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What a fucking day! It all began early in the morning when I discovered that I had some charges on my bank account that I wasn’t aware of.
After an hour on the phone with my bank, we discovered that it was some kind of music streaming service out of Paris.

Hell, I had no idea the French were musical; I thought they just painted. Can anyone hum a tune that was produced there? 
Anyway, the bank refunded the charges but also canceled my debit card, which means I can’t access my account for six to eight work days.

Even though the bank is open on Saturday, somehow that’s not a work day, nor are government holidays.
Lord knows when I will have access to cold hard cash again. This shit is enough to drive a man to drink.

Ok, with that out of the way, I head to BJs at noon to hook up with my pal Big Bob who is from Northern Pennsylvania but spends his winters down here.
From BJs, off we go to Hurricane Alley, a funky restaurant in Pompano Beach with huge sandwiches to die for, and I, of course, also ordered a Bloody Mary.

After lunch, we headed to the dock, where we lined up to board the “Tiki Taxi,” which not only cruises the intercoastal but it also has a bar on board.
Unfortunately, I have a pinched nerve in my leg, which makes standing very uncomfortable, and as the clock slowly ticked its way to the 3 o’clock departure time, I was in extreme pain.

Finally, it’s time to board, and as I hand a crew member my credit card, he fumbles the handoff, and we both watch my card slowly sink into the murky waters. 
Then, as I reached for another credit card, the Captain, standing nearby, said, “Not only are you riding free today, but you’re drinkin’ free too.”
It all started to spiral down from there because you don’t put a radio guy near a free bar.
(Big Bob and I are pictured on top enjoying one of many adult beverages aboard the Tiki Taxi.)


Turning data into useful information requires some creativity.

The big difference between Justin Trudeau and his father is the whole world listened when Pierre spoke.

It is said that having loved and lost is better than never having loved. However, how many lovers do you have to lose before you become a loser?

Hollywood doesn’t portray America as it is; they portray it as the way they want it to be.

A desperate man is the most dangerous man of all.

Radio should have never given up on selling cume. When clients asked how many people heard their commercial, radio should have replied, “Perhaps all of them.”

When someone says, “It’ll only be a minute; it’s never a minute.”

Why​ do blacks, who only represent 13.6% of the American population, have the government’s​ full attention​ and are promintly featured in most movies and TV commercials?

Is it just me, or do the people the police are seen beating, which has everyone upset, seem to be criminals?

Do you think a person who sells drugs to children should have any rights?

The folks​ I fear most are Muslims wearing backpacks. 

Every party needs a pooper.


Doug Thompson: Listen to “Hey Jude” one more time, George. At 2:57, just after the line, “Remember to let her under your skin,” I believe it’s Paul McCartney who says way in the background), “Oooh, fu**ing hell!). It’s been there forever. (This One’s For My Brother)
Geo: It takes a pair of award-winning ears to pick that stuff up, Dougie, and you’ve always had ’em.

Jody Dean: George, I Hope you had a great Christmas and that 2023 is off to a great start! Your PPM post reminded me of when we were already a few years into the system…and learned that PPMs weren’t registering spoken word because they listened for music. Ownership knew that almost from the start but didn’t tell talent. I Can’t imagine how many hosts failed to make their bonuses as a result. A class-action suit would not have been unjustified.
PS (and between the two of us); Every time I look at David Fields’ Audacy stock price, I’m tempted to buy a few thousand shares just to torment him. For the price of a cup of Starbucks, I could practically own the company…lol. (CFTR)
Geo: I ain’t saying a word, Jody.

Dave Charles: How boring, George! Geez. Please tell me you didn’t author this memo.
I grew up on PERSONALITY RADIO. Joey Reynolds, Dick Biondi, Wolfman Jack, The Greaseman, Howard Stern, Shotgun Tom Rivers, John Rode, Scott Carpenter, Hal Weaver. Even Cactus Jack Wells could blow this format shit out of the radio water!.
Time to burp the brain again! This is 2023, and radio needs a new playbook if you haven’t noticed.
Dave Charles (still crazy…..for great radio) (CFTR)
Radio Geo: ​If you had heard what I heard at CFTR in 1972,​ Dave, you would have understood. Most of the talent I worked with later in the US is in some Hall of Fame. (Ron Chapman’s in three of them.) Obviously, they didn’t get the memo.” 🙂

Brent Farris: Merry Christmas, George: We just finished Secret Santa, and I’m all wiped out. Enjoy the Holidays from your view at the top of the world. On behalf of everyone at KZST, you still inspire us to this day. Always have and Always will, your humble follower, Brent. (Seasons Greetings)
Geo: Thank you so much, Brent. It’s been an honor to work with you and the KZST staff for all these years, not to mention how excited I am about doing it again next year.

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (L-U-C-K-Y) under construction

1236663_10151848705814935_737992015_nA few years ago, I enjoyed having breakfast with Dion and talk show host Joyce Kaufman at a cool Diner in South Florida.
Dion, a great storyteller, told us about his lucky day when he almost got on the airplane that took the lives of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper, which was a very lucky day for him.

He also told us another lucky story that occurred when his first record was climbing up the charts while he was still attending high school in the Bronx. How cool was that?
When he came home from school one day, he discovered a bunch of “Soprano” type guys sitting around the kitchen table with his Father.

The one who appeared to be the boss man said to him, “Hey Dion, your old man here was braggin’ on ya down at the club last night.
He claims that you have a big record out or something, and as you probably know, we can help you with that sorta stuff, but first, I gotta hear the record.

About halfway through the tune, he takes the needle off the record, then turns to Dion’s Dad and says, “Your Son sounds like he is singing through a dish rag,” and with that, they all got up and left. Can you spell l-u-c-k-y?


Have you ever noticed that there are no stories about good guys or nice ladies? I guess they’re not that interesting.

If pro athletes have a salary cap, why not executives?

This is an absolute; all good-looking women sleep with someone; the only question is, whom?

I think women care more about the wedding than they do their marriage.

What good resulted in taking down the signs that read, “All looters will be shot?”

If you could buy anything you wanted, regardless of cost, what would it be?

The stars aren’t as big as they used to be; they’ve been demoted.

Always stand up for what you believe in, no matter the consequences.

I have lots of money-making ideas, but unless I can figure out how to patent, copywrite, or service mark any of them, I’ll keep them to myself.

Wives and lovers are replaceable e but not daughters.

As unfair as it is, nothing’s changed, men who have multiple lovers are called studs, and women who do the same are called sluts.

Band-Aid solutions usually lead to more problems.

Unfortunately, it appears as though those that enjoy much also suffer much.

According to Chris Rock, The Republicans lie, and the Democrats leave out the truth. So there you go, then.

Anger is a great motivator. I prefer the breasts God gave women much more than the ones they get from Doctors, no matter their size.

The need for a little money now keeps you from having a lot of money in the future.

As I said earlier, the only good ideas are those that can be patented, service marked, or copyrighted; the rest are worthless.

It seems to me that there’s an equal amount of people who are for something as there are against it, which is why nothing happens.

Why does Hollywood always go out of their way to depict all white people as being bad?

Is any love as pure as a father’s love for his daughter?

Speaking of daughters, of which I have two, why is it so tough for me to let them be as tough as they are?

Pain nourishes your courage to create.

Why is it easier to stop abortion than stop the time change?

The only men women find mysterious are the ones they want.

In this age of equality, I wonder when women are gonna start picking up the odd tab.

I believe in God, but I don’t believe in the self-appointed disciples; they all need money, but God doesn’t.

A lot of good knowledge comes from a lot of bad judgments.


“I can’t be the only one that realizes that the protests about the Viet Nam war weren’t about the war but the draft. We’re still fighting the same bullshit wars, but when you look around, do you see any protesters?”
Steve Eberhart – I think many people aren’t interested in wars, but they are very interested in their kids having to fight them. (Tantalizing Temptations)
Geo: So true, Steve. The only people fighting wars now, it seems, are those who want to. Dave Charles: Hey there, Georgie Boy. Isn’t that a song by the Seekers?

Dave Charles: I hope you’re well and enjoying FLA. I was in Sarasota the last couple of weeks to take in some Spring training baseball. No ugly shootings, thank God!
Have you checked out RadioGPT from Futuri? BOT radio is here. Yikes.
My friend, Daniel Anstandig of Futuri, is out there promoting this version of radio. Love to hear your comments.
You behave. Be well and have fun. (Tantalizing Temptations)
Geo: Thanks for the read, Dave. Yes, I’ve been reading about Radio Bot. However, what I can’t figure out is how’s that gonna produce the next Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern, which radio needs so badly?

Tim Moore: Major Wars appear to be out of fashion. But maintaining the World’s best military helps keep it that way!
My Dad flew 48 missions in WW2, piloting our fastest Bomber at that time (Martin’s B-26). Then, after coming home and finishing his Degree, he was recalled by SAC (Strategic Air Command) for Korea. He never resented it though It sure created havoc with his early coaching career! (Tantalizing Temptations)
Geo: I agree with maintaining our military status, Tim, but as I’ve said many times, “We have to support our troops, but we don’t have to support the fools who keep sending them to war.” I remember when folks used to say, “Hey, what if there aren’t any WMDs in Iraq?” Now they argue about Transgenders instead.

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (More Psychic Phenomena) under construction

Last week, I wrote about hearing my Dad’s voice as I was flying home from a client visit.
He said that I shouldn’t be sad because he was very happy now and just wanted me to work on my own happiness.

That was a very strange moment, but not the only one; something strange had happened twice before.
The first unexplainable event happened when I was the Program Director of CFRA in Ottawa, and my wife Lana and I decided to adopt a baby boy.

After doing all the paperwork, there was nothing to do but wait, so while doing so, we decided to visit our friends, the Hilliards, in Indianapolis.
While in Indy, we went to a new restaurant Barbara Hilliard was very excited about because they had a Sand Reader, and sure enough, right after dinner, a guy carrying a tray of sand showed up.

Once there, he told Lana to sign her name into the sand with her finger, and when she did, he suddenly looked at her in disbelief.
Then he said, “Hey, I only say what I see in the sand, and as ridiculous as this may sound, what I see is you becoming a brand new mother in the next few days.”

Sure enough, when we got back to Ottawa, we discovered that the adoption agency had been trying to get ahold of us for a couple of days to pick up our three-month-old son, Curtis Allen Johns.
The second strange event of this kind happened many years later at the State Fair in San Diego.

I was there with Jamie Gold, and when she spotted the tent of a Tarot Card Reader, she wanted to have her palm read, so what the hell, me too.
I can’t remember what the Pysic told Jamie, but I sure remember what she told me. “Ahh”, she said, “It looks as if there’s a baby girl in your future, but it won’t happen for another decade.

When I looked at Jamie, she said, “Don’t look at me; I’m not gonna have any kids.”
I never thought anything more about it until ten years later, almost to the day the beautiful Camera Anne Johns Summerfield was born.
(Cami is shown right below, and my baby boy Curtis is pictured on top with me)


Does anybody know what the black ladies think about the rich black dudes who date nothing but white chicks?

If you work both sides of the road, the grass is always greener.

Having the right to be wrong produces more rights than wrongs.

Doing something special is never convenient.

Most times, the life of the party doesn’t have a good life.

Normal is relative.

Only tech guys get away with no timelines.

When things are going well, nobody needs advice.

Is it just me, or since Covid, do most service people suck?

As Troy Aikman recently said, “The NFL is much better at figuring out new ways to make money than they are at putting a better product on the field.

Why do singers always want to talk when they perform?

Talent is never enough.

Every parent wants their kids to be happy, but how to do it is the question.

You become much smarter the moment you realize how stupid you are.

How lucky were the women the Super Stars fell in love with?

Being afraid to lose is a great motivator.

I was telling a friend about having a cold and saying that the worst part is, “I’m not good at feeling bad.” But then I thought, “That’s a great song title; I should give it to my old friends, Burton Cummings, and Randy Bachman; they’re the best at creating a hit song from just one line.

The only people who take radio seriously today are radio people.

Justifying a failure makes the failure twice as bad.

In a relationship, why is it always the man who has to change?

Jumping to conclusions rarely has a soft landing.


W.T.: George, one thing I always admired about your stations is that you never put slogans on the air about what kind of station it was or what kind of music it played. Listeners were trusted to figure out what it was, and if they liked it, nothing else mattered. After all, a lot of people might say, “I like rock,” or “I like country music,” but nobody ever said, “I like Adult Contemporary music.” (Evergreens)
Radio Geo: I think the reason we never used slogans, W.T., may have been because we didn’t know what the hell it was either. Oh, and you’re absolutely right about AC because there’s no such thing. No Artist ever went into the studio to cut an AC record.

Jennifer Randal: Geo, I love your Grandfatherly advice, right on.  I told my younger son that he didn’t have to get married as all his friends were doing. He actually listened! He tied the knot at 35. (The Secret of Life)
Geo: JJ, not only does he have a good-lookin’ mama bear, he has a very wise one.

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog. (Psychic Phenomena) Under construction

Lately, my Brother and I have been talking a lot about all the stuff that went on when we were growing up in Transcona.
We’re ten years apart, so I’ve just recently learned how different our upbringings were. 

Our Father was a stern taskmaster, and his rules were what caused me to be rebellious, but after hearing some of Reg’s stories, It sure sounds like he had it much worse.
For various reasons, I’ve been angry at my Dad for most of my life, which I’m now just beginning to deal with.

My Dad died during the busiest time of my career, which meant that I now spent most of my time on airplanes.
During one of those long flights on my way home from lord knows where, I was just kinda gazing out of the window, sorta daydreaming as I looked at all the billowy clouds slipping by us below.

My mind was wandering all over the place, and for some unknown reason, I started thinking about my Dad, which brought a tear to my eye.
Suddenly from out of nowhere, I was startled by the sound of his voice saying, “Don’t be sad about me, Son, I’m very happy now and doing fine, but I’m not so sure about you.

I wish you were taking better care of yourself and hope you’ll start working on your own happiness instead of just working.
I love you and am very proud of you,” and with that, his voice was gone.

Since then, I’ve felt a little better about our relationship, or lack of said same, although I must admit it’s tough being an orphan at any age because sometimes I sure could use his help.
(Sandy Johns pictured on top.)


Even though there are 31 days in many months, why does a monthly supply consist of 30?

If you did all that you’re capable of doing, you’d only surprise yourself.

All great radio stations began with a cause; however, I doubt that paying down the debt was one of them. 

So who’s a bigger ass, Peter Cetera of Chicago, John Fogerty of CCR, or Paul McCartney of the Beatles? All of them let the business of rock and roll become bigger than them being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the rest of their mates.

Don’t we wish all women were like the ones they write songs about?

You can never let the engineers get in charge of the art.

Ubiquity is coming.

Have you ever noticed that when your computer fucks up, it’s always your fault, not the Geeks?

The way it works is, whatever you believe, I believe that there’s a News channel that agrees with you.

If I were a woman, I’d rather be equal to a beautiful woman than some guy.

How come the managers of the Rock Stars are richer than those they manage? 

There’s nothing more sensuous than a woman who wants to get pregnant.

I don’t accept accolades or criticisms from people I don’t know. It’s kinda like, “Don’t Bro me if you don’t know me.

If you knew you only had 24 hours to live, where would you like to spend it, and with whom?

My folks had a hell of a lot more to protest about than we do, but they were too busy working to do so.

If money was no object, what object would you love to have.?

What if women had to qualify before they could marry a great man? What would the qualifications be?

When I married my wife, I did it for her.

The next time I’ll do it for myself.

All we are, are our experiences.

The only thing that makes us equal is a gun. It will kill anyone.

Only humans live in the mystic; animals don’t.

I’m not afraid of women who are smarter than me, just the ones who think they are.

I believe a child should be with their natural parents no matter the consequences.

I don’t believe the color of their skin makes someone better or worse than others.

Every child who doesn’t have a Dad in their life will probably be fucked up.

Men must realize that women can only produce a child for about 20 years, so when they start running out of time, they begin to lower their standers. How many of us wanna be that guy?

Unfortunately, to make money in the music biz, you don’t have to know anything about music.

I’m not comfortable living in a world where for no apparent reason, millionaires become billionaires overnight.

Big corporations don’t give a damn about their image; they just keep on gouging.

Hey Canada, how come I never hear or read about Paul Ski? He became a much bigger deal than we so-called legends.

How many times have you said thank you when what you really mean is fuck off?

I wonder what John Glenn’s wife thought about him going into space. Did she ever tell him?

Do poor people think that the rest of us owe them?

Is there any government facility that doesn’t claim to be underfunded?

You can’t change the world without changing the rules.

Do brilliant people handle dying better than the rest of us?

Why somebody fucked you over is much more interesting to women than it is to men.

If the government ever found out who or what caused Covid, do you think they’d tell us?


Winnipeg Wendy: I think it’s repugnant when people find others attractive because of what they have instead of who they are. Money is only money, but being surrounded by those who love you is special! I know you have both, so that’s wonderful. (Ever Greens)
Radio Geo: The only women in my life that I could ever count on to have my best interest in mind, Wendy, were my daughters. Tough for some sweet young new thing to get by either of them.

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Annoying) Under Construction

I love driving up the beautiful California coast, which I’ve done several times while consulting KZST in Santa Rosa.
Two of those trips are very memorable because even though my Daughters are more than twenty years apart in age, I did the drive with them both when they were fifteen.

What made those trips so memorable, though, was even though my Daughters were not much alike, their attitudes at fifteen were identical.
You know what I’m talking about; walk ten paces behind me, don’t talk to my friends, sit at a different table when we’re eating out; this will be fine; drop me off right here (Two blocks from school) and, could you drive us to the mall, I’ll text you when it’s time to pick us up.

However, I’m pretty sure I handled being an embarrassment much better the 2nd time around.
But I guess because I didn’t follow Cami’s instructions to the letter, she seemed annoyed at me most times.
Thankfully, though, around the same time, I was privileged to overhear a conversation between my two daughters.
Candis was saying to Cami that she hoped she could be there the day Cami discovered just how brilliant her Father was, which she discovered herself many years ago. Cami looked at her like she was crazy!


Sometimes questions are good, but most times, they’re only self-serving.

The only thing about having daughters that’s not wonderful is the realization that you’ve got to protect them for the rest of your life.

I gotta believe that with the millions and millions of dollars, we’re sending to Ukraine, corruption must be running rampant; how could it not be?

Ignoring the existence of a problem, unfortunately, is much easier than solving it.

Much as we love them, no man ever falls in love with a BJ.

Most women know exactly what we want but hope we give them what they want long before giving us what we want if at all.

Did you notice that the World Champion Canadian Junior Hockey players didn’t kneel during the Canadian National Anthem?

If you could reconnect with an old love, what would you say?

So answer me this; why should you take anybody seriously who spends their mornings painting themselves and their afternoons getting Botox?

The only way you can predict the future is by creating it.

Men spend most of their money on women; women spend most of theirs on shoes, and neither makes much sense.

Did Harry marry Mehgan to get a green card?

Beautiful women aren’t any smarter than the rest; they’re just richer.

So, when do we get to respond to all those who claim all white people are bad?

Does anybody know what causes racism or makes people prejudiced?

Whenever “booty” gets involved in a deal, the deal is f*cked, right, John?

Kids are only cool if they’re yours.




Jed Duval: George, as someone who had the honor and privilege to try to implement and oversee many of the promotions you created for 1070 / WIBC-AM, I would like to add that a successful promotion is not only one that the air talent loves but one that shows forethought, preparation, and investment. The key to buy-in is belief in the simplicity and impact in audience response.  Your promotional ideas were easily understood and embraced by our listeners. Thank you. (Gordon Zlot)
Geo: No, thank you, Jed. However, the hardest part for me was getting the promotions past Hilliard. After that, the rest was easy.
According to, amongst other things, publisher Jerry Del Colliano, the time to stop chasing your dream is never.
Jerry Del Colliano: Thank you for the mention — I love to read your stuff to escape virtual reality and return to reality, if even for a few minutes, and after working at WFIL with Jim Hilliard, I share your love for this man and his brilliance. Keep going, my friend!
Jerry Del Colliano Professor Music Business Program
NYU Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions
Geo: Thanks for the read, Jerry; I hope all is well.

Wendy Homes: Hmmm, I wonder what a man’s shelf life is??? (Evergreens)
Radio Geo: As long as women think we have money, Wendy, we will remain attractive. Just ask the Asian and Russian ladies who hit on us daily.

Bill Gardner: I still remember when you hired me for the launch of KVIL (recently out of mornings at flame-throwing rock legend KCBQ San Diego), you told me KVIL Dallas was going to be a “middle-of-the-road” station appealing primarily to women.  I thought that meant when I got there, I’d be playing cover versions of all the hits by cover bands like Ray Coniff and “finger snappers” like John Davidson, Jerry Vale, Al Martino, Tony Bennett, etc.
Boy, did I have a LOT to learn about the definition of “middle of the road?
And one more time, thank you to legendary program director Jack McCoy for telling me while we were both at Bartell’s WMYQ-FM Miami, “there are some good radio people I want you to meet.” (Evergreens)
Radio Geo: Bill, it really was M-O-R Bill; I just used hit records to get the same texture. I’m not sure who came up with the term Adult Contemporary.
Bill Gardner: I don’t know who came up with the TERM “adult contemporary” either, but there’s absolutely no doubt who INVENTED the adult contemporary.SOUND and FORMAT…George Johns. Period!

Ron Below: George, did you forget that WNAP is one of the great stations that are now gone? As I traveled the Midwest as a record promo-man, whenever PDs/MDs learned I was from Indianapolis before moving to Chicago, they would start asking about NAP. Sadly, another one bit the dust. (The World)
Geo: Thanks, Ron; it’s been corrected, but I’m sure I missed many others too.
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