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The Republicans are about more money; the Democrats, more laws.

What’s more powerful, beautiful breasts or guns?

Contrary to popular belief, most men don’t want to sleep with every woman they meet, just most of them.

Father Time is not a friend of mine.

You’re probably only one person away from happiness.

The only women we call bitches are those we care about.

If there were big money to prevent Global Warming, it would cease to exist.

If you knew the date of your death, who would you like to spend your final days with?

Is there any better motivation than revenge?

Lobbyists are the root of all evil.

Have the words trustworthy ever been used to describe the CIA?

So, what did the record companies do for the artists again?

The greatest gift God gave women was man’s desire for them.

Very few countries give a shit about the common man; lucky for you, you happen to live in one of them.

Why the fuck do we care about the whole world becoming Christians?

I think all laws should be color and gender-blind.

Women need to realize that it’s even worse out here than they imagine.

So, do you think the Royals should give up thousands of years of tradition to accommodate Mehgan?

So, what politician doesn’t accept lobbyists’ money?

The only people who will be remembered are those who broke the rules.

Why do we forgive women who do us wrong but not men?

Is it just me, or is there a disproportionately amount of films starring black folks?

Speaking of racism, do we have any stats on how many minorities became successful from preferential treatment?

I doubt that women will ever understand locker-room friendships.

My happiest days were being with my children, but my responsibility was to protect them. Unfortunately, to do so, I couldn’t be at their side as often as I would have liked.

If Christian Bale’s in a movie, I’m watching it!

In radio, like all of show business, you need a star. If you don’t have a star, you have to create one.

Speaking of stars, back in the day when the press asked Katherine Hepburn if she was a lesbian, her response was, “Fuck off.”

How come accountants don’t understand that eventually, expenses flat line, but the potential to make money never does?

Only in the movies do people answer their phones.

While dreaming and you’re reading a newspaper, who wrote the article?

People may forget your comments and actions, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.

Why do they keep trying to feature black acts on Country Award shows? It makes as much sense as featuring white acts on a Rap Award show.

Making money is easy; making a living is what’s hard.

Today’s politicians have been caught doing things much more scandalous than Watergate, yet Nixon had to pay; how come these jerks don’t?

Who would you rather receive a dollar from, the people who listen to the radio or those that don’t?

You only grow by doing something you’ve never done before.


Wendy Holmes: I really like my comment from above and still stick by it!
Also, the story about hearing your Dad’s voice speaking to you as you flew above the clouds is very touching and believable. One day, when my husband was in care, one of my daughters asked him to come to her as a bird after he passed. Astonishingly, the morning after he passed, she heard a bird chirping. She went to their front veranda and saw a sparrow trapped therein. She believes her dad was reaching out to her even though he was physically gone. Other things have happened to our family, and the most recent occurrence was astounding, but I will not share. Take care, George, and be healthy and happy!! (Psychic)
Geo: Thank you, Wendy: next week, two more similar experiences.

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Living in San Diego for eight years was a magical experience. I’d grown up in Transcona, a suburb of Winnipeg, where I spent a lotta time dreaming of living in California someday.
It was even better than I had dreamed about when that day finally arrived.

Imagine this if you can, a prairie boy from Manitoba, now living half a block from the beach, palm trees everywhere, mountains behind me, and, best of all, no snow.
Hell, It took me two years to realize I wasn’t on vacation.

I’d moved to San Diego to start my consulting career, and KOGO/KPRI was my first client.
The magic was everywhere, including a very magical night with Ed Shadek, the company President, his wife, Bevy, and my wife, Lana.

I’ll never forget that night. It began with a delicious dinner at a nice Bistro before seeing the award-winning Broadway play “Evita.”
It was wonderful, and afterward, we popped into a small piano bar for a nightcap where the piano man was playing an assortment of Broadway tunes.

Suddenly, the whole cast of Evita burst through the door and took over the bar and the piano.
Wow! Not only did they do all the Evita stuff, but it turns out that most of them had been in “Hair” and “Jesus Christ Super Star,” so they sang all those tunes too and encouraged us to sing along.

What a magical night, or I guess I should say magical morning because we never got home till three.
Still love ya, San Diego!


In my world, the day begins with a script or a song.

Grief is the final way you get to show your love. 

Don’t drag yourself back there if you didn’t have a good past.

As arrogant as the French are, I wonder how they’re handling the fact that the Arabs are taking over their country.

Things aren’t black or white; they’re mostly gray.

Most parents think they did a good job raising their children, but their kids may disagree.

You learn with your ears, not your mouth.

The greatest black/white respect occurred during the first Dream Team Olympics when Michael said, “I’m gonna play defense; Larry will shoot for me.”

How come women don’t condemn other women?

If you can do something whenever, when do you do it?

The Republicans are all about money; the Democrats are about new laws. They’re both wrong.

If you can hold on until the lady drags you to bed, you’ll have the most exciting night of your life.

How many, do you suppose, would march if the cops killed gang leaders instead of ordinary thugs?

If we looked at life through our rearview mirrors a little more often, maybe, just maybe, history wouldn’t repeat itself.

Only when Lobbyists are eliminated will America be great again.

I wonder why our founding fathers thought that although religion caused most wars, they could coexist in America.

For you to succeed, someone must fail.

Does anybody know where the Democrats stand on Pedophile’s rights?

Scammers are going to be the first to take advantage of AI

If radio ever wants to become important again, it has to put the characters back on the air.

Who does the CIA protect, us or a few rich guys? Stupid question, right?

Speaking of the CIA, who decides what world leaders we should assassinate?

It’s impossible even to hear half-truths while talking.

Everything’s racial now, even if it ain’t.

I find it ironic that most of the people demanding respect don’t even come close to deserving it.

I find it intriguing that even though they have a huge workforce, the government produces no revenue.

Everything we’re told is probably just an opinion, not a fact.

Successful people are those who can resist temptation the longest.

The smartest man in the room is the one who not only hangs out with smart people; he hires them.


Doug Thompson: Very sad to hear Buster Bodine (Michel D. Hanks) passed away. His political views were definitely not mine, but he was an incredible voice talent.   I hired BB to be the promo voice of CHUM’s Canadian radio sports network, The Team, and he was MAGNIFICENT. Hit it out of the park every time (sports metaphor for those paying attention)  Loved, loved, loved working with him.  We finally met up for lunch in LA after The Team was over. It was at Nat’n’Al’s in Beverly Hills, and we had a great time. I’ve now worked with 2 of the Hanks brothers (I don’t know if there were any others).  Buster was a whole lot easier to work with than his brother Chuck.  But I wouldn’t have missed working with either of them for anything. Rest easy, Michael.
Geo: I worked with Buster as a jock for almost ten years, and not only was he very talented, but he was also very different than his big brother.

Humphrey Kwena: Thanks for the ward of love, my God bless you and your team, your business, and your family.(Tunawapenda)Swakili Ward (we love you ).(Psychic)
Geo: Thank you, Humphrey.

Dick Robinson: Top Of the Mornin George. God Bless You! THANK YOU! Let us read this thoughtful Epistle… ONE MO TIME!! (Psychic)
Geo: Wow, the legendary Dick Robinson checks in. Thanks for the read and the comment, Dick.

Dave Charles: To the long-suffering Leaf fans.’to play a sport you must be one’ (Psychic)
Geo: It ain’t over yet, Dave; the fat lady hasn’t sung, and the pros like to coast.

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Now that Kay-Ville is back rating-wise to where she was when I first met her, it’s time to discuss who was responsible for her success and then who killed her.
The success part is easy; it had to have been Richard M Fairbanks; they wouldn’t give all that money to the wrong person, would they, Jim? (Hilliard)

Next in line for credit has to be Ron Chapman and his excellent staff, most of who are in the Radio Hall of Fame. (Ron’s in three of them)
Jerry Bobo also deserves a lot of credit for figuring out how to bill more money than our excellent ratings claimed we deserved.

There’s only one person who deserves all the credit for Kay-Ville’s demise, Mel Karmazin; he did it his way.


Recently, I was thinking about the old TV series “Happy Days,” a fun show about the ’50s.
They got it right for most cities except Transcona because the guys in T’cona looked more like the Fonz; if you didn’t, you left town. 

Why does Hollywood portray women or black folks as always being in charge?

Only those who don’t want power should have it.

Why do women insist on showing us their cleavage instead of what we really want to see?

Why would anyone want to do what the government wants us to do?

More scrutiny of big business instead of us would be a good thing.

Had Ronnie not closed most insane asylums, I wonder if Antonio Brown might be locked up there.

Diplomacy doesn’t work until it does.

If you’re not a little bit frightened, you’re not living up to your potential.

A lot of folks who look happy ain’t.

Has any druggy ever admitted that they do drugs?

Sometimes the best is not the best.

Does anybody remember Beta Max?

Has anybody done a poll asking how many Americans are for the guys who think they’re girls being able to compete in female sports?

How did Titos get so big so fast?

If I could, I would live on a train and only get off in places where the people seemed interesting.

You can fall down the ladder but never up.

Why am I always hearing, “You should have been here last week.”

Never trust anyone who handles your insulting them without reacting.

Why does the media consider the folks who go to rehab heroes, whereas I consider those who don’t have to, the real heroes?

Most Canadians always felt inferior to Americans, whereas most Australians feel superior. Both are wrong.

Why you did something never justifies your doing it.

Unfortunately, most men aren’t attracted to smart women; they like the pretty ones; if they’re smart too, that’s the marrying kind.

The first sign you may be growing old is when pretty Asisans and Russian girls want to be your Facebook friend.

Now that we all have cameras, have you noticed that there are fewer photos of UFOs?

Unless you’re prepared to walk away from it, it’ll never be a good deal.

Few things have ever been accomplished without some sort of compromise.

It’s all the small stuff that ends up taking most of your time.

Even though the sales ladies at a radio station make twice as much as the air talent, I’ve never seen them pick up a tab. What’s equal about that?

If you’re not dying, it ain’t fucking serious.

It takes talent to make money but brains to keep it.

The people paid to protect us must follow the rules, but those who want to hurt us don’t. What’s wrong with that picture?

There’s no sense in having money if you don’t have anybody to share it with.

When things get nasty, women and philosophical conversations usually disappear. 


Bill Gardner: Hi George! Your elevator story reminded me of mine.
I was doing “swing shift” fill-ins on air at “Famous 56” WFIL Philadelphia, and this night I was doing overnights…..home of the every-hour, FIFTEEN-minute newscasts (daily news commitments had to be dumped somewhere!).    Pretty sure our mutual friend Jim Hilliard had already left the Program Director chair at that time. During the 3.15 AM newscast, I took the elevator to our cafeteria and grabbed a vending machine snack. On the return, the elevator screeches to a halt mid-floor! It’s almost 3.30 AM in Philly, I’m due back on the air in minutes, but I’m stuck in the elevator. What now? The elevator DID have a phone, I would assume to handle my exact challenge.    Legendary Top 40 WFIL had incredible engineers, or “board ops,” so I thought, “Hey, I’ll call super board op Freddie Moore’s phone extension, and I’ll bet he can figure out how to put the elevator’s phone on the air AND also get me sprung.  Both things eventually happened, but I did almost an hour of my WFIL radio show from the elevator on the phone until a repair crew rescued me!    I guess everyone’s famous for something, and that’s undoubtedly the only “fame” I achieved during my time at WFIL Philadelphia! (Questions)
Geo: When I told my daughter Cami about being stuck in the elevator for over 15 minutes, Bill, she said she wouldn’t have lasted a minute before calling 911. Duh, I never even thought of that.
Bill Gardner: I’m with your daughter!  I’d have called 911, too, if someone had only invented cell phones back then 🙂 Pretty sure the elevator phone only called WFIL in-house extensions.

Alan Sterger: Hey George, What is the story behind the young lady painting your portrait? Is she painting from a photograph in her left hand? Was it a commissioned painting? (Memorable II)
Geo: Not sure, Alan, someone sent it to me.

Wendy Holmes: What’s a BJ? (Annoying)
Geo: It’s the name of my favorite bar here in West Palm, Wendy. -:)

Paul Cavenaugh: Hi George, Everyone enjoys a good BJ! But only a good one…
All white people aren’t bad, only those over the age of 70! The older you are, the more racist you become.
Fear causes Prejudice. Prejudice causes Hatred. Hatred causes racism. When the fear is stoked by such entities as FOX News, it becomes magnified. (Annoying)
Geo: Well said, Mr.Paul.

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Who’d want one if anyone could have a Rolex or a Rolls Royce?

Most of our fears were instigated by the media. 

There’s very little truth in a one-sided conversation. 

One of the many falsehoods I was taught as a pup was, “If you work hard, the company will take care of you.”

Radio listeners have no idea what they want, but they know it when they hear it.

Is it true that the new pitch clock in Major League Baseball has sped the game up by 40 minutes?

The Trio of Truth; “Tolerance  leads to entitlement; not complaining sanctions incompetence, and familiarity breeds contempt.”

I find it interesting that Democrats and Republicans only notice irregularities in each other.

So, hey, what if there is an afterlife, and you commit suicide? How’s that gonna go for ya?

Unfortunately, even though it wasn’t financially shrewd, I only answered to those I respected.

How come folks can’t wait to tell us the consequences of doing something new that could go wrong but neglect to mention if it goes right, then what? 

Why do criminals live in bigger houses, drive fancy cars, and have better lawyers than the rest of us?

I’m against war, but I’m also against anybody who wants to hurt America. Didn’t Muslims do that?

You don’t earn a piece of the rock; you demand it.

It’s easier to be a star in the NBA than become a rock star.

During the Jet’s first playoff game, Morgan Barron took a skate to the head, which required 75 stitches before he returned to the game. I doubt you’ll ever see that kind of toughness in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and especially not in the World Cup play.

Even when you’re losin’ you’re winnin’ cuz you’re learnin’.

The only person who has a shot at changing a man’s mind is a beautiful woman.

Remember when Radio Stations had huge staffs yet still managed to put 45% to the bottom line?

Without rules, we’re all just animals.

What I like about the John Wick movies is he’s always reloading his gun, unlike other movies where they seem to have an unlimited supply of bullets already loaded.
If it can be done anytime, you’ll probably choose later.
I understand why women who aren’t beautiful want to be equal, but why would beautiful ladies want any part of that?
If you think you can, you can; if you think you can’t, you can’t; it’s as simple as that.


Buzz Barnett: Good Night, Detroit! Dave McBride snapped that photo you showed of me. BTW, coming from Dallas to WPB after a 5-year battle with Kiss & Kraddick, I complimented everything that Chapman was doin’, completely unaware of the George Johns PHENOMENON not only in Big D but in South Florida!!
And, You & Morley give Me a “buzz” driving thru Mobile into the Florida panhandle regarding my air name! I was somebody ELSE before I even knew who I was!! Hilarious!
However, the best thing about getting that ocean-front condo on Palm Beach was going to lunch in that cozy Lake Worth diner with Jim Hilliard, his Son, Ric Hindes, Matt Greeney, and of course, YOU, Radio Geo!! That’s Where the real “consulting” was goin’ on. It was like “Cheers” with Norm, except everybody shouted George!
All You characters, including Tim Reever, had been together in Boston! How else could I get a jet ride, hotel & tickets to see Clemens return to Fenway in pin-stripes? Holy Hell, as I sat front row along 1st base close to My Beloved Red Sox!
Hilliard & Hindes & You eventually ditched little Ole Buzzy for that $86-million sale to some Boston group. I was very sad, but what you showed and told me in a short period carried Me thru decades of delivering remarkable ratings’ for life on that island. Sweetness, indeed. And then the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 as if “Moneyball” had already been released!
Outside of My Dad, Mom, and Sister, You, George Johns, have made the greatest impact on My Life & Career. God’s Abundant Blessings to You & amp; your Daughters. (Character!)
Geo: So good to hear from you, Buzzy. It’s been a minute, huh? What a ride, Man!

Hugh Whaley: Very sad news indeed about Buster’s passing, George. He was a very good man, husband, father, and grandfather. May he RIP! (Questions)
Geo: Hugh, I had the honor of working with Buster for almost ten years. What a talent, and what a shock that he’s gone. 🙁
Wendy Holmes: Oh, your poor knees!! (Questions)

Geo: Pretty embarrassing moment, Wendy.

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Jim Hilliard recently asked me why I was so anti-sales. Here’s my answer.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the sales folks, even though some of my best friends are from sales.
And although I’m still not a fan, I empathize with those still in the streets trying to sell spots in a digital world.

My mistrust of salespeople may have begun in Winnipeg, where I was the production board op at CKY.
One of the slimy sales guys would sneak into the production studio and move his stuff from the bottom to the top of my to-do pile.

Not only did that Sneaky Pete stuff irritate me, but his stuff was always very complicated and couldn’t be done quickly.
To add insult to injury, whenever I’d produce something he liked, he’d reward me with a movie pass for one. For Fucking One!

A couple of years later, when I became the Program Director of CKOM in Saskatoon and we finally got some decent ratings, the sales department couldn’t sell it.
The result was management ordered me to change the format. I left instead.

In Sudbury, the sales department was wise enough to leave me alone; I guess they noticed that big chip on my shoulder.
When I made my way to Ottawa, as I did in Saskatoon, I had to sit in on a weekly phone call with our national sales reps to discuss sales promotions. You know, the old “Added Value” trick.

On the second call, I finally said, “You guys don’t remember me from Saskatoon, do ya?
Let me refresh your memory; When I asked you back then what I had to do to get rid of this shit, you said, “Get some good ratings.” Well, I’ve got ’em, so I’m gone.

In Toronto, I communicated so well with the CFTR sales staff that when my brother Reg followed me there years later and was introduced to the Sales Manager, he said, “You’re not related to that prick George Johns, are you?”

When I later became the National PD of Fairbanks Broadcasting, the WNAP sales staff hated the changes I was making to the Buzzard and revolted.
They all marched into Jim Hilliard’s office and said, “It’s him or us.” Jim responded, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.”

As I’ve said often, I love hangin’ with the sales folks, but I don’t like working with them.
Not only do they lie for a living, but they work for the client, not the radio station; we only get to pay them.

Oh, and I’ll never forget the day Jim Hilliard asked a sales guy why he wasn’t selling anything, and he answered, “The spot rate is too high.”  When Jim asked, “What rate do you think you could sell, he stuttered and stammered for a bit before coming up with a number.

Jim nodded and then said, “Ok, that’s your special rate; now get out there and sell a bunch of spots.”
He was fired thirty days later for lack of sales. 

However, that all being said, There is no way I could have ever accomplished half of what I did without the help of the sales royalty that I had the honor of working with.
Dick Yancey in Indy, Jerry Bobo in Dallas, Tom Skinner in Santa Rosa, Tim Reever in Boston, and Jim West, who took me nationwide.

Hey, here’s to you guys, and thanks for everything; nevertheless, I’m not taking my eyes or ears off of any of you, even for a second.
(Dick Yancey is shown on top, followed by me, with Jerry Bobo, Tom Skinner, Tim Reever, and Jim West on the bottom.)


The only people who can hurt you are those you care about.

May I suggest making two lists when your whole life turns to shit? One has all the good stuff, the other the bad. If the good things outnumber the bad, celebrate; if not, discover why God created Whiskey, which also works well at a celebration.

I find it hard to believe that the black athletes​ who ended up in the NBA, NHL, or MLB experienced much racism.

Is it true that Bill Drake, Buzz Bennet, and Jack McCoy are not in the Radio Hall of Fame? How is that possible?

When I used to travel the country making client visits, a GM would inevitably ask if I believed in community involvement. I would answer, “Absolutely, but I don’t believe in remotes.”

Do you find it as weird as I do that its guys who can’t sing or dance who decide who gets into the Hall of Fame?

Hey Canada, when will you get some NHL Teams in Halifax, Quebec City, Hamilton, Regina/Saskatoon, Kelowna, and Victoria? ​

Personalities became obsolete when radio stations stopped trying to be #1.

Evolution continues, with or without your help.

Some people die before their time because they don’t have a reason to live.

Besides​ my family, I’m not willing to die for much else.

Doing is much more productive than planning.


Wendy Holmes: George, it is apparent to me that you are a very revered personality within the radio industry! Congratulations on your success! (Things Part I)
Geo: Not sure revered is the right word, Wendy, but thank you.

Chris McCarty: I grew up in Dallas and listened in my bed to a transistor radio when I should have been sleeping.
It was 1963, and the year I performed in “Auntie Mame” at twelve in my first professional stage play at The Dallas Theater Center and also waved to President Kennedy on the downtown parade route just moments before he was gunned.
I listened every night to Wolfman Jack, who took his act to the border when Inter-American Radio Advertising’s Ramon Bosquez hired him and sent him to the studio and transmitter site of XERF-AM at Ciudad Acuña in Mexico, a station across the U.S.-Mexico border from Del Rio, Texas, whose high-powered border blaster signal could be picked up across much of the United States.
Now that was a true radio character! (Character!)
Geo: True Dat!

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