have been a piece of work, huh?

The two things that you can never learn how to do are, sing or draw.

Sometimes just the sun coming up in the morning is enough.

Maybe the US should remind the Taliban that in order to rid the world of some bad people we dropped the Atomic bomb on some good people.

I’ll know the world has changed the moment white people start moving into black neighborhoods.

Winnipeg is in 1st place in their division of the CFL. Go Big Blue!

Doug Herman: George, a couple of things: (1) Sadly, there are a lot of RIPs in this article. A certain sign that we’re getting old, even as hard as we’re fighting it. (2) Radio was also much better when the owners were afraid of the FCC. That’s why we all had hired guns like your old friend and mine, FCC Attorney John King, on our team. (Swan Song)
Geo: Geo: Doug, John is the best. When he was finally assigned to me at Fairbanks, it set me free.

James E. Duvall: At first, George, I thought the group photo was of an old Fairbanks Broadcasting management conference, but then the only face I recognized was you!
Geo: Damn, and I was all bearded up too, Jed.

Larry Macinnis: You’re right George. The window of opportunity doesn’t open by itself. In my case, I had a lot of help opening it – from Stan Carew, Doug Freeman, Mike Kornfeld, J. Robert Wood, Warren Cosford, Allan Waters, and Fred Sherratt. Just to name a few. Never forget the people who help you jimmy that window. (War What Is It Good For?)
Geo: Ahh, watching me while I work again, Larry. 🙂
I too had a lot of help from people like Mark Par, Jimmy Darin, (Hilliard) Chuck Dann, (Riley) Daryl ‘B’, J Robert Wood, Keith Dancy, Ted Rogers, and Jack McCoy. They changed my destiny.

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Geo’s Media Blog (Swan Song) New 8/23/21

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A few weeks ago while traveling up the west coast shopping for colleges with my grandson Nathaniel, I started thinking about my own school experiences.

Unlike his “Buppa,” my grandson Nathaniel is an excellent student.
I was a junior, as he is now, I didn’t pay too much attention to what was going on in class. I was way in back wearing shades, writing tunes, and dreaming about becoming a Rock Star.

Most of my teachers were hip to my disinterest and discontent so they were always suggesting that educational pursuits may not be my cup of tea.
In fact, some of them were recommending that I should consider becoming an apprentice at the nearby CNR shops and I should do it sooner rather than later.

When you put their attitude together with my tendency to reject authority, what you had was a very disgruntled young man.
I only cared about one teacher, George Derenchuk (RIP); he was the only one who knew how to handle me, which eventually led to my getting my first and only ‘A.’

Ok, enough about all that; let’s fast forward to 1981, where it’s time to return to Transcona for our big TCI reunion. (See photo on top)
By this time, I had already released 4 records with e Jury, married my high school sweetheart (Lana Boychuk), and was in the midst of leaving Fairbanks Broadcasting, where I was the vice president of programming to start my own company in San Diego.

Even though I was busy putting my new company together, I was excited about taking some time off to attend the reunion even though none of my old teachers were expected to attend.
Hey, as they say, the best revenge is your success. Colour me bummed!

Nonetheless, it was well worth the trip. I had a great time hanging out with all my T’cona buds, especially my old teammates from the famous Transcona Nationals, including my lifelong friends, Jim Quail and Bill Wakeman. (RIP) (See photo above)
We even managed to surprise coach “Coby”(RIP) with a quick visit to his home, which was the first time I ever saw him at a loss for words.

Back when Lana (RIP) and I were only dating, she used to hang out with some very pretty girls, which I now have a theory about.
My theory is this, “Every woman gets their Swan time,” they either get it when they’re young girls or later on when they mature into women.
When Lana and I walked into the gala event of the reunion that night, It was “Swan Time Baby.” She blew the room away!
(Lana is pictured above with me and in the center of the photo on top. I’m the guy in the back with the beard.) 


I think running is the very best exercise of them all because there’s no coasting. You’re either running, or ya ain’t!

Speaking of running, I bet the spin Doctors in Washington are going crazy!

You can’t stop the future; it’s on its way.

Either we were incompetent teachers, or they were very slow learners. Either way, we wasted a lot of time and money in Afghanistan.

Speaking of Afghanistan, here’s a Life-Liner of mine that Facebook wouldn’t publish. “The only people who lost money in Afghanistan were the American taxpayers; everybody else got rich.” 

Speaking of Afghanistan, I could never understand why we were there in the first place; now I can’t understand why we’re not?

Speaking again of Afghanistan, I’m really enjoying watching the slow Joe fans scurrying about saying things like, “Hey Afghanistan was gonna fall anyway.” If that’s true, why didn’t Obama pull us out 10 years ago as he promised?

Radio was much better when the owners were afraid of the DOJ.

It’s the backups who keep the starters sharp, not the coaches.

The first time you became aware that something was possible was when you learned something of value.

I think the Democrats can kiss the mid-terms goodbye.

The one thing money can’t buy is time.

Speaking of money, I was more than pleased when the Canadian Government informed me that they would deposit $500 in my account. However, when it got here, it was only $399 US.

Only 23% of the population were born to lead and I don’t think that very many of them are in Washington.

Wow! Ray Charles is being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. How cool is that?

There are only two things that are never really big enough, the back deck and your flat screen.

Do politicians really believe that we all sit around thinking about elections as much as they do?

The bad news is, my daughter Cami works so hard that she doesn’t have time to meet the love of her life. However, the good news is, she also doesn’t have time to marry some jerk.

The free stuff always ends up being the most expensive stuff of all.

Now both the Everly Brothers are gone. 🙁 RIP Don.


Gina: Geo, you, sir, are my hero! I am in awe of you and your fab writing, sir. But, you never mention ME. (Cool 2 B A kid)
Geo, I’d mention you all the time if I knew who you were, Gina?

​Joel Thompson: ​You sure can pick ’em, George!!!! (Let’s Hear It For Girls)
Geo: I’m not sure who was zooming whom, Joel.
Billy Bob Harris: George, love your Mojo……….(Let’s Hear It From The Girls)
Geo: Just trying to keep up with you, Billy Bob.

Geo: You don’t have to yell, Carol. I can hear ya from here. 🙂

Next week, part Deux of “Let’s Hear It From The Girls” continues.

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Geo’s Media Blog. (Not So Sweet Sixteen)10/05/21

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My birthday week continues as I remember some past birthdays, like my 16th, which changed my whole life.

I’ve been a car freak since the day my Dad put me on his lap and let me steer while he talked about us driving across Canada in a Car Rally someday.
Sadly, we never did, but maybe I’ll do it with my son or even my grandson; however, I’m also running out of time as my Dad did.

 Ok, here it comes, the day I’ve been waiting my whole life for, my 16th birthday.
I was up early and off to the DMV, where I planned to take the written test first and then memorize the route as we drove so I could come back later and practice.

I aced the written part, and as we drove the route, I had it down too.
However, when we got back to the DMV office, the driving inspector handed me a piece of paper and told me to give it to the cashier inside.

When I asked him what it was for, he said, “When you give that paper to her, she’s gonna give you your license.
Are you f**king sh*ting me? I couldn’t help but break into a couple of choruses of “Free Bird,” and it hadn’t even been written yet.

The stars were aligned; it was my birthday, it was also Friday, and I had my driver’s license. All I needed now was my Mother’s car.
Finally, after begging her for over an hour, she reluctantly gave in, and I was off to pick up my buddies. (Celebrating on top wearing shades.)

I wish you could have seen us; Iwe had so many guys jammed into that little car; it looked like the clown car from the circus.
We spent most of the night just driving around and laughing as we honked at all the girls, and when we pulled into the A& W and ordered up burgers and fries, I felt like I was finally a big kid.

What a great night; not only was it a night to remember; it was also a late one.
When I finally got home, it was 2:00 in the morning, and both of my parents were up waiting for me. Can you spell double grounded?

There I was on a Saturday night watching some lame big band show with my folks and was bored to death until I heard, “Let’s welcome back the young man who caused so much controversy last week.”
That perked my ears up, but when my Mom said to my Dad, “They’re not going to have that disgusting singer on again, are they?” They had my undivided attention.

Suddenly some guy called Elvis Presley bursts onto the stage, and I’m spellbound.
He had a contemptuous sneer on his lips; his eyes were dark and brooding, his hair was long shaggy, and he had sideburns down to here.


I could not believe my eyes and then when he broke into Tutti Frutti, I was mesmerized.


Tutti frutti all rutti
Tutti frutti all rutti
Tutti frutti all rutti
Tutti frutti all rutti
  Wop bop a lu bop
a lop bam boom!

Not only did Elvis wave his guitar around and point it like he had a rifle, but he was also bumping and grinding like a Vegas stripper.
Then when all the girls started screaming and crying, it changed my life. I  knew right then that I had to be a “Guitar Man.”


I’m ok with friends giving me advice, but when others try to, they just sound insolent.

You’re as sick as your secrets.

Have any “bad cops” ever hurt any good people?

Having information is a very, very powerful tool.

Do Asians and Hispanics feel sorry for black people?

We all want to feel like we belong.

Owning what we create leads to satisfaction.

I remember when women used to hide their breasts. I wonder what it was that brought those puppies out?

Besides the politicians filling up their bank accounts, why do you think smoking is not banned?

Speaking of Lobbyists, why do we bother to vote if the politicians only do what they want them to do?

One would think that the folks in Detroit might want to consider giving the Republicans a shot, and maybe the Mexicans should consider Communism. Hey, what they’re both doing now sure ain’t working.

Being all news doesn’t automatically make you the radio station the folks tune into for their news.

How come the Feds are so wimpy about demanding that we vax and mask, they sure weren’t weak about seatbelts? I still hate them, but I buckle up.

When I first started working, you weren’t allowed to listen to the radio. That’s why I loved my first job at a radio station; the radio was blasting everywhere.

Just as all priests didn’t become priests because of their love of God, all policemen didn’t become policemen because they wanted to serve and protect.

It takes time to get well, but one can become ill in no time.

Whitney was excellent, and so is Beyonce, but neither can be compared to Queen Aretha.

Is it the singer or the song? Nope, it’s the audience.

If you’re not ambitious, it’s tough to become successful.

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Geo’s Media Blog. (Running on Empty) Another Birthday Tale. 10/06/21

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This week I’m recalling some of my more memorable birthdays so when I noticed that Olympian Jeff Galloway was giving out some running tips on Facebook, it brought back my 50th.

 I began running as an exercise that I could take on the road, but because I’m obsessive, it soon escalated into racing.
Unfortunately, though, unless you can run a 10K in under 40 minutes, you’re just considered a jogger.Not wanting to be “no Jogger,” and with my 50th birthday looming, I hired a world-class runner to coach me.
His name was Thom Hunt, and with his coaching and a lot of hard work on my 50th birthday I ran a 38:40 on a hilly course in Santa Rosa California. (Seea photo of Thom above, running for the USA)

Having accomplished my goal of running a 10K in under 40, and feeling more like a real runner, I decided to go back to Winnipeg and run the half, in their Father’s Day marathon.
Not only would it be fun to see family and friends back in my hometown, but I’d also get to run the race with my nephew Jamie Boychuk.

Jamie, who now lives in Jacksonville, is the executive vice president of operations at CSX Railway.
Back in those days though, he was just a high school kid running track, not a railway. (pictured on top with me thirty years ago at the race in Winnipeg and just below it, a recent photo of us at his home in Jacksonville.)
As Jamie and I were doing a little stretching, I happened to notice that Olympian, Jeff Galloway was upfront with all the other elite runners.
Wow, after having read all of Jeff’s books, I was very excited about getting to run in an actual race with him. (see just above)

When the gun went off, I completely lost sight of both Jamie and Jeff and was praying that Coach Thom was right when he claimed that the young always go out too fast.
Sure enough, at about the 2-mile marker, I spotted my Nephew, and as I slowly went by him, we just nodded at each other.

I, of course, thought that he’d probably tucked in the right behind me and was waiting for the right moment to make his move.
There was no way I was going to flinch by looking around, so instead, I just picked up my pace.
I ended up running the entire race out of my comfort zone, and as we entered the University of Manitoba track for one lap, I was exhausted.
However, expecting Jamie to blow by me any second, I dug down deep and hit it. (pictured just above)

When I thankfully finished and looked around, surprisingly, not only was there no Jamie, but a few minutes later, I got to watch Jeff Galloway cross the finish line.

Later when I called coach Thom to gave him my time, (1:31) I also mentioned that I’d finished a couple of minutes ahead of Jeff Galloway.
However, when I added, “Jeff was probably dogging it,” Thom said, “Well, that’s his story, yours is, you beat him.”

The line in the old song, “Summertime”, best explains how it all still works.“Your Daddy’s rich and your Mama’s good lookin’, so hush little baby, don’t you cry.”

I understand that back in the homeland, Trudeau is trying to make recreational marijuana legal by October in honor of my birthday. Hell, what’s the rush Dude, I don’t even partake.

I was just reading that if you want to rent a two-bedroom house in California, you need to make at least $30.92 an hour. In Florida, it takes $20.68 an hour, but if you consider living in Alabama, you can slide by on $13.72 an hour. Go Tide!

The only way to be right is by not being afraid to be wrong.

When more folks were afraid of the police, fewer died.

My new dream is to become as attractive as all the African, Russian, and Filipino women who hit me up on Facebook already say I am.

I hear that Kim Jong Un wants McDonald’s built right next to the Trump Tower in North Korea. 

We’re all racist and prejudiced about something. The f#cking liberals, f#cking conservatives, fucking socialists, f#cking gays, f#cking rich people, f#cking welfare people, f#cking mouthy athletes, f#cking musicians, f#cking politicians, f#cking salespeople, f#cking jocks, f#cking bosses, f#cking staff, f#cking women, f#cking men, f#cking cops, f#cking post office, f#cking bums, f#cking DMV, and oh yeah, the f#cking French.

Just guessing here, but I rather doubt that it was a standing president who decided that there should be a term limit for presidents but not for Congress?

White men may not know how to jump, but they sure know how to play soccer.

Have you ever heard of a radio market where the sales department led the station into battle?

I wonder what Chuck Berry spent all that money on that he didn’t pay the musicians?

Being boring on the radio has a longer shelf life than obnoxious does.

The real purpose of Billboards is to piss off the other radio stations in town and guarantee that the sales force doesn’t have to hear, “Never heard of ya.”

How come in movies, they always leave the car door open; women fall down while running away, and the people trying to escape some killer always go up?

Who was it, and when was it decided that it would be ok for employees to take a personal call while customers were waiting in line?

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