#10 All-Time. Radio Geo’s Media Blog (The Dating Game) 2/28/14

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After hearing that Jim Lang had passed it caused me to remember when I first met him.
Bobby Cole of K101 in San Francisco was attending a tennis camp was attending in San Diego and because he was looking at the possibility of Jim becoming his new morning host so we set up a luncheon.

Jim and I had both gotten there a little early, so while Bobby was finishing up listening to a lecture the tennis pro was giving in the conference room, Jim and I were standing out in the hall chit-chatting.
At some point during his lecture, the pro started glancing our way, and I was worried that we were talking too loud, so we hushed up.

Then, all of a sudden, in mid-sentence, he stopped talking, and even though we were quiet by then, he excused himself from the group and headed our way.
As he approached us, I thought, oh-oh, but instead he stuck out his hand and said, “You’re Jim Lange aren’t you?”

When Jim confirmed that he indeed was, the pro said, “When I was a young boy I lived in Mexico City and used to watch you on the “Dating Game” all the time.
The reason I did so was because I wanted so bad to come to America and play tennis, but I knew that I needed to learn English first and you taught me.”

Things are going really well for me in America so I couldn’t let this opportunity go by without coming out here to thank you. RIP Jim.


Several years ago, my Brother Reg suggested that I should write down a few of the many tales I tend to tell, if for no other reason than to leave them for my family.
With that in mind, I began writing my life story, but because so many unusual things have happened, and even though I’ve trashed several thousand words, it’s still longer than War and Peace.

When praised I’m humbled, but when I perceive I’m being dissed, I become enraged.

The greatest Hockey players on earth are still from Canada, or at least their Fathers were.

Brent Farris claims that the only reason you may need a parachute when skydiving is only if you plan on doing it again!

Jack McCoy once told me that it’s he who finances the ratings who always does well in them.

Women don’t realize that a few of Men who made love to them didn’t enjoy it. That’s why they don’t call. Mystery solved.

Sometimes when you tell somebody something they remember it, sometimes if you teach it to them they learn it, and sometimes just sometimes if you involve them in it they can end up doing it better than you.

Hate is a great motivator, but unfortunately, it has yet to solve a single problem.

An old record pal of mine from Canada, Doug Chappell, Emailed me the other day to remind me of the day we first met.
He said that it was in my office along with Keith Elshaw at CFTR in Toronto
However, he can’t remember what record he was pushing, but he vividly remembers after he made his pitch for me to add it; I said … No problem, how much? He said that you could have cut the silence with a bread knife until Keith and I broke up laughing, which was when our friendship began. RIP, Doug

Around this time in 1996, Bill Clinton signed the telecommunications act into law. He claimed he did it to keep phone bills from skyrocketing, but not only are our phone bills bigger than ever, but it also led to radio being what it is today. We’re all wondering where the hell Monica was that day?

Have Atheists ever sued Muslims?

So if you lie to the government, it’s a felony. But when the government lies to us, it’s only politics. Do I have that right?

One thing the Canadian Government does well is handling emergencies. As soon as they found out that Canada was playing Sweden for the gold medal early in the morning, they quickly passed an emergency law that allowed the bars to open up at 5 am to sell liquor.

They discovered by opening the bars early in Winnipeg for the world hockey championships that the only reason Canadians ever drink coffee in the morning is because they can’t buy beer.

I loved Rust’s line in HBO’s True Detective, “There’s no such thing as forgiveness, people just have short memories.”

Why does a person have to die before someone mentions how great they were. RIP Jerry Brenner!

Have you ever noticed how a short walk down the aisle turns a woman into an expert on everything.

Mark Ramsey claims that a formula morning show doesn’t have much of a chance of beating an established one because, as Mark said, “You can’t polish a turd.” But Mark wasn’t it researchers who came up with the “formulas” ’cause management they can’t control magic.

Being a Doctor’s Wife does not qualify you to operate on anybody, just as being the President’s wife does not allow you to govern us, nor does being John Lennon’s Wife grant you the right to sing in public.

OK, I surrender; I no longer care whether or not Emily Ratjakowski would hurt me.

I’m almost positive that some accountant dreamed up the “check engine” warning light. However, we outsmarted them with black tape.

If folks worked as hard on their marriages as they did their careers, the results would be similar.

#8 on Friday.

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“This May Be Malicious” #3 of my most read Blogs in 2014.

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305959_10151825017259307_1307603411_nunnamed-1Betsy Cameron is not only beautiful but she is also my lawyer and my friend. Hey how many Lawyers do you know that would hand you a check for twenty thousand dollars to use as a down payment on your new condo and then tell you to pay it back whenever you can.
Betsy as you can easily see is busily working on one of my many projects which generally means she mostly is trying to determine whether or not it is legal. Seeing as lawyers are paid by the hour I can’t help but wonder just how long this deep thinking session is going to take.
Betsy is also one of several women who claim that if anything goes bad with their significant others, I’m next in line. I just hope as wonderful as they all are that it doesn’t happen on the same night.

The difference between male and female friends is your male friends don’t need you to run errands.

Is it possible for a politically correct person to become rich.

Has anybody heard anything on the radio worth recording lately.

Bruce Walker who gets my Blog from another source claims it comes with a warning sticker “May Be Malicious”.

People who have the right to be wrong are usually the ones who get it right.

A long time ago I figured out what was wrong with me and why but I still haven’t figured out yet how to fix it.

I just finished watching an HBO series called “The Pacific” which began the day Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese and caused America to finally realized that a World War was going. The first into battle were the Marines who were also the last out but by the time they got back to the USA all the free pussy and booze that was being passed around to all the conquering heroes as they returned home had already dried up.

While being on a client trip to Paris it was explained to me by some Americans who were working in France that the main difference between them and the French was that they were totally into were into the accomplishment of the mission but the French were more into how they looked while doing the mission.

When a man falls in love he will give up their life to protect the one he loves but unfortunately there no points given because it’s expected.

The “Great Ones” always have enough show prep leftovers after a great show so they put them in a doggy bag to they save for a rainy day.

Faith is making that first move even though you can’t see the finish line.

You don’t really get to choose when or where you die so you might as well get on with the only thing you do control … Living!

It has taken me years to figure out that the only women who are really innocent are my Daughters and my Niece, but I do have my eye on them.

I know this sounds ridiculous but most people don’t understand that the only way you learn is by asking questions.

Being a single guy I date a little and because I have no need to date a bunch I decided to cut back a bit and only go for quality. What I did was discard all the takers and the resulting bulge in my jeans turned out to be the money I’d saved.

Living with your mistakes makes them hurt twice as much.

Most people listen to different kinds of Radio stations depending on what kind of a mood they’re in so the trick is to have the kinda radio station that matches the mood they’re in most of the time.

Seems some women in Transcona are upset about my last Blog but seeing as I write it mostly for Men I can’t even understand why they read it. Maybe they just like being upset eh?

When Women talk about wanting equal rights they may in fact only be talking about having the same rights as a beautiful woman. I want those rights too.

Isn’t it funny that the people who complain the most about corruption and racism are in fact the most racist and corrupt of all. What say you Ray Nagin way down yonder in New Orleans.

It usually works out much better for you when you owe a Lady a favor rather than the other way around.

Speaking of the Ladies I do really love them (Ok not all of them) but make no mistake about it I’m for Men first coz we are out here on the skinny branches all by ourself.

The controversial thing about being politically correct is your reason for being politically correct.

The sad thing about kids being taught that there are no winners or losers is, can you imagine the shock some of them are going to suffer when they get out here in the real world and discover they’re not as precious as society led them to believe.

When you hear the words … “Wise beyond their years” you’re actually dealing with a person who has gone through a lot of pain a way too early in their life.

So sad to hear that old friend Jerry Brenner passed away last week. Jerry was one of the best record promoters ever but more importantly he was a hell of a guy. I’m sure Charlie Minor and him have already got the party started and are wondering where the hell the rest of us are. RIP Jerry!




VALENTINES DAY INSIDE AND OUT… #8 of the most read Blogs of 2014

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1238949_10152129405159307_1190815280_n10006422_10152907607584307_3467361228184251650_nThis is what it looks like inside and out of my condo in South Florida as I await Valentines day but I’m so wishing you were here.

Irene Nys Lester from Transcona claims that most guys my age are looking for either a “nurse or a purse”. Seeing as I don’t need a nurse yet Irene how does that purse part work.

If you take too long to decide what to do with your life you may discover you’ve already done it.

Surprisingly a few beautiful Ladies have mentioned to me that should anything happen to their significant others I’m next in line. I adore them all but I’m just praying it doesn’t happen at once. Meanwhile I’m standing by!

You only need one good reason to give you enough courage to carry on.

I must confess … As much as I adore most Women I only want to help the Women I love or maybe I should just help the Women who love me.

There is no good reason for a Man marry a Woman he didn’t love.

Why does a person have to die before you finally hear about all the good things they did in their life.

I’ve been in love 6 times and the only things the Ladies I loved had in common were they were all smart, beautiful, and me. Oops could that possibly mean I was the problem.

Carl Reiner once said that sometime you have to leave out the best stuff to make the show work.

Back in ’62 when Decca Records rejected The Beatles they claimed it was because Guitar Music was on its way out. After the Decca executives were fired I believe they may have gotten into Radio.

If you couldn’t run any commercials on a Radio Station would you really want one.

My new favorite HBO series is True Detective and the guy writing it claims he has the end of it written and is having what I would call an award winning time writing his way towards it.

Women have at least one thing in common … They all wanna lose 10 lbs.

15% of the folks driving cars claim they are having sex right now.

Does Mr. Businessman think that he has the Divine Right to cheat us. A pound of coffee is no longer a pound, the contents of most packages now have less in them and you don’t get as many fluid ounces in a bottle as you used to even though the prices are the same or more. They should check into how that Divine Right thing worked for all the Kings during the Crusades.

Anyone who thinks checking things off of a punch list is a career deserves what happens to them.

I think Americans are the most charitable people on the planet earth and I’m not talking about our government who give away our money for reasons only they and the lobbyists know. I’m talking about the regular folks who continue to pony up cash for disasters all over the world even though they are not loved back for doing so.

Just because it’s politically incorrect to mention some people are incompetent doesn’t in any way make them any more competent.

People who aren’t special shouldn’t have special privileges.

Back in Canada when I played Hockey the goal tender was the guy who couldn’t skate.

While walking through Macy’s one day with Cami I noticed they had some Ralph Lauren deck shoes on display. When I stopped to check them out and Cami said … Daddy if you ever wear something like that I will have to de-Father you.

The reason I have been fairly successful with the AC format is because I’ve never liked the music.

I’ve never heard the words slutty and beautiful used together to describe a woman of particular interest.

Income is not based on need it’s based solely on ability, perceived or otherwise.

The 3 reasons that folks will turn off the radio in order are. 1.Bad Music 2.Bad content 3.Bad Commercials.

I’ve always believed that if you are real good at something you should never do it for free.

Being an old Dee Jay or an old Athlete are very similar coz both end up in a bad place.

When Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops first played some Beatle tunes at the Hatch Shell he took the Beatles into a whole new world.

Mark Twain said he never let his schooling interfere with his education.

3 x Hall Of Famer Ron Chapman checks in with that he thinks the next “New” Radio Format will be. Ron claims the way to go is just play all the music that accompanies the Olympic Skaters.




I HAVE AN OPINION. #7 of my most read Blogs in 2014

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A couple of years ago Roger Vergne my wing man at Duffys met Georgina a gorgeous blonde creature from Wales. They are both fun people and I enjoy hanging out with with them a whole bunch especially after Georgina claimed that if anything went wrong between Rog and her I was next in line. On Monday February 3rd Roger and Georgina were married so it now appears as if things may be going rather badly for me.(-:
Unfortunately with the good comes the bad and the bad news today was learning that my long time friend and teammate from the Transcona Nationals Ermanno Barone died unexpectedly this morning. Ermanno after leaving Transcono and the teaching profession went on to produce a few movies, build a couple of resorts, and was right in the middle of drawing up some plans to build a huge movie studio back in Winnipeg which I was to be involved with. Tonight my old friend Jim Quail who is vacationing in Ermanno’s winter home of Palm Springs is drinking some Canadian Club Whisky along with me and Bob Christy as we toast Ermanno and the rest of the fallen Nationals. May they R. I. P.

Hope is the best motivator of all time.

Why do we sugarcoat the world for our Daughters but try try to scare the s**t out of our sons about the same topic.

It may be true that it’s better to give than receive but I do get bored with it occasionally.

Before terrorists what the hell did the FBI and CIA do all day.

The best teachers in the world are the people who are great role models.

If somebody is following you it’s usually not a good thing unless maybe it’s on twitter.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not chasing you.

Out with the old in with the new. Bye Jay!

It is said that Heroin and Cocaine feel better than sex so I ain’t touchin’ either of them. Hell I’m even sorry I tried sex, look at all the trouble that’s caused me over the years, I can only imagine what drugs would do.

I know a lot about a little and a little about a lot but like most folks I have an opinion about everything.

50 years ago there used to be 3 or 4 top 40 stations doing very well in every market but then the Beatles invaded America and took it down to one.

My Grandson Nathaniel who is a Seahawks fan is all over me to come up with the large Hawaiian pizza we had bet on the Superbowl. Now he is starting to sound like he is getting ready to send over “Louie The Lip” or some of the guys from the Bada Bing club to collect.

The definition of diplomacy is having the ability to tell someone to go to hell and have them they actually look forward to the trip.

The more praise you hand out the more it tends to circle back to you.

The mere passage of time doesn’t change much if anything at all but it’s a great healer.

How many Government workers could get a job at Starbucks do you suppose.

Hey I’m just trying to write some wrongs here.

The way I figure it if Clay Aikens really runs for Congress in North Carolina it will take more than the 7% he represents to elect him.

In order to overcome something you can’t change one must change themselves.

Recently I was asked if I got to sit on a bench overlooking the Ocean for an hour with anyone of my choosing who would it be. After thinking about it for awhile I chose my Father Sandy Johns. We didn’t get along that well while I was growing up but I understand him a lot better now and have a ton of questions for him.

I just love South Florida this time of year because Mother Nature helps me cool my condo off which resulted in me only having an electrical bill of 40 dollars last month.

Wow Scott Shannon retired but one would have to think in this Radio climate that it has a hell of a lot more to do with an accountants numbers than it has to do with Scott’s age or ratings numbers.

Wow The Beatles special on CBS … 50 Years Ago Today, was wonderful. Everubody stayed true to the music except Stevie Wonder who felt compelled to funk up “We Can Work It Out”.



Happy Vallentine’s Day (Wishing You Were Here) 2/14/21

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Dreamless Nights And Lonely Days
Just Because You’re So Far Away
Wishing You Were Here.

Heaven Knows And I’m Sure It Shows
I’m About To Shed A Tear.
I’m So Wishing You Were Here.

We Live Our Lives In such Different Ways
But Especially On This Lovers Day.
I’m Just Wishing You Were Here.

I’m So Sad To Say
On This Special Day
You’re Just Too Far Away
And I’m Really Wishing You Were Here.

I’d Change My Life You Know I would.
If I Just Could Be With You … Oh Lord It Would Be So Good
Here’s Hoping You’re Ok On Valentines This Year.
But Damn I’m Wishing You Were Here.

Sometimes When I’m On The Road
It’s Even A Heavier Load.
I Always Want And Need You Near
Coz I’m Missing You And Wishing You Were Here.
You Know I’d Pay The Price
Make Any Kind Of Sacrifice
If Only You Would Appear
Meanwhile, I’m Still Wishing You Were Here.
Happy Valentines Day Beautiful Lady.