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Has anybody considered that seeing as Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court is a conservative he may have cast the deciding vote in favor of Obamacare because he was just setting up Mitt Romey’s run for the White House by giving him a lot more to talk about then just the economy.

I must of missed the press conference where the President explained why he stands with his hands by his side during the pledge of allegiance. I guess he hasn’t seen all the pictures where he is the only one doing so making him look like a total jerk.

Wow it’s already been 25 years since John Einarson’s “Shakin’ All Over” Reunion Concert in Winnipeg. I feel a story coming on.

Seeing as Hospitals charge 5 Star prices shouldn’t their service match it.

Wow my old pal Shotgun Tom Kelly is getting his own Star on the walk of fame in Hollywood. Incredible!

Speaking of Stars at the recent CKY reunion Burton Cummings had the line of the night when Jimmy Darin said to him “Burton I’m not a Star F**ker but I do have to tell you this, my wife” Burton cut him off quickly right here with an astonished look on his face and said … Your wife is a Star F**ker !

Not all Women want choices.

Ron Chapman checked in with an observation after reading in my Blog my comment about any other word other than yes usually means no. He likened it to what ever words followed “Actually” mean your usually screwed (poked?) You mean Ron like “It’s All Good” actually means it’s all bad but don’t worry about it right now we’ll deal with it later at your exit interview.

Bob Christy said in 2010 Los Angeles had enough rain in a two week period that if retained instead of going out to sea could have taken care of 80% of LA’s water needs for a whole year.

I used to like looking at all the recent Arbitron ratings that come out every month in the trades to see if I could see any trends beginning across America or maybe a hot new format was taking some town by storm and deserved some investigation. Now it’s a waste of time even looking at them because you have no idea if what you are looking at is true. Hell the # 1 station might not even be listed. But then again as I have always said … Those who pay for the research or threaten to sue always seem to better in all ratings research.

Occasionally I will get in a dark funk and only a beautiful woman can get me out of. Thank God there was one around!

When Hilliard and I worked together at Fairbanks we had a lot of things in common and one of them was our love of promos. We always had a bunch of award winning voices calming our lust for a great one. One of them was a guy Cris Conner dubbed “Psycho Billy Cadillac” Billy no matter the temperature always wore a long trail coat done all the way up, usually unshaven with hair askew plus he drove a beat up old Cadillac that spewed fumes and smoke all the time. Man he sounded good! The way it worked at Fairbanks was if you were talented you could wear anything you wanted. If you weren’t you had to wear a suit and Tie. Anyway I’m coaching Billy on how I want the read on a new promo to go and he says to me … George I’ll make this easy for you, I have 5 acts you can choose from and they are a 1/4 Smile, 1/2 Smile, 3/4 Smile, Full Smile and Pixie Dust.

Have you ever noticed that most of the Ladies who work at Hooters don’t really have them so it must be about the Owls. Why do we always assume the naughty stuff.

As beautiful as I think Breasts are there has never been a knife fight over them

Why is it that no matter how much we pay Arbitron we still have to pay more money to even more companies to check out if they did it right.

Cami who is California vacationing at my Brother’s house texted me that she was going Kayaking with her friend AJ. When they sent me all the photos it looked like they were having a great time so I googled Kayaking in West Palm Beach to find some neat places here and excitedly and texted her about my discoveries and she responded with … Daddy that was a one time thing I still only like texting.

Jamie Gold a long time ago said my name really should be George Ask Me About My Daughters Johns.

I’m just taking a wild guess here but I suspect that some strong Women may just love to be dominated!

I’m just going to go with it “All Good Looking Men Are Gay” not that I mean that in a bad way in fact it’s really good for the rest of us.

I wonder what the female version of a lot of “sperm back up is” because what ever it is Donna Schaneen seems to have it real bad.

America has the richest poor people in the world.

One of the ways to maybe help fix the economy may be be to begin advertising products to the people with money instead of advertising to the people who don’t. The young!

I had a Woman once tell me that if she didn’t sound like she was about to go down on me I was always pissed at her about her attitude. Unfortunately it still may be true.

I understand when everybody got fired at WODS in Boston that nobody knew how their exit with severance etc. was supposed to go. It seems the HR person is on vacation until July 9th. I wonder if they heard … But it’s all good!

What The Hell Does Poked Mean!

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One of my best friends Gary Russell is driving across the Motherland at the moment with his new bride young Joan staying at camp sites. Gary who is in the Radio Hall Of Fame now was my first hire when I became the PD of CKOM. Gar as I nick named him has managed to escape the Radio battles and is living a life of leisure unlike myself. I’m trying to figure out how to join them for a few days when they hit Halifax. It’s on my bucket list!

Possibly the worst sales promotion we ever did at Fairwest when my Brother Reg and I were doing the CLASS format was we got our very own Visa card. We were very excited about all the possibilities because not only would the card have each of our consulted Station’s call letters on it in each market but the station would also receive a % of all the money spent when their listeners used that card. Fairwest also got a taste of course but what we Radio folks never realized was that most people who qualified for a card already had one. The listeners who applied instantly for our card were people who couldn’t qualify for any other card and ended up being pissed at us because it looked like it was the station that turned them down. Yikes!

This is a rather scary week for me because I put Cami and her friend AJ on a plane for her annual trip to California where they are going to stay with my Brother and Cami’s special Auntie Savvy. They are also going to attend the Warp tour their plus go to the Del Mar fair and visit with Cami’s sister Candis who is bringing her nephew Nathaniel down to San Diego to visit for a couple of days. All fun except for the part that this is the first time Cami has been on a trip without me and she is handling it much better than I am.

Speaking of Cami I just saw a T-shirt with DADD on it “Dads Against Daughters Dating” The mission statement of DADD is … Shoot the first one and the word will spread.

Bobby Cole claims the only way to get over a Woman is to get under one.

Women love Men they love the most. Men love Women that love them the most.

My most favorite thing to do is grab a yellow beach towel and head for an expensive hotel with a beautiful Woman in a Bikini and hang out by the pool drinking Adult beverages all afternoon. That’s the real meaning of life here in paradise.

What the hell does you’ve been poked mean on Facebook.

How Bout Dem Heat!

Ronald Reagan didn’t waste anytime whining about what kind of shape Jimmy Carter left the country in he just got on with the fixing.

Reid Reker once told me if a Woman kisses you in public she is really into you.

Hunny Bunny claimed when she tried on her new dress it made her “Booty” look like it should have it’s own zip code which made her comings and goings look very exciting.

Radio is now just an extension of the company’s digital platform.

I love having the opportunity to tease a lot of different women but still can only handle one at a time

I’ve got a lot of buddies who are Womanizers so I don’t know what the hell happened to me as I said above I can barely handle one, and most times I cant even handle that.

I’ve been in love 3 times in my life and the only thing I learned was you can get over it. Oops maybe that’s 4 and I’ve miscounted because I’m not over it yet.

Hearing any other words other than yes usually means no.

You seldom get mad at people you don’t care about.

David Fulton’s Naptown Rock Wars Movie/Documentary ran on TV again in Indy last week only this time it was followed by a 30 minute piece consisting of out takes which was so good it looked like part 2.

Radio’s big plan is to try and turn Radio into a digital company which is worth 20 times cash flow compared to Radio’s 8 times. They are already selling clients their digital products and matching the buy with free spots on the Radio. The money then is allotted to the digital department of their companies which is worth more over there.

Tim Moore says … What You Tolerate You Encourage!

Is anybody really in control of a beautiful Woman.

I think there are absolutely too many choices in America today which just leads to confusion rather than customer satisfaction.

I was thinking about research the other day and remembering back in the day when KVIL through various sources had access to all the research done against it. Most of it was all the same saying our music was a little weak but what the folks really liked about KVIL most was we always knew what was going on in town. Much later under new owners they finally fixed the music but no longer sounded like they knew what was going on and immediately fell out of double digits never to return. But the music was perfect and still is.

Women Have Better Sex Lives!

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If I owned a Radio Station in Dallas I would be spending most of my waking hours trying to figure out how to get HOF Ron Chapman back on the air because by the next day not only would I be the most dangerous broadcaster in town but well on the way to becoming one of the richest also.

Speaking of Stars the thing that Apple brought to the world that is so different than most companies including Show Biz and Sports is … Apple makes it’s customers the Stars.

Hey nice to see LeBron finally Manning up!

Some weekends are just great but others are mind boggling. Wow!

I have found that on some women a $20 dress looks like a million bucks on others it sadly looks like it came from Goodwill.

Jack McCoy told me a long time ago that whomever pays for the research always does well in said same research. It’s magic!

Having recently attending the CKY reunion in Winnipeg with Jim Hilliard it was fun to hear how many people were influenced by Jim during his year and a half in Winnipeg. Jim had no idea he had started a ground swell nor did he know most of the people who came up to thank him. Jim was the PD at CKY- AM and they were board ops on the FM who went on to not only change Canadian Radio but to run it too.

In 1968 I was a production board op at CKY in Winnipeg. In 1972 I was the Station Manager of CFTR in Toronto which for some unknown reason seemed pretty normal to me back then. Now I wonder … Just How The Hell Did That Happen!

Most Women have much better sex lives than Men because they are usually getting much more of it than they want.

Remember back in the day when not liking The Beatles made you appear very hip.

The Government puts a lot of pressure on the private sector to match the ethnicity of the population with their staff. I would suggest that they should look into doing the same.

The only cure for a Woman is another Woman.

As my Daughters were growing up I went out of my way to make sure they were never afraid of me like I was of mine. I think I may have gone a little overboard because now I’m sure I appear slightly wussy to them.

Speaking of my Daughters Cami who made the Honor Roll as she moves on to the 11th grade told me that my fear of this being one of our last vacations together may be true but it definitely wasn’t the last.

Speaking of Cami she was kind enough to take me to my favorite restaurant for Fathers Day which is called Moe’s. Funny thing is its her favorite also.

On the way to our Fathers Day dinner we got to talk to Cami’s sister on the phone. Life is real good!

I read somewhere that Dads are now just guys who now carry pictures where their money used to be.

I’ve always only cared about what the listeners wanted and not much about what management wanted. Wow am I out of step with today’s radio style or what.

Of all the people I know I still think I’m the most complicated person I have ever met.

Nude pictures of various beautiful women are wonderful, but nude pictures of women you actually know are priceless.

Who is going to tell all the pro athletes that listening to their i pads all the time looks and is a little jive now.


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Jim Hilliard calls August 1st 1981 “The Day I Screwed Him” and it comes up at least once a day everyday. The story shows up even more often when somebody is around he hasn’t told it to yet. He claims the only reason I left Fairbanks Broadcasting on that date to start my own company in San Diego was to get on the front cover of a magazine. I have no idea what he is talking about.

Someone once told me you only get 3 free sins so you better use them wisely.

The definition of Management is “The accomplishment of work through people” Now that there is are hardly any people left in Radio I wonder whose doing all the work.

With Radio It used to be that content was King but now the system is King.

Some of the big guys in radio are going to endorsements as a way to bring in some extra cake. But endorsements work best when done by famous people and most of the famous radio people have been fired.

This is the only way endorsements work … Just like Michael Jordan you have to wear the f**king shoes.

I wonder what kind of deal the government made with the oil companies to take the price of gas out of the voting equation as the prices slowly slide down as we get closer and closer to election time. Any guesses how many days after Nov 06 it will be until the prices head back up again.

Much as I still love my Daughters Candis and Cami dearly they both grew up on me much too quickly. My favorite times with both of them was when they were little girls. Hey maybe it’s time to make another one. NOT!

I was reminded once again at the CKY reunion back in Winnipeg that as you go through life you should do everything for you and your family and no body else because nobody else is really watching you, not even your enemies. At the KY reunion last week a few of the people gathered asked me what I had been doing since I left CKY.

Through out my life it seems I’m attracted mostly to broken Women and they to me. The amazing part is they never seem to have any idea they are broken and by the time we both figure it out it’s much too late.

Wow LeBron finally lived up to his swagger in the last two games. If I were LeBron though I would let D-Wade have the swagger because he’s got a ring and OKC is going to go out of their way to try and make sure he doesn’t get one.

The music at Duffy’s in the Village still sucks and the bar area is not full anymore. I swear somebody has hacked into their music system and is doing a good job of clearing the bar.

Donna Schaneen who ran the half at the Rock&Roll Marathon in San Diego on Sunday thought that would be enough for her to make my Blog. You know the rules Donna you have to do something naughty just like always to make my Blog. You lucked out this time because I had a naughty dream about you last night so that re qualifies you.

Speaking of naughty the Hunny Bunny disappeared again I hope she’s well.

I really like the sound of the Neville Brothers but I love the look of the Neville Sisters, they take it in a much sweeter direction especially when they’re on the pole.

I’m kinda for the way they do Medical Marijuana in California because at least someone pays some taxes for its use.

I just read somewhere that he who speaks the loudest is not always right. Maybe I should tone it down a tad.

I saw a quote the other day Delilah posted on Facebook that I related to. “I Actually Don’t Need To Control My Anger Everyone Around Me Needs To Control Their Habit Of Pissing Me Off”

Do you think my research project about finding out what Women really want from life and the Radio may be flawed by the fact that I only have beautiful women in my focus groups.

Bad Boy Bobby is back with his monthly Wrap Rap!