Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Memorable Things I’ve Seen, Read and Heard) Part V of VII. 11/13/23.

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John Wells wrote, George, I Loved the pic you sent of the KY Christmas party …..
You did have them all laughing; my Mom looked great. She still has the same hairdo and is 98; Evelyn turned 100 this year. You likely heard Cactus died in ’99 at 88… But he walked 18 at St Charles 2 weeks before he checked out.
I loved your random thoughts, likely because, as an old white guy, it was easy to agree with every one of them.

John Wells King called me at Fairbanks from the office of our FCC attorneys, Haley, Bader, and Potts, and said, “I’ve been assigned to you, and my job is to figure out how to say yes to everything you want.

Kurt Johnson wrote; Thanks for the story/obit. It was a sad day here in Big D when Kay Ville passed. I am grateful that I got to spend a few years in the PD chair with her. She was grand, classy, and a real presence in any room.

Lesley Palmiter wrote on my blog; Dear Cami, Congratulations on your graduation. I met you when you were about six, and we all had such fun. You are clearly an exceptional and lucky young lady, as your dad has been with you through all your milestones and has updated his extended broadcast family with all your successes over the years.
As you well know, your dad is also a very special, warm, and wonderful man. A person who always makes others feel better for having known and spent time with him. I’m sure you are much like him in this regard

.Ken Held wrote, Well, George, You’ve packed a lot of thoughtful and deep stuff into this short blog. I think you know that even though you keep hitting on my girlfriend, in the words of the great Billy Stewart, ‘I Do Love You.’ Good job, pal.

Steve Eberhart posted; Ask any government employee, and they can usually tell you the exact date of their retirement.

GM of KOB, Art Schreiber, who had traveled with the Beatles on their first tour across America as a news reporter, told me after I asked, “How did the Beatles resist all those young girls throwing themselves at them? ” “They didn’t resist at all, and in fact, we were all amazed that they could still play each night.”

Bruce Walker of the Jury wrote, Too bad you quit playing George. I still practice regularly, write songs, and sing my heart out. Music is invaluable to me. It is a place to go and drown all your cares for a while. Extremely relaxing.

Paul Cavenaugh wrote, Wow, George. You had the best customer service experience a Bank could offer! Only a month screwing you around? You big shots always get special treatment!
After my parents passed away about ten years ago, I fought with DirecTV for six solid months before those creeps finally backed off on their $200 “Early Termination Fee”.
By the way, those aren’t New Yorkers honking horns. Those are Miami drivers trying to get the heck out of there!

Jerry Bobo shouted out at a Fairbanks conference immediately after Hilliard said to us, “Intelligent people reasonably informed seldom disagree,” “Jim, you lost me at intelligent.”

Bob DeCarlo wrote on my blog; You sent me from San Diego to Dallas to listen to Ron for a few days. That was the beginning of my doctorate education in George Johns Radio 101, and man, did it pay off. I can’t thank you enough for all you and Ron Chapman helped me accomplish. If he’s doing mornings in heaven, I want middays.

Julie Heath writes; George, you know I fantasize about you! Love ya!

Larry Macinnis wrote on my blog. George, you are so right about “The fewer the words, the greater the impact.” All good comedy writers know that. So did Lincoln. So did Churchill. It was the first and best lesson by my first boss at CHUM, Mike Kornfeld.

Jim Harper commented on Radio Geo’s Media Blog, Like most kind and wise men, you never asked or seemed to want anything but to engage in interesting conversations and see people succeed. Maybe THAT’S the point? I could never repay you for the success you’ve helped me achieve.
My FAVORITE Georgeism: “OK…let’s stop discussing this great idea before we talk ourselves out of it.”

Michael Cranston asked, Is it too late for you to hire me in Dallas???

Ken LeMann wrote; I’m sure if Bart McClendon really cared about radio, he would feel the same as you regarding squandered opportunities such as your not putting Rick Moranis and Sandy Hoyt together in the mornings on CFTR in Toronto.
One of my buddies at KNUS in Dallas was the overnight kid Fred Kennedy but nobody seemed to hear how talented he was. Even you guys at KVIL missed your chance by choosing the talented Cat Simon from our staff instead.
When KNUS dissolved and the on-air talent scattered to various parts of the country, Fred teamed up with our afternoon guy, Randy Hames, and became the new Hudson and Harrigan in Houston for the next three decades. I can only assume they made a fortune.

Norm Wilkens from our advertising agency in Indy wrote, George: As I remember, we offered $1,000,000 to anyone who could accurately predict the final thirty-three starting positions of the Indy 500. We called it “The IMPOSSIBLE CONTEST,” and it was just that. The number of breakouts was so numerous that it was IMPOSSIBLE to calculate. Jim Hilliard and I discussed the obstacles, and he said not to worry; no one would even come close. He was right!

Paul Canvenaugh commented on my blog; Hey George!  First of all, Political Correctness isn’t difficult unless your heart has something to hide. Take it a step further…Although I can’t afford it anymore,  I still hang out with boating people. Is it a sign of prejudice or intelligence? When did you hear about a drive-by shooting at the Yacht Club?
As for Jesus,  I don’t think it was Mary and Joseph…It was Maury and Josephine. Do you think an innkeeper would rent a room to a laborer and his pregnant wife who suddenly showed up with a donkey and no reservations? It was a business decision!

Red Robison wrote: George Keep on punching; I always read your stuff. Good radio was always in the hands of people like you. What happened to radio is happening in newspapers and magazines. They have taken the low road. Hey, they’re corporations, and you better toe the line or get out now.

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Memorable Things I’ve Seen, Read and Heard Part IV) #3 9/18/23.

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Angela Manfredi waxed poetic when she wrote this.
I read this with wonder.
It filled me with glee.
The travels, the stations…
And little ol’ me!

Your coaching is brilliant.
Your humor, divine
I appreciate your wisdom
And that you enjoy wine!

We’re lucky to know you
I apply your technique
No DJ delivery
Just pure Magnifique!
(Or will be soon.) 🙂

Art Vuolo wrote on my Blog, George, after reading your travel log, I was SO tired…I felt like going to bed.  You ARE amazing! Did you stay safe and virus-free during this pilgrimage??? I hope so. Take care and be well.

Paul Barsky wrote, Cami…..Congrats on your graduation! Your dad is so proud of you, and you’ve got the Johns genes, so you’ve got an excellent head start as you look toward this new journey.

Bill McDonald commented on my blog, Nothing bigger than father/daughter. Nothing better. Happy to see you are so blessed, George.

Billy Bob Harris commented; I love your energy and sense of adventure, George……I find it challenging to walk across the street to Whole Foods even though there are pretty girls
there most of the time, but you inspire me, George, so I’m heading that way now !!!

Lindy Rome commented on my blog: Hey Geo – I’m honored to be in your blog titled “…To The Ones I Love.” Right back at ya, my friend. 🙂 That said, this “leading” stuff is getting tiresome. I think I’m ready to follow!

Rolly Blaquiere of The Jury wrote on Radio Geo’s Media Blog that I think a parent has a say over any child being supported and living under their roof until they reach the age of 21, when major maturity hopefully kicks in. I know they say you don’t love me anymore when they hear “no,” but that’s what a parent’s responsibility is all about. These tats are getting out of hand and are a rebellion against parental control to brag to the other kids that they can do what they want, not what their parents want. Are you sorry you asked?

Bob Glasco: I always like your stuff, George, but this one about characters was the most entertaining so far. As for radio today, the talent seems to be focused on nothing but their internet presence and the next concert coming to town. Few seem to realize their listeners will bond with them if they give them something they can’t get anywhere else: their unique take on the day’s topics.

Buster Bodine (RIP) Commented on my blog: Those days at WNAP in Indy and again at KPRI in San Diego were some great times, George. Thank you for it.

Jack Schell ranted: When you’re on hold, and you hear “your call is very important to us, thank you for holding” Do you think they really mean it!), whenever I hear the on-hold recorded speaker – for the tenth time – say, “…someone will be with you momentarily.”, I usually shout, “WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF MOMENTARILY?”

Bruce Buchanon commented on my blog. Regarding WRMF: I remember one sales lady approaching me one morning, shortly after the format change from Rock J98 to Adult Contemporary WRMF. She was wearing a black evening dress with 4-inch heels, crying, and clearly had some white powder under her nose. Since there were new rules on what advertisers we would now accept, and most of her clients were head shops and bars, she asked, “How will I make my BMW payment?”

Bruce Devine wrote, Geo; Roger Klein says that when you were at CFRA in Ottawa, “You took Ken The General Grant’s uniform Away? 🙂

Dean Goss commented; The best line I’ve heard in years is yours regarding our business; “A Radio station’s toughest competitor is the OFF button.” Love that, George.

Dick Taylor wrote on my blog: Loved your Life liner: Why do the worst-sounding commercials always seem the easiest to sell. *** Ain’t that the truth!  Moreover, because they didn’t spend any money on the creative, they have a ton to spend running them. And if they also happen to be running for political office, we have to give them the lowest ad rates on the station, allowing them to buy even more air time. And when the ratings go in the tank, no one goes lookin’ for the sales guy, do they, Geo?

Doc Harris wrote on my Blog: Cami, like many others here, I have never met you but have spied on your life through your Dad. He and I worked together in Saskatoon, Sudbury, and Toronto, and he helped me build what turned out to be a very successful career.
As you go through life, always know that man will be there for you. He loves you very, very much; that’s obvious. With that behind you, there’s nothing you can’t do!

Doug Chappell (RIP) wrote on Radio Geo’s Media Blog, George; I learned a big lesson playing in a band and later in the record biz…the best players are not always the best bandmates. You’re on stage for about an hour but must live and deal with the other band members for the additional 23. I learned never to replace an adequate player who is an excellent bandmate with a great player because it can break the “one for all and all for one” feeling.

Doug Erickson commented, “Encouragement works much better than criticism.”
You’re a wise man, George. Wish I’d known you earlier in my career.

Greg Tantum wrote on my blog; Thanks to you, George! I got to play in both sandboxes, The Radio Magazine on KOGO and The Class format on FM. Oh yeah, then, for added fun, I trusted Joe Gillespie to build an all-news format from the ground up! (all fueled a bit by our after-work “conferences” in your office.)

Pat O’Day (RIP) wrote; Thanks so much, George, for another great year of fun, enjoyable, and knowledgeable reading.
As I write this, I can still see you sitting in my Seattle living room when I wanted to hire you as my consultant, and you said, “Pat, why would you hire me? You know more than I do.” What a humble statement, and it’s typical of you.
Give my best to Jim Hilliard when you get a chance.
Merry Christmas, Sir! What a winner you are!!! (Seasons Greetings)

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Memorable Things I’ve Seen, Read and Heard) Part III of VII. New 5/22/23

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Bill Gardner said that he didn’t think I ever lied to him, but there was a possibility that I may have left out some of the truth.

Russ Morley told me that if sex ever came up at dinner, there’d be none for dessert.

Tom Skinner asked if I’d ever heard of “Client Run.”

Robin Garrett told me that when she rejected some of the tunes Jan Jefferies had picked out for a special Valentine’s show, he said to her, “Robin, you don’t speak for all Women.” “That may be true,” she replied, “But you don’t speak for any.”

Ed Shadek told GM Jack Collins, “If George Johns or any of his people didn’t like a commercial, neither did the Shadeks.”

Jack Collins, in turn, said, “George, I shouldn’t tell you this, but the sales department doesn’t work for us; they work for the client.”

Cat Simon wrote; So Blessed to have been part of such a small part of it all. To witness the magic was amazing. Things we will never see again; The Beatles, Elvis, and Ron Chapman. RIP. 

When a reporter asked Keith Elshaw, “What was it like working with George Johns?” Keith answered, “The talent loved him, the salespeople hated him, and management feared him.”

Buzz Barnet wrote, Beloved RadioGeo, Format crafting aside, You now deserve credit & kudos for “bucket list lust”!!Just livin’ the dream thru Your adventures & imagination.

Jarl Mohn claimed that when I told him what was happening in the halls would soon creep onto the airwaves, it became the cornerstone of his “E” Entertainment creation.

Al Mair told me he came to Saskatoon to buy me dinner because he didn’t think I’d be there long.

Ivan Braiker claims that what I didn’t do on the radio made my stations sound so good.

Don Walker wrote that if it were up to Ed Shadek, we’d all still live in San Diego. Ed was such a pragmatist…When I approached him about taking Presidents’ Day off, Ed paused and said we’ve never done that in the past, but, oh hell, I’m 59 years old; he said, so I don’t have that many 3-day weekends left. Let’s do it!

Buzzard Boy Cris Conner said that he kept a clipboard in his car because he knew that his whole show would show up as he drove to work; all he had to do was write it down. 

My Brother Reg Johns told me, “Bro, you’ve got to give up being an ass-hole; you’re not good at it; I know because I’ve worked with the very best.”

Laura Neville wrote, To have Cami give you as a father the honor of always having a piece of you with her is the best form of a tattoo anyone could ever have. I say go for it and make it memorable for both of you.

Ted Rogers told me that to become even more successful, sometimes you have to leave behind those who made you what you are.

Gordon Zlot disagrees with Ted; he thinks you should take care of those who bring ya.  

Dave Charles wrote, This creative radio gallery of talent is why you had a brilliant career, George, and you knew a favourite of mine Cactus Jack Wells. What a voice presence.

Lawrence Amaturo recently said, “I need some George Johns energy at my radio stations.”

Tim Moore wrote on my blog,  At 29, arriving in Dallas to assume my role as VP of Sales for the TM Companies, I was enveloped by the “KVIL / Ron Chapman” buzz in the halls on Regal Row; I asked myself, “geez…how great could this be? I’ve grown up on CKLW, WLS, and WRIF!”
I listened for a week and thought, “Nice show but not a big deal.” Then I listened for two months, stood back, and said, “This is the most brilliantly conceived show on the most brilliantly conceived radio station in America.” Now I understated it.

Tracy Johnson told me when we first met that he was tired of hearing my name. It seems that whenever he asked Jeff and Jer to do something they didn’t want to, they’d say, “George Johns told us twenty years ago never to do that kinda stuff cuz it’ll ruin our careers.

Linda Duffy wrote, I still remember the day George asked me to send you one of his one-liner zingers. It was supposed to read, “Are you still short?” Only I typed and sent, “As you still short?” I thought he was going to shoot me.

Earl Mann commented; I’ve never known anyone surrounded by more beautiful women than you, my friend. Linda Duffy is just another example on a long list …Her beauty would make most men ‘nervous’ – which is why I guess there’s shvitz in the pits….haha.

David Wolfe wrote, George, If you have a Fairwest reunion, do I qualify? I spent three years at Fairwest – went to STAR in Milwaukee to handle the incoming police calls and keep Cat Simon calm, went to Norfolk with the gift catalog, went to Montreal with the interactive phone, went to Kansas with the credit card affinity program, went to Transtar to oversee the Music of Your Life music rotation and keep Gary Freis calm, and on weekends ran 10ks with you using Reg’s Mercedes. (Unfortunately, while we were running in Balboa Park, the Mercedes went to Texas).

Joasia Holotka wrote, “I’m still waiting for the beauty and brains to pay off simultaneously???”

Jimmy Darin told me when I was the board op on a show called “Ask the Pastor” that the way to get big ratings was by my slowly fading the vile remarks some perverted callers would be making to the Pastor. The slower the fade, he said, the higher the ratings.

Jim Davis wrote, Further addendum to your “Three Words Women Like to Hear”:- “You’re right.” -“I’m wrong.” -“And I’m sorry.”

Dick Robinson:Commented; Top Of the Mornin George. God Bless You! THANK YOU! Let us read this thoughtful Epistle… ONE MO TIME!! (Psychic)

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Memorable Things I’ve Seen, Read and Heard.) Part II of VII New 4/24/23

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The Magic Christian told me he was going to vacation in an Iron lung so he wouldn’t even have to breathe.

Randy Bachman told me that Neil Young had told him backstage, “George had the first cool guitar in Winnipeg. 

Many years ago, my wee daughter, Cami, asked if the tune I was playing, Who Dat? by The Jury, was almost over, and when I asked why, she said, “It’s not very good, Daddy.”

Bobby Rich wrote, George, were you at the R&R convention in LA when Clinton spoke? He stated that signing that act was “one of his biggest mistakes.” he didn’t mention Monica.

When I asked my oldest daughter Candis if she remembered when asking me if she could go to France to finish High School and then later to NYU in New York, her mother shouted from the kitchen both times, “Tell her she can’t go.” No, she said, “I just remember I was talking to the right guy.”

Larry Macinnis commented on my blog; George, I am quoting Churchill here as best I can, but he said something like, “If you’re not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative at 40, you have no brain.”

Bobby Cole claims it’s impossible to have three affairs going on simultaneously. His claim is just when you think you’ve got it done; all three will be waiting for you at lunch.

After meeting my Brother Reg on his first day at CFTR years after I left, John Seymore asked him, “You’re not related to that prick George Johns, are you?”

Jerry Del Colliano wrote, While reading your eloquent narrative of the happy day, it occurred to me that when some of the consolidators in today’s radio have their future birthday parties, I wonder how much love will be in the room. To be successful is to be surrounded by friends who love and respect you; money is nothing without that.

Al Ham, the creator of “Music Of Your Life,” told me that when someone steals your music to create their own format, you steal their wife. 

Paul Ski, who followed me into CKSO in Sudbury and CFRA in Ottawa, said, “The only reason I didn’t follow you into Toronto was because I was tired of cleaning up your desk.”

Matt Greeny wrote, Geo, might I add an addendum to “He who is afraid to ask will never know.”
I start all my classes with “The only stupid question was the one that wasn’t asked”

My Uncle Jack claimed that all women are exactly the same; they just look different. 

When Chuck Camroux, who followed me into Toronto, had his first jock meeting, a few of the guys sat on the floor, causing Chuck to ask, “Was George running a club here?” Sandy Hoyt answered, “Do you wanna join?”

Jack McCoy warned me never to tell him anything I didn’t want him to use.

Bob Christy said he marketed himself by sitting at a bar, waiting for the ladies to drag him to their cars. 

Gary Russell claimed that I was the only long hair he had ever met with short hair.

Roger Snowdon claimed that nobody ever moved to Florida to work harder.

Garth Brooks told me that he was pretty wild in High School but not near as wild as he wanted to be; he was too afraid.

Dana Horner wrote, My high school football coach and history teacher often said, “Your freedom ends where my nose begins.” So some of us have more freedom than others based on the size of our noses.

Joel Thompson messaged; ​With the right music, you either forget everything or remember everything.

My Maternal Grandpa, Ben Vince, told me, as I will tell Grandson Nathaniel, “Life is about faster cars, older whiskey, younger women, and more money. Unfortunately, he neglected to warn me that any of them can also ruin your life.

Dick Dresner taught me that the only way you get new listeners is to do it the way you’d track the big-horned sheep. Unfortunately, tracking the big-horned sheep is impossible, so you have to anticipate where they’re going and be there waiting.

Brent Farris claims that radio is really over when George Johns starts talking about sales.

Craig Walker recently told me that he still has the paper napkin I used to write what I was willing to pay him if he would do us the honor of joining us at K-103 in Portland. 

David Manning showed me how to ruin a $2000.00 suit by wearing a matching pair of $200.00 shoes.

Martin Milner informed me that there never could be a route 66 reunion TV show because all the towns they shot across America had arrest warrants for his co-star George Maharis.

Rick Moranis told me that “Ghost Busters” was magical because of the tension on the set. Like him, he said, most of the actors in the film were also writers, so when the cameras started rolling, you never knew what new words would be coming at you. 

Cat Simon claims no bit was ever too long if George Johns laughs.

When Joe Amaturo found out that I went to the Manitoba Institute Of Technology, he said that the name was too long and I should shorten it to MIT.

Tom Cochran told me that he was so excited about the possibility of becoming a newsman at WIBC in Indy he cut off most of his hair for the interview. He got the job, but as he left, Fred Heckmen said, “Oh yeah, Tom, get a haircut.”

When I first met Reid Reker, I asked him why he was living with the woman he had just divorced; he said, “I can’t be married to a woman that wild, but she’s sure fun to live with now.”

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Memorable Things I’ve Seen, Read and Heard) Part I of VII. New 4/10/23

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Jim Hilliard warned me never to get into a fight with a guy who buys ink by the barrel. I wonder how much ink there is in this old laptop because I’m ready to rock!

Gary Russell said, “George, you’re the only long hair I’ve ever met with short hair.”

Hugh Heller, who did all the great Fairbanks Jingles, told me that when he left Los Angeles for a remote location in Arkansas, he not only left the noisy, busy world of LA behind but, unfortunately, he left all of his friends behind too.

John Gehron wrote on my blog, When was the last time you even heard title and artist on the radio?

Mario Andretti said, “If you feel like you’ve got everything under control,  you’re definitely not going fast enough.”

Jamie Boychuk said, “Uncle George, if we’re together anywhere and you reach for a credit card, that would be insulting to me.” 

Bob Pittman told me that he only got into radio to make enough money to get flying lessons.

Gary Donohue wrote, Does anyone remember what radio was like when John Lennon died? Elvis? And speaking of living, I love those focus groups, George! Keep on living’ large George! You are an inspiration!

Mr. Fairbanks taught me that continuing to present after getting a yes could only lead to a no.

Bobby Hatfield commented on my blog, After more than 40 years, I often thought, and now, I finally know why I was hired and promoted to a full-time midday position at WNAP. There I was, sandwiched between Chris, Freddy, Bo, and Smash, WTF…you didn’t have to watch Sesame Street to ask which piece doesn’t fit. Thank you, George; I sincerely appreciate this blog from the bottom of my heart. Finally, I know.

Casey Callahan wrote: Oh George!! You write so eloquently. Whoever said WOMEN were INNOCENT? Obviously, it must have been a man. I’ve never heard any women claim to be. Men hear what they want and believe what they’re told, just like most PEOPLE. I’m not working at Coppola any longer. Come and see me at Chalkboard in Healdsburg 🙂 XOXO

John Erickson wrote; My reaction to your comment, “No matter what PPM says, the truth is, mornings are still the most listened to Radio daypart”…is AMEN! People grab the device from the charger on the way out the door! (Even so, your former baby K103 is still rocking mornings.)

Warren Cosford commented, George…you would know this. Based on what I’ve just read here, Fairbanks might have been The CHUM of America.
BTW Jed Duval. Thank you once more for Your Hospitality many years ago when Pat Martin suggested we meet as I was driving across the U.S. to California. Jed Duval wrote, When will you go on the road with a travelogue of your journey, complete with airchecks, inside radio stories, and drink offerings? Be sure to negotiate the music rights!

Jed Duval wrote, When will you go on the road with a travelogue of your journey, complete with airchecks, inside radio stories, and drink offerings? Be sure to negotiate the music rights! Jed Duval wrote, George, When will you go on the road with a travelogue of your journey, complete with airchecks, inside radio stories, and drink offerings? Be sure to negotiate the music rights!

Frank Osborn said that every PD gets two books, and every GM gets two PDs.

Ermanno Barone wrote, “The pride you have in your children is very evident, George; it also demonstrates your great love for them. Your willingness to profess it and to shout it to all the world proves your genuine affection, something our modern world would do well to emulate.”

Jo Ann Pflug from M*A*S*H said, A belated Happy Birthday, George, and remember, “Age is a number, and ours is unlisted.”

My Father, Sandy Johns, told me I needed to get a job because the Johns boys don’t play guitar for a living; we work. 

J Robert Wood told me he knew he had to become a program director during his first radio show because it was boring.

My Mom warned me not to give in to my Hermit tendencies.

Chuck Knapp wrote, Hey George, My wife Cheryl told me she instantly fell in love with you. So take that. She’s using lowercase for love, but at least you’re on her keyboard.

Randy Michaels commented on whether my daughter should get a tattoo. Damn! I’ll hire her into sales, although the tat is still a stupid idea. As Paul Harvey said, tattoos permanently express a temporary emotion. She makes a good case, though. It will be interesting to learn what you do.

Doug Thompson wrote; Anyone who’s ever worked with Chuck Riley (Dann) Hanks deserves to be a success. You worked with him a couple of times in Canada and the U.S., as did I. At CHUM Toronto for liners and radio specials, plus in LA for ‘Radio Kandy.”
Always an adventure working with Chuck, one of Radio’s original characters for sure, George.

John Hayes said he’d never forget my answer when I turned in my expense report, and he asked, “George, have you ever considered flying back coach? And I replied, “No, the muses don’t fly back there.”

Joe Myers wrote, This sentence jumps out: “Anger is just another name for fear.” Theory: There’s nothing in the world but love and fear. What isn’t love is fear. What isn’t fear is love.
With you as her example, Geo, your daughter will figure it out if she hasn’t already.

Mark Hubbard taught me that to be successful; you must be First, Best, or Different.

Sharon Henwood commented on my blog, In a long career in various media and communications forms, one of my earlier memories was doing The Last Contest in Toronto at CFTR. What a blast to have a job that paid me to ask people their greatest dream and then figure out how to make that a prize package – even with our limited Canadian budgets. I was in awe of the guy that thought it up, and although I never met you in person, I still feel a buzz when I think of that time. Thanks, Jack McCoy.

After hearing the recording of The Jury’s “Until You Do,” Hal Ross, from London Records, said, “Hell, I’ll release that!”

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