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When you no longer care about what I say ’cause you think I’m a little old-fashioned and you want your own way, That ain’t bad; cuz I’m your Dad.
When you talk back because you think that you know more than I do, that doesn’t make me mad because I’m still your Dad.

When you leave home, you leave with a piece of my heart, so we’ll never really be apart. Hey, I’ll be sad, but I get to still be your Dad.
Not only will I pray for you, but I’ll be checking your wings to make sure they’re strong enough for you to soar. And that ain’t bad ’cause when you do, I’ll be a proud Dad.

I’ll always want what’s best for you and will even scrap my adventures for one of yours. Cuz nothing’s bad when I’m your Dad.
I’ll always have room and a hug to welcome you home, no matter where you’ve gone or how long you roam. None of that is bad ’cause I’m your Dad.

Until my last breath, I’ll carry your love, but for how wonderful it’s been, I’ll have to thank the man up above. Hey, did I mention how glad I am to be your Dad?
(Candis is pictured on top, followed by Curtis and then Cami, Cami, and Candis below.)


Before having daughters, I knew of very few men who ever gave a shit about women’s rights.

Yes, I realize that some white guys have done some bad things, but they’ve also done some good stuff, too, which I’m pretty sure outnumbers the bad.

Did anyone ever turn on the radio hoping to hear bad news?

Did you ever trip over something and then just try turn it into part of a dance move? Or when somebody walks into the room while you’re talking to yourself, you sing the words?

Is it true that you must prove that you’re innocent in Britain?

I like a little socialism now and then, but I’m definitely not a Socialist.

Speaking of Socialism, after traveling across Canada recently, I discovered that Canadians were much more sophisticated and civilized about it than Americans.

It’s much easier to do what you do for the people who already like you rather than try to convert those who don’t.

Unfortunately, women seem to love successful men much more than all others. But then again, that may be a good thing if you’re an ugly man with no personality.

If I were a rich man, I’d say, “I’ll help the poor people right after all the rich athletes do.”

It all started with ten, but now there are 88,899 laws that fixed what?

Does Biden get a mansion as nice as Obama’s when he leaves office?

There’s no escape; you pay the price for what you do and also for what you don’t do.

With all this gender stuff going on, I wonder how the French handle Le and La?

To be understood, sometimes you have to be offensive.

If you’re in the middle of a rating party, somehow, you know that you must have had a great book.

Silence is only golden if you have nothing to say.

Hey, radio, dare to be dangerous.

Performance always trumps promise.

It’s tough to differentiate between what we believe to be real and what’s really real.

At their age, ya gotta wonder what superstars like Sir Paul and the Stones do with all the money they’re making now compared to yesterday?

Why don’t politicians realize that if they stopped lying, they wouldn’t have to spend so much money trying to get elected?

With Top Gun II at 1.24 billion, how can Hollywood resist making Top Gun III?

How you act at your worst is who you are. It all started with ten on a tablet, but now there are 88,800 laws that fixed what?

I was always nervous about how a fair fight would turn out, so I only recruited folks I figured had a shot at being in the Radio Hall of Fame.

It sure would be nice to have a K103 reunion in Portland before the station fades away, or even worse, we do.

I wonder how strong the Russian Mafia feels today in America?

I think the problem that Neil Young and David Crosby have with each other stems from the fact that Neil is much better than he thinks he is, and David is not near as good as he thinks.

The ancient explorers had to have been Gay; what wife would let her husband go off chase[ng windmills for a couple of years?

Speaking of Gay Guys, according to Bill Burr, they’re happier than the rest of us because they don’t have to live with women.

Looks like Hurricane Ian is going to miss South Florida. Whew!

Wow, the Dolphins lead the AFC East; who would’ve thunk it?


Winnipeg Wendy: First of all, George, I take umbrage with your playful reference to our Prime Minister’s name. I would suggest that Justin was possibly only giving Barack some well-deserved respect for being the eloquent individual he is, as is Justin.
I do, however, agree with your opinion of Letterman’s new late-night talk show. I find his show somewhat introspective and almost like a therapy session. Carson was the best and favored us with the best comedic interviews, such as Johnathon Winters, whom I love, and Robin Williams, who didn’t have to use profanities or filth to be funny, to mention a couple. After watching his show, we felt happy and uplifted and had no problem having a good sleep.(The 1% Club)
Geo: So, first of all, Wendy, how much fun would my blog be if you agreed with everything I wrote? I’m a Centrist, so I zig-zag between left and right depending on the issue.
As far as Justine goes, he’s more like his mother than his father. If Pierre and Obama had ever met, it would have been Barack who looked like he was ready to go down on him.

Jed Duval: Today, at lunch, my Indiana University campus radio station alumni friends eating at Pho Real on North College at East 96th Street (Laotian, Vietnamese and Cambodian food-who would have thought that in the late 1960s-early 1970s) were discussing why there are so few iconic and legendary musicians and comedians. Immediately the greatest of our era were Jonathon Winters, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Tim Conway (with Harvey Korman), Bob Newhart, Shelley Berman, George Carlin, and before he became a rapist, Bill Cosby. What was memorable was “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson, with both Winters and Williams as guests. While I always loved Steve Allen’s “Tonight Show” with comics like Louie Nye, Tom Poston, Bill Dana, and Steve & Eydie, Carson was the greatest of the late-night hosts. His producer, Freddie De Cordova, who was George Burns’ and Gracie Allen’s as well as Jack Benny’s TV show producer, may be the greatest late-night program producer. Several of my college classmates also opined that perhaps in the era of Pro-Tools and self-produced music, the guidance of George Martin, Quincy Jones, Richard Perry, or an Arif Mardin as producers of the LPs is sorely missed. In that regard, Jim Hilliard was a great program director and an excellent manager, but Fairbanks and FairWest needed a full-time producing director/consultant to focus on the details (promotions and promos) that made your stations and talent great. (1% Club)
Geo: Good stuff, Jed.

Joasia: Hi George!! I just thought I’d say hey 🙂 (1% Club)
Geo: Hey, back at ya, Beautiful Baby Mama.

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7 thoughts on “Radio Geo’s Media Blog (I’m Your Dad) 9/26/22

  1. George Ferko: “Is it true that you must prove that you’re innocent in Britain?”
    No. Indeed, the U.S. Constitution does not mention either “presumption of innocence” or “proof beyond a reasonable.” Yet, that has been the law since our founding.
    Where did we get it from? English Common Law. It wasn’t until 1895 that the Supreme Court made it the law of the land. Where did the Brits get it from? Roman law and the Bible, specifically, Deuteronomy. (Under Construction)
    Geo: I was watching a film about a slander case against an American who was being tried in England, and the lawyer said, “You have to prove that you didn’t slander him.”

    • Since you used the word “innocent,” I assumed you meant criminal law. Civil law is different. Frequently, the burden of proof shifts. It always starts out being on the person making the accusation. But it can shift depending on many factors thereafter. Keep in mind too that movies and TV shows tend to be quite inaccurate when depicting legal matters, e.g., Cher’s “Suspect” and “And Justice for All”

  2. Robin Solis: Hey George! re: “With all this gender stuff going on, I wonder how the French handle Le and La?”
    I’m guessing LA de Da? (Under Construction)
    Geo: Tres Bien, Robin.

  3. Doug Erickson: George, I love the poem (lyrics? That could be a song) you wrote about always being “her” dad. I don’t think it generally takes girls as long as boys to understand how much their fathers love them.
    p.s. K103 was a great station! (Still Your Dad)
    Geo: You’re right, Doug; maybe I should rhyme it. (I did)

  4. George Ferko: “Before having daughters, I knew of very few men who ever gave a shit about women’s rights.”
    How about the 19th Amendment? When it passed Congress in 1919, there was not a single woman in either the House or Senate. And there were but a handful of women n state legislatures.
    Geo: Why do I have a feeling that in 1919, George, there were some wives and daughters at home telling these Legislatures how they were gonna vote?

    • George Ferko: That’s a heck of a lot of pussy-whipping. If true, women already had the vote through their husbands by proxy. In any case, back then, no self-respecting man would listen to a woman about politics. So, try another theory, George. (I’m Your Dad)
      Geo: You mean like King Edward never listened to Wallis Simpson, Juan Peron never listened to Evita, and Prince Harry never listened to Mehgan, George?

  5. Buzz Barnett: Who’s Your Daddy?! As a life-long single Da (Irish) to a Darling Daughter named Marianna Rose (25), I cherish Your Best Blog EVER! God’s Abundant Blessings to You, the Geo in My Geography of Fatherhood!! Buzzy. (I’m Your Dad.)
    Geo: Thank you, Buzz, miss ya, Buddy!

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