Geo’s Media Blog. (Soupe Du Jour.) 10/10/22

When I first got into radio, every station in every city had huge rating numbers because the rating companies only measured cume.
To find out who was listening to what, they used the phone book to call and ask.

Then, one day, when a client asked, “How many people heard my commercial,” Radio, instead of saying, maybe all of them, instead said, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out,” and that’s when average 1/4 hour and demographics raised their ugly heads.
However, when it was later claimed that those who answered the phone were Alpha types representing less than a quarter of the population, they switched to diaries.

Unfortunately, the diary method turned out to be biased towards radio stations with nice images, so they switched to People Meters.
The reasoning for doing this was because when the folks were wearing the People Meter, they couldn’t lie about what radio stations they were listening to.

Sadly, the people meter under-hears morning radio and over-hears everything else.
The way the device works is it has to be turned on and be moving to register anything, and none of that occurs for about an hour after the person monitored gets up.

So here’s where we are now. We started out by selling the fact that thousands of people were listening to every radio station.
Then we switched to hundreds when we brought in “average 1/4 hour,” and then, to make matters worse, we brought it down to single digits so the Agencies can figure out the cost per point.

Oh, and each time they changed the methodology, a different radio station became the new #1 in town.
Also, mornings used to be the biggest daypart of all, and as the saying went, “So goes the mornings, so goes your radio station,” until PPM under-measured it.

For the longest, I couldn’t figure out why our radio leaders weren’t yelling and screaming about this.
Then it hit me, now that mid-days were bigger than mornings because they were inflated by phantom cume, management got to fire all the expensive morning folks. Mid-day people are much cheaper.

Oh, and when you combine all of the above with the fact that the client now wants to know what the listener did after hearing their commercial and that it’s getting tougher and tougher to get anybody to participate in Media surveys; is it any wonder that Radio is no longer “Soupe du Jour?”


Hey, Mr. Radio, most comedians had to rewrite and practiced their jokes at least 100 times before they thought that they were stage-worthy. Thank god you’re funnier than them, huh?

Sadly, you don’t get better until you fail.

I don’t know many well-adjusted people who are funny.

If you’re talented, it’s a sin if you don’t give it a shot.

I wonder how many women actually waited for their man to come home from war without ever fooling around? 

Seeing as black folks are very sensitive to the N-word, I would think that it’s used frequently in NFL games.

The way you bring art to real life is by figuring out how to turn bad things into good.

I found it so weird that when the Queen died, the liberal press headlined, “Trump Not Invited To Funeral.” How did they miss the fact that neither was Obama, Clinton, or Carter?

It’s much better to be over the hill than under it.

I heard that less than 1% of all the folks who ever played Major League Baseball ever made the HOF.

Speaking of Hall of Famers, did you know that even though Nolan Ryan had seven no-hitters, struck out 5000 batters, and is in the HOF, he never won the Cy Young award? Hang your heads in shame, sports writers.

I know it’s hard to believe, but every NFL team pays its total players about the same amount of money. Unfortunately, they get different results, so whose fault, good or bad, is that?

Strange how it works, huh? The women you don’t want to sleep with are much more cooperative than those you do.

I remember when everybody would offer you a drink, but nobody would offer you a cigarette. Is that still true?

The big problem with America is it’s filled with bitter guilt. Get over it!

What separates man from monkeys is tools.

Perfection,  even though unattainable, is still a worthy goal.

In a dictatorship, only the leaders are allowed to commit crimes. In a Democracy, anybody can.

The whole world understands a man being pussy whipped by a beautiful woman. What we don’t understand is Yoko, Camilla, or Wallis Simpson. Even though he’s pussy whipped, at least Harry got a “looker.”

Do women want equality enough to give up makeup, breast implants, and botox? If they did, the workplace would only care about their brain.

Speaking of beautiful women, I live with my daughter, who, unlike other beautiful women, has never told me to turn the TV down or turn off the violence. Oh, did I mention that my TV is in my bedroom?

Speaking of women, I think they have the power to overthrow governments because there is still a reluctance to harm them. However, once we’re all equal, that will change.

When you can have anything you want, the hard part is figuring out what the hell you want.

I believe in God, but not much of the rest of it, like women having to wear scarves. Good luck to those who think they should.

The thing I like the most about America is that anybody can call out the FBI and the CIA.

I wonder what College claims that their graduates changed the world the most?

I believe that Harry Truman was the last President to leave the White House unrich. 

Has white America ever forgiven those who allowed OJ to go free?

I remember when Mr. Businessman was afraid of the government, but now none of us are.

Not all women are good mothers.

Laughter calms even the most intense situations.

If you look at history, America is much more sexist than racist. Hell, Britain has had a couple of Female kings (Queen) and also two Female Priministers, as have several other countries. What’s up with that?

I think one of the toughest things to do in life is to resist saying, “I told you so.”

There is no grey area with women; they either make you or break you.

Has there ever been, or will there ever be a politically correct war?

Of the 195 countries in the world, how many of them are better than America?

When you decide to do it your way, you don’t expect someone else to pay for it, do ya?

The quest for perfection is an endless struggle with no end in sight.

When you dream a dream with others, you can make it a reality.

Sometimes the extension of the brand can become bigger than the brand itself.

Doug Erickson: George, I love the poem (lyrics?) That could be a song) you wrote about always being “her” Dad. I don’t think it generally takes girls as long as boys to understand how much their fathers love them. P.S. K103 was a great station! (I’m Your Dad)
Geo: You’re right about the post, Doug, so I went back and tried to rhyme it as best I could.
Buzz Barnett: Who’s Your Daddy?! As a life-long single Da (Irish) to a Darling Daughter named Marianna Rose (25), I cherish Your Best Blog EVER! God’s Abundant Blessings to You, the Geo in My Geography of Fatherhood!! Buzzy. (I’m Your Dad.)
Geo: Thank you, Buzz, miss ya, Buddy!

George Ferko:“Before having daughters, I knew of very few men who ever gave a shit about women’s rights.”
How about the 19th Amendment? When it passed Congress in 1919, there was not a single woman in either the House or Senate. And there were but a handful of women n state legislatures. (I’m Your Dad)
Geo: Why do I think, George, that in 1919, there were a few folks at home like Wives and Daughters telling these Legislatures just how they were gonna vote?

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Geo’s Media Blog (I Wish I Could Have Patented It) 10/03/22

The late Ted Rogers once told me that in order to become even more successful than you already are, sometimes you have to leave behind those that brung ya.
I ended up doing that when I left for America with a format that we created in Toronto tucked under my arm. (Mr. Rogers shown above)

However, I now realize that it would have been much more fun if all my Canadian radio buddies like #GaryRussell, #RogerKlein, #MichaelCranston #KeithElshaw, #WoodyCooper #DocHarris #RickMoranis, #SandyHoyt, #Earl Mann, #SharonHenwood, #JoelThompson, #KenSebastionSinger, and #StirlingFaux, had been at my side when I launched the format in Dallas on KVIL and forty other radio stations across America.

It all started back in Saskatoon, where I was a rookie PD, and because of all the government regulations I was faced with, I began thinking about how to get around them.
Eventually, I left Saskatoon for CKSO in Sudbury and then on to CFRA in Ottawa, where I tried out a few of the elements of the new format before doing the whole thing for real at CFTR in Toronto.

The above-mentioned folks were not only very special, but they were also part of what became the most listened to Radio format on the planet, Adult Contemporary. (AC)


I see a lot of beautiful young ladies driving Bentleys, Mercedes, Jaguars, and BMWs. However, I seldom see young guys doing the same; where’s the equality in that?

Which of our many Presidents had as much dignity or class as the Queen? So how do Dads handle the fact that their daughters ended up on the pole?

You can’t argue pain away.

Back in the day, if somebody were acting crazy, two big guys wearing white hospital smocks would show up, and after putting them in a special jacket with extra long sleeves, they’d whisk them away in a van. Now they’re on the internet ranting.

I’m not sure what women think when a beautiful woman walks in the room, but I do know that the men are thinking, “I wonder who’s fucking her?

I loved smoking, but when the tests said that it was bad for you, I quit. However, I was hoping that  Mr. Fairbanks was right when he said, “Maybe we just need stronger test rats.”

Ain’t it funny when poor people get money, they act exactly like the people they most detest?

I think my next favorite QB after Brady is “Wonderboy,” Justin Herbert of LAC.

Speaking of football, how has inserting women into the TV mix worked out so far? Are any women watching yet?

So far, Top Gun Maverick has taken in 1.3 Billion even though China and Russia have banned it. Didn’t they also ban Rock & Roll and Blue Jeans too? How did that work out?

I love America except for their guilt; get over it.

My Grandson, who wants to go to Harvard, is in the upper half percent of American students, plays violin for the Pasadena Philharmonic, plays varsity football and soccer, runs track, is on the debate team, etc., etc. He should be a shoo-in, right? Nope, he’s a white kid.

Speaking of white kids, I wonder how many of the folks who got to jump in front of them because they were minorities became anything?

I find it amazing watching “House of The Dragon” that even though nobody back then had oil or electricity, they still managed to not only survive but also traveled the world.

What are all those updates we get for our phones and computer supposed to do?

Does anybody know how handing out scholarships to minorities is turning out? They still seemed pissed.

Just ’cause you don’t see it don’t mean it ain’t there.

Do rules really accomplish anything other than then making us want to figure out how to break them?

I can’t believe how “yesterday” Trump is looking these days, but then again, Biden looks prehistoric. Are these guys the best you can come up with, Washington?

Hey California, when are you gonna use some of that money you’re extorting with your high taxes to help the homeless?

The government can take you from poverty to the middle class, but they can’t make you rich; only you can do that.

Ahh, is that the smell of risk in the air? Success must be on its way.

Don’t you love how they love to tell you the stadium’s name and assume that we know what city it’s in?

I would rather have less government and more regulations than more government and fewer regulations.

My favorite part of the Elvis movie was when Elvis defied the Colonel after the embarrassing Steve  Allen show and became himself again.

Speaking of mismanagement, you would think that the Beatles would be smarter than a poor southern boy. NOT!

My favorite thing about Elvis was how he shared with his friends. However, I can only wonder if Scotty, Bill, DJ Fontana, the Jordanaires, the Stampedes, and the Sweet Inspirations had any idea what the hell was going on.

As bad as the Colonial turned out to be, one can only assume that if the superstars just managed themselves, how could it turn out any worse? Hey, my friends, The Guess Who had a vendor machine guy managing them??

Things must be getting really lean in radio, now they’re chopping Presidents.

Is there a line that, when crossed, you’re no longer required to treat a woman like a lady?

Even the smartest men in the world aren’t smart enough not to be distracted by a beautiful woman.

Rich people, no matter their race, are exactly the same. Greedy!

“Hey, give me more of that national radio stuff,” said no listener ever.

Chasing profit and taking care of the environment at the same time don’t go together.

I find it amazing that Elvis was always uncomfortable before every show. I wonder if the Beatles were?

Speaking of the Beatles, as “cheeky” as they claimed to be about meeting Elvis, they, like us, were blown away.

Can you imagine how wonderful the lives of Elvis and The Beatles would have been if they had the balls to tell management that they needed the same amount of time off between gigs as a pro athlete?

The best things in life don’t have a price tag, they’re priceless.

Things happen for a reason, but according to Bobby Cole, not all the reasons are good.

The only men who get to hang out with beautiful women whenever they want are those who don’t need to.

Being physically strong is not near tough enough.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers win another one to stay on top of the western division. Go, Big Blue!

Speaking of football, Grandson Nathaniel scored another touchdown for the Polytech Panthers on  Friday night. Go, Nathaniel.


Bruce Buchanan: Yes, KVIL, WRMF. (Buppa Reveals Some Secrets)
Geo: I have to disagree, Bruce; KVIL died and now has the same ratings they had when Fairbanks first bought it. WRMF, after suffering a few bad years, retooled and is doing well now.

Buzz Barnet:…..& apparently, the chump known as Trump is still strong enough to make Your blog! Stop that!@ (Nothin’ But!)
Geo: I’m amazed by all the press coverage he gets, Buzzy. We should have used some of his tricks when we were playing radio.

Jed Duvall: Time-Warner is now owned by the people who own the Discovery Channel and their affiliated cable/streaming channels that usually play it straight down the middle, like Jim Hilliard and Johnny Mercer. In addition of trying to end the profligate spending at Warner (which A.T.&T. never got a true handle on), Discovery C.E.O. wants his acquisition to do two things:  Be profitable and keep the ratings up. So, for C.N.N., over-the-top partisanship is tempered down, and C.N.N. will go back to the days of Bernard Shaw and Peter Arnett.  Station owner NextStar (also the owner of WGN-AM) is taking portions of what used to be “WGN America” and also offering a balanced commentary news channel, “NewsNation”.  (I love their morning news show, “Morning in America”.  The only mistake they have made was hiring Chris Cuomo, who was probably directly hired by the guy NextStar put in charge of the channel, Michael Corn, who had been the Senior VP and producer of A.B.C.-TV “Good Morning America” but was politely pushed out by A.B.C.’s attorneys after years of complaints of sexual harassment of staffers (so NextStar has two serial TV news people with a very sordid harassment history). (Nothin’ But!)
Geo: Only you would know all this stuff, Jed.

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Geo’s Media Blog (More Life-Liners) Under Construction.


Each week I receive an email from a company claiming that they deposited another $9950.99 in my account, but I’ve yet to see any of it. They wouldn’t be trying to scam me, would they?

The one sport Canadians are really good at is hockey, so I think they need NHL teams in Victoria, Kelowna, Regina, Saskatoon, Hamilton, Quebec City, and Halifax. How exciting would that be” Eh! 

Athletes and beautiful women have something in common, if they’re lucky, they both have about twenty good years.

Just because the radical left and the religious right are loud doesn’t mean we have to listen. In fact, I’m for letting them have at each other if they promise to leave the rest of us out of it.

In 1972 we launched a brand new format in Toronto on CFTR, then on KVIL in Dallas in 1973. However, in both places, everyone but the listeners thought the station had gone rock. The format became known as Adult Contemporary and, after forty years, is still the most popular radio format in the world.

To me, if it’s not rated ‘R,’ it’s a fantasy intended for young kids.

When I asked why America is more upset about slavery than they are about the Holocaust, I was told that it was because Holocaust didn’t happen on our shores.

Do computer geeks have groupies?

We always hear about the women who helped their man’s careers, but I’m thinkin’ that there must be some who ruined them.

The love between a man and a woman is always conditional.

How old do you have to become until you no longer have to be practical?

Hey, radio heads, ponder this. “The more talented you are, the less local you have to be; however, if you’re both, you’re unbeatable.”

Creativity begins at the boundaries.

I find it amazing that Neil Simon, as he was growing up, would keep a few notes about his life that he would later use to write award-winning Broadway plays.

When you remove constraints, you free the bad guys.

Before Social Media, I felt uninformed; now, I mostly feel misinformed.

Would an NFL coach lie to the press about a player’s injury? Of course not.

What I dislike about most governments is how they create things to scare us, and then they try to persuade us that only they can protect us from what they originally created.

Speaking of scaring us, the TV stations in South Florida, while doing the weather, spend most of their time warning us about all the Hurricanes that claim may appear during the summer months. I guess they’ve figured out that when the Hurricanes don’t show up, we’ll be happy, so we won’t say, “Hey, man, what the hell happened to the Hurricanes you predicted?” 

Men indeed outnumber women in the upper 1%, but they also outnumber them in the bottom 1%.

So, has all the pandering and political correctness fixed anything yet?

Hey Joe, how’s it going for you? For us, not so good, but thanks for asking. We’re a little pissed that the oil companies gouging us, product shortages, interest rates rising, and inflation is climbing as Wall Street drops. Oh, and the homeless are still living in the streets. But then again, I guess it’s not all bad; at least you made it possible for the guys who think they’re girls to play for the girls’ teams now.

I’m kinda ok with the rich; it’s the wealthy who need to be investigated.

Do people fighting for their lives really use politically correct words to describe their adversary?

Hey Toronto, I think the only way the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup is by putting an NHL team in Hamilton. Then they’d have to win something to be able to sell season tickets. 

Everybody’s stupid about something. 

One of the strange things about being white is, unlike other races, when asked to describe ourselves, we don’t begin with, “I’m a white male.”

So, who has to be in power before you’ll die for your country? 

I find it very convenient that the bad stuff our government has done is always classified.

Is anybody automatically treated with respect? 

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Geo’s Media Blog (The Future Is Now) Under Construction

A few months ago, my brother Reg met me in Toronto, where we hopped on a train and went across Canada.
However, my getting to Toronto from West Palm Beach proved to be the trip from hell.

When I showed up at PBI early in the morning, I was told that my passport wasn’t enough; I also needed something called a “Travel-Can card.” (pictured below).
Thankfully, with the help of some great A/A employees, I finally figured out how to get it, but by then, had already missed my flight, so they rerouted me through Philadelphia. Unfortunately, my layover in Philly was a long one, so when I asked Dacia (pictured with me on top) where I could find a little wine to pass the time, little did I know that the future was about to slap me in the face.
Dacia directed me down the hall to a couple of bars, and once there, I discovered a nice wine bar that wasn’t crowded, so I sat down and looked around for a wine list.

When I asked Christian, the bartender, for a wine list, he told me that it was on the iPad in front of me.
Oh, oh, not being very computer literate, I wrestled with it for about 15 minutes before asking Christian for some help.

When he came around the bar and worked with the iPad for about 20 more minutes, I finally got a glass of wine.
When I asked him how long it would have taken if I could have just asked him for a glass of wine, he said, “About 2 minutes.”

Then, when I asked him how popular this method was, he said, “Not at all, and in fact, we’re losing customers with it, but the owners don’t care because it’s the future, Man!”


Why does saying goodbye sometimes not feel like sweet sorrow but more like you’re gonna die?

The government should charge a sales tax on gasoline instead of cents per gallon. That way, someone besides the oil companies would benefit from the price gouging.

Other than they’re paid to do so, why would the government bailout any big business?

So, what was more horrific, the Holocaust, Encampment,  or Slavery? I already know which one is the loudest.

Who do you trust enough to tell all your secrets to? Just because you love someone doesn’t make them trustworthy.

I wish the pros would let us know what games they’re gonna lay down in so that we don’t have to pay those exorbitant ticket prices to watch them do it.

The person who complains the loudest about something is usually the person responsible for the problem.

I love how in almost every movie John Travolta is in, there always seems to be a dance scene.

When you become a father of A daughter,  you realize very quickly that your main job is to protect them from everything, including themselves.

How come when I hear the words, “You can trust me,” I don’t?

Since we began using computers, everything has sped up, so we can solve problems much faster. Unfortunately, for some reason, though, the problems seem to be getting more complicated.

The fewer people who can do what you do, the more money you’ll make.

So if you add up all the things that Scientists have created over the years, how do you think Father Time will judge them?

In the real world, I’m nothing, but in my world, I’m everything.

Whose better lookin’, a beautiful woman in a little black cocktail dress or a decent-looking guy in a custom-made Hugo Boss tuxedo?

Has a beautiful woman ever told you that she loved you, but you foolishly didn’t buy it, so you went out of your way to fuck it up? I did a couple of times. 🙁 

So, do I have this right, the fact that a man will give up his life to protect the woman he loves is just expected?

The only thing that can turn a big tough guy into mush is a little girl.

The only people who should lead us are those that have the ability to do so but are reluctant to do it.

The harder to achieve, the bigger the reward.

Every week for what seems like years now, I’ve heard, “They’re closing in on Trump; looks like he’s done for,” and yet there he is still standing.

Speaking of Trump, I think he and the abortion issue is the only things keeping the Democrats in the game.

Our quest as humans is to distance ourselves from the Animal kingdom as far as we possibly can. I think it’s pretty obvious that we’re not succeeding.

If you ever wonder about how great Paul McCartney is, ponder this. He does a three-hour stage show and doesn’t even come close to doing all of his music.

Speaking of Sir Paul, I wonder how pissed the American artists are about never becoming Sir Anything like Sir Mick, Sir Tom, Sir Van, and Sir Elton, to name but a few.

The only people I allow to get in my face are my daughters, but I must admit that even they occasionally abuse the privilege.

Why do radio executives make more now than they did in the past?


Doug Herman: Your title of this piece brought to mind a line The Promotion Master Jack McCoy included in on-air promos for one of the station promotions we syndicated. I had to pick up a sizable bar tab when the whole office went out to celebrate “Money For Nothin’ and Checks For Free! That became the centerpiece of the whole promotion. Those were some high-adrenaline times! (Money For Nuthin’)
Geo: Radio sure could use some Jack McCoy magic at the moment, Doug.

JJ: The Russian Mafia is not holding up America. I think they are holding up the Biden administration. When the real truth comes out, people will know ‘the rest of the story! Plus, if we would only turn on our gas and oil, no country could hold us hostage. Why are the people not screaming about pumping our oil and gas? Electric cars are not the answer. (Money for Nuthin’)
Geo: Ahh, the ever lovely JJ checks in. I agree with you, Jenn, but my point about the Russian Mafia was with Russia falling in disfavor around the world, I think their days in America may be numbered.

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Geo’s Media Blog (Sales Savages) Under Construction

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the sales folks in radio for my whole career.
I think it may have begun back in Winnipeg when I was the production board op at CKY, and one of the sales guys would sneak his stuff on top of my to-do pile.

Not only did that sneaky shit irritate me, but his stuff was also very complicated, so it took me a long time to do it.
To make matters worse, whenever he really liked what I did, he’d reward me with a movie pass for one. One!

Later, when I moved to Saskatoon as a brand new program director, after some lean months, we finally got some great ratings.
Unfortunately, the salespeople convinced station management that the station was unsalable, so I was ordered to change it. I left instead.

While in Ottawa, I had to do a phone sales call every week with our national reps.
They were the same folks who, when I was in Saskatoon, told me that the only way that I got to stop doing these junky sales promotions was by getting some good ratings.

On the second call, I finally said to them, “You don’t remember me do ya?
You once told me that if I ever got any good ratings, I wouldn’t have to do this shit anymore. Well, we got ’em, so I’m gone!”

When I moved to Indianapolis to work for Fairbanks as their National PD, the WNAP sales staff soon became upset with me. They were pissed about the changes I was making on the Buzzard, so they marched into Jim Hilliards’ office and said, “Him or us.”
Jim responded, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave.”

As I’ve said many times, I really like hangin’ with the sales folks; I just don’t like working with them.
Not only do they lie for a living, but they also don’t work for the radio station; they work for the client, and we just pay them.

However, that being said, I could never have accomplished anything without the help of the sales royalty that I had the honor of working with. Guys like Dick Yancey in Indy, Jerry Bobo in Dallas, Tom Skinner in Santa Rosa, and Tim Reever in Boston.

Hey, here’s to all of you guys, and thank you for everything, but I’m still never taking my eyes off any of you for even a minute.
(Dick Yancey is shown on top, followed by me with Jerry Bobo, Tom Skinner, and Tim Reever.)


You’ll get what you desire just as soon as you deserve it.

Very few marriages are strong enough to withstand the death of their offspring.

Is it any surprise that white guys are finally starting to push back?

What you don’t know is much more important than that what you do.

I think it used to go God, Country, and Family, but it’s always been Family, God, and Country for me.

One of the few​ good things about being my age is that I no longer have to be careful of what I say.​

There’s only heartbeat that matters is your next one.

Do Hispanics get discriminated against less, or do they just complain about it less?

I wonder what kind of Dads the fathers of pole dancers are?

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the more spectacular the woman, the less spectacular her dress needs to be.

Men are completely in charge until they utter the words, “I love you.”

Even though I came where the era in radio where ratings were everything, they still paid the sales folks more.

Sadly, only radio folk have time for our radio stories.

Men are willing to die for their causes, but not so sure women are.

Within a hundred years, 7 billion people will die of natural causes.

Recognizing beauty is one of the four ways you prove that you’re really alive.

If last-minute changes take more than a minute to complete, then bad planning was the culprit.

Do the cops harass folks, black or white, who’ve never done anything bad?

Winning is much more important to losers than it is to winners.

Ok, let’s see if I’ve got this right, only old white guys are bad?

It’s always been difficult for me to accept advice from anybody because most of it seemed so self-serving.

In ancient times the duty of the King was to the realm, but I don’t think that’s true today.

I wonder if any of the world’s leaders realize their biggest and most important responsibility is to avoid war until it is unavoidable.

Unfortunately, more freedom always leads to less Security.

Be careful who you share good or bad news with because, as Dick Yancey told me years ago, nobody’s for ya, Man.

When asked what weapons will be used to fight World War III, Einstein said, “I don’t know, but I do know that World War IV will be fought with stones.

Respect is limited to those who deserve it.

Even a bad plan is a hell of a lot better than no plan.

Most times, dreams are just dreams, but sometimes…

According to Jordan Peterson, women grow up faster than men do because they have to. They, unlike men, run out of choices by the time they turn thirty-five.

Absolutely nothing is risk-free.

It appears that politicians can escape every scandal except a sexual one.

If the truth is politically incorrect, do you still have to say it under oath?

So, if female nurses outnumber male nurses, 20-1, and male engineers outnumber female engineers 20-1, how do you bring that into line?

A real leader hires people smarter than them and then gets the hell out of their way.

Do mothers really not understand that some fathers have to kill the person that killed their child?

I wonder what happens when those old rich white guys who run America get tired of hearing how bad they are?

Speaking of old rich guys, not all of them are white, but they definitely run the world.

Having the ability to make people see what you’re saying is a learned skill.

Only radio people wanna hear radio stories.

You can get richer quicker if you don’t mind who gets the credit.

My belief is that most of the problems in America are caused by a small but loud percentage of Americans, the extreme left and the far right.

I totally understand why there was a need for unions back in the day but what I don’t get is why the unions needed the Mob.

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