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Taking too long to decide what you’re gonna do with your life may result in it being over before you begin. Being told, “You can’t have that, ” only made me go after it even harder. Does anybody ever like what they see in the mirror? Contrary to what you see on TV and in the movies, most folks marry within their race. The best thing about fear is it keeps you vigilant. Nothing is nearly as good or bad as it seems. Becoming a parent is the most joyous moment you’ll ever experience. Unfortunately, though, it’s followed by a lifetime of worry. I was schooled at TCI but educated at Pete’s Poolroom. Most men will back down if their wives are threatened. How many women do you suppose would do the same? Younger wives are wonderful, except for the fact that they’re still working on the future while you’re already living yours. Women aren’t that innocent; they know what we want. Great morning men/women talk about how great the City they live in is, and the people of that city tell their friends how great she/he is. As much as I like to drive, I must admit, there’s nothing better than having your own driver. Here’s what women don’t understand, there is no way they get to share in the upside if they don’t also share in the downside. I know a few guys that have their own private jets, but I only know one guy who has his own private train. Most things are rarely as permanent as they appear to be.


Jerry Bobo: George, during those long sessions one year, Jim gave me a plaque with our annual billing goal on it, which looked like an unreachable amount for KVIL, and told me to hang it on my office wall as a daily reminder. Like the sometimes cocky SOB that I am, in October of the next year, I got a nail, scratched a big CHECK mark on it, and sent it back with a note that said, “DONE; what’s next?” That was the last time he gave me a plaque. One of my goals was to charge and get the highest price per spot in America. What I wanted the KVIL clients to understand is that KVIL wasn’t just another radio station. It was a special breed and the best in all of radio broadcasting so they had to pay more for being with the best. In fact, I wouldn’t allow clients to buy just the Ron Chapman show; they had to purchase other dayparts as well. Ron did not voice spots except for one “Grandfathered” auto dealer. His endorsement was strictly for KVIL and our audience. It pissed a lot of clients off, but they soon got over it once their store traffic increased. Several months before it came time each year to raise the advertising rates, I would annouce to the sales staff that I was raising the rates much higher than I would actually but I would always raise them a little over half of what I had announced. So AE’s had the clients thinking a big increase in the spot rate was coming, and when it was much less than expected, everyone accepted the new higher price with ease. We were billing over $2 M a month back in the 1980s; that’s why Richard M gave me a new Mercedes one year. Boy, those were the good old days of radio. (Fairbanks Management)
Geo: Jerry, you gave me my consulting career. When you hit your first million-dollar month, my phone started ringing off the wall. I had two choices answer their questions or sell them the answers. I chose “Faster Cars, Older Whiskey, Younger Women, and Mo’ Money.”What a ride, love ya, man!”

Bruce Munson: If I ain’t teasin’ ya, I ain’t lovin’ ya!” George, your line is remarkably similar to what my dad used to say to his grandkids! Like you, he loved to tell stories. Another of his favorite lines was, “Now, if you’ve already heard this…don’t stop me because I want to tell it again.” (Fairbanks management)Radio
Geo: I completely understand what he was talkin’ about, Bruce.

Bruce Devine: Geo. Roger Klein says that when you were at CFRA: ‘You took Ken  ‘The General’ Grant’s uniform Away’ ?:) (Character!)
Radio Geo: I wish that were true, Bruce:-)

Jack Schell: Mighty interesting words and picture on your blog this morning…even with the horizontal squish of that picture that takes 40-50 ponds off of each participant…some of them, on the way to looking just a bit like Beldar, The Conehead.The text of it all had me thinking about how, when there was a need at KVIL, Ron assigned me the jobs of DJ, Chief Engineer, Program Director and Promotion Director, now and then, along the way between 1967 and 1993…plus, taking on his show (commuting from Gun Barrel City each morning to do it) in the very early 2000s when he went on vacation.  As a result, I have an odd collection of anecdotes…some happy, some not.  Oh brother, DO I! Anyway, Ron wrote a lot of thank you notes, which I still have…I collect stuff.  Among them, a small Post-It Note, from him, from among the batch, has been attached to my bathroom mirror for many years, so as to see it at least at the beginning of each day (when home).  It isn’t really negative (although a first impression might make one think so). It simply says, “Remember, Jack, no one cares…except for a precious few”.  It was intended, not as a reason to become depressed and give up…but to be careful, diligent and undeterred…kinda like those signs along the highway that say, “Bridge freezes before road”  Like, no prob, just watch your step.  I thanked him often.  This rare note to your blog is NOT meant to spill the story of my life in radio, but simply to help you bring that picture of the Fairbanks crew back to reality…it is not all that difficult with today’s digital gadgetry.  In the meantime, I find it difficult to fully express how glad I am that we had that little get-together in Dallas (2019?) with Ron, you, Bill G., Becky, Xrey, sales folks, and many more.I know, I know…”Blah, blah, blah – where’s that fixed picture, Jack?” Alrighty (and have a super 2023, George)!  Also, you’re welcome. (Fairbanks Management)
Radio Geo: As usual, Jack, I have trouble staying with you, but I think I got this one. You and all the crew a KVIL did a spectacular job and should be very proud of yourselves. Thanks for the fixed picture; it now adorns the Blog.

Wendy Holmes: Looks like you had a very successful radio career, George; congratulations! I met Beau and Tom at the radio station on the Pembina highway. An optometrist office that I worked at was in that building, and they were our customers. Tom was pretty quiet, but Beau was quite contagious. Did you ever meet Howard Kroeger? (Character!)
Geo: Thanks for the read, Wendy. Yep, radio’s been very good to me, and no, I’ve never met Howard Kroeger.

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It’s easy to get someone’s attention; getting their interest is tough.

You’re much happier when your giving than you are receiving. Who smiles more than Santa?

Turning data into useful information requires some creativity.

Laughter cures almost everything.

Without Radio, there’d be no Rock&Roll; without Rock&Roll, there’d be no Elvis or The Beatles.

Unless you need the government’s help, being accused of being prejudiced or racist doesn’t mean much.

The big difference between Justin Trudeau and his father is when Pierre spoke, the whole world listened.

I know a lot about a little and a little about a lot.

A desperate man is the most dangerous man of all.

Hollywood doesn’t portray America as it is; they portray it as how they want it to be.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if motivational emails actually inspired someone?

I never did like dealing with negatives, so whenever I thought the station sounded a little loose, I’d threaten the air staff with a “Jock in the box” session. (A random air check being played that would be critiqued by us all.) The mere mention of that usually tightened the station right up.

Keeping a secret is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do.

Trying to make payroll tends to lower your standards.

Ain’t it funny how the new big thing quickly becomes the “flavor of the week.”

Did you know that it costs two cents to make a penny?

Speaking of money, you rarely need anybody’s permission to do a radio promotion that doesn’t cost anything.

Speaking of promotions, it’s pretty easy to create a good one if you’re got a good budget; tough if ya don’t, but still doable.

Sometimes having a plan “B” keeps you from focusing on Plan “A.” There’s no such thing as too much praise.

Radio should have never given up on selling cume. When clients asked how many people heard their commercial, radio should have replied, perhaps all of them.

At my age, many things that used to make sense no longer do.

When you’re no longer able to change things, change yourself.


Brent Farris: Merry Christmas, George: We just finished Secret Santa, and I’m all wiped out. Enjoy the Holidays from your view at the top of the world. On behalf of everyone at KZST, you still inspire us to this day. Always have and Always will, your humble follower, Brent. (Seasons Greetings)
Geo: Thank you so much, Brent. It’s been an honor to work with you and the KZST staff for all these years, not to mention how excited I am about getting to do it all over again next year.

Marc LaFrance: What a wonderful adventure. Always enjoy reading your blog. Merry Christmas, and all the best in 2023. (Bucket List Wrap-Up)
Radio Geo: Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee Mon Ami, it was good to finally meet you.

Doug Thompson: George, re: WIBC transmitter site being turned into condos. I had the same feeling when CTV bought CHUM and decided 1331 Yonge street would also be turned into condos.  So much history in that building over 50 years at 1050 CHUM with Program Director Allan Slaight and later J. Robert Wood, General Manager Fred Sherratt, and Mr.  Waters for President. You couldn’t have had a more perfect group. Then there was CHUM FM with Ops Managers Bob Laine, Duff Roman, Program Directors Warren Cosford, Ross Davies, and many others over the years. As well as Roger Ashby’s amazing career on both AM & FM. As Chuck Riley once said in a voice track to a CHUM promo, “Time Marches On.” I also never realized that he had such cute knees after working with Chuck Riley on many projects. (The Great Gift)

Doug Herman: Many of us have similar feelings regarding a station that helped “make” our careers.  KCBQ comes to mind for me.  The station still exists (in a Salem right-wing and religious format with near-zero numbers), but the original building and the field with six towers that rocked the industry way back when are now a Lowe’s store. (The Great Gift)
Geo: Doug and Dougie, you’re both right; we thought the great stations earned the right to last forever. Sad!

Kevin Robinson: George Johns – Nazi!  🙂 (CFTR)
Geo: It does look a little harsh, doesn’t it, Kevin? I was much older then; I’m younger than that now.

Wendy Holmes: A new reply to your opinion of Pierre Trudeau!
Many years ago, my daughter Heidi and I visited Ottawa together. One of the high points was, of course, the Parliament Building. As we wandered down the hallway where all of the portraits of our Prime Ministers are, she stopped at Pierre’s portrait and gazed and pondered it for quite some time. She said it was so different than all of the others. In some way, it revealed the type of individual he was as he posed there with his French Tam pulled to one side and his sassy half smile. Interesting observation, don’t you think?? (The 1% Club)
Radio Geo: Very interesting observation, Wendy, and so true. In fact, the only thing Justin and his Dad have in common is their last names. The big difference between the two is when Pierre spoke, the whole world listened.

Jody Dean: George; Hope you had a great Christmas and that 2023 is off to a great start!

Your PPM post reminded me of when we were already a few years into the system…and learned that PPMs weren’t registering spoken word because they listened for music. Ownership knew that almost from the start but didn’t tell talent. Can’t imagine how many hosts failed to make their bonuses as a result. A class-action suit would not have been unjustified.
PS (and between the two of us); Every time I look at David Fields’ Audacy stock price, I’m tempted to buy a few thousand shares just to torment him. For the price of a cup of Starbucks, I could practically own the company…lol. (CFTR)
Geo: I ain’t saying a word, Jody.

Dave Charles: How boring, George! Geez. Please tell me you didn’t author this memo.
I grew up on PERSONALITY RADIO. Joey Reynolds, Dick Biondi, Wolfman Jack, The Greaseman, Howard Stern, Shotgun Tom Rivers, John Rode, Scott Carpenter, Hal Weaver. Even Cactus Jack Wells could blow this format shit out of the radio water!.
Time to burp the brain again! This is 2023, and radio needs a new playbook, if you haven’t noticed.
Dave Charles (still crazy…..for great radio) (CFTR)
Radio Geo: ​If you would have heard what I was hearing at CFTR in 1972,​ Dave, you would have understood ​why​ the jocks needed to be shocked. Most of the talent I worked with after leaving CFTR is in some kind of Hall of Fame. (Ron Chapman’s in three of them.) Obviously, “they didn’t get the memo.” 🙂

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After working in and writing about Radio for so many years, I’ve finally concluded that although Radio is part of show business, unlike Movies, Plays, and Music, it has no end. Hell, even Hey Jude has an ending when Paul sings it live.
Radio is simply a process; no matter how big the ratings become or how much the revenue grows, it all starts tomorrow morning again.

I wish I’d realized that as a young Program Director, I would have definitely figured out how to slow the process down and enjoy it a little more.
You know, rating parties that lasted for days, long lunches with the record guys, shorter meetings with the sales staff, and much longer mentoring sessions with the pretty interns.

The process of Radio is like happiness; it only lies in the pursuit of it.
You’ve got to figure out how to enjoy the Radio journey because that’s all there is.

I think my wife Lana may have summed it up best when after hearing me whine, “Hey, I worked hard all week; I need to rest on the weekend,” she said,” You call standing around the halls of a radio station laughing all day, work?”
I think Lana was right because when I got into Radio, other than the weekends at home, I never worked another day in my life..


When you tire of waiting for your ship to come in, swim out and get it.

How great would America be if those rich fucks had to pick their own cotton?

Speaking of rich fucks, did they ever invent anything?

When you go from failure to failure with enthusiasm, you eventually end up with a big win.

And the best part of growing up is?

Of all the government agencies, which one do you trust the most?

Recently heard in Cambridge, “With what’s going on, you’d have to be crazy not to be seeing a psychiatrist.”

I find it very interesting that even Hollywood portrays most government employees as people who are not interested in making America a better place; they’re only interested in their careers and pensions.

Speaking of Hollywood, thankfully, they have made the Russians our enemy again. Good, I was growing weary of the Desert.

According to Steve Jobs, the best Managers are those who don’t want to be one.

Have you noticed that the crime rate goes up every time we get more freedom?

I remember when an R rating meant the movie would be full of sex and violence, and now it just means someone smoked.

I wonder if the networks realize that white people watch football too.

Dreamers are dangerous because they don’t adapt.

When is somebody going to call out the universities about all the money they spend on athletic scholarships for those who will never change the world?

There’s always will be another move until there ain’t.

Only the good life is temporary.

Great leaders think about their mission more often than they feel about themselves.

Will those who feel sorry for the millionaires Mehgan and Harry please raise their hands and explain why?

Is “Awesome” finally going down and replaced by “Epic?”

This would be a wonderful world if women were half as smart as they think they are.

Growing weary of hearing that a bunch of rich old white guys created America for their ilk, I did a little research. Yes, they were men of means, and they were white, but they sure weren’t old; the average age was forty, and a couple of them were only teenagers, so I’m not sure who their ilk was. 

Bill Gardner: Hello Eugene and George, from Las Vegas in December 2022!
As usual, George got it right.
There are three radio Gardner brothers, starting first on the air with me, Al, and STILL Philly PM Drive dominator Andre on the air at WMGK-FM.
Andre is definitely the most Philly famous these days.
Funny story:  I actually had a couple of dozen Philly visitors on one of my flights here out of Las Vegas, where I shared a little of our family radio story with one of the passengers. He shouted joyfully, “Hey guys….our pilot ACTUALLY KNOWS Andre Gardner!” Yep, and I have known him since birth!   

When Phil Gardner was hired from Cleveland, he arrived in my PD office one day at WIBG and was told, “This is BILL Gardner.” His head snapped up, saying in all seriousness, “YOU’LL have to change your name!” After being both born with and using my real name on the Radio for decades, I just smiled and laughed inside.
I didn’t know “Gardner” wasn’t HIS real name:-) Phil didn’t stay too long at WIBG.
And Eugene, I’m glad you still remember our staff members! We had an amazing collection of on-air talent.
And don’t forget voices like Jack McCoy, Eric Chase, Steve Kelly, and more. All were chosen by amazing dudes George Johns, Jim Hilliard, and even me. Jim Hilliard was my former Program Director at Famous 56 WFIL in ’68 after Paul Drew and I parted ways at WIBG initially. (Coming To America) 

Radio Geo: Bill, only you could handle the great Bill Gardner being told he would need to change his name. Wow!
Bill Gardner: Thanks, George! Funnier yet that “Gardner” wasn’t even HIS real name 🙂 Didn’t know that. I was Morning Man back then, and Phil was coming in to do Noon-3.
Radio Geo: He was either very ballsy, Bill, or very stupid.

Steve Dinkel: I could listen to that version of Hallelujah over and over…. and I have! Great memory photo trip, and Merry Christmas, George. (Seasons Greetings)
Geo: It’s just beautiful, Steve. 

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It takes a hell of a woman to distract a man from his destiny. Hey Harry, how’s it going for you?

Speaking of strong women, Cami’s Grandma once said to me, “Any man can be a father, but it takes a hell of a man to be a Daddy.” 

Success is not measured by how much drama it took to get there. 

It’s not your parents, teacher, or mentor; it’s you. 

Is Johnny Depp the first man to win an argument with a woman? 

According to Hollywood movies, in the future, all the presidents will be females, and all the armed forces commanders and judges will be black.

Regrets, yeh, I have a few; I wish I hadn’t divorced, and I wish that I had a better relationship with my son and hadn’t gone ten years without talking to my brother. Other than that, I’m fucking rockin’, man! 

Everyone looks at their situation from their side of the table, but it’s those who see all sides who end up owning the table. 

Facts have no chance against a good story.

Why is it that if a woman says something hurtful to me and if I mention it, I’m in trouble?

Big is the result of many small things coming together.

I think Trump may have talked his way out of a job. Has anybody heard any great radio lately?  

Being smart is not only a skill; it’s also a choice.

I can only wonder what Suzette McClure, who murdered my good friend Charlie Minor is doing now?

I‘ve been in love six times but was only excited about marrying one of them.

While watching some old Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movies, I realized they were very successful because Tom was smart enough to have great actors around him, like Anthony Hopkins and John Voigt.

Courage needs to be exercised.

The question may be more important than the answer.

Good enough is the mortal enemy of greatness.

I think that the oil companies will keep raising prices until we all promise not to vote for a Democrat.

Hockey players are the only athletes in the world who pretend that they’re not hurt.

What politician would you trust to babysit your grandbabies?

At what age do you develop shame?

Why do Whiskey and wine go down much easier than water?

Tolerance sanctions misuse and incompetence, and familiarity breeds contempt.

If 65% of the rich did not inherit their wealth, I doubt they’d be running anything.

I read that Einstein married his cousin because she had large breasts. How wise was that?

Most listeners don’t want their favorite radio station to get any better.

Has anybody thought that maybe we shouldn’t export our oil?


I wonder when Biden will stop blaming Trump for everything and get on with fixing things.

Most great men aren’t good men because they were too busy being great to be good.

There’s an old song called “You Always Hurt The One You Love” I never understood until I realized that they’re the only ones we tell the truth to.

Research can only tell you what happened, not what will happen.

Art is one of the few things that doesn’t have any rules.

Are you as tired as I am being asked to do a survey every time you buy something?


Terry Kenny: Hey George, what day would you prefer us in Winnipeg to come and visit during your visit? (Excellent Adventure)
Radio Geo: I’d love to see you every night we’re in town, Terry, but I’ll check with my brother, who has many band guys from his era coming too.

Ron Below: To answer your headline question- War, What The Hell Is It Good For?… Absolutely nothing! (War)
Radio Geo: Uh-huh, uh-huh!
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