“The List” (new geo Blog for June 19/17)

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Even though Warren Cosford (pictured above) is a card carrying libber not to mention also a Chummer, I love reading his Blog, “The List.” Warren’s Blog which comes out of the Motherland is filled with a lot of opinions, from a lot of my fellow Canadians, about a lot of topics, including lots of politics.
However, the thing that I find most interesting about the political part is that it’s mostly about what Trump is doing and very little about Trudeau. All I can surmise from this is either Trudeau is not doing much, or he gets a pass ’cause he’s a left winger? I don’t agree with a lot of what’s written in “The List,” but I read it all because I think it’s wise to know what others are thinking, don’t you?
The thing of it is though, perhaps the real reason I like Warren’s Blog so much is ’cause just like me, he’s from Winnipeg. Go Jets, Go Bombers!

Just ’cause ain’t against the law don’t make it right!

Do you find it as strange as I do that world’s harshest critics of music biz can’t sing, play an instrument, or write a song, let alone dance?

It’s the imperfections that most people have that make them perfect.

Most exceptions to the rule are not very exceptional.

I don’t remember Russia influencing my vote on election day.
Experience is like taking a college course where the professor gives you the test first.
Shouldn’t all politicians be required to wear a clown nose?
Surely women aren’t just about money?
What you like to hear the least could be what you should hear the most.
When women complain about the lack of commitment from men, just what is their commitment.  
I don’t know why it is or who decided but you’ll never make any real money until you’re in your 40s. 
You don’t fall to the top. 
With the road behind growing longer and the one in front shorter, it’s time to live for today. 

Would you rather a dollar from the people who listen to the radio or those who don’t?

Men seldom have serious conversations, but it sure takes a lot of wine to get women to ease up on them.
Women will only be equal when the law treats them equally.
Wage equality must be driven by ordinary women because the “lookers” already make more money than most men.
If you think you can or can’t, you’re right.
Does anybody know if they are getting any closer to finding the murderer of OJ’s ex-wife?
If you want good health care, all Americans including corporations are going to have to give up something just like they did in Canada many many years ago. 
Most people don’t realize that the way they live is how they chose to live.
Even though it doesn’t appear so, every professional team spends the same amount of money on its players.
Most men aren’t into children until we hold them for the first time, at that moment we would die for them.
The road to success is not a straight one.
Praising someone usually leads to your getting more of what you praised them about.
Ther are two types of people in the world, those who make promises and those who keep them.
Marriage seems to be a much easier step for women than it is for men.
The only thing you can count on when things are going badly is that they could get worse.
I wonder why Trump thinks the one percenters need to get richer?
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