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1019_10151920559499307_162303219_nThere is only one thing in the world that became bigger than Religion or Politics … Rock & Roll. Not only did it become huge but it’s still going strong even though it was created well over 50 years ago in a baby country called America. I was lucky enough to have grown up in the 50’s when it all started because as they say, Rock & Roll be berry berry good to me. Rock & Roll became my whole life so I feel an obligation to revisit my roots occasionally which I do so by attending some oldies shows. Most of these shows are MC’d by the Godfather of Doo Wop my friend Ken Held who along with his lovely co host Jennifer Randall present the Doo Wop Shop on 8-50 WFTL in South Florida every Sunday night.
Sometime ago Ken turned me on to a show stealer by the name of Kenny Vance and his Planotones. Kenny originally created Jay and The Americans and can sing anything and everything and I have enjoyed seeing him many times over the last couple of years as I was again on this particular night in Ft. Lauderdale. One of the featured acts that evening was one of Kenny’s old band mates from the Americans, Jay Black and I’ll never forget when Ken and Jenn introduced him. Jay started singing something I’d never heard of while still back stage and as he wandered out front and center you couldn’t help but notice he was wearing one of those light gray tuxedos high school kids wear to the senior prom but unfortunately Jay’s looked like he was wearing the same one he wore in high school when he was a much smaller man.
Once he finished the tune there was some polite applause which he interrupted by saying that the reason he sang that particular song was because most of the Jay and The Americans hits are pretty difficult to sing so he likes to check his pipes out on somebody else’s tune. Also he added, it gives you the opportunity to turn to whomever you’re with and say … What the hell happened to him! He owned us at that very moment and at the end of his perfect note hitting performance we gave him a standing ovation.

No matter how slow your progress, you’re still beating the hell out of someone whose not trying.

The only thing rage is good for is fuel.

I find revenge to be a very good motivator.

Pride is a good thing unless it gets in between you and whatever you’d give anything to have.

A lot of folks after seeing a photo of my Grandson Nathaniel claim he is going to be a chick magnet. I in turn have to inform them it’s already begun as he’s got a pretty young thing at school trying to hug on him all the time. He refers to her affectionately as “Grape Guts”

Marriage is not for a Man it’s for the Woman he loves.

The Hunny Bunny recently claimed I was a romantic. I sure hope it’s not true ’cause I don’t know too many happy ones.

Do you think if Hemingway was alive today he’d be using a computer to write with.

Happiness may in fact be the impossible mission but the pursuit of it will definitely keep you from being bored.

If we could just get beyond the concept of “The Only Good Ideas Are Our Ideas” we would be unstoppable!

I don’t think most of the NFL players are worth what they are getting but I think most of the coaches are worth much more and much less as they win and lose most games.

Facebook has something I think smart phones need. Wouldn’t it be great when you’ve been at a bar for too long and your phone says … Do you really want to send this ???

Have you ever noticed that if a Jewish person is in charge of a company there are a lot of Jews working there, Christians hire a lot of Jesus Freaks, Black’s recruit Blacks, Women have a lot of Females around them White Men of course hire a lot of White Males and Gays tend to hire Gays. I also only noticed a bunch of Latinos working at a place owned by Cubans and nothing but Asians working at the Sushi Bars. What the hell happened to the integration plan and who was the fool who thought it would work.

Some of the negativity towards Homosexuals may in fact only be a reaction to the behavior of some rather than them as a whole.

Even though I dislike the word “No” immensely sometimes it serves you much better than the word yes!

Do Doctors and Pharmacists still communicate with each other in Latin and if so why.

A big ego is not very pretty thing but without it you’ll never make it!

Why would you ever be inclined to blame yourself first.

More and more I’m hearing the words, I’m not a racist but…

I think Mother Nature intended a Man to be very attracted to a Woman who would most likely produce a healthy child. I have no idea what her intentions were for a Women to have a similar attraction to shoes.

I would’ve loved to have been at the meeting where someone said … But Sir more than 93% of America is not Homosexual and I rather doubt Gay people even watch Duck Dynasty!

I think PC goes out the window the moment it costs money to be so.

If you want to find out what Women are really like just ask the Mother of a cute teenage Son.

Rules produce creativity.






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” A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.
But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen.
Then you have something special.”


           – Nelson Mandela –


Wishing You A Merry Christmas
    And A Happy New Year Too












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During Thanksgiving I got to spend some time with my family in California and was reminded again of just how brilliant the Johns girls are. (Candis Christina & Cami) The Johns boys (George Reg & Curtis) on the other hand, now what was it all our teachers said about us, ahh yeah now I remember “they didn’t apply themselves”. The reason I bring this all up is because we finally have a Johns boy who may smoke the Johns girls. Presently I’m proud to say my Daughter Cami is finishing up her Senior year at Wellington High in the honors program.

Over in California my Niece Christina is getting ready to graduate from UC Irvine where she is most likely hovering around a 4.0 grade average and my oldest Daughter Candis is busy working on her MBA while bringing up my Grandson Nathaniel for me. Candis told me that a recently she’d been busy studying for a test she had an accounting test from the Wharton School Of Business coming up when she suddenly realized “N” who is in the 3rd grade at Crestview Preparatory School had a social studies test which he hadn’t studied for it. She was very upset with herself for forgetting and also miffed at Nathaniel for not remembering to study for it but when she chastised him for it all he said was … I don’t have to study I know all that stuff! Candis got a 96.4 and I’m sure you saw this coming, Nathaniel got a perfect score.

All the words that precede the word “But” mean very little.

Nothing great exists that wasn’t created with great enthusiasm!

I’m aware of what I’m pretty good at and also what I’m very bad at. It’s the in between stuff I’m confused about.

I’m not for many things nor am I against much.

Men born into the lucky sperm club have absolutely no problem getting beautiful Women The problems begin a few years later when the “Pretty Things” leave with the children along with a lot of what they were originally attracted to.

I believe a Father’s duty is to try as hard as he can to make sure that the wrong path for his children to travel is simply unavailable.

My two Daughters may think I operate under a double standard and they are exactly right.

A real friend doesn’t ask if there’s anything they can do for a friend in trouble, they just do it.

In HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” the Queen who is preparing the 14 year old virgin Princess for marriage says to her … Remember this my little Dove, the only time a Woman has any power over a Man is when he wants what’s between her legs. Surely that’s not true anymore.

Deborah Cremer recently asked me if Cami did any regular charity work. I told her I wouldn’t know because if she did, unlike her old man she would do it quietly.

The last person you should ever listen to is yourself.

Have you ever found yourself standing in a room in your own home wondering what the hell you’re doing there.

Does the absence of truth constitute a lie.

Even though I was smitten by the Hunny Bunny the first time I ever saw her my demons never seemed to like her.

Speaking of my demons they never even start to bother with me until I have had at least 2 glasses of wine.

I’m doing my best to behave but there are just too many alternatives.

Why did Africa take so long to make advances like most of the other countries did over the past few centuries.

How come nobody gets arrested anymore for scalping tickets.

Jim Hilliard always introduces his wife Barbara as his first wife but I think she looks more like his 2nd or 3rd wife what with how beautiful she looks not to mention all the baubles she wears.

The first step towards becoming successful is wanting to.

It would appear to me that more people paying fewer taxes economically makes more sense than fewer people paying more taxes.

According to Jim Hilliard I used to be one of the best detail guys in the world but over time though I evolved into concepts and philosophy mainly because I’d discovered that as much as the world needs detail folks they just don’t want to pay ’em.

Henry Ford said if had done the research to find out what the customers wanted he just would have given them a faster horse.

We always tend to like the people who like us.

How come at Christian Rock shows there are Black people on stage but none in the audience.

“Averaging” was invented in the the 1930’s so companies could predict where everything was going so they could stay ahead of the curve and anticipate what kinds of products to bring out. When Elvis, The Beatles, and the Smart Phone came along, it ruined everything.

Business Men are 10 times more fearful of losing money than they are excited by the dream of profit.

It doesn’t take any brains to buy a Radio Station, just money.

How come the person you know in a divorce is always the one getting screwed.

One of the many things that has always irritated me about radio was the fact that getting the numbers generally didn’t pay as well as hitting the numbers.

I think it’s only fair that when the President leaves office the government employees should have to leave with him.

Who could have predicted that Hillary Clinton would even make Barbara Walters top 10 let alone being named her #1 most fascinating person of the year. Surely Babs wouldn’t use her program to set up Hillary’s run for the Presidency would she.

Speaking of Hillary I wonder if Oprah, the supposed champion of Women who rejected her for Obama will continue to diss her.

Between Christmas and New Years my plan is to republish the 5 most read Blogs @ for 2013, plus my all time #1.

Do The Wealthy Own The DOJ ?

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Just how do I explain to Cami that everything she does or does not do this her final year of High School will impact and have a dramatic affect on the rest of her life where as what ever she may be doing instead of what she should have been doing won’t even be important enough for her to remember a couple of years from now.

Sometimes when opportunity knocks you may have too much stuff piled up in front of the door and be unable to answer it in time.

A compromise is never a permanent fix for anything.

When did the ultra rich buy the Department Of Justice and why weren’t we notified.

Speaking of the rich … If their vote counts more than mine why do they keep trying to convince me we’re all equal.

I finally figured out that when Women were loudly demanding equal rights, they were really talking about having the same rights as the beautiful ladies have. Ain’t gonna happen, get back on the f**king StairMaster!

If a Woman is beautiful enough she can set for life with very little effort on her part. I know of no Man who has that kind of deal.

I love beautiful smart Women and I don’t age discriminate. Damn, I’m becoming very liberal Bobby will proud of me.

About a month ago I was going through a bunch of my mortgage stuff from the bank and discovered they had attached a cheque (a little Canadian for ya) to one of of the documents for $150.00 back last December. I had it turned out overpaid my escrow in that amount but unfortunately the check was only good for 90 days. I sent it back to them with a note asking them to reissue it. A couple of weeks later I got a terse letter in the mail claiming my check was returned for insufficient funds so they wanted a new one reissued immediately with a penalty of$15 added to the total amount. I had forgotten all about the check I had sent them back and thought my mortgage payment had some how gone bad. I looked a little closer at the total amount and suddenly realized they had bounced their own check.

Sometimes I wish I was just a mobster so I didn’t have to feel so bad about wanting to kill some folks and just do it like Tony Soprano did and not worry about the consequences.

Speaking of mobsters, I understand a lot of Italian folks didn’t like The Sopranos, they preferred the way Francis Ford Coppola portrayed them in The Godfather.

I know very little about Obama care but if they run it anything like the DMV, the Post Office or the Sun pass operation in South Florida which took two hours of my time both on the phone and online to activate the new device they sent me for the toll roads, they can just jam it!

Speaking of the Post Office, the way they got rid of not delivering on Saturday which would have cut back their work force by 1/6 th and save a ton of money was to announce they were gonna do it right away. Congress jumped in and said you can’t do that without us taking it under consideration and that ended that much to the union’s relief.

My Doctor finally told me what’s wrong with me, my testosterone level is that of a 35 year old male. So it’s Mother Nature’s fault not mine so stand back ladies!

The way this Radio thing is supposed to work is, concept first details later. Not the other way around.

If you do a talk show and talk about what Rush, Hannity, and Savage talk about, they’ll kill you.

Negativity is the killer of creativity!

Some folks believe we all evolved from Monkeys, if that’s true why do they still exist or were they just smart enough not to come along.

Hugh Heller once told me it was very difficult to mix black and white singers because whites tend to sing a little sharp and blacks a little flat resulting in a dis chord.

Rhody Bosley once told me that if he ever owned a radio station he would figure out where the signal was the loudest and cleanest then go door to door asking those folks what they would like to hear. Rhody, that’s too simple, Radio people need it to be much more complicated than that.

When the trail behind you is longer than the one in front it’s time to start writing.

I’m pretty sure most sales folks are very similar but I do believe that on air talent are unlike any other human beings I have ever met.

Back when Jim Hilliard owned WRMF and Tim Reever ran sales we billed well over a million a month and were the #1 biller in West Palm Beach. WRMF I understand is still the #1 biller but the number now is less than half. Surely that can’t be true!

If unsolicited advice is really just abuse, no wonder Cami gets upset with me.

During the Olympic Hockey games I understand the language of choice for the smack talk is English. I guess the F-Bomb just doesn’t sound as good in any other language.

If life doesn’t go according to plan then it’s fairly obvious you didn’t have one.

60% of Americans believe that if we allow the oil companies to drill off shore gas prices will drop. The oil companies are silent on this subject.

The only way to change a persons behavior is by changing their beliefs.

Only two types of people want Radio to change, those who listen and those who don’t.

The only people making good money in Radio are the ones who are making the decisions.

Have you ever noticed that the more things that get deregulated the more regulated we become.

I remember when John Hayes was President of Fairmont Communications and was make his first tour of his stations and was in Albuquerque, he asked a staff member of KKOB to drive him downtown. When the staff member informed him he was already down town John told him to just drive him to the airport then.

If Radio charged the listeners to listen I doubt many would pay.

A large ego is not a very pretty sight!

A lotta people love to be told what to do. Case in point is when Arbitron dropped the word please from the diaries more people filled them out.

Recently while having dinner with my friend Jarl Mohn in LA he told me that even though they named the 24 million dollar studios of KPPC in Pasadena after him his only job at the station was to write the liners.





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Shown here visiting Delilah at her beautiful farm/ranch in Washington State where she told me she was actually born Delilah Luke. Her parents named her Brother, Mathew Mark as a bit of a joke and then proceeded to name her after the notorious lady barber from the Bible who sheared Sampson’s locks as a cheeky exclamation point!

The 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination brought back memories of my first visit to Dallas shortly before we launched KVIL. Bob Hanna who was the GM picked us up at Love Field around noon and when he found out this was my first trip to Texas he said, well lets get this out of the way and off we sped in his white on white “Eldo” to the middle of town. When we reached the Plaza near where JFK was assassinated Bob pointed up at the window in the book depository building where Oswald supposedly took the shot heard around the world. He also showed us the grassy knoll where so many conspiracy theories have put another shooter. Then he turns to me and says … That’s the bad news George but this is the good news as he pointed out the beautiful Women walking (strutting) along the sidewalk on their lunch break. They all looked like Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to me.

Even though as a child I lived in Australia and my sister Sandra was born there Lou Josephs claims my Blog for some reason is blocked down under!

All along the Players Union has been trying to claim the athletes were the thing where it’s always been the coaches. Right New Orleans!

I just read somewhere that even though they played together more than the required 10 thousand hours and had tons of talent that the biggest reason for The Beatles enormous success may have in fact been their arrogance.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

As good as some athletes are they can’t be that smart ’cause they sure do a lotta stupid things.

Why are atheists always mad at religious people but the reverse doesn’t seem to be true.

I think one of the ways to stop those black punks who are going around knockout punching unsuspecting innocent people is if some bystander were take out his gun and blow one of them away especially the one who threw the punch. The word would get around quickly and it would be over. C’mon America get some balls! (there are some unconfirmed rumors that this may have already happened)

The biggest change in Radio is that there used to be a lot of stations that were terrible, some that were mediocre, and a few great ones. Now they are mostly mediocre.

Oprah claims that the the bad things that happen to the President happen because he is black. I believe the opposite to be true.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people in Florida cross over in the middle of the block instead of going to the cross walk where they don’t have to dodge cars. Is that a black thing or just a Florida thing.

Great people change the world they don’t let the world change them.

Figuring out how to have a good time while trying to change the world demands a little creativity! I’m on it!

Do young dudes of today dream about owning a fuel efficient car some day.

Asking why it is, is girly stuff dealing with what it is, is the stuff real Men think about.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, what matters is how much you accomplish.

Mandela always claimed we were born very loving, we actually had to learn how to hate.

My friend Bob Christy told me that when he was a kid his Father ran a car dealership but he wouldn’t let Bob drive a muscle car because he felt it was too dangerous. Today Bob runs a driving school and has to explain to the parents that a Toyota Camry is faster today than any of those muscle cars ever were yesterday so they need to be very afraid.

I never got along with my Father but I sure miss him.

I wonder why Gay people insist you have to be for them or your labeled being homophobic I would think not being against them should be enough.

Just because it’s not against the law doesn’t mean it’s Ok.

Of all the Women I have ever loved I’ve never loved one enough to let her speak for me. Other than Nick Saban I know of no one who once being labeled as pussy whipped become very successful.

Drama Drama Drama! I headed to the Hilliard’s in San Francisco for Thanksgiving on the Wednesday before. Once there it started out wonderful until I got a text from Cami saying her Mom wasn’t feeling well so she wasn’t sure how her Thanksgiving was going to go. A few days later I headed up to Santa Rosa to do a little work and drink lots of wine before heading to LA to visit my Grandson Nathaniel. While at the airport waiting to board my flight I got another text from Cami saying her Mom was now in the hospital and there was no food in the house so would I send her a pizza which I did. Once I arrive in LA where I am to stay with my friends Bob and Jan the temperature starts dropping and I go to bed early so I can attend Nathaniel’s soccer tournament at the Rose Bowl the next morning. I am awakened by the West Palm Beach police calling me to tell me that my SUV was broken into where it was parked in the Amtrak long term parking lot. You would think that would be enough but it’s also raining which made watching Nathaniel in the cold drizzle not as fun as it could have been. Now I take the red eye home which I hate coz it’s hard to sleep only to discover my Ford Explorer won’t start. A couple of hours later and down 50 bucks I’m finally home. Turns out the only thing missing from my SUV was my special huge wine glass from Duffy’s which they love to fill up so I can pretend I’m only having one glass at a time. Damn!

Jerry Jones should just make himself the coach so we can put the blame where it belongs and maybe he should also suit up so he can show Romo how it really should be done.