Despicable Words. (new geo blog for Sept 12/16)

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As much as I would love to have my father Sandy Johns around these days there would be no way I could explain today’s world to him. Orphaned at four and on his own at fourteen he lived a very difficult life and went through some very tough times. He survived a couple of World Wars, a depression and the death of my sister Sandra but came out of it all as the most honest man I’ve ever met. There was no way my brother Reg and I ever got to sit around we had to work and he really didn’t care what kind of work we did as long as it was honest.
When my father retired to British Columbia the rule was that you got to collect unemployment insurance fo a year but there was no way that I could get him to apply for it. He looked at it as welfare and no matter how hard I tried to convince him that it was just an insurance policy he wouldn’t hear of it. He was very proud of the fact that he had made it through his whole life without any assistance from the government so he sure as hell wasn’t going to start now.


Despicable words when whispered into your ear by a beautiful woman take on a whole new meaning.
If women really want a sensitive man how come they always go home with Clint Eastwood? 
If your QB is not headed for the HOF your team is not likely going to the Superbowl, just sayin’ Miami. 
You need to start living like you’re dying ’cause you’re well on your way.
Just getting up off your ass can turn any dream into a plan. 
You usually end up arriving at the place you’ve always wanted to be. 

For a better life just do what the old song says, “Accentuate The Positive, Eliminate The Negative, And Don’t Mess With Mr. in Between.

Jim Hilliard always claimed that anybody can sell good ratings which Reid Reker recently reconfirmed when he pointed out the obvious. They don’t put Billboards up on dirt roads.>
WTF is correct about politically correct?
Talk may be cheap but action sure ain’t.
Social media can kill anything, let’s get started. What ya got on your list? 
I was rich until becoming distracted by a beautiful woman or was it three.
Talk may be cheap but action sure ain’t.
Never be afraid to do what you’re afraid to do.
Even beautiful women sometimes sleep alone because no matter how beautiful they are there’s always some guy who is tired of their sh#t.
You never see a gorgeous woman at a bus stop.
In order to have a decent relationship with any woman, you have to trust her even if she’s not trustworthy.
A woman’s wants excite me her needs do not.
The greatest honor a man can ever bestow on a woman is asking her to marry him.
Sometims a woman rejecting you can later be celebrated as an unanswered prayer.
I think we should keep Ryan Lochte’s deceit alive as long as we have Brian Williams’.
Woody Hayes once said that there is nothing more soul cleansing than getting the hell kicked out of you.
Speaking of football Shug Jordan of Auburn said that we should always remember that the giant was a 40 point favorite over David.
According to Joe Namath when you win nothing hurts.
Why do they insist on spelling congradulations c-o-n-g-r-a-t-u-l-a-t-i-o-n-s.
Laughter is so contagious that you don’t even have to understand what we’re all laughing at.
No matter how softly praise is spoken it’s always heard.

Doesn’t everyone wish they could sing?

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WTF ! (new blog for September 05/16) #7 of my 12 most read Blogs during 2016.

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When my brother Reg and I were doing the “Class thing” our client list grew too large to handle so Reg came up with”Class Seminars.” The concept was simple enough … If we couldn’t get to them as often as we would have liked, let’s bring ’em to us. The fact that our seminars were held in the middle of winter but our offices were in La Jolla didn’t hurt much either. (our Canadian clients were always the first to register)
We had great speakers like Jim Hilliard, Jerry Bobo, Hugh Heller, Jim West, Jack McCoy plus all the latest research guys. I was the MC and was only a little nervous but when I asked Reg who our first speaker was and he said it was me I got real nervous. WTF! Now if you hand me a guitar I can go on for hours but otherwise, I ain’t got nuthin’ to say.
Necessity being a “Mutha”  I stalled by getting each attendee to introduce themselves hoping as they each did so I would eventually come up with my own topic. As each one stood up a cool story about them would pop into my head which I’d share as they sat down. After everyone had introduced themselves I glanced up at the clock to see how much time I had to fill and surprisingly discover that we were already running late.
Over the years we did a lot of these seminars but then started moving them around the country to places like the South Fork Ranch when “who shot JR” was hot, the stage of the Grand Ole Opry as country music was coming on strong in America, Texas Stadium in Dallas when the Cowboys were America’s team, and into the mountains of Park City Utah. Of all the seminars we did my all time favorite was the last one in San Diego at a magnificent hotel right on the water. I can still see myself standing at the lectern welcoming everybody when mid-sentence I stopped and said, is this f##king boring or what … Let’s get the hell outta here! I had them follow me out the doors to the marina where we boarded a sleek 65′ ocean going sailing yacht.
As we put out to sea we talked a little radio until someone asked if it was true that the legendary Jack McCoy lived around here somewhere and when I responded that indeed he did someone else asked if I ever got to see him. I told him that I saw him all the time and in fact, I’m looking at him right now and with that I pointed up to the bridge and said … Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce you to our captain … Jack McCoy! (pictured above with me at my recent birthday party in San Diego)
People tend to check their own pocket book first in order to decide what state the economy is in not with some stats served up by a PR firm.
A teacher will never know how long their influence will last so I hope they teach wisely.
Love and hate are very similar but indifference sure ain’t.
All women look incredible in a wedding dress.
The only thing that’s really free is the word.
You tend to tell your real good friends mostly good things.
Nobody hates bad teams they hate the great ones.
The controversy about whose better, Beck or Clapton rages on until Eric steps up to the microphone.
Isn’t the electoral college a little old school.
If his mother hasn’t already done so I need to warn my 11-year-old grandson Nathaniel that most girls his age have already picked out the color of their bridesmaid’s dresses. 
PC is a shield that a lotta bad people are hiding behind.
I had to laugh out loud the other day while watching a martial arts film when one of the Kung Fu types spoke to the other the subtitle claimed he said, “let’s get drunk and chase some kittens.”
The only men that women don’t understand are the ones that don’t desire them.
I feel sorry for the liberals who assume that conservatives are just a bunch of red necked hillbillies. 
What amazes me most about the Olympics is that even though these are the best athletes in the world someone always shows up who make the rest look like high school kids.
So we have two 1%ers running for President, what the hell do either of them know about the rest of us.
No one will ever know that you stumbled if you make it part of your dance.
Most liberals only notice you when you don’t agree with them.

You would think that out of the 320 million people who live in the United States we could have found someone better than Trump or Hillary to run for President.

Maybe the reason that politicians think they’re smarter than us is because we’re dumb enough to actually vote for them.

There is no right or wrong only consequences.

A group picture of naked women just looks kinda strange and not very sexy whereas a photo of one or two of them nude looks breathtaking.

Boy, all that weed sure didn’t slow Michael Phelps down much in the Olympics.

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Newsletter geo style

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Cami Spanks Me (new blog for August 29/16)

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13876147_10155071401264307_2440830592453727399_nCami who is my youngest (cleverly disguised above as a woman) took me to task recently for my claiming to be a Centrist because according to her most of the material I write in my Blog is slanted towards the right. I had no idea if this was true or not seeing as I really don’t think much about what I write. Stuff just pops into my head and then I hit publish. Not wanting her upset with me I decided to review a few of them and it turns out that she was right because a lot of them appeared to be somewhat right of center. (I am thankful however that she let my truisms about women slide)
What I want most out of life is for my children to be happy so in the future I’m gonna demand that the muses supply me with some decent copy that treats the left and right equally. Although trying to figure out exactly just what side of each issue the liberals and conservatives are going to be on can sometimes prove difficult but I’ll do my best.
In that spirit I offer this up … From where I sit both Hillary and Trump look like bad choices to me. How am I doing so far?
What if mother nature planned on us screwing up the planet so we’d take ourselves out instead of her having to send a comet like she did to wipe out all the dinosaurs who were getting out of hand. What if our trying to prevent global warming is actually going against mother nature’s plan. What happens next?13315330_10154883630664307_4736162798811281079_n
Who could have known that some of the guys pictured above at Jimmy Darin’s going away party in Winnipeg would go on to change radio in North America. Pictured left to right  J Robert Wood, Chuck Dann, (Riley) George Johns, Brian Litman, Daryl “B”, (Burlingham) and Jimmy Darin (Hilliard) lying down.
Very little comes to those who wait.
Except for my daughters few women are as innocent as they appear to be.
I wish the president of the United States didn’t represent any party that way we’d get to elect a decent human being with a great plan rather than a party. His/her job once elected would be to work with all of congress in order to get her/his promised agenda through the house.
Being a card carrying liberal or a conservative doesn’t make what you think anymore valid in fact, it’s less valid.
What I never understood about Superman was how come when he put glasses on nobody recognized him.
Why do Asians never seem to need assistance from the government.
Speaking of why, why do the tiniest things in Victoria’s Secret cost the most?
Remember when your folks used you as the remote for the TV.
The only thing that beats great content on the radio is good local content.
Radio’s just another part of show business even though except for the people who run our industry were not paid as well.
I wonder what our soldiers in the desert think of the folks in Washington.
When’s the Kahn family gonna start banging on the people who killed their son?
The truth is always the truth but unfortunately what other people perceive the truth to be is what you’re dealing with.
When radio starts chasing listeners and money again it’ll do just fine. Until then I wish them a lot luck.
Why does it only take seconds when you buy something for the money to come out of your account but a refund takes forever.
Until you’re willing to die for someone or something you’re kinda uncommitted.

Freedom’s just another word for nobody workin’ ya.

How come nobody seems to be able to spot Jason Bourne … He’s the guy right over there who looks like Matt Damon.

Nice story but Usain Bolt did not donate 20 million to anybody or anything.

If content is king then well-performed content is god-like.

Being a legal alien myself and having to go through what I did in order to immigrate to the US, (work permit, green card, citizenship) I have very little interest in anyone else having it any easier.

All the women who are usually very noisy about women’s rights are strangely silent about the rights of Muslim women. Why is that?

There’s gotta be a few conservative professors out there, I can’t imagine they teach much socialism at Harvard Business School.

I used to think of Kaepernick as an NFL quarterback but now I think of him as something else.

It begins, Speedo, Ralph Lauren, and a couple of others have dropped drop Ryan Lochte.

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The Meaning Of Life. (new geo Blog for August 22/16)

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It all began when I immigrated to America about the time as Nixon was getting ready to exit the white house. Gerald Ford did his very best to fill in until little Jimmy Carter showed up and with him sky rocketing interest rates and the so called gas shortage. Uh huh! Next we got Reagan who compared to the peanut farmer appeared to be a war monger. He actually stared Russia down and got them to blink without any shots being fired but the war like atmosphere caused our economy to grow by leaps and bounds. Now it was George Bush Senior’s turn who for whatever reason decided to distance himself from Ronnie by claiming that he was going to bring a kinder and gentler government to to the nation. (being the former CIA director I guess he’d know how mean we could be) He of course invaded Iraq to help out some place called Kuwait who must have been his college buddies because few of us ever heard of the place. (did they even send us a Christmas card or pick up our gas tab) Tiring of hearing George Sr claim that he’d never raise taxes while he was doing so we moved on to Bill Clinton who was only one BJ away from being regarded today as one of our greatest Presidents ever. (hey even women understood Marilyn but nobody got Monica) Slick Willy had the economy booming with a surplus and full employment. Al Gore managed to turn a sure thing south by also doing the distancing dance from Clinton which allowed George Jr. to two step his way into the White House. Then just as his father had, Georgy boy immediately invaded Iraq claiming that Saddam was storing weapons of mass destruction but a lot of us wondered what the hell he was going to do if it just wasn’t true. Tiring of the war we elected Obama who promised to get us out of Iraq and when he asked for a little more time to do so we gave him four extra years.
The thing that amazes me now as Trump and Hillary do battle for the White House, (they both make Nixon look like a pussy) getting out of Iraq doesn’t appear to be on either’s agenda. I can only surmise that Mr. business man must be involved because as I was taught long ago … If you don’t understand something look for a financial connection.
The only thing you need to work on is what you’re afraid to do.
Marijuana for all intents and purposes has been decriminalized in America so Obama has finally set 214 pot smokers free which is good news because we finally have room for a few bankers.
I wonder if even Melania is fearful of younger women.
Do servers actually wait to ask you if everything is alright until someone is halfway through explaining the meaning of life.
Remember when the terrorists were all Irish.
My Blog isn’t very PC and seeing as I seldom agree with the left or the right there’s always a little something in there for both of them.
I wonder if any beautiful women sleeps alone.
Encouragement moves a project forward much faster than criticism ever does.
Speaking of Bush, when I mentioned on Facebook that the cop killings were being done on Obama’s watch and would become part of his legacy if he didn’t do something about it I was immediately chastised. His fans were quick to tell me that he could not be held responsible and I thought, aren’t these the same people though who hold Bush responsible for everything wrong with America 
Giving attitude to a person who has a gun is just stupid and is not going to end well.
Isn’t it weird that everybody seemed to smoke then all of a sudden nobody did.
The media always asks Ivanka what she thinks of her father’s behavior towards women but I for one would rather hear Chelsea’s answer to that question.
Just for giggles once I went through the rating book in West Palm Beach and found a 137 different places where WRMF was #1 which I listed and sent to the sales department. I also included facetious note which asked if there was anything else they needed me to do for them. They immediately responded yes and asked if I would reconsider doing remotes.
Recently up in the wine country watching the TV news and they were talking about a job fair that had been designed to hire 300 of the homeless. The whole thing turned out to be a huge success because all 300 openings were filled which I thought was very cool until they mentioned that you had to be black to qualify. WTF !
If you give someone your undivided attention they’ll do likewise.
Brent Farris says that they did a study where they spent $100.00 in every state of the union. They got $115.00 worth of stuff for it in Alabama and Mississippi which was the most and $88.00 worth in California which was the least.
My grandson Nathaniel who is just back from a week in Cleveland with his dad said that he wasn’t very impressed with the Rock&Roll Hall Of Fame it was just filled with a bunch of old guys that he’d never heard of although he knew the names of everybody in the Football Hall Of Fame. 
When I hear women complaining about men hitting on them I tell them that it’ll be over soon enough.
I wonder if singers and musicians realize how silly it sounds to hear that they have checked into a rehab facility for their addiction to pain pills. Pain from what is what we’re asking.

So who’s bigger in Jamaica Bolt or Marley?

Speaking of the Olympics when’s the media gonna apologise to Rio and us for their bad mouthing of everything. I think it all came off beautiful and now maybe it’s time to start checking the credentials of the folks who claim to be media.

Henry Ford and Steve Jobs were right, you don’t give the people what they want. You give them what you want them what to want then figure out how to get them to want it. Are you listening radio?

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