Geo’s Media Blog (Do They Know You’re My Brother?) 3/14/22

Last week I posted a story about why there was bad blood between me and CHUM in Toronto, and even though there’s no right or wrong, there’s always consequences.

I talk with my brother Reg almost every day, and lately, we’ve been talking about when we, along with Bill Yde, owned Fairwest.
We had about 40 radio stations doing the “Class” format, so saying that we were busy was an understatement. Then it even got busier when we started buying radio stations.

At some point, we were doing a merger with the Hicks brothers stations, and when that fell apart, the three of us went our separate ways.
Bill started his own traffic company, which is now worldwide, I went back to coaching talent, and Reg, who was always heavily into databases, created his “Rewards Program,” modeled after the American Airlines Advantage program.

When Reg sold his company a few years ago and retired, he had it on 1100 radio stations all over the world.
He recently told me that he attributes his success to CHUM in Toronto and when I asked how so, he said, “Don’t you remember when I called you all excited about the fact that Warren Cosford had hired me to be a production guy at CHUM?”

“I do,” I said, “And I’m still pissed about it.” “I was so pumped, Reg went on to say, “Because CHUM was the biggest radio station in Canada, but instead of an ‘atta boy,’ all I got from you was, do they know you’re my brother?”
“I don’t know; I told you, “My air name at CKRC is Garry Roberts, so that’s who they’ve hired.”

I then told him that he better let them know because there was a lot of bad blood between CHUM and me when I launched the new CFTR a few years before I left for the States.
Sure enough, when he told Warren, the job disappeared.

From that day on, Reg said he became an ant-Chummer and made sure that every radio he worked at from then on sounded nothing like CHUM.
Doing so was tough because most of the top 40 radio stations in Canada emulated CHUM, who emulated CKLW, so you had to convince management that you had something much better.

When he went to CKGM in Montreal, Reg said, it was very stiff and CHUM sounding, so it took him a while to loosen it up so they could have some fun on the radio.
It turned out that the folks in Montreal loved our non-CHUM sound, and before I moved on to CFTR, he said, they gifted us with some incredible rating books.

When he showed up in Toronto, Reg thought that CFTR’s morning guy sounded like he came directly from CHUM, so he talked management into flying Chuck Riley in.
Chuck not only was the prominent voice on most of the CHUM specials, but he also had a very warm on-air delivery and would be perfect for mornings on CFTR.

Reg claimed that they almost had him because not only were we going to pay him big bucks, but they’d already sent his demo commercial tape to all the agencies, and they loved it.
Chuck at the last minute decided to move to LA instead and start his voice-over career which eventually made him very financially successful when he became one of the top voices in America.

As I said, Reg claims that CHUM is responsible for what he went on to accomplish. “Had I not lost that job,” he said, “Maybe I’d still be stuck in a room with no windows churning out spots.”
Reg left out the part where they beat CHUM in Toronto for the first time when he was at CFTR.

What he noticed when he looked at the ratings was that CFTR was already beating CHUM but only in the full coverage area because of their superior signal, but CHUM was beating CFTR in the Central Area. (Metro Toronto)
What Reg did was ignore the full coverage area and put together a promotion called “CFTR Is Toronto,” which was aimed at Metro Toronto.

The way it worked was, CFTR was offering prizes to anyone who displayed a sign that read “CFTR Is Toronto” anywhere.
The promotion was perfect because having a large number of apartment blocks in the downtown area, you saw CFTR’s slogan hanging out of windows on bedsheets everywhere.

After beating Chum with it, Reg took the promotion with him when he left for Boston and toppled WRKO before partnering with me in San Diego when we launched the Class Format.
(Reg, for whatever reason is reluctant to take credit for his win over CHUM, but as I tell him, “Whatever happens on your watch is your fault, good or bad which Biden will soon find out.”)


If you weren’t there for your children, don’t expect them to be there for you.

The quickest route to happiness is to stop doing what you don’t want to do and start doing what you want.

The only place cash isn’t King is at the grocery stores; they’re too busy doing other things to take it from you.

Show biz has always been about the performers, but unfortunately, the folks who run radio don’t understand why Hollywood’s not looking for cheaper actors.

If a woman is talking too much, bring up sex.

Programming a radio station to me is similar to conducting a Symphony. Specific tempos and sounds can not follow each other.

Does anybody respect the CIA?

Speaking of the CIA, do they or the FBI have to read anybody their Miranda rights?

Do the Democrats think that the continued pounding of Trump is going to distract us from noticing the rising inflation and the price of gas?

The only comfort animal I want is a woman.

We all know the problem, but what the hell’s the solution?

There’s a big difference between a marksman and a sniper, just as there is between a Program Director and a Programmer.

The truth be known, most radio stations in any given market have very few listeners.

I don’t think it’s the Democrats or Republicans who are evil. It’s all politicians.

I hate worrying about all the things I can’t change.

Today, I’ve noticed that women are much more aggressive about talking about the future with their significant others.

How come nobody asks what happened to WBEB in Philly?

If you’re gonna write the blues, ya gotta live ’em, but why the hell would you wanna to do that?

The only thing politicians do well is to run for office.

According to my friend, Tim Moore, no amount of mind-shaping can offset a poor product.

Sometimes genetics are just too tough to overcome.

Some 300 years ago, a few rich white guys who were tired of fighting with each other created a democracy. Their plan was to let the ordinary folks vote for the rich guy they’d prefer to rule them. We may need to review that ancient plan; I don’t think it’s working?

Does anybody believe that Putin would make any move if Reagan were in charge?

Have you noticed that Biden only seems to only work on the things that he can’t fix?

Is it true that Brady’s coming out of retirement?


Chuck Knapp: What a crew. What a wild ride. The Delaware Valley noticed WIBG rising from the ashes and standing strong among Philadelphia’s finest radio stations. I’ll always believe that the “All-New WIBG” was one of the most incredible sounding stations in America. Working with you, George, helped me immensely when I moved on to take the reins of KS95 in Minneapolis. (Philadelphia Freedom)
Geo: Had All-New WIBG been on FM, Chuck, the radio landscape in Philly would be much different today. However, my memory of the greatness was me getting the hell out of the way. I salute you and Bill.

Bob DeCarlo: George, it’s a shame that the highest interest rates in the history of the United States put a crimp in the Shadeck’s budget and cut our run short. When we started getting listener calls from L.A., and as far as Santa Barbara, we knew we were onto something. The Radio Magazine was a blast! Thanks for the memory. (For The Good Times)
Geo: The Radio Magazine was one of my favorite projects, Bob, but unfortunately or fortunately, the “Class” format exploded, so I didn’t have the time it needed.

Doug Herman: George, re your statement that “Unless you’re going to get your Master’s, college is just a waste of time and money”:
A lot of the value of college, even without earning a Master’s degree, is who you meet as fellow students. In my case that included Roger Dodson, who got me my first “real” radio job and grew up to be a very key figure in RAB; John King, who, as an attorney in FCC practice, probably kept us both out of jail, and Jack McCoy, who requires no introduction. The tuition I paid to the University of Nebraska was very well spent. (Tattoo You)
Geo: That’s exactly what Harvard’s all about, Doug. 

Angela Manfredi: WONDERFUL! Another amazing chapter. I laughed. I learned. (I’ve Lived Everywhere, Man)
Geo: Thank you for the read, Angela. Bill Gardner:

Bill Gardner:Thanks for reviving some great memories of Texas’ greatest city, and “worst to first” in under a year…..record time! Great fun, and after two and a half record-breaking years there, you rewarded me with a transfer to San Diego and OUR home on Highway 1 in Del Mar.
Do you think radio revenues will ever support lifestyles as we enjoyed back then? I’m guessing “no.” (“Class”)
Geo: Bill, those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end but end they did.

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Geo’s Media Blog. (Fairbanks) 4/18/22

As my brother Reg once told me, “Everybody believes that their part is the biggest part.”
Hell, even the switchboard girl at a radio station believes that the place would fall apart without her.

Case in point, when the John Blair Company purchased WIBC/WNAP in Indianapolis, and KVIL in Dallas they paid the highest amount of money that had ever been paid for radio stations.

Now what you have to understand about the owner, Richard M Fairbanks,(pictured above) is that he can trace his family back to the Mayflower.
Oh and Fairbanks Alaska was named after his grandfather who was the Vice President of the United States,

I’m sure you’ve figured out that Mr. Fairbanks certainly didn’t need the money. What he liked was that he was making broadcasting history just by being on the upside of a record-making deal.
However, as part of that deal, he had to give up his CEO Jim Hilliard who was responsible for the stations being worth so much. Mr. Fairbanks believed though that he’d already done the hard part when he bought them.

Blair wanted Jim to be the president of their broadcast division which meant that WIBC/WNAP in Indy and KVIL in Dallas would pretty well remain the same.
The only real change would be in Indianapolis where Mr. Fairbanks would be departing.

So with that in mind, Jim asked if he would like him to put together a small farewell dinner for him? It would give some of his longtime employees an opportunity to say their goodbyes.
Mr. Fairbanks, who later in his published his memoirs didn’t remember that it was Hilliard who ran his company, not him, responded as only he could. “Jim, I’ve carried all these people for years, surely you don’t expect me to eat with them too?”

With that statement, Mr. Fairbanks proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was definitely a Dick not a Richard.
(pictured on top is those of us who owned a tiny piece of WIBC/WNAP’s soon-to-be new home in Indianapolis.)


Speaking of Mr. Fairbanks, his best line may have occured when he and Jim went to lunch in Jim’s new Bentley. When Jim asked him if he’d ever ridden in a Bently before, Mr. Fairbanks responded with, “Never in the front!”

One of the greatest newspaper ads ever showed a newspaper boy staring at a new Cadillac parked in a driveway with a caption that read, “Someday, someday!” I wonder who it was that called the meeting that killed that kid’s dream?

Great rewards come from great risks, but then again, you’re not working with a net, so they’re deserved..

Now that we are all members of the “me too” society when are the gentlemen gonna serve up the names of the ladies who offered up their charms for a little boost up the ladder?

How much of, “Were only doing this for your safety” is bullshit, do you suppose?

Whatever happened to gas wars?

If LeBron would have been smart, he’d have stayed in Cleveland and lived free for the rest of his life as King James. However, nobody has ever accused a pro athlete of being smart.

Only when being in the middle of a crisis, does one discover who’s a loyal friend?

Fear and regrets are the evil twins who rob you of your happiness.

Being a Centrist I’m a little liberal about some things and a little Conservative about others, but I’m not much of a Socialist about anything.

For most of my life, political conversations never came up, now they never not come up?

Would you be more likely killed by a cop or a thug? I wonder what the Vegas oddsmakers say?

Why do the celebrities at award shows keep singing to the choir?

I’m very suspicious of all government agencies that use initials instead of their name. CIA, FBI, DEA, DOJ, IRS, DMV, USPS, DOT, EEOC, EPA, FAA, FCC, FDA, FDIC, FEC, FTC, INS, NASA, NIH, NLRB, SEC, and USIA to only mention a few. What do you suppose they’re hiding?

With all the gun controversy and how upset the people are about the school shootings, you would think the NRA would be smart enough to concede a little something?

I believe that more business is done in America at lunch than at any other time.

I don’t want my kids to have Obama care; I want them to have the same health care Obama has right now.

Implementing music at a radio station is not an art form.

Radio’s best and worst friend is the scan button.

The only thing that really counts is what’s on the radio right now?

If you don’t have anything special to say, please don’t say it on the radio.


Bill Gardner: Regarding your post on Arbitron ratings and morning shows, I’m delighted to see your Insight has not slipped even a bit. And I’ve had the pleasure of working for both you and the legendary Jack McCoy at KCBQ San Diego as a morning man.
That PPM device has cost America many a fun morning show and is one reason why I’m an airline captain today instead of doing a morning radio show.
Another tidbit I remember saying when I was comparing Arbitron reports to school report cards back when we dominated ratings, “Only the A students would purchase their report cards, the others would not or would at least deny their accuracy.”(And Then Along Came PPM)
Geo: Bill, it was the first time ever that most of the broadcasters didn’t argue with the results of Arbitron. It sure makes me more than a little suspicious.

Jim Harper: Your description of how Arbitron killed big morning shows with PPM deserves more discussion.
It is odd that Radio companies hardly fought that giant change in reported listening.
As far as a “conspiracy” goes between Arbitron and big Radio, just ask yourself this question:
Would any other business in the world surrender to a company THEY PAY for research/ratings if that company suddenly announced their main source of success was now a useless drain on their budget? And furthermore, this company was now going to charge you MORE for this information that would cripple your business?
The answer is NO.
You’d fight back…make them prove it, and if you weren’t willing to accept that nonsense, you’d stop using that company immediately.
Instead…we saw dozens of great talents phased out, Radio expenses cut and a dozen big managers retire out with a bonus, over the next year or two.
And like you said…now everyone is kind of tied in the ratings, give or take.
It deserves more discussion. (And Then Along Came PPM.)
Geo: Well said, Mr. Harper.

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Geo’s Media Blog (And Then Along Came PPM) 2/28/22

When I was just a radio rookie, I already knew that the methodology used to harvest ratings had a lot more to do with who was #1 than the programing ever did.
When my brother Reg and I were doing the Class format nationwide, we used to do seminars where we talked about the bias of each method and how to take advantage of it.

At one of these events, I’ll never forget Jack McCoy saying, “In every one of their markets. Arbitron only has one happy customer; the rest are always suing them.
He predicted that ARB would figure out how to have us all tied before long, which would mean that the best salesperson wins the game, not the ratings.

Then when Jack’s prediction came true, the next thing that Arbitron came up with was their new thing, the PPM device.
To the delight of the radio bosses, the new device claims that those expensive morning shows are no longer necessary.

Surprise surprise, ARB claimed that they had discovered that morning listening was overinflated even though their new device missed at least an hour of listening each morning.
However, instead of radio station owners calling bullshit on Arbitron like they usually do, they started slashing their morning shows. Do you smell a conspiracy?


Growth begins the moment we know just how little we know.

Either they are calling the flu and colds Covid, or what we’re doing t is shutting them down?

There is a hell of a lot more bad people in America than there are bad cops.

Just because their mouths are moving doesn’t mean they’re communicating.

Your teaching what you know is the easy part; learning what you mean is the hard part.

All your getting to me produces, is a seeker of revenge.

Sometimes all ya got is what you believe in.

You don’t need to worry about getting justice if you’ve got power and money.

Vigilantes don’t need to read anybody their Miranda rights before serving their justice.

Speaking of Vigilantes, it may be the only way we get equal justice.

If I could teach anything to the women I love, it would be to be more aware of your surroundings and never think that you have the right to be safe because you’re a woman.

Speaking of the women I love, I also wish they could figure out how to take care of themselves financially.

If we don’t allow the young to rebel, there will be no future.

Does anybody have the right to be arrogant?

I know no one who doesn’t owe somebody.

The pursuit of success is much more fun than ever achieving it is.

What I can’t understand is why the people who surrounded the Beatles made more money than the Beatles did?

I doubt that Simon and Garfunkel would have become anything if Tom Wilson hadn’t turned their folk music into rock without their knowledge. One can only wonder if they ever thanked him?

The only folks that I know who lie for a living are salespeople and politicians.

Only your imagination allows you a peek at the future.

Have you ever noticed that no politician has ever said, “Once elected, I’m going to give a bunch of free money to foreign countries?” And yet, that’s what they do.

No response tells me more than most responses.

So who’s more evil, black thugs or Italian mobsters?

Speaking of Black people, why does the Media get so excited whenever they do anything? They sound somewhat surprised, which to me sounds kinda racist?.

The person who draws the maps is much more powerful than those who just read them.

Standing up to fear has a name; Courage.

Whenever I hear “Geek” talk, I’m reminded of the quote, “He who controls the language, controls the budget.

The only place where cash isn’t King is at the grocery store; they’re too busy doing other things to take your money.

The words you use while giving a gift are more important than the gift itself.

Everybody’s funny about money.

Why is it when someone says that they love you, you wonder if it’s true, but if someone says that they hate you, you buy it right away?

Now that we have more rights than our parents, why do we have to live in gated communities?

Speaking of rights, if white males thought about their rights as much as anybody else does, they’d soon realize they don’t have any.

Speaking of white males, why do we tolerate left-wing Hollywood portraying everyone else as being more intelligent. Good luck with that; I’ll put up our inventions and creations against theirs anytime.

I’m sorry, but whenever I get an amber alert, I think that it’s a Dad trying to rescue his child from a psychotic mother.

To become smart, one must study; to become wise, one must live.


Jed Duvall: George: I am most afraid of Serbian, Croatian, Albanian, Turkish, and other Eastern European mobsters. For some reason, atrocities against fellow human beings do not seem to affect them much. At least the Italian mobsters have marginal respect for the Roman Catholic church, but then it may be that the people in control of Vatican City are associated with the Sicilian mob as well. then, too, the Chinese Communists are not very respectful of human rights, either.
Geo: Scary stuff, Jed.

Angela Manfredi: Love this story, George, for so many reasons. I can picture the scenes as I’m reading your words. And, I do love county music! I also love that you were spontaneous – and justly rewarded for living in the moment. I’m inspired. (Hill Billy Music)
Geo: Thanks for your response Angela, I can hardly wait until I get to induct you into the Radio Hall Of Fame.

Rob Ray: You Forgot To mention the Amazing Chuck Rhoads as Program Director!! (Big D Little a)
Geo: That must have been when I was no longer involved, Rob, Chuck was Ron Chapman’s assistant during my tenure.

Bruce Walker: What? The writer of the song only gets 12% of the Royalties on record sales and nothing for when the band makes a fortune playing concerts because of the song. Sometimes the record companies even rip off the writer by stealing the royalties or only paying them after the sale of so many records. (Tattoo You)
I don’t think there’s a good story ever come out of the music industry, Bruce.

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Geo’s Media Blog (Tattoo You) 2/21/22

Ok, so let me start out by saying that even though I bought my daughter her first tattoo, I’m totally against them. (See above)
The story that I wrote in a blog about why I bought my seventeen-year-old a tattoo is a tear-jerker entitled, “To Tat Or Not To Tat.”

Hey, I’m well aware that it’s not just biker chicks and pole dancers who get tattoos anymore; a lot of young ladies are getting them, but it’s much too permanent for me.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, while doing another “Bucket List” adventure, I received a phone call from her saying that her Mom was pretty mad at her and I would probably be too.
“Really,” I responded, fearing the worst. Cami then went on to say that she had just gotten a tattoo that depicted something very personal and memorable to her. (It’s a picture of her grandparents home see below)

My response was, “When I was your age, honey, I made all my own decisions; I rarely consulted my parents about anything.
It really doesn’t matter what I think,” I went on to say, “It’s only what you think and are willing to live with that counts. However, know this, no matter what, I will always love you.”


When you attempt to do something you’ve never done before, you begin to grow.

I’m all for women being equal enough to take care of themselves.

The only 30-year olds in a bar are the bad girls your daddy told you to stay away from.

I dislike politics because even though we, the people who voted the president into the Whitehouse, it’s some folks we never voted for who tell him what to do.

I see that Gwen and Blake got married over the July 4th weekend, huh? They must have finally talked the church into annulling Gwen’s previous marriage; I wonder how much that cost?

Why are our troops in the desert again, I forgot?

I think the songwriters should share their royalties with the performers.

Pretty quiet on the political scene lately. Haven’t they noticed the price gouging that’s going on? What are they doing, slow dancing?

I just finished watching Air force One starring Harrison Ford. I can’t imagine Obama, Trump, or Biden being that courageous.

If it’s all about supply and demand, how come wine isn’t 50 cents a bottle?

No man can ever be trusted to do something for the greater good because he will always put his family first.

If given enough time, most people will succeed or develop a decent excuse for why they didn’t.

You’re not measured by the kind of work you do; you’re measured by what you do when you’re not working.

When I was a PD, I used to get a breakout that showed where my listeners went when they left my station. This was all very exciting until I noticed that my biggest competitor was the off button.

Have you noticed that Uber became much more expensive as soon as they put taxis out of business? 

Does a Caterpiller know it’s going to become a Butterfly?

Unless you’re going to get your Master’s, college is just a waste of time and money.

Success is measured by how well you lived, laughed, and loved.

Being afraid of making a mistake keeps you from doing what you were born to do.

Sometimes the only way to get ahead is to leave the ones who “brung ya” behind.

Letting go of the past launches you into the future.

In the beginning, radio was national, then when TV hit, it went local until consolidation. Now it’s mostly regional and creeping towards national once again. How long until it’s international?

If you have to tell someone who you are, then you ain’t!

The problem with being a Centrist like me is, you get twice as many politicians begging you for money.

The best and worse thing that can ever happen to you is falling in love with a woman who is so beautiful that you never notice other women.

Rules are what make things interesting.


Ivan Braiker: I am looking forward to seeing you and meeting that special grandson! See you Sunday for brunch and the tour 🙂 (Special Bucket List Edition)
Geo: I’m very excited about the whole adventure, Ivan, and it will be fun to cap it off with you.

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Songs in the key of Candis. 1/17/22

A couple of years ago, my Daughter, Candis, came out of retirement and auditioned for “America’s Got Talent.”
The show isn’t very singer-friendly, but she figured that she’d use the audition as a practice run in case she ever wanted to try out for “The Voice.”

As far back as I can remember, Candis was always singing and, in fact, she even sang more than she talked, and she talked a lot.
When she was just a little girl, she loved the ornaments on the Christmas tree even more than the presents below. To her, they were miniature microphones just waiting for her to sing into them.

Much later when we moved to California, she started High School in Coronado and then finished up in Nancy, France, before going on to college at NYU and UCLA.
While going to High School in Coronado, not only was she the “Freshman Of The Year” but she was also the lead in the school musicals.
(See photo below). After graduating from UCLA, she began singing her songs at the Troubadour, Roxy, and Whiskey in Hollywood. (Pictured above)
Not only was she singing at all the clubs on the strip, she was also the Licensing Director for Warner Bros, Atlantic, Asylum, and Rhino Records. Then one day her baby clock went off and the next thing I knew, she became “Supermom.”

When she auditioned for “America’s Got Talent,” she was up against Magicians, Jugglers, Comedians, and Gymnasts, so the chances of her making the cut were slim to none.
However, I remember when I met her for the first time many years ago at the St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, she definitely made the cut with me.

She was predicted to be a he, so when the nurse brought her to me in the waiting room, she was a total surprise, which she continues to be today.
As you can probably tell, I am a very proud Dad, so I can’t resist sharing a few of her tunes with you. Enjoy. Geo

“Reminds Me Of Me” (A song about her Mom and Dad)

“KOOL-2-B-A Kid” (Written by Candis and her Son Nathaniel’s Kindergarten class.)




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