Geo’s Media Blog (Toast & Roast) 10/07/21 Last edition of my birthday week.

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My birthday week continues with the memory of my 70th birthday party, which my daughters, Candis and Cami, organized and hosted at the Airport Hilton in my favorite city, San Diego.
The invites were going out to folks all over the country so we weren’t sure how many would be able to attend.
(Candis and Cami pictured with me above)

However, because the party was to be a “Toast & Roast,”  it brought some early enthusiastic responses.
Jeff ‘n Jer responded with a “Hell Yes,” and Delilah commented, “I’ve been waiting for my whole career to roast George Johns.”
Candis even talked Hall 0f Famer, Ron Chapman, into being the Master of Ceremonies.
Ron was a perfect choice; he knew me well and has done a lot of MC work over the years. Hell, he even introduced Ronald Reagan to the Republicans gathered as their next President.

Surprisingly, Ron, seemed a little nervous when he said to me, “George, there’s nothing but legends here.” (Pictured above at the party, L-R, Nance Chapman, Ron, me, Linda  Duffy, Cami, her friend Brynn, and sister Candis.)Looking as stunning as ever, Betsy Cameron said, “When George and I worked for Joe Amaturo, he ignored me.”
“Eventually,” she went on to say, “I confronted him and said, George, I’m a six-foot blonde lawyer who is not used to being ignored. She then claimed that I responded with, It’s just my way of hitting on you baby”.
Her husband, Barry Smith, remarked that he realized right away when he met me, that I would be an acquired taste.
(Betsy and me pictured above.)
What a great party, folks from all over North America showed up including one of my best friends, Canadian Hall of Famer, Gary Russell who interrupted his Honeymoon to be there.
Gary and I go all the way back to when I first became a PD, and Gary became the first Dee-Jay I ever hired.
(Gary pictured above with me at the party)Gary’s Brother, Chuck McCoy, another Canadian Hall of Famer was also in attendance and recalled the day we sat around my office at CKY in Winnipeg trying to come up with a new name for him.
Chuck was headed to Regina to become a top 40 Jock and we both agreed that Merv Vidler wasn’t gonna cut it.
At the time, the McCoys had a huge hit on the charts called “Hang On Sloopy, and because we both adored the talented Chuck Riley, it all came together nicely. Chuck also claimed that I told him that if he was gonna be a real rock jock, he needed a ragtop. He said he got one the very next day and has had one ever since.</em
(Photo of me and Chuck above)Group Head Gary Miles, who graciously presented me with an old RCA mic, which I treasure, was another Canadian who made the trek down to San Diego from the frozen Tundra.
Gary recalled bringing me to Toronto to speak to his management group at Rogers Radio about how to motivate talent. After I finished speaking he said to me, “George, even though we didn’t pay you, I still feel like we overpaid.”
(Gary pictured above)
Ron Chapman claimed that even though I was his boss for over ten years, he doesn’t remember me ever giving him a direct order.
However, he went on to say, somehow though, we always did what George wanted.
(Ron and me pictured above shortly after I had inducted him into his 3rd  Hall Of Fame)A couple of great GMs honored me by showing up. Tom Hoyt brought my favorite wine with him, and Roy Laughlin brought his famous and beautiful wife Ellen K.
Ellen, of course, was and still is, tearing up morning radio in LA.
(Tom Hoyt, pictured above with me) Bob Christy, who saw me playing with my band, The Jury in Grand Forks long before either of us got into radio made an appearance and brought along his scrumptious wife, Jan.
Janny Cakes gave me one of those full-body birthday hugs that she knows I love.
( (Jan and Bob pictured above) David Wolfe was the closest thing we had to a salesperson at the birthday bash.
David recalled the day we ran a 10K  in Balboa Park. Unfortunately, when we finished the race, the brand new Mercedes David had borrowed from my brother Reg was gone.
 (David and me shown above, not yet aware that Reg’s Mercedes is no longer where we left it) Jim Hilliard reminisced about our long radio journey together, which began in 1963 and ended August 3rd, 1981 when he claims I screwed him. Somehow this story keeps coming up whenever we’re together, and he especially likes to tell it while introducing me to someone new.
Jim’s gorgeous wife, Barbara, who long ago decided that she was my adopted sister, was also there, and as usual, she scolded me for my choice of women. (Jim and Barbara pictured above.)My old radio partner Bill Yde also came to the party. Bill recently sold his company for enough cash that I’m spending most of my waking hours looking for some documents that still link us. (Bill pictured above.)Gordon Zlot was also there and he brought with him, Bobby Cole and Brent Farris, who flew from Santa Rosa with him in his personal jet.
Bobby claims that he had three great stories, but Ron rejected them as not being Daughter appropriate. Thanks, Ron.
Brent Farris brought along several bottles of Sonoma County’s finest wine, so he got to speak.(Shown above with me at our annual “Confab in the Desert” at Gordon’s home in Palm Springs) Hey, surprise, surprise, even the reclusive radio legend Jack McCoy showed up, and he wasn’t wearing black.
Jack wanted to know if anybody noticed what day it was that I had gone from being a very quiet, unassuming guy he first met in 1971 to the obnoxious angry person I am today? (Jack pictured above with me at the party)My good friend Reid Reker was there, but he declined to speak out of fear of retaliation. Oh yeah, and he’s the only person I can think of that’s not telling me that I should write a book. (Reid pictured above)

Candis explained that one of the painful lessons she’d learned early on was, “Never use the words her Dad told her she should, even if they seemed perfect for the situation at hand.”
She went on to explain that no matter how perfect the words appeared to be, as soon as she spoke them, it always turned out badly, and in fact, she’s still in therapy about it all.

Reid later told her he had complete sympathy for her because not only did things turn out badly for him whenever he used my words, people also started hitting him.(Candis pictured above with me in Burbank last year on our Birthdays)My Brother Reg brought along a few peeps, his computer genius partner Hamid Badiozamani, his CFO Barb Lovenguth, and sales guy Sam James.
When Reg spoke, he leaned into the mic and asked if the person who taught his Brother how to email was in the room? If so, could they please raise their hand because he’d like to kill them?</em(Reg and me pictured above)
The party was great fun, and thankfully the “Roasting,” I suspect, turned into more of a “Toasting” because of the presence of my Daughters, and my Niece Christina.
Not only did their attendance tame things down, but it also forced the appearance of the other George Johns, the only one they know, the wimpy one. Most of the folks at the party said some very nice things, and I did feel the love in the room, but then again, these folks are professional actors, so I’m not turning my back on any of them.
I won’t go into all the drama that occurred as we were making our way to San Diego from West Palm Beach when Cami had to be taken off the plane in Dallas by the paramedics but that’s another story for another time.
(Photo above is me and my Daughters thanking everyone for coming.)
My Daughters threw a hell of a party, and for that, I am thankful.
Even though it’s the best party I’ve ever been to, I’m getting tired of celebrating birthdays; they just make me older.

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Geo’s Media Blog (Now Why The Hell Would I Do That?) 10/11/21

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A year or so ago, I decided to try pay off all my credit cards by refinancing my million dollar view condo. (see above)
Upon doing so, my credit score jumped up into the upper 700s which was in the very good to excellent range.

However, I’ll never forget the pain I went through. Whew!
I had to answer a ton of questions plus submit reams and reams of paperwork.

Then, several months later when I was finally approved, the mortgage company sent me a bunch of checks made out to my debtors that I had to sign and then forward them.
That’s when things began to spiral downward because American Express couldn’t find the check for the ten grand I’d sent them. What!

Thank God I had a copy of the canceled check that showed that they had deposited it, but I was still responsible for the debt as they continued to search for it.
When I mentioned all this to my Nephew Jamie, who’s the Executive Vice President of CSX Railway, he said, “Hey, I know the president of American Express,” and just like that, it was all cleared up.

“Is this going anywhere,” you’re probably asking?
Well, interestingly enough, two things happened after my new mortgage was in place, my credit score went up, and the new interest rates went down.

The next thing I knew, I was getting offers from everywhere, claiming that I could save a ton of money by refinancing again.
However, remembering all the pain I went through before, I was very hesitant.

Finally, my curiosity got the best of me, so I agreed to talk to one of them.
When he told me that I was qualified to get a lower interest rate, I told him to go ahead and crunch the numbers.

After doing so, he informed me that he had rolled the closing costs into the loan so I wouldn’t be out of pocket.
And then he said that with my new interest rate, I’d be saving $49 a month.

When I asked him what the closing costs were, he said, “A little over $6000.00.”
Then when I asked, “Now Why the hell would I want to do that?” All I heard was crickets! .


Wow! So one of the rape accusers of Judge Kavanaugh, recently confessed that she lied and, in fact, had never even met the Judge. What I’m pissed about is that somehow her lying under oath isn’t a big deal. Hey, maybe that’s just one of the reasons why all women don’t have pay equality?

It’s better to be the person who questions things rather than the one who claims to have all the answers. 

When someone attempts to post something inappropriate on Facebook, you’d think that not letting it post would be sufficient. Unfortunately, I guess the Zuck is an S&M kinda guy.

Just because the law can’t prove it, it doesn’t mean that they’re not guilty.

California is definitely not as beautiful as I remember. 

I think radio has finally moved from being a career to being just another job. 

Speaking of radio, Why do the executives make so much more than those who came before them? Not only did radio sound much better then, but it was also very profitable.

It’s easier to destroy than create.

According to a few of my Canadian friends, America is in turmoil. The unrest I see only exists in the media until the BLM marches show up. That’s when the looting and destruction also begin..

If I were a singer, I’d try to sound like one of the Beatles; it’s impossible to sound like Sinatra.

Just once I’d like to see an ‘R’ rated James Bond movie.

Can you roll it over to Monday if you didn’t get a chance to start drinking early on the weekend?

For many reasons, I don’t take advice well, and in fact, I’m pretty sure the only advice I’ve ever heeded came from my long-time mentor, Jim Hilliard. I don’t remember what it was. 

Adding the word extra to average doesn’t add up to extraordinary.

When all is finally equal, I’m gonna love not hearing; they were the first Black, Hispanic, or Female to do whatever. Where the hell were they

Your changing even the tiniest part of the world today could become colossal tomorrow.

All Lawyers are slime till you need one.

When I lived in Indianapolis, our traffic reporter on WIBC was Sergeant Jim Wells; then he became Lieutenant Jim Wells, followed by Captain Jim Wells, and finally Sheriff Jim Wells. The neat thing about his becoming Sheriff was when he gave me his card and  said, “George, if any of my people ever pull you over, just give them this card, and they’ll make sure that you get home safely.”

You can’t cheat an honest man.

Big Pharma is the bad guy in most movies, but somehow the government hasn’t noticed yet. Maybe they’re blinded by the contributions that enable them to buy mansions? How do you like yours, Obama?

Digital makes sense until you look at a clock.

Men do what they do for pussy, women for security. They’re both wrong.

Being born in Canada, occasionally, I check out the CFL to see how the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are doing. The other day I discovered that the Edmonton Eskimos changed their name to the Elks. What!

Speaking of the CFL, I see that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers still have the best record in the Canadian Football League. Go Big Blue and Happy Thanksgiving.

It’s not paranoia if you’re right, right?

A lot of people would prefer not to know what they don’t want to know.

You learn the most from what came before you.

It seems to me that for whatever reason, the left loves to hate.

Only the mirror tells the truth all the time.

Wow! A traffic controller’s walkout caused all the plane delays on the east coast, huh? I wonder if any of them heard what happened to all the traffic controllers when Ronnie was President, they never got to come back.


Wendy from Winnipeg: Looks like you’ve had a wonderful life, George! Congratulations! (They Say It’s Ur Birthday)
Geo: I have, Wendy, but those Sunday nights were wonderful too.

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Geo’s Media Blog (My Thanksgiving Adventure) New 11/15/21 Under Construction

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As you read this, I’m getting ready to go on another plane and train adventure.
This time, I’m flying to San Jose where I’ll hook up with my lifelong mentor, Jim Hilliard, and his lovely wife Barb. 

While in San Jose, we’re all going to see the new James Bond movie which we’ve been doing since we saw the first one together in 1963.
Barb I’m sure will be cooking up my favorite meal, Nathan’s Hot Dogs which I’ll wash down with my favorite wine, Apothic Red.

After hanging out with the Hilliards for a few days, I’m gonna jump on Amtrak and head down to Camarillo California where I’ll visit with my old pals, Bob Christy, and his beautiful wife Jan. (Janny Cakes)
After consuming too many of Bob’s giant Martinis and sampling much too much of Jan’s fine wine collection, it’s back on the train again.

This time I’m journeying to my daughter Candis’ home in Sunland where I’ll be attending “Grand Parents Day.
The next day, Candis, Nathaniel, and I will make our way to Barnes and Noble for our annual book adventure.

While Candis and I are sipping our Starbucks coffee, Nathaniel will be searching for books.
Each time he finds one he likes, I’ll take a picture of him holding the book so that I can review them as Christmas and his birthday draws closer. When the book search is complete, Nathaniel and I will then get to do our new tradition at CPK, “Dinner with Buppa.” 

Unfortunately, a couple of days after eating Thanksgiving dinner with all the Markos at “Dish,” it will be time for me to begin my trek home.
My journey back will begin when I board Amtrak’s Southwest Cheif, which I hope has better luck than the Empire builder that I rode on a year ago. (It recently derailed)

First, I’ll have a little dinner in the dining car, a couple of glasses of wine, before retiring to my bedroom where the gentle swaying of the train will soon rock me to sleep.
Early the next morning I expect to be awakened by the bright sunshine as the sun rises over the city of Flagstaff, Arizona. No doubt that it’ll be spectacular, whew!

Next, we’ll be crossing the painted desert and passing by the South Rim of the Grand Canyon as we wind our way through New Mexico before heading north through the mountains of Colorado.
Then we’ll cross the mighty Mississippi as we make our way through Kansas City and on to Chicago.

I did this trip a few years ago and I can still remember how breathtaking it was so I’m really looking forward to it. (see on top)

Once I arrive in Chicago, I’ll get to hang out with radio Legend, John Gehron again. (Shown above with me last year at the Union Station in Chicago.)
John and I spent a lot of time talkin’ radio a year ago when I did my bucket list train ride across America. However, we didn’t get it all said, so we’ll try again this year.
The next day I’ll bid farewell to Chicago and fly back to West Palm Beach where I’ll begin planning my next Bucket List Adventure, an Ocean to Ocean cruise through the Panama Canal or a train trip across Canada.

I have no idea how to do survival mode.

If you think you can’t, you’re absolutely right.

I can’t imagine why it takes eighteen weeks to get your passport renewed. We all know that government workers are slow but that’s ridiculous.

When given choices, even the timid will choose.

Variety may be the spice of life but it ain’t life, consistency is.

I think America would prefer a benevolent dictator more than the wimp we have now.

What if the good guys were allowed to do everything the bad guys do, how many bad guys do you think would survive?

Hey ladies, how about if men were a lot more particular about who they slept with, how would that work for you, could you pass the test?

Men only listen to what women say If they love them or want them. Even then though, they’re only just tolerating it.

Speaking of the fairer sex,  why does liberal Hollywood continue to depict them as whimpery and whiny creatures who always fall down whenever they are running away from something?

Speaking again of women, why did they think that it was more important to elect a black person before a woman? Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you Oprah.

All pole dancers have fathers, I wonder what went wrong?

Being the best at anything pays the best.

You’re never too old to dream a new dream

Why does America always try to buy its way into the hearts of other countries? Aren’t they aware of the Beatle’s “Cant’ Buy Me, Love?”

Very few marriages can survive the loss of a child.

Every time I see a movie about rich kids going bad, I always wish that I had that shot because I know I would have handled the opportunity much better. Yeah right!

When I hear the words trust me, it’s the last thing I do.

Do virgins do cocaine?

So what if all women were offered equal pay if they gave up painting themselves?

Why is it when a woman has an affair it’s her husband’s fault, but if he has one, it’s still his fault?

Is it just me or does  Carson Wentz seem to get hurt a lot?

Speaking of hurt, if someone hurt your daughter, would you leave it to the police to handle?

What I can’t figure out is how there can be so many bad priests but no bad nuns?​

I think that one of the most fun things I ever saw was a Road Runner run across the road in front of us on route 66 when we were moving from Indy to San Diego. The damn thing looked just like the cartoon.


James Danielwicz: Too many beautiful ladies for me. (Let’s Hear it from The Girls Part 3)
Geo: Do up your seatbelt, James, we’re only half done, three more pages to go.

Larry Macinnis: So many great insights there George, especially “Attention to detail is what makes lucky people lucky,” and “If you want to a shot at the golden ring, you need a strong #2.” (Nothing But Life-Liners)
Geo: Watching me while I work, Eh! Thanks for the early read, Larry.
Doug Thompson: George, I’d be honoured to grab a meal or a brew or two with you anytime you’re in Toronto. (I’m A Bucket List Junkie)
Geo: All going well and they let me into Canada, Doug, it looks like I may be in Toronto on April 22 for a couple of days. Would love to see you.

Debbie Martin: Have a great adventure, my Friend! (Bucket List Junkie)
Geo: Thank you, Miss Debbie, miss you. xogeoxo

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Geo’s Media Blog (The Goat) New for 9/27/21

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During the ’90s, I worked in Boston at WVBF/WCLB, in the Prudential Tower which was in the Back Bay.
I lived a couple of blocks away on the corner of Gloucester and Newbury, which was just down the street from Daisy Buchanan’s.

Now what made Daisy’s special was all the college girls from the neighboring Universities who hung out there.
These lovely ladies couldn’t help but attract a few of Boston’s Super Stars like Larry Bird from the Celtics, Cam Neely and Derek Sanderson from the Bruins, Mo Vaughn from the Red Sox, and Drew Bledsoe, the Quarter Back of the New England Patriots. (See Drew below)
Being a pocket passer, Drew never traveled anywhere without his linemen and backup QB, Scott Zolak in tow.
Whenever these guys were at Daisy’s, it was a fun night for my buddy Bob Christy and me as we downed a few while sharing a ton of laughs with them.

After having a nice dinner upstairs at Ciao Bella’s, Bob and I decided to pop down to Daisy’s for a nightcap before heading home.
When we got down there, the place was jumpin’ and filled to the brim with all kinds of “pretty things.” Luckily though, we found a couple of empty stools down at the end of the bar where some Patriots were holding court.

However, probably because we’d consumed more than a few glasses of wine at Cia Bella’s, it wasn’t long until Bobby was painfully saying, “Damn, I gotta take a wiz, but how the hell am I gonna get through this crowd?”
At that moment, the Patriot’s right tackle, Todd Ruschi, who weighed in at least 300 pounds, effortlessly lifted his tiny wife off his lap and said, “Follow me, Robert; I do this for a living.”
As I think back about all those fun days in Boston, I can’t help but wonder what Drew Bledsoe thought the day Tom Brady showed up at his first practice? (Drew and Tom shown above)
Like us, I’m sure that he had no idea that he’d be rewriting the NFL history book.

So far, Mr. Brady has played in 10 Superbowls, won 7, and was the MVP in 5 of them.
Tom’s also been selected to the pro bowl team 14 times and the Buccaneers (2-1-0) are the odds on favorite to win the Superbowl again this year.

Not bad for an old guy who had to start over with a new team last year because the Patriot’s brass thought that he was over.
And as if that wasn’t enough, he also had to kick the asses of future Hall Of Famers Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers, and Patrick Mahomes so he could add another ring to his already vast collection.

Here’s to the GOAT who goes back to New England on my birthday next Sunday to take on his old team, the New England Patriots. Go, Bucks!


So if Tom Brady as he predicts,plays into his 50s, how confident are the Patriots about what Jersey he’ll be wearing when he’s inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Speaking of football, other than being politically correct, what purpose do you suppose the pretty women on all the football pre-game shows serve?

Also speaking of football again, I’m happy to see that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are leading the western division in the CFL. Go Big Blue!

Well, I guess the Christmas season has begun, I just saw my first ad for discounted Christmas trees.

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder may have been blind, but nobody had more vision than they did.

Why would young people vote for a bunch of old people?

Very few see what you see.

When someone says, “Hey, no pressure,” it usually means that there’s a lot of pressure about to come down.
It’s kinda like somebody saying, “No problem, Man,” you know that there’s gonna be more than a few problems showing up.

Did you know that when asked to describe themselves, white people are the only ones who don’t begin their description with what race they are?

I find it strange that our government hasn’t noticed that we pay more for prescription drugs than any other nation.

Before being allowed to make a political statement on social media, a person should have to declare whether they’re a Republican or a Democrat.

Speaking of slimy politicians, I wish they’d stop bugging us for money. Why don’t they use the money the lobbyists gave them instead of buying mansions.

Having two daughters, I’m all for women’s rights until the ladies have more rights than I do.

I need somebody to explain why most black folks speak the same as those in any country but America?

The most significant difference between a Kia and a Ferrari is the price.

It’s easy to blame everyone but yourself.

So do I have this right, Biden thinks it’s ok that Mexicans swarm our border but not Haitians? Sounds a little racist to me

I never knowingly imposed my will on my children as my parents did. However, in hindsight, that may not have been a good thing.


Douglas Herman: George, re our FCC attorney John King: He kicked ass for us because he was a RADIO GUY long before becoming a lawyer. I worked in Radio with John even before he went to law school. He and I met each other at the University of Nebraska School of Journalism. We worked together at Lincoln, Nebraska’s KLIN AM/FM, a leading adult-oriented entertainment and news station. I was the piss-poor PD and even more piss-poor morning man; John was a news guy in Lincoln’s biggest and best radio news department. We were both getting paid (not very well) to learn the Radio craft. We both learned it pretty well, and John found a different route to taming the Radio beast. I hope we both left positive marks on the business. (New Mother Nature)
Geo: Both of you sure helped me kick a little radio ass, Doug; I’m pretty positive about that!

John King: Doug Herman, you are too humble. You and news director Dick Benedict breathed new life into a staid and tired program service. There was, as they say, excitement in the air. The stations’ owners wondered that they gave the mic over to young guys like you and me. Yeah, we were cheap, but I think they were attracted to the fresh vim and vigor we brought in the door. (New Mother Nature)

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Geo’s Media Blog. (I’m A Bucket List Junkie) 10/18/21

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If you’ve ever read any of my Blogs, by now, you’re aware that I’m heavily into bucket list adventures.
I’ve done a bunch of them already, and even though my cardiologist, Dr. Ragu, claims that I’ve got at least 20 more years ahead of me, but I think I’m gonna pick up the pace anyway because I’ve got five left. (Dr. Ragu is shown below)
Before I exit the planet, I want to do the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the Hawaiian Islands, and the two I’m working on right now, a cruise through Panama Canal and a train ride across Canada.
The cruise I’m looking at is a 17-nighter that leaves out of Ft Lauderdale and docks at ten ports in 6 different countries before arriving in LA.

All I need for that little excursion is a pile of cash and a fun companion? I’ve been through the Panama Canal, but I was only four when we moved to Australia. (see photo above)
Consequently, because I don’t remember it, doing it again has always been a life long dream. If not now, when?

After spending a few days in LA with my Grandson Nathaniel, I’ll jump on the Super Chief and head northwest to Chicago.
It’ll be early spring, so it should be beautiful as we go through the painted desert and pass by the rim of the Grand Canyon as we make our way up into the mountains of Colorado.
Hey, or maybe I’ll put that on hold and climb aboard Via’s, “The Canadian” instead and ride it across Canada.
How that would work is, first, I’d fly from West Palm to Burbank, spend a couple of days with my Grandson, then hop aboard Amtrak’s Coast Starlight to Seattle.

Once in Seattle, I’ll catch a ferry to Victoria where I’ll hang out with my old friend and bandmate from The Jury, Rolly Blaquiere.
After Rolly and I spend a few days enjoying a few toddies and talking about the good old days when we were starting bands in Transcona, I’ll jump on the ferry that’s Vancouver bound. (Rolly and me back in the day above)
While in Vancouver, I’ll get to see old radio pal, Stirling Faux, and maybe even Doc Harris and the legendary Red Robinson. (Stirling is shown with me above)
Then after telling too many radio war stories and toasting our departed friend, Gary Russell too many times, it will be time for me to board Via’s “The Canadian” and begin my trek across Canada. (Stirling is shown with me above)

The ride through the Rocky Mountains to Edmonton should be spectacular as we go through Jasper. Once in Edmonton, I’ll be visiting with my cousin Ben for a couple of days. (Ben and me below in his “Man Cave” with guard-dog Allie)Knowing Ben as I do, we’ll probably be doing a bit of drinking in his “Man Cave,” which means that Ben will have to pour me back on “The Canadian.”
Once I leave Edmonton, I’ll soon be in the prairies where we’ll pass through Saskatoon, the place where my radio career started to catch fire when I was a first-time PD at CKOM. When I arrive back home in Winnipeg, I’ll be staying with my best friend who, like me, played for the famous Transcona Nationals, Jim (Easter) Quail, and his lovely wife, Diane. (Jim and me pictured above)
Seeing as I’ll be in Winnipeg for a few days, I’m also hoping to see some of the other Nationals, QB Hugh Coburn and Halfback David (Lo Lo) Lowe, along with my Jury Bandmates, Terry Kenny and Bruce Walker. (Bruce and Terry are pictured below from a long time ago)

Growing up in Winnipeg as I did, and being lucky enough to cut a few records, I also started my radio career there at CKY, but unfortunately, most of the people I worked with and learned from, have either left town or the planet.
After reliving all my football and band days, it will be time for me to get back on “The Canadian” for my trip to Toronto.

As we head into Ontario, we’ll pass through Sudbury, where I worked at CKSO, but because it sounded so good, so fast, they whisked me away to CFRA in Ottawa and then to CFTR in Toronto.
I haven’t been back to Toronto since I was there to celebrate my friend Gary Russell’s retirement which was about 15 years ago. (Pictured above at the event L-R Gary Russell, J. Robert Wood, me, and Chuck McCoy.)
While in Toronto, I’m hoping to catch up with old friends, Roger Klein, Joel Thompson, Earl Mann, Doug Thompson, Bruce Devine, and maybe even Warren Cosford and John Wells if they’re around. Hey, and I may get to meet Larry MacInnis? (Joel Thompson shown above)
It also looks like that I’ll finally get to spend some time with the last man standing, Al Mair. Of the four record guys I ever knew, Al is the only one still alive. (Al is shown below)Unfortunately, I won’t get to see my old pal Keith Elshaw this trip because he lives in Montreal and doesn’t get around much anymore.
Keith was the one who helped me create the first ever AC format at CFTR which I took to America where it did quite well. (Keith pictured below)

Oh, oh, now I’m rethinking everything because I’ve already done the train ride up the west coast several times so maybe I’ll fly straight to Seattle and do an even longer Canadian adventure.
Lots to plan, but I’m getting excited.


The easiest way to get rich is by inheriting it; otherwise, you’ll have to invent something or write a few hit tunes. Other than that, I’d recommend graduating from a good school.

I don’t know why we don’t let the Israelis have a go at the bad Arabs again? The last time they got heavily involved, they wiped out three Arab nations in six days. We’ve been in the desert for over 20 years to no avail. Let’s turn it over to the pros.

Every profession has its own jargon which makes spotting the phonies very easy.

Whenever I’m asked a question, it usually reminds me of a story from which the asker must dig out the answer.

Many people hear the radio, but few are listening.

Sometimes the best way to make a point is by doing something that you don’t normally do.

As you watch the NFL, it becomes pretty apparent that as gifted as many players are, they’re not that smart.

Speaking of football, the season is barely half over in Canada and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have already clinched a playoff spot. Go Big Blue!

Saying thank you to someone could change their life.

Try as they may, I’m thinking it’s going to be tough keeping Covid 19 alive until Thanksgiving.

You accomplish very little without some risk.

Creativity usually kicks in when the word no is uttered.

I think that I may be one of the best at helping folks, but unfortunately, I’m also the worst when I discover that I am only being used.

You are whomever the person who pays you says you are.

With me, it’s not about her being a good woman; it’s about if I can live without her or not?

Ok, I’ll admit it, I can’t handle being ignored.

Talk about being ignored; whatever happened to the Flu?

If the politicians spent as much time doing what we elected them to do as they do raising money, America would be a much better place.

Instead of our standing around singing “Our Day Will Come,” let’s shout, “Fuck waiting, I’m bringing it, baby!”

I predict that the liberals who move to Texas from California will be ya’lling it long before any Texans become politically correct.

Until greed screws things up, life is relatively simple. You want something; you buy it. Oh, and you get the money to do so by making something that someone else wants to buy.

One of the many things that irritate me is when they don’t show the taxes or service fees in the price. It’s scammy!


Doug Thompson: George, I was loyal to the DJs on CHUM when I first started listening to them in 1959.  I never changed the dial. That’s where I got my musical education because, as you know well, radio then was a hodgepodge of rock, pop, ballads, country, instrumentals, and novelty songs.  Same thing when I moved to Edmonton (I didn’t have a choice. Actually, my Canadian army father was posted there in 1961).  After a brief fling with CHED (where I won my only prize from a radio station – a Hi-Fi Club binder), I switched to CJCA, and three years later, that’s where I got my first radio job while finishing school. (Hello America)
Geo: In the late ’50s, Doug, The Dee-Jays were bigger than the tunes, so I hung onto them every word. Not only did I grow up listening to CKY, but I also started my radio career there as a board-op, and then years later, I ended up consulting them. It was somewhat weird, though, because I felt like I was selling them all things that they taught me. 🙂

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