The Stevie Wonder Gang.

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737485_10151616547997542_1436617316_o1It seems some folks like Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Kanye West, R. Kelly, Rod Stewart, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, The Stones along with many others are joining Stevie Wonder’s boycott of Florida. They are all threatening to never play in Florida again until we abolish our “Stand Your Ground” law. One can only assume they were a way too busy rehearsing so they must have missed the part where the “Stand Your Ground” law had absolutely nothing to do with the Zimmerman trial.

If the Stevie Wonder Gang is really serious about this boycott and want to punish their fans even more, I think they should also pull all their music off of the radio stations here and the ones in the 24 other States who have the same law as we do. Hey that’ll show us they mean business and maybe keep us from putting any laws on the books in the future they didn’t pre-approve.

Wow what a shock, Kidd Kraddick just like Bill Bailey earlier, passed away while hosting a charity golf tournament in New Orleans for his Kidd’s kids.

Continuing to make mistakes is still a hell of a lot better than doing nothing at all.

The research is in … Under 30, bald, under 50, landing strip, under 60, neatly trimmed, over 60, full bush!

At any given moment 30 million people worldwide are watching some form of porn. The most viewed body part is a Woman’s face.

Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it art.

You need to do your dreams while it’s still possible to do so.

Speaking of dreams it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than logic in order for you to accomplish them. 

Most of the people who demand to be treated like stars, aren’t even talented let alone a star!

The most raciest people in America are unmarried Black Women who see a White Woman with a Black Man.

Last year I kept hearing about a new series on HBO called Newsroom but managed to resist watching it I guess for the same reason a bus driver probably resists going for a long drive on his days off. It’s been raining a lot in Florida lately so I decided I might as well stay inside and watch a couple of episodes. Instead I ended up watching all of last season. I love the cast and all the sub plots but got a little weary of the preaching. I don’t understand why Hollywood writers think we are anywhere near as far left as they all seem to be. Hell even Boston Legal gave us another side but for some reason they think the only news fit to print is just political news. I think they think they achieved some sort of balance by making the main character a registered Republican even though he doesn’t believe in the Republican party of today. This same so called Republican defends Obama and gives him a free pass on everything with nary an unkind word even though just like Bush he is afraid of the same Banks, Oil, and Pharmaceutical companies as Bush was. The last time I looked, Reagan and Clinton were the only Presidents who came as close to being perfect as any President can get. They both always stayed right near the middle where I believe most of America is and also never seemed afraid of anybody which may have been the reason so very few countries ever messed with us while they were in power.

Brent Farris of KZST claims that the easiest pass word for Women to remember is her anniversary date which of course also prevents her Husband from hacking her.

The more powerful you are the funnier you appear to be to the people who surround you.
Have you noticed that Men are still Men but Women have become persons.
Laws don’t change until somebody dies!

Seeking the truth has never been what the law’s about, proving the truth is what it’s really all about.

Most of the biggest promotions ever done on Radio were done with no promotion department.

Is it true that over 75% of illegitimate children are Black and the reason it’s not commonly known is because it’s politically incorrect to bring it.

Geri Jarvis claims there are more sincere hugs at airports then there are in Wedding halls.

The problem with voice mail is you don’t get to jump in and say … Got it!

Seeing as Radio is supposed to be a reflection of life I feels it’s being left behind somewhat by all the drastic changes in our society over the last couple of years.

The only way to prevent large market Radio from dominating your market is by adding local content.

Even though USA TODAY is the Radio Bible it is not a factor at all with the folks who live in your town.

There are 2 styles of communication … Tell me what you think or tell me what you know. I prefer the latter ’cause it’s usually a much shorter tale.

Ahh so the lucky sperm club has a brand new member as Prince George joins them. I told Kate I didn’t think it was wise to name the kid George as a few folks may get suspicious like they already are about Harry, but she insisted so I’ll just lay low.






“White Hispanics”

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This is a picture of my new Facebook friend Emily Ratajkowski who also happens to be in my favorite music video of the moment “Blurred Lines” by fellow Canadian Robin Thicke. The video has been viewed well over 68 million times and at least a million of those views were done by me personally when I discovered the unrated version and immediately fell in love with Emily.

Being a Canadian living in a strange land sometimes I get a little confused. Lets see if I’ve got this straight yet … In America you only have to be politically correct if you’re “White” but now that they’ve labeled some people as “White Hispanics” will they also have to comply.

What does that make Aaron Hernandez or does no race want to claim him?

Is it politically incorrect to bring up how absurd being politically correct is.

If you have no idea what one is thinking how would one go about changing what someone is thinking.

Do you have to tell the truth if it’s politically incorrect to do so. 
Don’t and Stop are two words I hate almost as much as the word “No” but when they are combined I absolutely love them!

I’m not sure what the answer is but I do know for sure it’s not the Democrats or the Republicans.
Cami and I just got back from a couple of weeks in California where excitedly I thought all the servers were hitting on me. Turns out it was just called good service unlike what we get here in the east.

Even though it’s supposedly against the law, does anybody ever buy stock without some “insider” information.

Speaking of California, what do they know that we don’t. They are a way over taxed, the freeways are stopped down most of the time, they have all kinds of mud slides, wildfires and earthquakes but nevertheless everyone still smiles like they live in Disneyland.

Most Men are into Women where as most Women are into lifestyle.

In a Man’s world it’s about what you did, in a Women’s world it’s all about why you did it.
Wow the Zimmerman trial was very political, the Liberals thought he was guilty, the Conservatives thought he was innocent before anybody knew anything. Neither group changed their mind no matter what the evidence said. The only thing didn’t know was what the Jury knew.
Speaking of Zimmerman how do the Liberals and Conservatives choose which side they are on.

I don’t know why God punishes young Women each month only because they didn’t get pregnant but I do know if it was just a man made law, I don’t think it would last very long.

Seeing as Marriage in some ways is similar to a business shouldn’t we work out how it all ends before the wedding so the lawyers aren’t the only ones who get paid at the end.
The formula for Music Radio is easy, simply play the tunes the folks like more often than the ones they don’t like.

You can never overplay someones favorite song repetition begins the 2nd time you play the song they don’t like.

Your best stories always come from your worst decisions.
Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.
Things are what they are not what we wish them to be, but if you’re not working on what you wish them to be they for sure will never be.
If you work at Pizza Hut you needn’t worry about who owns it. The time to worry is when you hear that the new plan is to cut back on the cheese. Run!
Lots of schools can teach you how to do business but none can teach you how to do gifted.

The off button on a radio is the real enemy not your competitor.
On the other hand the scan button has always been Radio’s biggest friend.
Have you ever noticed when you’re talking with someone who went to Harvard it comes up very early in the conversation.
The thing that makes running different than any other sport is … You’re either running or your not.

Being in love means doing what the other person likes not necessarily what’s right.

Sinatra’s band leader Nelson Riddle once said, “you never retire from show business your phone just stops ringing.”
I’m not always sure what I want but I’m pretty sure what I want is not what the person I want, wants me to want.

So it turns out Cory Monteith (Glee) was mixing Booze with Heroin and everybody but us knew about it. 








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I met Marnie Howard a couple or so years ago when we had lunch at J Alexanders in Ft Lauderdale. Marnie had written a book called “Giving is Living” which was just out in hard cover. We were meeting about the possibility of a tie in for the book with my friend Delilah and it also happened to be her Birthday so a little wine was also in order. Marnie has always been very fun to be with so I’m very pleased to say I got to enjoy hanging out with her quite often after that first fun lunch. But as beautiful and smart as Marnie is (a lethal combination that renders me helpless) I don’t think I ever came on to her (like I had a shot) mainly because I felt she was too young for me, not to mention she moved to Miami which was just too far away. 

When Marnie moved we kinda lost touch with each other for a while and wouldn’t you know it I ended up with someone who was actually 10 years younger than she was who also lived in Miami. What the hell was I thinkin’ is what I’m thinking because all I can get from Marnie now is love advice. Something is very wrong with this picture but there is certainly nothing wrong with hers!

Over the years a few Women have claimed they loved me and as wonderful as that may sound I never believed them. What I would eventually do was figure out how to get them to leave me. Sadly I’m very good at that.

Have you ever noticed that when a Woman demands you tell them the truth then the next thing you usually hear is … “How dare you say that to me.”

All Women hate Womanizers unless they of course are the ones being Womanized!

A smart Man can handle almost anything except a very beautiful Woman.

When Women pretend they don’t understand what we mean do they think we buy it, and are they buying our pretending we believe they don’t understand. 

Once atheists, gays and minorities get what they want y’all better do up your seat belts ’cause it’ll be our turn!

A list exists that you never want to be on and I believe Cory Montieth (Glee) may have been on that list. Once you go in and out of rehab a few times you make that list forever and no matter what you do you never get off of it. It’s a list of people who when you hear of their death, you are not really surprised, in fact you were kind expecting it.

The only reason to get married I figure is to have children.

Just because it’s the law doesn’t make it right.

You can get away with anything in America without hurting your career except using the “N” word or having sex.

Without Elvis there would be no Beatles, without The Beatles there would be no music worth a damn!

The best things in life are not free nor are they things.
Why is it as soon as a person is successful enough to be able to afford paying taxes they spend most of their time trying to figure out how not to.

Unlike Obama I’m not afraid oil companies, banks, or drug companies. I don’t need no stinkin’ campaign funds.

The secret to success is your continuing to pursue it.

You are not naturally courageous, the only way you become so is by conjuring up courage. The more often you do so the more courageous you become.

Has anything ever been solved by worrying about it.

Who would you rather have involved with your basketball team … Dwight Howard or Coach K ?

I read somewhere that we would be far better off taking care of ourselves than worrying about the planet. Earth will still be here long after you and yours are gone.

It’s not illegal to use reverse racism. What’s up with that!

What do you call a sales guy who has his own Radio show … A sales guy who has his own Radio show. Right Barry!

In 1985 Bill Yde, my brother Reg and I bought a brand new Radio station in Portland Oregon called K103. By 1986 it was #1 which it still is today. How the hell were we supposed to know we should have hung it up right then!

Being a Canadian but living in America I still can’t figure out what slavery and racism have to do with each other.

have spent my whole life pursuing happiness and sometimes I am.

I was at Duffy’s tonight sitting between 4 decent looking females. The ones on my left were just drinking and having a good time, the ones on my right were talking about realizing their eggs drying up along with their sex lives. They were discussing how they both needed to get a boyfriend soon so they could correctly align him to do the right thing. I wish some single guys could have been there to hear this conversation. Love never came up, only fertilization.

A successful Radio station needs a good strategy more than it does a good promotion.

The is no sense opening the mike if you don’t have the closing line. Why not just just hit a jingle and spare us with what you came up with to try and get yourself out of the corner you just painted yourself into.

The best thing about advertising is it quickly kills bad products.

I take a lot of pride in a lot of the projects I’ve been involved with but it’s the ones I’m not proud of that make for far better stories.

The only difference between making $50,000 a year or $50,000 a month is the knowledge on how to do so.

You are who you are acting like this very moment … Hey I’m a writer(-:

It’s always good to keep some air checks around for a few years just for review in the future. If you’re not a little embarrassed by them you’re not keeping up with the times.

Wow,  Zimmerman not guilty! I was ready to put a thou down on manslaughter after the Judge practically ordered it up. I guess the Jury wasn’t afraid of her like the lawyers were.

Also what’s up with the “White Hispanic” label, is that gonna get any traction in the future do you suppose.

If you don’t have sex and/or greed on your Web Site you don’t have many visitors.








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IMG_8942188363_1005482257752_8663_nLast night Cami and I saw a movie with Vince Vaughn called “The Internship” Look who kinda popped in for lunch with us today at “The Dish”(see left)

I was listening to a pod cast the other day which featured my old friend Rick Moranis.(see above) I worked with Rick years ago in Toronto when he was a super board op for CFTR. Rick of course went on to become a writer and a movie star but left show biz to raise his kids after the untimely passing of his wife.
On the pod cast Rick was talking about starting out as a board op at CFTR where we launched the first AC station in North America. He eventually moved on to become an air talent at CHUM-FM which was an AOR station that played “Stairway To Heaven” all the time. According to Rick it didn’t matter how often they played it because the requests for it never slowed down! One day while he was actually playing the tune, some dude called in to request it, when Rick explained he was already playing it the guy said he knew it but wanted him to play it again. Rick suggested he might want to consider buying the album so he could play it whenever he wanted and the caller claimed he already owned it and in fact was listening to it, but took it off when Rick starting playing it. “It Sounds Better On The Radio” was his explanation. I think the NAB should adopt his claim because he’s exactly right. I remember playing The Jury’s first release “Until You Do” on my father’s big stereo system over and over agai but it never sounded as good as it did on the Radio!

While Cami and I were up in northern California last week on vacation, we attended a wine tasting with Gordon Zlot and Tom Skinner. Following the wine tasting where Sue Bonzell over served us a wonderful Pinot Noir from her vineyard, we had dinner at the fine John Ash restaurant. The way they chose to do it was family style which meant all the guests sat with each other using a common menu. After sitting down Tom being a longtime sales guy introduced himself to the guy sitting next to him named Gerry. After exchanging some small talk with him we ordered our meal and while eating we started talking about all the nuances of PPM devices, encoders, drive by listening, and diaries etc. All of a sudden Gerry’s loud voice interrupts our conversation with … Who the hell are you guys, you’re scaring me! No matter how much we tried to convince him we were just radio guys talking radio, he wasn’t buying any of it! He even asked Cami if she understood what we talking about and when she told him she replied she did it only confused him more. I finally told him he had busted us and we really were with the CIA but if we explained what we were talking about he would have to be killed and Gerry seemed to like this explanation better so we all got to finish our meals in peace.

Alerting the staff that “The beatings will continue until company morale improves” unfortunately doesn’t work! 

Most folks hear what we say but pay more attention to what we do.

When you are not sure of anything then anything is possible.

Creativity begins the moment the first rule is put into place.

Becoming engaged to be married doesn’t seem to distract a Man from his work but I’m not sure the same thing can be said about a Woman.

There is no sense having an argument with a Woman because she has already taken an position and her mind is made up.

Most guys fantasize and are excited by the thought of a threesome until their lady asks who the other guy is going to be!

It is said that the only pain even close to be for a male to go through that would be equivalent to child birth would be for him to be kicked in the crotch for a few hours! So I’m thinking Men must have better memories because I know none who are ready to go through a crotch kicking session again after a couple of years.

Have you ever noticed the fewer customers in a restaurant the worse the service.

When I was a kid and got into Radio it was the first job I had where my boss actually encouraged me to sample the product.

I know of few Men who can walk away from the Woman they love not so true for a lot of Women.

How come black singers don’t have any white players in their bands but a lot of white singers have black guys in their bands. Whats up with that!

I think by mistrusting all authority you are getting closer to the truth!

Only after giving recognition to others may you expect to receive any of your own.