Geo’s Media Blog (Go Big Blue!) 8/22/22

So the Grey Cup Champions, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers after looking like they may have a perfect season, lost their first game to the Montreal Alouettes, at best, a mediocre football team.
The reason for the loss, I’m told, is because the Bombers’ kicker missed two field goals. Huh!

Now, let me see if I’ve got this right; the kicker has no other duties other than kicking points after and field goals, right? 
I would think that he has all kinds of time to practice so I can’t help but wonder if this dude has ever heard of Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics?

Larry the legend shot 500 practice baskets each and every day of his brilliant basketball career even though he had many other duties to attend to on the basketball court.
Maybe the Bombers’ kicker should consider trying Larry’s workout before he gets cut.

(Zach Collaros, QB of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, pictured on top, Larry Bird below.)


Doing things the same old way guarantees the same old results.

Pursuing happiness is a worthy quest if you’ve already figured out what makes you happy.

If Starbucks employees unionize for higher wages, do we still have to tip?

The world was a much better place when there were more rules.

Your character is what creates your reputation.

Most people do less than they should, so you’ll have to do more than your fair share just to keep up.

I find it hard to believe that women actually believe that they deserve half of their superstar husband’s income because they, along with the help of nannies, raised the kid.

So far, “Elvis” has grossed 250 Million and cost 85 million to make. “Top Gun Maverick” cost 170 million to make and has grossed a little over a Billion of far. Don’t you wish you invested in both of those little projects, huh?

So, even though I drive the same car, have no Tickets, no DUIs, no Accidents, and drive less than 70 miles a month, Geico has put my insurance up almost 50%, which they blame on inflation. Uh-huh!

I’m not sure who it’s about, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not about you.

Now that we have more than two sexes, shouldn’t we have more than two political parties?

At what age shouldn’t you act your age?

What the hell does climate control have to do with inflation, Joe?

If you can’t do it right, don’t do it.

Time is not on your side act accordingly.

When I asked Ron Chapman how he resisted all the women who threw themselves at him, he said, “I asked myself if she’d be worth paying her Visa bills? Very few women can pass that test.

I buy into helping everybody until being white disqualifies you from getting help.

I wonder how long it will be do you figure until computer geniuses will be a dime a dozen which leads to minimum wage?

Hey radio, have you noticed that, unlike you, the Billboard Companies haven’t surrendered to the social media buzz?

Speaking of Billboard Companies, I think that radio was foolish to give up selling cume. That’s what they continue to use and are doing fine. 

Have you ever noticed that the people who don’t know what they’re talking about generally speak the loudest?

How is it that after only a short walk down the aisle of a local Church, women suddenly become experts on everything?

Only Wine and liquor get better with age.

You would think that out of 330 million people, we could get some better leaders than Biden or Trump.

Have you noticed that many companies have time to call and pester you night and day but not enough time to answer their damn own phones?

Hey California, when the hell is your state government going to do something about all the homeless people you have living in your streets?


Bruce Munson: I remember with amusement when you described the 48-hour rule to me. I didn’t know it started as a 24-hour rule. Most legislation is amended at some point. (Do You See What I See?)
Geo: Yes, things did get a little intense now and then, Bruce.

Jed Duvall: I did not know that one of the criteria for being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is American citizenship. Randy Bachman is a great guitar player, and The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive belong in the H.O.F. It is the musicianship and sound that matter, in my opinion. (Sold Out)
Geo: People from all over the world are in the H.O.F Jed, but for some reason, Canadians are underrepresented. It kinda reminds me of the H.O.F. in Indy, where the folks from WIBC/WNAP are also underrepresented.

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Geo’s Media Blog (Life’s Secrets Revealed)

As fall fast approaches it’s time for me to plan my annual trek to California to attend Grandparents Day at my Grandson’s school in Pasadena.
I’ve been making this trip every year since Nathaniel was in kindergarten, but sadly, this will be the last one because he’ll be off to college next year.

Being a Grandfather is very cool, but it does come with some responsibilities, and one of those responsibilities is that I’m supposed to give him sage advice.
It is said that the older you get, the wiser you become, and even though I’m definitely growing older, I’m not so sure about the wiser part.

However, not to worry though, Nathaniel, because I have the secrets of life right here, and now I’m going to pass them on to you.

1. The pursuit of happiness is a noble quest, grasshopper, but first, you’ll have to figure out what it is that makes you happy.
2. Next, you need to think about what kind of work you’d enjoy doing.
3. Then you’ll have to find somebody to pay you to do it.
4. Now, this one is very tough because they are shrewd; until you’re thirty, never tell any woman other than your Mother that you love them.

Nathaniel, if you do those four things listed above, Buppa will guarantee your happiness. 🙂 Proud of you, Buddy!
(Nathaniel and I are shown on top visiting Georgetown University in DC)


Does anybody know any successful radio stations that were made more successful by the incoming new owners? I’ll wait!

As the road in front of me began to grow smaller, I found myself looking in my rearview mirror just to relive my favorite moments, which all happened when my children were just kids.

Hey, now that Jeff Smulying is abandoning Indianapolis, maybe he’ll no longer be in charge of who gets into Indy’s H.O.F. It’s time for superstars like Gary Todd, Chuck Riley, Jim Hilliard, Buster Bodine, Jerry Baker, and Bob Lamey, to only name a few, to get in there. Boo to you, Jeff.

Why do the women in movies always fall down when they’re running from danger? Maybe it’s their choice of shoes.

The longer it takes to build, the better it usually turns out.

Nobody is as brilliant as they themselves claim.

Do the acts today with records on the charts make as much money as those who used to have big hits?

The pendulum always swings too far; time for it to swing back towards the majority.

How can the Deshaun Watson thing possibly ever turn out good?

The secret to KVIL, WRMF, KLLS and the Class Format was, “Everything was loud except the music.”

Bobby Cole claims,  “It could always be worse” is the on-ramp to the road of complacency.

Being different isn’t some kind of badge of honor that entitles you to some kind of a free ride.

Figuring out how to recover what you foolishly gave away is not an easy task.

Life’s journey is difficult because it’s a long and winding road filled with many speed bumps, but it’s also the only trip you’ll ever take where you won’t be anxious to reach your destination.

Hey guys, getting married is wonderful for approximately nine months because you’re the show’s star. Then when the real star shows up, you move into a supporting role for the rest of your life. 

I find it amazing that they claim that most kids who go bad do so because their Dads were ever around. However, if the kid turns out to be special, it doesn’t matter if Dad was around or not because Mom gets all the credit.

What if wars had to be fought by the leaders of their country? Who we’d elect as President then?

Sometimes I have to wonder, was law and order created to protect just the rich or all of us?

I haven’t watched David Letterman’s interview show for quite a while because I got bored with every guest being liberal. Now it appears as though he’s out to prove that all black folks are smarter than white people except for him.

Ok, now that we’ve handed out more rights than​ anybody needs, is it time to start handing out some responsibility?

The folks I admire the most are those who take responsibility for their actions.


Bob Glasco:“The word that doesn’t fit when you talk about most superstars is gracious.” I agree, but I’m guessing you would exclude Country folks, right? You spent at least a little time in Nashville, George. I know because I saw you and Reg there in the early 90s at a CRS. You even had boots on! (Sold Out)
Geo: Wow, the legendary Bob Glasco checks in. You’re exactly right, Bob. I remember being at a few of those when I was doing WKLB in Boston. At one of them, there I was, lined up with a bunch of others to get some liners from Garth. When it was finally my turn, and I introduced myself, he got up and gave me a big hug and said, “Thank you, George, for bringing Country to Boston.” Now that’s fucking gracious, Man!

Jim Wood: Well said, George. It’s complex but then again, simple. I am a results-oriented person who refuses to allow my emotions to rule my priorities, my business judgment, and in turn, my life. In our business, a radio station might be a “Critical Success (based on emotional responses versus ratings”) and their success or lack of it in (“The Ratings” AND also their success in the Business of making money.”)….. People tell me often…”Well, my opinion matters and should be heard”…I say yes, your opinion matters to you but not me unless your opinion is measured in Radio’s Business Metrics…… Your detail is a lesson in common senses, experience, and logic…..Sadly often enough missing in the mind of our leaders and the general population. We are seeing the results of this failure today…..Have a Good week. (Sold Out)
Geo: Thanks for the read, Mr. Wood. Yeah, the thing that maybe prevents us from doing what we should is the word “Cool.” Was what we did on the radio cool to our peers? I was lucky; when I moved to America, I had no peers. All mine were back in Canada, and because they couldn’t hear Kay-Ville, they didn’t call me and say, “What the hell are you doin’, Man?

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Geo’s Media Blog under construction.

As the long and winding road behind me grows longer with the passing of each day, I can’t help but think about all the wonderful things that have happened along the way.

Two of the most memorable were the births of my daughters.
I laughingly claim that God must have been trying​ to straighten me out when he gave me Candis; then, twenty years later, I guess he figured that I hadn’t learned my lesson yet, so he presented me with Cami.

Unfortunately, though, I had no idea how you go about ​raising daughters,​ so ​I just tried to protect them.
However, as I now look back on it all, I wonder if by protecting them, I was also holding them back. 
(Candis and Cami are shown on top with me)


After watching the new “Elvis” movie, I wonder why he didn’t just do his own hits in concert.

Speaking of Elvis, I understand that when he and the Beatles finally met, Elvis got bored because they just sat there staring at him.

Has any teenager ever been proven to be right when they utter, “I can take care of myself?”

So how do we handle​ the fact that 65% of the wealthiest people in America inherited it? Most of them were pampered, and​ a lot of them​ were educated at schools that they weren’t qualified to attend. Unfortunately, a bunch of them​ ​are now in a position where they get to tellus how we should live.

Who​ is and who isn’t a great Program Director is​ always subjective, but​ who’s​ a ​great air talent sure ain’t.

Unfortunately, the only thing that makes us all equal is a gun.

There may be many reasons to hit a woman, but you just don’t do it. However, if one hit me, I think I’d probably wanna go a couple of rounds with her.

I know a lot of alcoholics, but the only ones I respect are those who don’t drink.

I admire the man who has the balls when asked by a woman, “If I were a man would you treat me this way,”  answers truthfull with, “Absolutely not.”

Nobody fakes depression, but a lot of depressed folks fake being well.

I find it strange that even though they’ve uncovered hundreds of evil Priests, they’ve yet to find a bad Nun.

I really understand, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but what I don’t understand is why we came up with another way.

Do you really appreciate it if you didn’t have to struggle for it? Is it a bad thing to say good things to a person just to make them feel good?

Speaking of Elvis again, I wonder if the Beatles wished they looked like him?

Speaking of Elvis yet again, did you ever notice that he always combed his hair just like he always did, but surprisingly after singing only two songs, it fell into a perfect Beatle cut?

I hate it when singers make fun of their own songs.

An apology with an excuse isn’t a real apology.

So, if you type up a list of all the good things the CIA does versus the bad, what list do you think is longer? Next, we’ll do the FBI.

Sometimes it’s not your parent’s fault, it really is yours.

If a woman should have the right to choose whether or not to abort, shouldn’t a man have the right to choose whether or not to financially support her choice?

I wonder if the Patriots realize how stupid they looked letting Tom Brady go?

Speaking about Brady; Hey, Tom, how are you enjoying our no Florida state income tax?

You don’t have regrets when you win, but you’ll have a bunch if you lose.

Emotions are relative.

Was there ever a car sweeter than the Cadillac Eldorado ragtop?

Speaking of sweet, once you hear the truth, nothing else is logical or even makes.

So, do all women, no matter what, deserve respect?

Speaking of women, the only ones I’ve never been suspicious about are my daughters.

When you’re cooking, there are no phone calls worthy of answering.

When you’re a kid, everybody tells you, “Don’t have sex,” but they forget to mention how life-changing it will be when you do.

Speaking of sex, has anybody thought about telling the folks who get abortions much too often, “Hey, stop having unprotected sex?”

Hey guys, just so you know, no woman will ever love you enough to leave her child.

The big difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the extra part.

The marketing needs to start long before the product is ready.

The only reason politicians think they’re smarter than the rest of us is because we’re stupid enough to vote for them.

It looks to me like Trump must have ordered the FBI invasion of his home himself ’cause he’s sure lovin’ all the publicity.

Come November; there is no finer place on Earth than South Florida. However, when July and August roll around, many places are much nicer than this.

I wonder how long it’s going to be until the world discovers that kids can now do what the so-called computer geniuses do? Can you spell m-i-n-i-m-u-m w-a-g-e?

I’ll  never forget the day Dick Yancey said to me, “Hey man, know this, nobody’s for ya.” He was right.


Chris McCarty: Hey George, please tell Mark I said hello and to say get in touch if he gets out to Nashville. Speaking of Notre Dame, he once sent me a video he took at halftime of the ND marching band doing a version of Steve Miller’s and my song “Swingtown.” The crowd loved it, and so did Steve, to who I sent the video, and he sent a platinum album to the director of the marching band where it hangs at ND today. Here’s a link to the fully finished recordings of the three songs I wrote with and produced with a young vocalist and musician here in Nashville. (Do You See What I See?)
Geo: Hey, back at ya, Chris. I love “Blue River Lady” and only wish that I could hear a Lynyrd Skynryd version of your “Flora Y’all.” (Hear them both by clicking on the link below)

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Geo’s Media Blog (Sold Out) 8/15/22

What with all the controversy about concert ticket prices lately, it couldn’t help but remind me of the time Cami and I not only saw the biggest act in the world but the admission was reasonably priced too.

Our big adventure began early one Saturday morning when I picked Cami up at her Grandparent’s house in Wellington.
Once I had her all strapped into her car seat, we made our way to the train station where we would board Tri-Rail, which would take us to the American Airlines arena in Miami.

Unfortunately, while we were waiting for the train’s arrival as he was pulling into the station, the engineer blew his horn which terrified Cami
Needless to say, this made Cami’s getting on the train very difficult and not a very good start to what was supposed to be a fun adventure. (On our way home, though, of course, she said, “Daddy, can you make the train man blow the horn again?”)

Anyway, after our long train ride, we finally arrived at the A/A arena, and after we located our seats, I looked around and discovered that there wasn’t an empty seat left in the house.
Not only that, but I later found out that not only was the show sold out, but it was also sold out for two shows a day for the entire week.

Hey, there’s no way Sir Paul, The Stones, Garth, nor The Eagles could do that, but “Barney” sure did!


I really miss the times when both my daughters were just little girls. I think Cami may have explained it best when I asked her, “What happened to my little girl,” and she responded, “She went to pictures, Daddy.”

Most Men have two weaknesses, money and women. Which of the two is more powerful, you may ask? Well, that’s determined by the beauty of the woman in question.

Now, let’s see if I’ve got this right, Jewish and black people have been voting left for years because their grandparents did.  However, now that the left has been attacking religion lately and a lot of black folks are very religious, I wonder if their vote is up for change.

You’re the boss of you, so you’re totally responsible for your behavior.

Most people don’t realize how much we’ve let them slide by, so when we finally have had enough and call them on it, they’re in total denial.

Good enough is the mortal enemy of great.

A Philosophy that isn’t logical isn’t operable.

I’m not sure how it works today, but I’m hoping that virginity is given up for more than a momentary thrill.

If you want to become better at what you do, do that which you’re uncomfortable doing.

When you stop learning, you’ve pretty well stopped down everything.

Does being good ever result in having faster cars, older whiskey, and younger women like being bad does?

Ladies, if you wanna be known for your brain, don’t lead with your tits.

Wives are the best when you’ve got nothing and the worst when you do.

I wonder how many high-ranking officers in the military deserve the respect they demand.

As the ticket prices rise, do the performers share in the extra profit or just the promoters?

The extreme left only represents 7% of the Democrats, and the far right only 7% of the Republicans unfortunately though they make 100% of the noise.

Being #1 in your market is still a very big deal for radio folks ’cause nobody wants to explain demographics at a cocktail party.

Lost time can never be found again.

The thing that makes my brother different than me is that he often ventured into situations that he knew he couldn’t control. I’ve never had the balls to do that. 

So Deshaun Watson just got suspended for six games, huh? Not exactly what you would call “A Happy Ending.” (Pun intended)

The big problem with religion is that you can’t prove that any of it’s true, but you can’t prove that it ain’t either.

As Jerry Bobo and Roy Laughlin, both said more than once, “Who the hell can’t sell a promotion that the programming people buy into?”

The word that doesn’t fit when you talk about most superstars is gracious. 

Speaking of words, the one being used to describe the economy today is “Greedflation.”

I don’t like jokes, but I do love humor.

The problem in America isn’t with the immigrants; it’s with the people born here who claim that they’d rather be somewhere else.

Most fights are not about what you’re fighting about.

Live and local is merely a slogan used by a lot of radio stations that are neither.

We’re all allocated the same amount of time for each day, it’s what we do with that time that makes the difference.

So how did it work out being a Beatle? Well, when John died, he was worth 200 million, Ringo is worth 350 million today, which makes him the richest drummer ever, George was worth 400 million when he passed, and Paul is worth 1.2 billion now. I guess that kinda proves that writing silly love songs ain’t so silly.

Henry Ford and Steve Jobs were right, you don’t give the people what they want; you give them what you want them to want and then figure out how to get them to want it. ARE YOU READING THIS RADIO? No, I didn’t think so!

How come Randy Bachman is never mentioned as one of the top guitar players in the world? Is it because he, like his fellow bandmates in The Guess Who and BTO who are not in the Rock & Roll HOF, are Canadians?

How do you continue to fight the good fight without applause?


Doug Thompson: GEORGE wrote: “Hey, even Neil Young claims that Winnipeg is the Rock & Roll Capital of Canada. Why the hell is it in Calgary? Who the fuck ever came out of Calgary?”
That would be The Stampeders, Keith Hampshire, and Jann Arden, to name three. (The Royal George)
Geo: Not a big enough list to have the “Hall” in Calgary, I’m thinkin’, Dougie.

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Geo’s Media Blog (Own the Room)

When I was only a freshman in Highschool, I learned something at a dance one night that I’ve used my whole life.

There I was on a hot summer night, standing outside the East End Community Club, trying to cool down after dancing my ass off, when a car pulled up.
Suddenly a voice rang out saying, “Hey cutie could you come over here for a minute?”

As I approached the car and the back window went down, I found myself staring at a young Marilyn Monroe. Whew!
I could hardly breathe, and then when she asked if I could help her light her cigarette, it was all I could do to keep my hands from trembling.

Then she said, “Hey, you’re kinda cute; what’s your name?”
When I told her, she said, “Mine’s Pat, why don’t you call me sometime,” and then after handing me a piece of paper with her number on it, she was gone.

Now, what makes this all so weird is that she had to have been 17 or 18, and I was only 15. A
After taking a few days to work my courage up, I finally called her, and we made arrangements to go to a dance at the Maple Leaf Community Club in Transcona.

Moments after our arrival, we were suddenly surrounded by a bunch of the seniors from TCI.
They were acting like I was their best friend. and I was surprised because I didn’t think they even knew my name, but they sure did that night.

The lesson I learned that night was, “He who enters the room with the best-looking lady on his arm, owns the room.
So in honor of that special night, whenever I plan on attending an important event like the opening night cocktail party of a radio convention, or a big film festival, I always ask my friends Joasia or Marnie to grace me with their presence.
(Photos of Joasia and Marnie on top)

Hell, when either one of them is on my arm, not only do I own the room, I blow it fucking away!


Have you ever noticed that the artist takes no responsibility for the ticket prices?

I think I’m up for Hybrid vehicles; all-electric or all-gas puts too much power in the hands of too few.

Sometimes too many choices freeze us.

To be successful, one must become obsessive.

I see those orange cones everywhere, but I seldom see anybody working. Why don’t they put them out when they’re needed instead of screwing up traffic?

Men will die to protect the ones they love. Not so sure that women will?

The left says that there’s a revolution coming. The right agrees.

Who decides what world atrocities get a pass?

I think book deals for former presidents are just a way for the lobbyists to launder the money. What think you?

Does viagra help if you have absolutely no desire for a particular woman?

Your image is everything.

I enjoy being an ass-hole, but my brother says that I’m not good at it.

I wonder why global warming hasn’t hit Florida? It appears to be the same as it’s always been.

I wonder how many new billionaires Covid created?

Sometimes It takes one huge leap of faith to get over a deep chasm. Two smaller ones wouldn’t work. What country doesn’t have racism?

I think my problem with women is, “I just can’t get that pussy whipped thing down.”

Like most guys my age, I get hit on by young tarts on Facebook who claim that they’re only looking for true love. These pretty things are relentless, but most of them go away if you ask them for nude photos. However, the good news is; some don’t. 

Why do the entertainment venues that change their name assume that we know where they are?

Handmade ain’t necessarily better made, but they definitely cost more.

Most great radio was created in smokey bars, not the radio station.

So, how old do you have to be until your gettin’ hooked on something don’t mean nothin’?

Is it more productive to make better that which you already do well, or try to improve what you do badly?

Only friends will drive you to the airport, not acquaintances.

There are only two things that you can’t learn how to do. Sing or draw. However, everything else is up for grabs.

What you do is much more important than what you say.

What you believe might not be true; it may be just your opinion.

I’m amazed that Trump still gets more press than the President.

Every time the media gets excited about a black person accomplishing something new, I feel it’s demeaning.


George Ferko: “Is it true that you must prove that you’re innocent in Britain?”
No. Indeed, the U.S. Constitution does not mention either “presumption of innocence” or “proof beyond a reasonable.” Yet, that has been the law since our founding. Where did we get it from? English Common Law. It wasn’t until 1895 that the Supreme Court made it the law of the land. Where did the Brits get it from? Roman law and the Bible, specifically, Deuteronomy. (Under Construction)
Geo: I was watching a film about a slander case against an American who was being tried in England, and the lawyer said, “You have to prove that you didn’t slander him.

Bill Gardner: You know I love the Johns brothers, George AND Reg! And maybe Winnipeg and Transcona too. But I also love Calgary, where my wife and I spent our 40th anniversary in 2019 and the home of at least two great bands, Loverboy and the Stampeders!
Must confess I’m listening to “Workin’ For The Weekend,” “Turn Me Loose,” and “Sweet City Woman” on Spotify on my daily round trip to work.
I guess I understand city rivalries. Pittsburgh is a great Pennsylvania city, but I always thought it can’t hold a candle to my hometown of Philly. (The Royal George)
Geo: Reg and I both feel your love, Bill, but including Winnipeg and Transcona as part of that love may be pushing it a little. 🙂
As far as Calgary goes, I love Calgary; it’s Canada’s Dallas but with a much better view. However, as you succinctly put it, “The talent in Calgary don’t hold no candle to my hometown of Winnipeg/Transcona.”

Doug Herman: “I remember when the owners were not only afraid of the FCC but also of not being #1, so they put characters like me in charge of their radio stations.”  And hired top-tier FCC attorneys. You and I both had one of the very best, John King. Neither of us ever lost a license or did any time in The Big House. Thanks, John! (The check’s in the mail.) (The Royal George)
Geo: Uh Huh, Doug! I remember when I created a promotion called “The Magic Ticket,” and a competitor turned us into the FCC. We had to send them every promo and all the liners that mentioned the contest. Thank God, with Mr. King’s help, we were cleared.
However, when “The Magic Ticket” went into syndication, the sales copy, of course, read, “The only contest that not only improves ratings and revenue but it’s also the only radio contest that’s already approved by the FCC.”

Dave Charles: Hey George,
How’s life in the “Excited States of America?” Hope you’re well and safe.
I’m on board to do a tribute to our friend Roy Hennessey with Red Robinson and others in Vancouver.
I was wondering if you had any REAL Roy Hennessey photos in your archives that I might submit to the committee putting this tribute together. Please let me know. (The Royal George)
Geo: I didn’t know him very well, Dave, so I have nothing. I only remember being introduced to him many moons ago by Daryl ‘B’.
As for the Excited States, it’s only exciting on TV and Facebook. In the streets, it’s very boring.

Robin Solis: Hey George! re: “With all this gender stuff going on, I wonder how the French handle Le and La?” I’m guessing LA de Da? (Under Construction)
Geo: Tres Bien, Robin.

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