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When I started my consulting business in the early ’80s, one of my first client stations was KRBE in Houston when John Dew was the GM.

John and his wife Marsha are great people, and at some point, they invited me and my wife Lana to go on a station ski trip to Copper Mountain in Colorado.
Now, the only thing wrong with this adventure was my being born and brought up in Winnipeg, where there’s always lots of snow but no mountains, so of course I had no idea how to ski.

The first thing I did upon our arrival at Copper Mountain was to sign us up for some ski lessons with a group.
On day one we hit the bunny hill where we learned how to put our skis on and off, and then a maneuver called snowplowing.

On day two, we got to take the ski left up to the next level of the mountain, where our instructor taught us a few more maneuvers.
Later that afternoon, as I was on my way to apres-ski, I was amazed to see how much the bunny hill had flattened out in a mere 24 hours.

The plan was to go up another level every morning until we reached the top of the mountain for our final lesson.
 As we ventured ever upwards, our instructor came over to me and said, “George, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re the only one in the group that hasn’t fallen yet.” Feeling quite proud of myself, I said, “Yeh, I think I’m getting it.” “No, that’s the point, George, “You’re not getting it at all, Skiing is just like life; you only learn from your mistakes, so until you fall, you’ll never learn to ski.”


Why worry about something that’s never happened? 

Nothing’s changed; Men are still measured by their success, and Women, by their beauty. 

A clue that you may now be dating an “older lady” will be when she no longer wants to talk naughty. 

A man can only stare at the darkness for so long before he’s blinded by it.

King still outranks Queen. Long live the King. 

The worse thing about having kids is your not having the ability to protect them for every second of their lives. 

I can’t help but wonder, as liberal as Hollywood is, how come they always show blacks as thugs in the movies?

Trump may have run America, but it’s his Palm Beach neighbors who run the world.

Most of what you believe was probably created by you.

We can’t change what happened, but we can change what’s gonna happen.

Most people quit too soon. 

Unfortunately, the only thing that makes us all equal is a gun. 

So when you decide to enter show business, there are only two questions you need to ask yourself; when does my career start, and will I know when it ends?

Wow! After watching the goings-on in DC, I couldn’t help but wonder, “How much are we spending in defense again?”

Asking for advice leads to a warmer response than asking for feedback.

Does anyone know if all the suck up the media does to all the minorities has accomplished anything good?

To become successful, one must be exceptional at something. 

Mother nature doesn’t care what your sad story is; she’ll rain hell on you anyway.

Being a dually, I figured out real quick what the difference between Canadians and Americans was. Canadians believe that the government will always take care of them. Americans know it ain’t gonna happen.

The only people more untrustworthy than men are women; men only sell you out half the time.

I wonder how long it would take to clear this virus up if we took the politicians out of it and let the Scientists and Doctors have at it.

The only people who forgive atrocities are those who weren’t involved. 

The only word with a shorter shelf life than “never” is “always.”

I wonder if there’s any other country that used the pandemic to elect lame politicians?


Jed Duvall: An accountant (or business manager) handles the details, tracks the expenses, pays the bills, cuts the checks, and tracks purchase orders. Accountants listen to the radio station but don’t program it.
I always found that if the office staff (including traffic) did not listen to the radio station(s) for whom they work, the radio station is in deep trouble.  It also means that very likely, the sales department could care less about the station(s) either.
It is up to the sales and general manager to build back morale within the off-air staff. The program director must keep his or her eye on the program staff to make them thoroughly excited.
When I became a program director at WHO-AM in 1984, nobody inside the station listened to the radio station anywhere except for the Iowa football and basketball games. Even the program director’s office in this magnificent, relatively new palatial building could not monitor the radio station or receive the 50,000-watt AM signal because of all of the building’s steel! No wonder nobody cared.
It took me the better part of a year to begin to turn the old battleship around, starting with running a pair of monitor speakers into my office!  Once I had my monitor speakers, then the G.M. and Sales Manager wanted to know what was going on so they could hear the changes that were happening to WHO! (Who Dat?)

Bruce Walker: Good one, George.  Jim sure was a great help in your career. Isn’t it odd how things come together sometimes in life?  I never really had much contact with him at CKY, but it was plain to see that he was very good at what he did. When all the gang left for greener pastures, it was quite a disappointing experience. (Running Back To Saskatoon)
Geo: It was a big disappointment, Bruce. I learned a lot from Jimmy Darin (Hilliard), Gary Todd, Chuck Dann (Riley), and Daryl ‘B’, and I still use what they taught me.

Dale Parsons: Loved the Saskatoon story, George. Far too many of us have been in that situation at one point or another in our careers. And, even though I have nothing to do with the Indiana Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame, you should, without a doubt, be included. You have been an important and positive force in this business for many years. (Running Back To Saskatoon)
Geo: Thank you, Dale, but as I said, I think the “Hall” should be for the performers. WIBC/WNAP had the best air talent in town, yet very few have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. I can only wonder what Mr. Fairbanks, who financed Indiana’s Hall Of Fame through a trust, would think about his air staff being snubbed if he were alive today.

XREY: Hey Geo, I enjoyed The Phantoms & The Jury songs. While shopping on AMZ, I see after 30 years, The Guess Who has a new pre-order CD, “The Future Is What It Used To Be.”Musicians include their original drummer Garry Peterson, vocalist Derek Sharp (he’s NO Burton Cummings with a whiney voice), ex-Quiet Riot bassist Rudy Sarzo, guitarist Will Evankovich, and multi-instrumentalist Leonard Shaw. Special guests include founding member Jim Cale, ex-Styx Tommy Shaw, ex-Whitesnake Michael Devin, Brent Fitz (ex-Slash, Gene Simmons) percussion. The previews show this to be an excellent overall rockin’ album. The good but formulaic single is “Playin‘ On The Radio.”  Maybe they should have called it “Playin‘ On The Stream” since terrestrial radio shot itself in the foot-long ago and will likely not support them again. “Give It A Try” would make a good single for Hot AC and rock. The ballad “Haunted” is also good, with a piano reminiscent of The Commodores’ “Easy.” (I Remember The Jury)

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