Ya Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em. (New for March 28/16)

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When my daughter Candis turned 21 my gift to her was a trip to Paris.
On her actual birthday though she just wanted to me to take her dancing which was a bit of a surprise, but seeing as she’s never heard no from me off we went to some fancy night club.
I spent most of the evening at the bar drinking wine while she danced the night away with a bunch of guys and occasionally would bring one over to meet me. Around 11:30 she said she was ready to go and as soon as she got in the car she said … Dad that was the best birthday ever, thank you so much. I told her that it was my pleasure but I still didn’t understand why she wanted to go out with me instead of some of her girl friends. She just laughed and said … Because I just wanted to dance dad but usually the guy you’re dancing with starts to hit on you and wants to take you back to their place. When I told them I couldn’t because I was with my father, a couple of them didn’t believe me, those were the ones you met.
Very few businesses become instant successes so as Kenny Rogers sang long ago … “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run.
Unhappiness is a place right between what ya’ got and what ya’ want.
You only dream about your wants but not your needs, sometimes though you can dream up a solution on how to have both.
You can almost see success, it’s up the road a piece just a little beyond failure.
A woman’s whole world changes when she leaves her 20’s.
The problem women may have with men can be traced back to their fathers. While they were growing up their fathers convinced them that life was all about them but to the men that show up later, that ain’t necessarily so.
Fathers are the only people who go along with that other special day being bigger than theirs even if the person being honored doesn’t deserve it.
The women who interest me most are those who are interesting to talk to, if not I’ll just stick with the young pretty ones.
The way women can become an even bigger force is to stick together with all women not just the ones who are their age.
The only thing that can bring a man to his knees without being fearful, is a beautiful woman. 
The gift men give the women who love them is their willingness to give up their lives in order to protect them.
I know of no man who wants to support a woman he doesn’t love but unfortunately the law realizes that also.
The only good thing about divorce is that its like having the ability to buy your way out of prison.
Can’t is also a bad 4 letter word.
Why do rules and laws appear to be written for other people.
Do you know any hugely successful self made men who are also nice guys.
I wonder why the folks who harshly criticize opposing political candidates don’t realize that their candidates sound just as idiotic.
Adults laugh about 17 times a day where as children do it 2 to 300 times, just another reason why it makes no sense to grow up.
If you chase what you want getting what you need becomes much simpler.
There is a way of saying thank you that actually means … Leave me the f**k alone!
I don’t think I’ve heard them ever predict a light Hurricane season in Florida, no money in that.
It didn’t take them long to figure out who brought Aids to North America so you would figure by now they would know the name of the person who brought PC.
When did radio people lose their fear of dead air.
It’s a hell of a lot easier to become a good radio executive than it is a good air talent but unfortunately it’s the executive who decides if you’re any good or not.
On air people have to start sounding better or continue to drive a car that’s 10 years older than them for the rest of their life.
What makes something really great is a great ending.
Losing the Superbowl puts you in a category slightly behind the teams who haven’t even played in one.
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The Last Words of Steve Jobs… (probably not true but should be)

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I have come to the pinnacle of success in business.  In the eyes of others, my life has been the symbol of success.  However, apart from work, I have little joy.  Finally, my wealth is simply a fact to which I am accustomed.At this time, lying on the hospital bed and remembering all my life, I realize that all the accolades and riches of which I was once so proud, have become insignificant with my imminent death.  In the dark, when I look at green lights, of the equipment for artificial respiration and feel the buzz of their mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of my approaching death looming over me. 
Only now do I understand that once you accumulate enough money for the rest of your life, you have to pursue objectives that are not related to wealth.It should be something more important:For example, stories of love, art, dreams of my childhood.No, stop pursuing wealth, it can only make a person into a twisted being, just like me. 
God has made us one way, we can feel the love in the heart of each of us, and not illusions built by fame or money, like I made in my life, I cannot take them with me. I can only take with me the memories that were strengthened by love.This is the true wealth that will follow you; will accompany you, he will give strength and light to go ahead. 
Love can travel thousands of miles and so life has no limits.Move to where you want to go. Strive to reach the goals you want to achieve. Everything is in your heart and in your hands. 
What is the world’s most expensive bed?  The hospital bed.  You, if you have money, you can hire someone to drive your car, but you cannot hire someone to take your illness that is killing you.  Material things lost can be found.  But one thing you can never find when you lose: life.  Whatever stage of life where we are right now, at the end we will have to face the day when the curtain falls. 
Please treasure your family love, love for your spouse, love for your friends…  Treat everyone well and stay friendly with your neighbors.







My Dad Was A Criminal. (new for march 21/16)

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When I was but a lad me and my family lived in Australia for a couple of years and in fact my sister Sandra was born there.
Being from Canada though the thing I remember the most about Australia was getting to go to the beach at Christmas time.(pictured with my folks aboard ship and with my Dad at the beach on Xmas day)
12728888_10154564622244307_1953335136602520775_n-1Shortly before Christmas my Dad surprised us all one day with a Christmas tree hanging out of the trunk of his car. It seems that while driving down some back road he came upon a forest of spruce trees so he cut one down and brought it home which made us the only people in the whole neighborhood with a tree.
Unfortunately the very next day the local Newspaper reported that some criminal had vandalized the experimental tree farm where they were trying to grow spruce trees which were not indigenous to Australia.
So far they have discovered that some humans have up to 7 intellectual gifts but unfortunately the SAT’s are still only based on the three R’s. 
It’s not good to seek revenge but it sure feels good.  
It’s easy to be skinny just have skinny parents.
Most women want sensitive men until they’re in danger.
For some reason good lookin’ women tend to hang with those that are not so good lookin’.
I love it when women pray … Oh, Oh God, Oh My God, Ohhhhhh!
When men begin to lose weight they are usually sick or there’s a new woman in his life.
The most noble thing a man can do for a woman is to ask her to marry him. The most noble thing a woman can do in return is to turn him down if she doesn’t love him.
For some reason the women I want are not the ones I need.
Just because you didn’t hear about it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
So John Scott who was the fans choice to play in the NHL all star game where he won the MVP has been regulated to the minors. I wonder what the fans think about that.
Lest we forget “absolute power absolutely corrupts”.
We are all gifted at something but what that is sometimes a complete mystery.
Being gifted is not enough it’s still gonna take a hell of a lot of work to become successful.
It’s never convenient to do great things.
The most important ingredient in becoming really great is really wanting to.
If you’re not workin’ on your own plan chances are you’re working on someone else’s.
Limitations exist only in our minds but through the power of your imagination the possibilities become limitless.
Dreams are  illogical.
If birds didn’t exist would airplanes.
In Showbiz product is King. The record industry is looking for a hit record, Broadway is looking for a great play, Hollywood is looking for a star and TV is looking for a phenomenal series but radio is only looking for good sales people.
I’m amazed that some radio folks think that playing the same old tunes in a different order is some kind of a new format.
Everything you do on the radio should be designed for people who don’t give a damn about what you do on the radio.
Radio currently sounds like we are doing it in black and white. 
People in a small market will sometimes listen to radio in a large market but unfortunately the reverse is not true.
As bad as your local newspaper may be it’s still bigger than USA Today. 
Remember when you needed written detailed directions on how to get somewhere new, now you just need a phone.
Very few of the all time biggest hits were really rock & roll.
It really doesn’t matter how many people you know, it’s who knows you.
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Yeah But! (new for March 14/16)

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I’ve never imagined being part of a group so consequently I’ve always thought of myself as an individual. Occasionally though I am labeled as being part of some group called whites. I also don’t believe anybody represents or speaks for me so I’m also neither a Democrat or a Republican.
I’m an expert on little but have an opinion about everything. I believe in the intent of most laws but not necessarily the languaging they used to write it with. The laws appear to be written in a manner to make sure the lawyers had something they argue about so they could make some money. I’m not a very religious man but I am spiritual.
My grandmother (pictured with me and my cousin)who was the matriarch of our family, always called me “yeah but”. I’m told that it was because no matter what was said to me that was always my response. Also whenever she would gather me and all my cousins around her each morning to give us our daily instructions she would always end them with … And that goes for you too George. There’s always an exception to everything though and I’m a proud to say that I am a member of a family that are the only thing worth dying for.
The best and worse day of your life occurs the day you become more successful than your father.
I know exactly what’s wrong with me, I just don’t know how to fix it.
The beauty of being a Centrist is that you don’t have to buy into the bullshit of either the Republicans or the Democrats.
Wisdom is wasted on the old, they don’t know what the hell to do with it and nobody wants to hear about it.
To become wise one must go through the young and stupid part first.
Preconceived notions prevent wisdom.
A lot of people want tomorrow today.
A great host always sets his partner or guest up with provoking questions, he/she then needs to have a killer line standing by with which to end the segment.

Lest we forget, radio is just part of show business and should be treated as such.

Everyone wants the truth but very few can handle honesty. 
Trumps popularity would lead one to believe that a lot of Americans may be done with “Politically Correct”.
Mr. Business Man is known for a lot of things but I doubt kindness is one of them.
In Canada most of the animosity is between French and English and like in England blacks are not a factor. I wonder how they feel about that.
Speaking of Canada even the conservatives there are a little bit left of center.
Doing what you love to do is important but making it happen needs to be your quest.
An appreciated person always exceeds expectations.
No matter where you came from and how tough it was to get where you are, nothing changes you’re still gonna have to fight for everything.
My oldest daughter Candis claimed that for years she was confused about whether or not I was sexist until she finally figured out that I was but just not with her.
The only women worth dying for are my daughters, the rest seem to come and go.
I’m not in love at the moment so most women bewilder me.
As good as Tom Brady is there are still more people on the planet that can do what he does than what his wife does.
I’m the worst at hearing bad news but one of the best at fixing it.
Adele has once again proved that some artists are bigger than their record companies even though they still don’t get paid as much.
A good plan executed right now is much better than a perfect one put into action later.
By simply adding a timeline to your dreams you turn them into goals.
The Italians and Brits don’t have much in common but both build beautiful cars. The Ferrari and the Aston Martin come to mind.
What’s the sense of having a f**k you account if you never say f**k you!
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Marnie! (new for Feb 22/16)

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537200_10152112763464307_947836849_n I heard some exciting news from my friend Marnie Howard today (of course I wish she was more than that.) Marnie left South Florida recently to join a new cyber security company in New York city which is involved in the kind of stuff that I thought only existed in movies.
For those of you who understand what Marnie sent to me below or know someone who could use these services please pass the info on. The rest of you can do what I do and just gaze at her picture.

Hi George,

It was so great to catch up with you today!  As mentioned, I am reaching out to you to see if you have any contacts (CEO/CTO/CIO) in the communications industry that I can speak with regarding my company Global Data Sentinel, which is currently
at the forefront of cyber security.  We have a unique solution that has been very well received by government organizations and companies across many industry sectors – including financial services, media & entertainment, healthcare, and insurance, amongst others.

We benefit from having Valerie Plame, former CIA Operative under the Bush Administration, along with Tim Murphy, former Deputy Director of the FBI on our Advisory Board.  As you are certainly aware, both of these individuals are recognized
leaders in cyberterrorism, cybersecurity, cybercrime, counterterrorism, and intelligence.

Interested parties will be forwarded a full presentation but meanwhile you can visit our website www.globaldatasentinel.com.

Have a fabulous week!

Thank you,


Marnie Howard



The hell with it! Things don’t get fixed by just worrying about them.

Over thinking something usually leads to negativity.

You can only be successful if a lot of people want you to be.

Envy is the result of counting other people’s successes rather than your own.

I wonder if Steve Jobs was onto something when even though he didn’t know how to run a business he fired Mr. Businessman and started running Apple himself

Does anybody remember a memorable quote from Ryan Seacrest other than “Seacrest Out”.

This is a very strange time in radio because even if you have great ratings you still could be fired.

I’ve never liked the Jew word because I’ve heard it used like the “N” word, but then again I’ve never heard of Israeli Americans.

It doesn’t appear that our President is very color blind.

So do I have this right, most Germans didn’t buy into Hitler, most Japanese were horrified by Pearl Harbor, most Cubans were against Communism, and most Muslims love Americans.

It was the mistakes in the music that made Rock & Roll great.

Unlike while making love I prefer a fast beginning with a slow ending during my restaurant experience.

Most men have sex because they like it where as some women have it hoping it will lead somewhere.

Most women like professional athletes can only really count on 10 great years.

My daughter Cami surprised me by attending a Trump Rally at USF recently and knowing that the Donald was not her cup of tea I asked her why she went. She replied … To keep a Trump supporter from getting a seat.

My goal as a father was to try and make some great memories for my children.

I think Rap should be categorized as spoken word or maybe modern day poetry because it’s certainly not music. I mean how are you gonna sit around the campfire singing along to it.

I don’t think beautiful women are very interested in sinking to the depths of equal rights.

When you date a pretty girl from Transcona you better be very careful because she may know how to throw a mean body check because she probably plays hockey.

If the highest court in the land can’t rise above political bias why would we bother to respect them.

If only half of what the liberals and conservatives say about each other are true we are in deep doo doo.

How do politicians manage to look so comfortable when they lie. Is that a gift?

If you have the ability to be great it’s your responsibility to use your gift to create some greatness.

When I was growing up I was exposed to 3 phenomenons, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and the Beatles so I say to the next generation … Time to bring what ya got!

The time to stop using all your talent is when you’re drained.

What a strange sight it was to see Havana listed on departures at MIA recently.

One of the things I’ve always heard about men but I’ve never heard about women is … She was a foolish girl she wasted all her money on men. Oh oh am I trouble with women again for bringing this up?

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