Hanky Panky (new for April 18/16)

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Jeff-BarryA couple of years ago Reid Reker and I met in Las Vegas with writer/director Nancy Gregory who was was writing a musical about Jeff Barry. She planned on launching it in Vegas then Broadway, we were just looking at getting involved.
Later that night at dinner Jeff told us that his only failure at songwriting was when he wrote the tune “Hanky Panky”. Jeff of course wrote tons of million selling records like, Da Doo Ron Ron, Then He Kissed Me, Be My Baby, Chapel Of Love, Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Leader Of The pack, Remember (Walking In The Sand) and so many others but now was charged by the record company to come up with a bad flip side for Tommy James and the Shondell’s brand new release. He had to come up with a song so bad that no Dee-Jay would ever think of flipping it over so he gave them “Hanky Panky” and the rest as they say is history.


The best thing about Donald Trump is his ability to get the rest of us interested in politics.
How come there are no conservative professors, I would rather my daughter make her own choices.
The thing that makes your daughter’s advice more worthy than other females is because it’s usually less self serving.
The people who fund everything in America are the middle class whom the government does not address. I have a feeling though that the middle class is getting ready to address them.
You can still work while listening to the radio which you can’t do while playing on the internet.
The thing about women is … Once you make love to them your f**ked!
Most men are not looking for a meaningful relationship, it just happens.

The first time I ever thought about woman’s rights rights was when my first daughter was born.

Speaking of daughters my youngest told me not to have any pictures taken with any females I wouldn’t want her hanging out with.
When I was a kid I never had a song in my heart but got to release a few records anyway and now even though I’m not a writer, it looks like I’m gonna become an Author.
You can buy great sex but not great conversation.
Just when you thought you were starting to get a handle on millennials, here comes generation K.
You never have to recreate the truth.
I wonder how Canadians felt about Justin Trudeau’s fawning over Obama during his recent visit to the US, I’m sure the reverse would have been true had his father been involved.
You can never overplay someone’s favorite song.
I so miss the warmth of the Canadian people but not the cold of a Canadian winter.
As America’s attention span continues to shrink, everything appears to be too f**king long!
What’s the sense of having power if you don’t abuse it.
The toughest part of my present world is getting any women I may be interested in past my daughters.
The best advice I ever got which I never used was from my lawyer friend Barry Wallack years ago when he said … George do you know what this is gonna cost you, can’t you just f**k around!
You pass the same people going up the ladder of success as you do coming down so how you treated them determines the comfort of your ride.
Others decide your reputation.
When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, those months with 31 days sure are a bitch.
The thing about rock&roll is it aways comes back to 3 guitars and drums. Whose next?
When I was a kid I got to bring records out even though I didn’t I have a song in my heart. Now that I’m an adult and not an author it looks like I’m gonna publish anyway. How strange is all that.
Have you ever noticed that TV weather girls who have great asses make sure you see them.
If you want the credit ya have to give up some of the money.
An idea is just a concept that needs a little work.
The best are always difficult to work with, if they weren’t we’d all be working for them.
Tom Skinner told me that he’d once read that told him exactly what questions to ask a prospective employee at a job interview. He stopped asking them when he realized they had read a book that told them how to answer them. 

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LETS DANCE!! (new for April 11/15)

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I usually frequent a Sports Bar in West Palm called Duffy’s, but last night a buddy dragged me over to Renegades.
Renegades is a cowboy bar where while my new friend Christa (pictured) kept me lubricated at the bar I noticed that the place was swarming with pretty cowgirls who were all dancing with each other. This took me right back to when I was a kid and the girls also danced with each other because the guys didn’t dance. Necessity being the “Mutha” it is, Rolly Blaquiere and I taught each other to dance and in no time the lovely ladies were lined up and we had our pick. Time to do it all over again Rolly!


Growth begins the moment you realize that you need some.
It’s not about what you can’t do, life is about​ what you would have done had you only known you could.

No matter how hard you worked and how loyal you were you still end up taking care of yourself.

The only question you never want to ask yourself is … What if?

Butterflies are living proof that you can have another life.

You can never assume that someone heard what you were saying.

The Japanese are totally responsible for America becoming a world power.

The only way to answer unsolicited phone calls is … “It’s done but there’s blood everywhere.”

Just how convenient does a marriage of convenience end up being.

The unpredictable and dangerous people always do the best radio shows but the frequent calls from the police eventually become tiresome.

Occasionally I put my sensitive side out there but when I don’t get a response I start planning revenge.

I easily fall in love but find it terrible hard to commit.

Most of the people who’ve ever influenced me were women.

Speaking of females, if they’re as innocent as they claim to be how come mothers try to keep them away from their sons.

Your imagination is the way you get to see the reality you’re about to create.

How come they don’t play real county music at a cowboy bar.

OK I’m ready to vote for whatever candidate tells the special interest groups and my and my wealthy neighbors in Palm Beach to go f**k themselves.

Recently when told a black person while discussing the Superbowl at Duffy’s that I thought Cam Newton was a sore loser he claimed that was a racist statement. So I changed the topic and said … Hey, sad news about George Martin dying huh, but when he asked who that was I thought hell, I know who Quincy Jones is. Just sayin’.

Being courageous is having the ability to master fear.

It is impossible to succeed without first having a goal.

A learned person once told me that one could educate themselves by simply reading novels because they are at least half true. With that in mind how do you feel about the fact that in most novels today big business and the government are the bad guys.

How you present a gift often becomes more important than the gift itself.

To become intellectual one must study, to become wise one must observe.

It’s not who you remember it’s who remembers you.

First came Marconi, Martinis … Then great radio.

A pessimist complains about things, an optimist expects them to change, a realist adjusts.

The secret to local radio is LOCAL.

Even though I love women, I only trust my daughters with my credit cards.

Individual great athletes are everything until a great coach shows up with regular players and kicks their ass.

The better you get, the better life gets.

An argument tends to ruin a great discussion.

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