#2 Geo’s Media Blog (The Economy) new 4/30/20

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My neighbor got a pre-declined credit card in the mail

CEO’s are now playing miniature golf.

Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen.

I saw a Mormon with only one wife.

McDonald’s is selling the 1/4 ouncer.

Angelina Jolie adopted a child from America.

Parents in Beverly Hills fired their nannies and learned their children’s names.

A truckload of Americans were caught sneaking into Mexico.

A picture is now only worth 200 words.

When Bill and Hillary travel together, they have to share a room.

The Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas is now managed by Somali pirates.

And, finally… I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc.; I called the Suicide Hotline. I got a call center in Afghanistan, and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck!

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Geo’s Media Blog (Guitar Man) new 5/25/20

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With the passing of Little Richard it reminded of the man who started it all for me, Elvis Presley, and the three dates I associate with him, February 4, 1956, April 5, 1972, and June 26, 1977.

On the night of February 4th, 1956, I was at home watching TV with my folks because I’d missed my midnight curfew the previous weekend so I was grounded. They were watching some very annoying big band show called “Stage Show, when all of a sudden some guy named Elvis Presley, burst on to the screen.

He had long hair with sideburns down to here, and with a snarl on his lips, he was also bumping and grinding all over the stage like a Vegas stripper.
As he belted out Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti,” I was as mesmerized as my parents were horrified but when the girls all started screaming, I was done for, and knew that I had to become a “Guitar Man.” (see photo on top and to see and hear what I saw that night, click on the link at the bottom of the page)

On the night of April 5. 1972, I finally got to see Elvis in person. I was living in Toronto when Elvis started touring again but as close as he was going to get to Toronto was the memorial auditorium in Buffalo.

I managed to score a couple of tickets but even though the seats were terrible when the band started playing “Also Sprach Zarathustra, “I could hardly breathe. Then when Elvis strolled out wearing Superman cape, the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood straight up. (see photo above)

On June 26, 1977, Elvis played his last concert and it was at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. I took my whole family to see him and none of us had any idea that it was his final concert Elvis because a short time later, he was gone. Thinking about him today, I realized that he was so big that it took four Beatles to even come close to the King.

A sidebar to all of this was my son Curtis who was 5 or 6 at the time had fallen asleep in his chair during the concert but had awakened when Elvis was singing, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” All of a sudden, during a soft part in the song, he climbed up on his seat and yelled, “Hey, Elvis!” When Elvis turned to look at him, the whole arena laughed.


Droplets of sweat are how you measure luck, the more you sweat, the luckier you get.

So do I have this right, anything terrible said about Trump is true, but anything good he does is fake news?

Success is like riding a bicycle; if you don’t keep moving, you fall.

Putting an ‘R’ or ‘D’ in front of someone’s name doesn’t make them any smarter.

According to the history books, if you were a country that didn’t believe in Jesus, you were fucked.

I was done with radio the day the owners became more famous than the air talent. Does anybody know how that turned out?

No matter what you think, say, or do, the future always takes care of itself.

It can begin again with innovation.

Small accomplishments usually end up much more significant than moments of greatness.

Wouldn’t you think that San Diego would be ripe for a new NFL team?

From where I sit as a Centrist, it appears that the liberals like China and the Arab countries much more than they do, America?

Free cheese is only available in a mousetrap.

The only way to know the real truth is to know all six sides of the story.

Scientists still don’t know why we need to sleep.

I think the perfect litmus test before voting is to ask yourself if you’d buy a used car from this person?

You don’t drown by falling in a river; you drown by staying there.

After seeing the movie “All The Way,” I came to realize that LBJ did more for black folks than Martin Luther King ever dreamed about. However, the black community never mentions him, or any of the white people who marched with him and were beaten and killed for doing so.


Ken LeMann: Those who know the most sometimes achieve the most, except when there is talent and creativity involved. The “Out Line” is everything, maybe. But, like humor, everything is subjective. Would you yell ‘cut’ after Charlie Chaplin deadpans to the camera or let it roll until he gets hit in the face with a pie? Would you cut after Ed McMahon delivers the best quip of his life or after Johnny Carson’s deadpan reaction? Cut after a dramatic response by the NCIS agent or after the slap to the back of the head by the other NCIS guy? Leave George Harrison’s Wah Wah song as is or add distortion to the whole thing? One opinion doesn’t mean it’s the only opinion. Especially if you know the others involved may be at least as creative and talented as you. (I Write The Wrongs)

Geo: Tough to make that deadpan look of Johnny Carson, work on the radio, Ken.

Bob DeCarlo: As a vital part of that Radio Magazine, at the start, we were kind of tentative, taking baby steps, but the injection of George Johns supercharged our attitudes and output. It became the best damn radio program I have ever been associated with, and it ended with the highest ratings that KOGO ever had. Thanks for the memories, George. BTW, I met Marty Milner on the set of a Telethon in Tampa. When I introduced myself, he said: “You’re the guy who Lee Mirabal talks about all the damn time.” (For The Good Times)

Fred Ennis: There’s a great radio connection to the story of the origin of the football huddle. Twenty-some years ago, I was driving in the U.S. during afternoon drive time, and Paul Harvey came on with his “The Rest of the Story” during which he’d tell a story, leaving out one crucial fact until he brought it to a climax. He spoke about the origin of the football huddle. He told us that back in the late 1800s, when there was no grass on the field, one quarterback started gathering his team together a few yards away from the line of scrimmage. He would use a stick to sketch the play in the dirt, and then when leaving the huddle, the players would scuff up the dirt so the defense wouldn’t see what they were planning to do.
Now football is played on well-manicured grass and even expensive artificial grass. It has been a hundred years now since that first recorded football huddle. It happened first at Gallaudet University (then Paul’s impeccably timed pause….) For the deaf. (Gordon Zlot)

Don Walker: If it were up to Ed Shadek, we’d all still be living in San Diego…Ed was such a pragmatist ..When I approached him about taking Presidents’ Day off. Ed paused and said we’ve never done that in the past…Oh hell, I’m 59 years old, and I don’t have that many three day weekends left..! (Who ya Gonna Call?)

Geo: I still fondly remember those days, Don.

Doug Herman: Ed Shadek was a good guy and a real old-school gentleman. It turned out he had quite a few three-day weekends left; he was around 90 when he passed away a couple of years ago. (Who Ya Gonna Call?)

Geo: I agree, Doug, Ed was a gentleman who always lived up to his word.

Up North: My favorite part of this post was at the beginning when you wrote: “Before responding, I thought”. Most people don’t. (Legendary Status)

Geo: Thanks for the read and the comment, Mr. North.

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Geo’s Media Blog (The Big One) New 6/01/20

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While sipping some wine at Duffy’s in South Florida with Tom Skinner (pictured above with me) who was visiting, we traded a few Gordon Zlot stories. At some point, he mentioned that he was only 27 when he joined KZST as the station’s new sales manager. However, having no previous management experience and knowing that he would soon need to conduct some job interviews, he bought a book called, “The Ten Best Questions To Ask Prospective Employees At A Job Interview.” Tom claimed that the book was a great help until he discovered that there was another book out ther called, “The Perfect Answers To The Ten Most Asked Questions At A Job Interview.”

Unfortunately, Tom said, when he first arrived at KZST, he discovered that the former Sales Manager who had not only left Gordon high and dry, he also hadn’t left Tom any sales tools. No sales brochures, no rate cards, no leave behinds of any kind, no nothing.

The owner, Gordon Zlot, who was an engineer by trade had put KZSY on the air with his bare hands, so Tom wasn’t quite sure how to approach him about any of this. Finally, because he desperately needed something to work with, he just blurted it out and Gordon who is now a member of the Bay Area Hall Of Fame, not only said yes; he asked if he could help?

The first thing they did was get one of the more creative agencies in town to help them but unfortunately for Tom, who desperately needed the stuff yesterday, the project then went into slow motion. Unbeknownst to Tom, Gordon was and is a very detail-oriented kind of guy. He needed to see the various shades of the colors that they wanted to use and all fonts that were available.

As Tom looks back at it now from semi-retirement, even though the process was very frustrating, he’s so glad Gordon did it that way because it set the standard of what KZST was soon going to become.

When the project was finally finished, the local advertising community raved about how San Francisco it all looked. In fact, even though the programming wasn’t quite in place yet, KZST instantly became the “Big One” in town because they already looked like they were.

Shortly thereafter I’m proud to say, that it didn’t take long for KZST to become #1, and just like WRMF in Palm Beach, and K-103 in Portland, they have remained there for over thirty years. Unfortunately, though, the station that they were all designed after which was the biggest of them all, KVIL in Dallas, is now just an embarrassment.


Why do we care about the rights of people who don’t think we should have any?

It’s never too late to be what you should be.

Seeing as drummer Don Henley is the only original member of the Eagles left, I guess that makes them the best tribute band of all time?

Speaking of drummers, can you imagine Ringo calling his All Starr Band the Beatles?

Buying smart water is a dumb thing to do.

Is it true that some cities in California are beginning to look like they are in third world countries?

I wonder how many so-called poor people are scammers?

The reason more women aren’t running more things right now might be because they don’t want too?

The problem with music research is lots of women love the Stones, but none of them want to hear them on their favorite AC station.

Jed Duvall: George: When you and Jim promoted me from a producer to assistant program director for WIBC-AM in 1978, when you sent Larry Knight to Philadelphia to succeed Kevin Metheney at WZZD-AM (You were in Philadelphia, so it was Jim whom broke the news and told me to remove anything that even remotely sounded like “disco” off of WIBC’s airwaves (which I did in less than 24-hours as it was pretty easy since all of the music was on Fidelipacs and LPs (the BMF M.-O.-R. songs that WIBC aired right after the newscasts), Jim told me NOT to report WIBC’s music adds to “Billboard,” “Brenneman,” “Bill Gavin” or “Radio & Records.”  Larry Knight had been getting pressured from outside to do so but refrained, being the good soldier and beacon of integrity that he was.  After all, just like KVIL, the trades and other radio groups wanted to crack the Fairbanks shell and treasure trove of secrets that must have been in hallways of 2835 North Illinois Street, with both WIBC and WNAP at the top of the Arbitron rating heaps.  Jim told me of his most significant “coup” when he flipped WFIL-AM from his take on a traditional Top 40 to Drake-style “Boss Radio” before consultant Paul Drew landed to put the format on WIBG-AM, all because a record person had a big mouth.  Jim admonished me, saying the old W.W.-2 naval admonition, “Loose lips sink ships.”  I think the only record that I ever added that wound up being reported to the trades, and not by me, was “Morning Dance,” by Spyro Gyra. Gary used it to time-out into the newscasts, occasionally, until it finally charted into the Top 20 in Billboard! (A Few More Life-Lines)

Jim Harper: Like most kind and wise men, you never asked or seemed to want anything but to engage in interesting conversations and see people succeed. Maybe THAT’S the point? I could never repay you for the success you’ve helped me achieve.
My FAVORITE Georgeism: “OK…let’s stop discussing this great idea before we talk ourselves out of it.” (Write The Wrongs)

Michael O’Shea: Good read, Geo. No wonder Joe Amaturo likes you so much. (Racist)

Geo: Joe is one of the great ones as you well know, Michael.

Jerry: I’ve seen stations pass over a great weekend talent and hire a new full-time guy when they had an opening. The reason being, it was quite often harder to fill the spot of a good reliable part-time position than the full-time gig. (Super Star)

Joan Vidler: Got a candlelit here Georgie for you and your neighbors’ safety. (Hurricane Mathew)

Geo: Miss you and Gar so much, “Young Joan.”

Mister Below: Speaking at a broadcasting class at Butler University recently, I told them that when they get to do the radio station tour in a few days, the BMW’s Cadillac’s, Audi’s, Lexus’ and so on… in the parking lot, belonged to the sales folks. (faster Cars)

John Walton: Some undeniable truths posted here.  Some bromides that don’t pass the litmus test of the “real world.”  Here’s my reality, I’ve had a fairly successful radio career for 45 years and a very successful morning program for 35 straight years now if we had blindly accepted and implemented even half of what was “strongly” recommended by a dozen big-name consultants, we would have most assuredly joined the post Telecom 96 off the air club. But, I have always read it all there is because there is so much left to learn. (Nuthin’ on but the radio)

Geo: You’re right John, sometimes the key to success is just being curious.

Dick Taylor: FABULOUS story Geo! My greatest success was being a father to two wonderful men. My greatest joy is being a grandfather to a “baker’s dozen” of grandkids.
We are lucky radio dudes. (Hey There Nathaniel)

Tom Hoyt: George, I love ya man…..but as I see this weekly, I am bemused by your always referencing Canada and Fairbanks. Great stories those, but what about KFROG and the stuff Joe asked you to do? Every once in a while, I see a reference to Joe and Betsy, but KFROG was also a big success. Joe w’ the investment $ and yours truly, executing the plan…..I was there for 16 years, with Amaturo, American Radio, and CBS, and many of the folks I put in place are still there today. Scott of The Frogmen in the Morning, Leslie Bischoff the Marketing/Promotions gal, Michael Valenzuela, a sales guy I hired from XEROX, who is Entercom’s Market Manager today and 3 or 4 AEs still selling. You have had a hand in all of that….ever think of a column on KFRG/KXFG/KVFG/KEZN? They deserve some props…..just my view. (Classy)

Geo: The Frog was good to both of us Tom, and not only did we win big in the Inland Empire, we had a lot of fun plus also a few memorable adventures. Things started to spiral down when CBS bought it, but now that Entercom owns it, they have sunk to new lows. Not only have they taken the Frog names off, but I hear they program it out of San Diego. Hey, and happy 80th.

Dee McGinn: George, I knew you via Don Garrard (dandy) back in the late 70s/early 80s. I was married to him while he was in Indy at the buzzard through his stint with you in San Diego. I still have a note you sent him asking, “Don, you haven’t caused any trouble for a while…are you ill?”I only met you a handful of times, but you were just delightful to talk to, and Don thought very highly of you. I spotted your blog while trying to see what Tom Cochran and Buster are up to now, and thought I’d say hello and wish you well. Take care! Dee (Garrard) McGinn (Comments)

Geo: Thank you for reaching out, Dee, I enjoyed working with Don and miss him a lot.

Steve Eberhart: If the TV networks were in Dallas, their perception of America would be quite different.  How many times do you see a news story that occurred in New York on the national news and think, if that happened here, it would never make the national news. They report what they see, which is often tainted by perspective. (American Airlines learned this concept a LONG time ago when they moved to Dallas and look how they’ve done!) (The Great Motivator)

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Geo’s Media Blog. (Here’s To The Phantoms) new 5/04/20

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Long before I got into radio, I was a musician. I started out on the accordion and then switched to trumpet, but when I saw Elvis on TV, I knew that I had to become a guitar man.
Shortly after I bought my guitar, I was invited to join a singing group called “Shayne and the Devines,” which was kinda fun. However, being more of a musician than a vocalist, I persuaded Shayne to let me recruit some of my talented musician friends.

On tenor sax, we got Pete Proskurnik, who brought along his drum playing buddy Gordy Duke and I talked my friend Rolly Blaquiere into playing bass with his brother Lawrence on piano.
Now that we were a real band, the name Devines sounded a little too wimpy, so we changed it to Shayne and the Rebel Raiders. Then when we realized that our name sounded much too southern for a northern band, we became the Phantoms.

My Mom made us some very cool blue satin tux jackets (see above), so we were lookin’ good, but when Shayne found out that it wasn’t Shayne and the Phantoms, he walked.
When Shayne left, we replaced him with Donny Burns (pictured above) and added another sax man, Jimmy Harrison.

Now we were starting to sound pretty good, but when I spotted Perry Waksvik playing at a variety show for another band, I recruited him for ours. Perry not only had great chops on guitar, but he also sang all those cool Chuck Berry songs, and I moved over to rhythm.
Within weeks we became one of Winnipeg’s best bands, and I’d stumbled across a philosophy that I would use for the rest of my life, “He who is smart enough to hire people better than themselves is the smartest person in the room.”

The Phantoms were not only were good, but we also became legendary. Unfortunately, though, our legendary status may have come more from our partying than our musical ability.
Part of our problem was that we could party anywhere at any time because we had a party trailer. (see above)
Originally the trailer was only intended to carry our gear so we could cut back to one car. However,  because we stored it at Rolly’s house, he decided to turn it into a small nightclub. Check this out; It had wall to wall carpeting, curtains, colored mood lights, giant pillows, and of course, a well-stocked bar. If that trailer could talk, what tales it could tell. Whew!

One of the reasons bands have a difficult time staying together is because sometimes the only thing they have in common is the music. Unfortunately, once the music talk winds down, the drama begins.
When we recruited Perry, it took us to a new level, but once the drama began, it was time to move on, and while looking for another lead guitar, Randy Bachman graciously filled in. When Terry Kenny from the Chord-U-Roys joined us, Randy started his own band that you may have heard of, The Guess Who.
Terry was a great guitar player, but he appeared to be a lot more reserved than the rest of us. (looks can be deceiving) His first gig with the Phantoms was when we opened up for Bill Black’s Combo on a Saturday night. Fearing that he may freeze up, I told Rolly to take him to the trailer in the afternoon and run him through the setlist a few more times.
However, like a fool, I also told Rolly to give him a couple of drinks to loosen him up, and y’all see this coming, don’t ya? When they arrived at the venue that night, Terry looked stiffer than ever, and Rolly was shitfaced! 🙂

Is it racist to have good thoughts about somebody just because of their race?

With greatness comes great responsibility.

The only people who tell the truth all the time are kids and drunks.

How much money can there be in Tobasco Sauce when you only use it one drop at a time?

The highest honor a man can bestow upon a woman is to ask her to marry him. Sometimes though, the greatest gift a woman can give a man in return is to say no.

The next thing you should do is that which you’re afraid to do.

Want the boss to notice you? Take the blame for something; you’ll be the only one in that line.

Who gave the prosecutors the right to plea bargain? I don’t remember voting for it.

I wonder if this is the America our forefathers dreamed of?

I think all government employees should get the minimum wage and have to work for tips.

A lot of great talent, unfortunately, comes from and is fueled by the dark side.

All races have good guys and bad guys, but I figure it’s time to rag on a few of the other races. Don’t they deserve equal time?


Ken LeMann: As good as it feels to heap importance upon ourselves, let’s be honest. Radio may, in fact, be part of show business, but it’s somewhere on the very outskirts – maybe just beyond community theater! It seems like a lot of it is getting farther away every year. (Yeah But)

Bruce Devine: Another great thing about Earl & other announcers at CFTR, was that he was initially a singer, so his sense of music & his pacing was so much better than someone just using a countdown clock. Don Parrish was also a classically trained singer & Fred Davis a horn player, No need to explain to them what you wanted them to hit…they could feel it. I’m still op-ing  NHL radio feeds out of Montreal…Earl is reading liners on practically every back feed! (Earl Mann)

Jerry Keifer: The first serious fault I see with JVC’s entry into the West Palm market is News radio 900. The “Belle Glade” station has always had signal problems in West Palm dating back to the ’60s and the various formats they tried, R & B, country, religion, and gospel music. Fair to good in a car but no building penetration.  The guys are doing a great job with the content, but you’ve got to be able to hear it. (Consolidation Is A Bust)

Jim Hilliard jr: Everyone in the world listened to Pierre Trudeau except his wife and the Stones! (A Woman’s Wants)

Jim Harper: As I recall George, it was YOUR idea to make me the PD then selling it to management by saying, “He’ll be too busy to mess up the sound of the station.” You were right on all accounts: It is much easier to make a successful morning show if you’re the PD, and you ARE too busy to wreck anything on the station. Forever grateful. (What The Hell Happened?)

John Ryman: George, hadn’t talked to you for a while, even more, good stuff here…..you ARE one of my radio heroes. Health slowly returning here…..gets better every day, and the outlook is excellent! Blessings. (Good People Are Irrelevant)

Joasia Holotka: More crazy stories by the minute George!!!  From what I understand, it’s quite a compliment to be mentioned in a similar way to Jo Myers. Thank you! (You May Be Lunch)

Greg McClure: George, I really love reading your past life review and current observations. Right on the money, so to speak. My dad liked to laugh and liked to love his 13 children. More than once, he’d say: “the feet pay for the head’s mistakes.” It took me some time to figure that out! –another fan of the vast audio radiance, Greg. (I’m The F**king Boss, That’s Why)

Joe Tobin: Your comment that any forward motion is good motion was not lost on me. In fact, many of the comments made by you, and by Jim H, still ring true. You were overwhelmingly positive and always urged me to keep trying; obviously, you were speaking the truth. (Comments)

Scott Courant: Geo, Salespeople were never high on your list, but we did a few unique things together. (Palm-Aire) As Reineri once said, “Once and a while, you’ve got to give one back.” Talk soon! (Thank You)

Geo: Love hanging with you sales guys, Scott, just don’t like working with you.

Gordon Zlot: George,
We’re honored to be included in this list.  Oh BTW…I just figured out what KY was CKY.  I thought you were referring to …..you know KY Jelly, but what’s that got to do to oidar? (radio backward)  I’m off to have a martini now, and you know where that might take us!

Geo: Martini-ville is always a good place to head to, Gordon, lots of Muses hang out there. (Thank You)

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Who Ya Gonna Call) #9, 1/28/23

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A couple of years ago, while driving my daughter Cami back to Tampa for her sophomore year at USF, it took me back to the time her sister, Candis, was a sophomore at NYU.
Anyway, on this occasion, because I had to travel to New York on business, I told Candis that I made arrangements with my old friend Rick Moranis to have dinner with us.

Rick and I used to work together at CFTR in Toronto during the early ’70s, and he hadn’t seen Candis since she was just a little girl so he was anxious to see how she turned out.
Candis, who was also excited about dinner, begged me to let her boyfriend Luigi come along because, as she said, Rick was his favorite actor.

When I agreed, and she told Luigi that he’d be dining with Rick Moranis that evening, he didn’t believe her.
Then, when she told him that Rick and I were old friends, he just laughed and said, “Yeah, right, your dad knows everybody., doesn’t he?”

The weather was perfect when I arrived in New York, so when Rick met me at my hotel, we decided to walk to the restaurant.
As we strolled along catching up, Rick was so unpretentious that he never seemed to notice the folks doing double-takes when they passed us by.

Upon our arrival at the restaurant, we discovered that Candis and Luigi were already seated.
Then, when Rick gave Candis a big hug, Luigi’s jaw dropped to the floor.

Candis told me later that until the moment we walked through the door, Luigi was still trying to figure out what the prank was.

What an unforgettable evening. Rick entertained us with all the inside stories about the making of Ghost Busters, Little Shop Of Horrors, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Space Balls, My Blue Heaven, and countless others he’d been in.

He claimed that the magic of Ghost Busters came from the nervous energy that was on the set each day.
Like him, most of the folks in the movie were writers, which meant that you never knew what was about to come at you as the cameras began to roll.

During the filming of Little Shop of Horrors, Rick said it took five people pulling on ropes to make the plant look alive.
However, because they couldn’t pull them fast enough, they’d have to double the playback speed, meaning Rick would have to move his mouth at half speed.

When I asked how he managed to do that and act too, he said it was easy; they just put a guy on the other side of the camera to help me out.
“What did he do,” I asked, and Rick responded, “He held up my paycheck.”

We talked a lot about movies, but we did get to reminisce a little about when we worked together at CFTR in Toronto.
While talking about our days in Toronto, Rick graciously told Candis that I was the person responsible for him being in show business.

“When your dad put me on the radio for a weekend all niter,” he said “I knew right then that I had no choice but to pursue a career in show business.”
“The next day,” he said, “I quit Medical School, and here we are.”

When I asked Rick why he lived in New York instead of Hollywood, he said it was because he was mainly a writer, so I live where I’m inspired to write.
“In fact,” he told Candis, “I’m writing a script right now about when your dad and I worked together at CFTR.”
I want to show everyone what the world looked like as seen through the eyes of the crazy characters we worked with.
People like Sandy Hoyt, Doc Harris, Roger Klein, Keith Elshaw, Sharon Henwood, Earl Mann, Stirling Faux and The Magic Christian.
As the evening drew to a close and Luigi still hadn’t touched his food nor spoken a word, Rick leaned over to Candis and said, “It’s pretty obvious that your boyfriend can’t speak, but can he at least sign?”
(Rick, shown below when we worked at CFTR in Toronto)

The word ‘no’ ignites my creativity.
It’s not about whether you fail or not; it’s about what you do about it. 
If you can’t change it, don’t think about it.
To the World, you’re only one person, but if you’re lucky, you may become someone’s whole World.
Louder don’t make it truer. 

In the quest for equality, the ladies sure caught up in the terrible language department, didn’t they?

Can CFOs tell the difference between the Monkees and the Beatles? 

I think America should stand for more than being the World’s check writer. 
If you don’t want to get run over, keep moving. 
Many Eastern Canadians remind me of the women who are experts on almost everything without having any skin in the game.
Shouldn’t we be getting an updated report on climate change, or is it so good that it’s not newsworthy? 
Trump, I don’t think, ever intended to be president; he just wanted to change the presidency because it was antiquated.
Why does America keep calling itself the greatest country in the World? I don’t hear any other country supporting our claim.
Speaking of America, I think it should stand for something more than being just a check writer.
I think the Beatles were even better than we thought they were. 

Speaking of the Beatles, I wonder if John knew that “Hey Jude” was about his son, Julien.

Few artists ever become big enough to be known by a single name. Some that come to mind for me is Frank, Ella, Elvis, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Dion, Prince, Michael, Cher, Madonna, Garth, Willy, and Dolly. Who ya got?
Destiny can destroy us by either crushing us or granting us our wishes.
Speaking of destiny, if you believe in it, then you really aren’t free.
Forgiveness is the most unnatural of all human emotions. 
The mission is always more important than the people involved unless it’s your family. 
If you don’t think women are ruthless, threaten the nest. 
Does anybody believe that Nancy Pelosi’s husband would allow her to hurt rich people? 
All I know for sure is that the Corona Virus has created a few new billionaires. 
The virus is so scary that even the looters are in lockdown. 

I read that half of us are gonna come out of this virus thing as great cooks, but the other half is going to have a drinking problem.

I think a barrel of oil and a roll of toilet paper are about the same price right now.
Chet Tart: Thank You for helping me see the real imagination and influence of radio, from the first letter you forgot you wrote to me, to the days I spent with you in San Diego at KOGO, to the days at WRMF where we ruled every rating book.  Now, it’s the Happy Hour conversations. Thanks for the journey, George! (Help!)
Geo: What a ride, huh, Chet?
Jack Schell: Hi ya, George….uh…don’t get up…it’s only me. I get about two or three of your blog notices every day in the inbox. That’s cool. I get to see comments from Gardner, Bobo and many other of your broadcast pals. What fun! BTW, you wrote that “VALE” is a hot spot (along with ASPEN) for that special virus. I’m pretty sure you don’t mean Jerry Vale, Mr. Al Di La. So, it’s gotta be VAIL…we get it! Of course, with the WEIRD shut down of the ski season, fewer of the folks, you refer to as rich, might need to be quarantined. Also, cool. Bottom line, I wish ongoing good health to you AND all your fans…no kidding. (Legendary Status)
Geo: Always good to hear from you, Jack, and as always, thanks for the read. Fixed the Vail blunder. (tough to put all the letters in the correct order when you’re typing this shit with one finger)

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