Geo’s Media Blog (Let’s Hear It From The Girls) Part 4 Revised 9/11/21

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Geo’s Media Blog is obviously written for men but not only do some women read it, they also leave comments.
I also think that it’s obvious that I love the ladies, so with that spirit in mind, may I present part 4 of, “Let’s Hear It From The Girls.”


Hunny Bunny: Hey Geo, what do I have to do to get you to sext me?
Geo: Not Much!Nancy & Patti: Geo: We’re at BJs; where the hell are you?
Geo: I’m at home thinking about you two.

Jo Myers: Even though I don’t agree with everything, it is thrilling to mention in your blog, Geo! (I’m changing my name to Joasia, though. I love that name!!)
Geo: I’m still standing by, ready to pick you up at the airport when John does you wrong.
Caroline: OMG, George, you are so funny; my friends in Kenya would love you. We should go there!
Geo: How fun would that be, Sweet Caroline and me on Safari?
Embree McDermid: I thought George’s eyesight was failing until I noticed all the pretty young things he’s pictured with, so I decided that he’s just kind. I don’t feel or think old, but If I had to choose between being a knockout or having my mind in reasonable shape, I’d choose my mind.
Geo: Em, I love your mind, but the rest of you ain’t bad either. 🙂
Stacey: Oh shit, I missed Bob, boo…Glad your daughter is a college graduate; now the fun begins with her looking for a job. If I don’t see you this week, have fun in Palm Springs.
Geo: Stacey, I can hardly wait to see you again so we can resume talking about my favorite subject.
Debbie Martin: George, I enjoyed reading your blog very much, and I also enjoyed our time together. You are a great teacher, and you love what you do, always striving to improve things. You believed and supported me and helped me achieve the confidence I needed to go out independently. Thank you, my friend.
Geo: Awww, now you’re getting me all mushy, Debbie.KZST Girls: Hey Geo, we were expecting you at the Christmas party.
Geo: Damn! Bodega Bay and a bevy of beauties, how did I miss that?

Sweetheart Of The Radio: I can’t believe that you left me for that older woman!!!
Geo: And I still regret it to this very day pretty lady.
Marnie Howard: Thank you for all your kind words, George. Please let me know when you finish your book, so I can help you get it published. Sending you a big hug!! Have a beautiful weekend.
Geo: Speaking of books, beautiful, how’s your new one doing?

Nurse Amber: Your usual, Mr. Geo?
Geo: Miss Amber knows exactly what I want, how I like it, and she serves it up to me just that way.

Lana Johns: Happy birthday!!! One more time… Keep going!!!
Geo: I’m giving up birthdays, Lana; they keep making me older. RIP, beautiful lady. 🙁
Jamie Gold: I expected to see something Bama-related etched on that beautiful wine glass, but it looks good. Enjoy!
Geo: As I recall, you turned me onto wine, Jamie, because you claimed the Canadian Whiskey I was drinking would kill me.

Ann Craig Cinnamon: How come you never talked to me when we worked at WNAP?
Geo: I knew that you were talented, Annie, but I had no idea that you were headed to the hall. However, I did think that you may be addictive and dangerous. Monique: Geo, when are you going to come and see me sing again?  We need to choose some songs for my new CD.
Geo: Give me a time and a place, Monique, and I’ll be all over it.
Jo Jo: Geo, Did I ever tell you that I used to date Trump years ago, but I dropped him because I thought I could do better?
Geo: Wow, you could have been the first lady, and if you had his baby, you would have been set for life.

Pam Finn: When Jer asked you what we did after he left the bar last night, what did you tell him?
Geo: I said, “I can’t remember.”
Pam: Good answer.
Miranda: Hey Geo, how come I haven’t seen you at the Waterway Cafe lately?
Geo: Ever since they let the band go, Miranda, it’s just not as much fun, but I sure miss dancing with you.
Too Tall Hall: Geo, I sure miss those days when we all worked together at WRMF, and I was doing afternoon news, but I miss the most is Dandy Don.
Geo: me too, Vivianne!
Julie Heath: Geo, why don’t you come to Connecticut, and we’ll do a little writing together?
Geo: As soon as this damn Pandemic is over, Julie.

Debbie & Carol: Hey Geo, the girls in the office wanna take you for your birthday lunch to a “Gentleman’s Club,” are you up for it?
Geo: I’m ready, willing, and able, ladies.
Linda: Hey Geo, the next time you’re driving up to Santa Rosa, why don’t you drop by my place in Marin, and we’ll watch another movie. 
Geo: You’re on, Linda.

Cathy Conley: Geo, isn’t it about time to have a radio reunion with your family in Austin? Let’s get Reid Reker to put something together.
Geo: You know how that goes, Cathy, Reid’s a great delegator, so it’s probably going to end up on your desk anyway. You may as well get started. Vegas Ladies:
 So Geo, how do you like Vegas so far?
Geo: Hey, now that I hooked up with you two, I like it, I like it a lot.Kat McWilliams: George, ALL MY FRIENDS ARE MOSTLY MEN, such a lie, and it is so wrong to judge EVERYONE…I think you’re jealous because NO ONE WANTED YOU and your dogging woman for it…”Guys aren’t looking for Women friends; hell, they don’t even watch Football why would we want one of those. (-:” a freaking LIE. I hang with guys to watch football; I worked promoting an NFL Football team. You are profiling folks and being really a mean person doing it. When you stop looking at others the way you do, you may realize your rose-colored glasses are not working. Look in the mirror; you’re an old man, not that attractive and probably, short, so what do you have to offer??? Look in the mirror man, the picture isn’t as pretty as you think it is and add your comments to that, really ugly in my view…
Geo: Whew! Well, color me bloodied, Eh! Vegas Ladies: Mr. Geo, would you like to come with us?
Do you promise not to hurt me?

“Let’s Hear It From The Girls” continues in a couple of weeks with part V.

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Geo’s Media Blog (Let’s Hear It From The Girls) Part Three. Revised 9/20/21

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Geo’s Media Blog is obviously written with men in mind, but for whatever reason, not only do a lot of women read it, they also leave some fun comments behind.
I also think that it’s pretty obvious that I love the ladies, so in that spirit, may I present “Let’s Hear It From The Girls,” Part Three.


Marnie Howard: Geo, thank you so much for taking me to the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival; I had a wonderful time.
Geo: You’ve always been my go-to girl when I need to own the room, Marnie. Mission accomplished, beautifully! Bree Campell: Thank you so much for revisiting me.
Geo: How could I resist, Bree? My goal is to become your other guy.

Geo: I’m on it, Miss Nancy; please don’t hurt me!
Linda Duffy: I still remember when you asked me to send you one of your one-liner zingers to our GM in Philly. It was supposed to read “are you still short,” but I typed it, “as you still short,” I thought you were going to shoot me.
Geo: Damn it, Linda!
Barbara Colella: George, I really enjoyed reading this blog. There are so many reasons to honor those who have passed. Your friendships are many, and that says a lot about your integrity. Great read. xoxo
Geo: See you the next time I’m in LA, Barbara.

Mary Franco: In an industry that glamorizes frailty and gives awards to songs with self-destructive lyrics like “Rehab,” isn’t it great to hear George recognize his powerful daughters?
Geo: Well, they’re certainly powerful enough not to be afraid of me, Mary. In fact, they think I’m somewhat wimpy.

Lisa Henry: Hey Geo, I think I may be the only woman Reid dated that he didn’t marry?
Geo: I believe you’re right, “Snookums,” but you’re the only woman he should have married.

Casey Callahan: Oh, George!! You write so eloquently, but it had to have been a man who said that women were innocent because I’ve never heard any women make that claim. However, Men only hear what they want to hear. Why don’t you come and see me at the Chalkboard? xoxo
Geo: I hear that, Casey, you can count on it.
Mom: Don’t spend too much time by yourself, Son, as I’ve told you, “You’ve got Hermit tendencies.”
Son: I spend a lot of time at a couple of sports bars called Duffy’s and BJ’s. Does that count, Mom?
Christina Johns: Thank you for writing such sweet things about me, Uncle George.
Geo: I can’t help myself, little girl.
Lindsay Boychuk: 3 cards!!! I love them all! Thank you for thinking of me. Love you. 🙂
Geo: I can hardly wait to see you and all the girls again, Lindsay.
Dana Foster: Hey ‘Cuz,’ when will you get me a job in the radio biz?
Geo: I don’t know what to say, Dana; it appears that you’re already doing alright on TV. Hey, are we kissin’ cousins?
Ana More: Hey Geo, when will you turn some of these lovely ladies over to me for my “special toy” parties?
Geo: Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be at one of those affairs, Ana. Whew!
Gayle Bramer: I’ll never forget our first date, which started nice enough until you ruined it by writing your number down on a piece of paper and then telling me to call you sometime. I was never more insulted, but I got over it. 🙂
Geo: Whew! I’m glad you did Gayle, I really enjoy your company.

Nancy Reece Cole: I so enjoy reading your blog. Hope to see you when you’re back in the wine country.
Geo: You’ve got it, Nancy!
Jill: I’ve had enough of your teasing me.
Geo: I can’t help but wonder where that tongue’s been, Jill?
Debbie Abrams & Mary Ptak: Love reading your blog, Georgie, but when are you coming to see us?
Geo: I think we should do it real soon ladies, we need to celebrate KZST’s latest rating book.
Kristine Hanson: Hey, does the “Weather Chick” get to come to the rating party?
Geo: Anybody who partied with Bill Walsh and the 49ers back in the Championship days is definitely welcome, Kristine
Joan Vidler: George, when we lost Gary, George, we lost someone very special to both of us, and my heart is broken. I have no idea how I’m going to be able to carry on?
Geo: And now we’ve also lost you, Joan; my heart is shattered.
Linda Miller Perez: Hey, George, the fires are out in Sonoma County; time for you to come back and have a glass of wine with us.
Geo: The fires began just as I was leaving, Linda, but “I Didn’t Start The Fires” as Billy Joel sang.
Heather: George, Thank you so much for taking me to the WRMF Christmas party. I had a great time, but those disc jockeys sure are crazy, aren’t they?
Geo: No, thank you for coming, Heather; I learned long ago that he who walks into the room with the best-looking lady on his arm owns the room, and I did!
Kari Summerfield:
So what are we?
Geo: Ah, well, let me see, ah, yes, well, I guess we’re kinda engaged to be engaged?
Kari Summerfield: And, just when will we be engaged?
Sharon: When are you going to dance with me?
I was sorta thinkin’ about a private dance, Sharon?

Bonnie Skop: Hey Georgie, thank you so much for helping me with my music.
My pleasure, Bonnie. Now you take care of your best asset, you hear? xo
“Let’s Hear It From The Girls” continues next week with part 4.

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Geo’s Media Blog (Let’s Hear It From The Girls) Part 1 Revised 8/16/21

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I think it’s pretty obvious that Geo’s Media Blog is intended to be read by men, but surprisingly, not only do some women read it, they also leave fun comments behind.
Also, I think it’s pretty obvious that I love the ladies, so in that spirit, may I present a six-part series entitled, “Let’s Hear It From The Girls.”  Here’s Part 1.


Joasia Holotka: I’m still waiting for the beauty and brains to pay off simultaneously??? I’m available right now to be part of a team doing mornings on the radio – lol!
Geo: As beautiful as you are, Joasia, I can’t imagine why you’d want to hide all your charms on the radio? In fact, let’s name a couple of them the Jo Jo Twins.

Amanda Martinez: You are such a stud, George.
Geo: Amanda, if that were true, I’d have you. 🙂

Kelley Mitchell: I just finished a workshop with a former CBC guy. You, Canadian radio people, are funny and pretty good at what you do.

Geo: We Canadian guys needed to be funny, Kelley, we never had any money.

Delilah: George, I hope you and your family are all doing well. Sonny is “Officer Harris” now and the leader of his Swat Team…He and his wife have four kids and are now in the process of adopting one…Take care.
Geo: Wow, I still remember Sonny as just a kid and we worked together at WVBF in Boston and he’d be fast asleep in the conference room while you were doing your show.

WIBC Indy Girls: Georgie, when are you coming out to the track?
Geo: There’s no way I’m coming anyway near you ladies; you all look much too fast for me.Greta Sellitti: I love this! You have some very beautiful women in your life; thank you for adding me in. Always a pleasure to see you, and thanks for getting a new haircut for me! See you soon!
Geo: I can hardly wait to see you again, Greta, not only are you beautiful, you’re also very fun. Panther Girls: Loved meeting you at the Panthers game, hope to see you at another one.
Geo: You can count on it, ladies!Crista: Hey Geo, you seem to be a nice guy, but do you know how to line dance?
Geo: No I don’t, Crista, but I’ll never tire of watching you dosey-doe in those tight fittin’ jeans.Robin Marshall: “I know more sex is always the answer, but sometimes I forget what the question was.” Puleeze! You’ve never known even what the question was, and I’m pretty sure that you never will! 🙂
Geo: I’m more than willing to learn, Robin, do you give private lessons?

Hunny Bunny: I really love your blog this week; it finally shows everyone just how smart your mind is.
Geo: And I love how you “pillow-talk” me, but if I were only half as smart as you claim, you’d still be hanging out at my condo on the weekends.Lorraine Marshall Rey: Honey – you must know that I fantasize about you all the time! I bet that that blows your little fantasy theory that women only fantasize about men they don’t know all to hell, huh?
Geo: You don’t want to know what kind of stuff I was fantasizing about while reading your comment, Lorraine. Whew!

Linda Stein: While the Tri-Rail story was riveting, the advice at the end of your blog was BRILLIANT!!! Clearly, you are upgrading your Blog!
Geo: The truth be known, Linda I just rant. Jenn Jenn: Good morning, Sir Geo Johns… I’ve got to tell you this, you always manage to bring a smile to my face. You’ve got a great personality, and you’re such a doll even though you talk naughty to me. Hey, I can handle it. Seriously, you’re a dear friend who gets dearer to me all the time. Hugs, Kisses, and much love!
Geo: Jenn Jenn, you need to tell Kenny that if he ever does you wrong, you’ve got a place to go that has a million-dollar view.Robin Garrett: George, the SUV guy died, so it’s now a traffic homicide investigation. This usually closes the tracks for hours, but why don’t you let us know why you were on that train in the first place?
Geo: I was on the train because a beautiful blonde “booty called me” and after she was done with me, she dropped me off at the nearest train station.

Nurse Brea: Time for you to leave BJ’s and come home to Duffy’s, Geo.
Geo: Yes, ma’am!

Linda: Tell Brea to buzz off; BJ’s your new home now; we take better care of you.
Geo: You sure do, Linda!

Sharon Henwood: What a magical time it was when we worked together at CFTR in Toronto.
Geo: Yes it was Sharon, not only did we create some great radio there, but we also invented a new format that went not only nationwide, but also worldwide.

Heather Emrick: George, sorry to hear about your break up with the hunny bunny. Could it possibly be because you referred to her as hunny bunny? Eeewwwww………..just a thought………..
Geo: Actually, it was her idea, Heather. Her Great Grandfather rode with Jesse James and just maybe she had the same tendencies and was hiding?
However, enough about the Hunny Bunny, let’s talk about when you arranged dinner for the Chapman’s and the Johns’s at the Fairmont in Dallas. After you came over to check on us, my wife Lana turned to me and said, “You can leave me for her.”
Nurse Ashley: Hey Baby, do you want another glass of wine?
Geo: Does the Pope sh*t in the woods, Ashley?

“Let’s Hear It From The Girls” continues in a couple of weeks with Part Deux

Geo’s Media Blog is a politically incorrect inside look at Radio, Music, Movies, Politics and Life. For a sneak peek at some upcoming Blogs or to see some that you may have missed, go to Geo’s Media Blog @ On Twitter @GeoOfTheRadio.Sharing and commenting is appreciated


Geo’s Media Blog (Lets Hear It from The Girls) Part Deux. Revised 8/30/21

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Geo’s Media Blog is obviously written for men, but surprisingly, not only do a lot of women read it, but they also leave behind some fun comments which I’ve turned into a six-part series entitled, “Let’s Hear It From The Girls”. Here’s Part Deux.


Jennifer Nicole: Geo, When are you going to get me a record deal
Geo: I’m sorry, Jennifer, but most of the record guys I knew, have left the planet. However, I’m still up for continuing our rehearsals.
Lindy Rome: Hey Geo – I’m honored to be in a blog titled “…To The Ones I Love.” Right back at ya, my friend. 🙂 That said, this “leading” stuff is getting tiresome. I think I’m ready to follow!
Geo: I’d pull out and pass, Lindy, but I still think you’re still too fast for me.
Heidi Reever: Cami, For years, we have loved seeing you and your dad at the graduation parties for our boys, and, wow, now it’s your turn to graduate! We have enjoyed watching you grow and change over the years and become the smart, beautiful young woman you are today. You know we love your dad, and I’m sure you know how lucky you are to have him as your biggest fan and supporter. We know that you will do well in whatever you pursue!
Geo: That’s so nice, Heidi; I’ll pass it on to Cami.
Camera Johns Summerfield: Daddy, thank you for buying me all the lavish dresses over the years, scaring away every sales lady when I gave you the “look,” sitting for hours when I tried on hundreds of outfits, pursuing through “uppies” even when your arms probably were about to break, answering every phone call no matter the hour or the situation, putting up with my April Fools jokes that gave you heart attacks, all the vacations, activities, sports, and hobbies you paid for to prove I could do anything I wanted, all the life lessons I told you gave me headaches, for all the stories I’ve heard a hundred times and still ask to hear a hundred times more, and for being the chauffeur of teenage girls to every mall, movies, and skate zone trip. Thank you for being the best dad I could ever ask for and letting me have dreams bigger than my 5’1″ self. Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad and grandpa I know.
Daddy: If you’re trying to make me weep, honey, you’ve succeeded. xoxo
Rollye James: I thought I was doing a show tonight. My body apparently just made other plans. Apologies. I hope to talk to you next Friday.
Geo: Miss you, Rollye.
Deputy Kari Pallotta: Mr. Johns, you are under arrest. Are you going to come quietly, or do I need to cuff you?
Geo: Officer Kari, could you hold off on the cuffing part until a little later at my place?
Twin Peaks Girls: Hey Geo, when are you coming back to the “Peaks” so we can serve you up properly?
Geo: I’ll be right over.
Kari Summerfield: Our daughter has attachment issues, so good luck on her throwing much out before you pack her up in Tampa. I’m still storing 2 bins of stuffed animals, but that’s down from 5, so it’s gotten better.
Geo: It was like trying to put 100 pounds of stuff in a 10-pound bag Kari, but we got ‘er done.
Twin Peaks Girls: We’re still waiting?
Geo: Almost there!

Kathy and Josie: Hey George, Tom & Bonnie said that they’d do our favorite song, “Walking In Memphis,” if you promise to show up at Island Jacks on Friday.
Geo: Only if you’ll promise to dance with me.Samantha: Geo, don’t you think I’m a little young for you?
Geo: I can’t help it, Sam; when I was 15, I adored 20-year-olds, and I still do.
Misty and Trixie: Geo, do you have any idea what we would do for those backstage passes you have?
Geo: Do I dare ask?

Jo-Ann Pflug: Belated Happy Birthday, George!!! You said your daughters were giving you a toast and roast birthday celebration, and they really lived up to their word by your comments. How wonderful to have so many old friends who love you so much that they flew all the way to San Diego to toast you and be there for you. Now that shows what type of friend you are too! Congratulations and remember, “Age is a number, and ours is unlisted” See you soon for a birthday glass of wine: Salude, Amor y dinero el Tiempo para gustarlos.
Geo: Thank you so much, Jo-Ann; yes, we must get together and do a little grape “mash.” (pun intended).Shannon: “You Are So Beautiful, Geo”
Geo: I love singing that song to you, Shannon, but it sounded much better when you sang it to me. Wow!Christine Hilliard: Ok, George, we’ve got Cami all moved into her dorm at USF, so all is well.
Geo: Christine, can you believe that she’s back home now with a degree in psychology? You’re our hero; thank you so much.

Jan Hall: I’m off to Vegas in a private jet, Geo! Trust me, it’s the only way to fly. No check-in, no hassle with the bags, no lines, a perfect seat, and a fresh cup of coffee the moment I sat down. Oh, and did I mention that they also had Uber standing by to whisk me away to my hotel when we landed?
Geo: Fly like an Eagle Baby!

“Let’s Hear It From The Girls,” Part 3, continues in the next couple of weeks.

Geo’s Media Blog is an inside look at Radio, Music, Movies, and Life. For a sneak peek at some upcoming Blogs or to see some that you may have missed, go to Geo’s Media Blog @ On Twitter @GeoOfTheRadio. Your sharing of my blog with friends and commenting would be appreciated.



Geo’s Media Blog (Lets Hear It From The Girls) Part V. Updated 8/08/21

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Geo’s Media Blog is obviously written for men, but for whatever reason, not only do a lot of women read it, they also leave behind some fun comments too.
I also think that it’s pretty obvious that I love the ladies, so with that in mind, may I proudly present the fifth installment of “Let’s Hear It From The Girls.”
Raijanna Rose Morrow: I was so busy at work yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to write to you… I’ve missed our bantering!
Geo: It’s all good Raijanna, I grew weary of the cold showers I had to take after the bantering. RIP, pretty lady.Great Nieces: Hey Uncle Geo, thanks for making our Easter Egg hunt even more fun.
Great Uncle Geo: My pleasure, ladies. xoxo

Carrie Law: Geo, our time together in Boston was almost too much fun.
Geo: Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end.

Keely: No, I don’t know the difference between Santa Clause and a Sugar Daddy, Geo, but from where I’m standing, it doesn’t look like you’re either.
Geo: Yep, buyer beware, right!
Taleishia: Geo, you and your family on both coasts are so much fun.
Geo: We loved having you visit us in West Palm and LA, Taleisha. I hope your trip back home to London is a safe one. Nancy Gregory: George, I’m doing a new musical called “Chapel Of Love.” It’s about Brill Building songwriter Jeff Barry, which will open up in Vegas, and then I’m taking it to Broadway; you should be involved.
Geo: Sounds like fun, but I ain’t a song and dance kind of guy, Nancy, but I must admit that I still do the old soft shoe pretty well.
Reverend Robin Blair: Thanks, George. Daughters are amazing, and it’s nice to hear it from a loving Dad! Blessings.
Geo: Robin, there are two George Johns’, the one my daughters know (wimpy) and the other one the ladies know. Pray for me!

Barbara Hilliard: Cami, from a quiet little girl to a shy little lady, an inquisitive and exceptionally bright teenager, and now a beautiful young woman, all in front of us! Take the training wheels off; it’s time to steer on your own! And you’re ready! We applaud your graduation and wish you continued success on your next and exciting adventure. If you were a tree, you’d be a peach. They’re the sweetest!
Geo: Thank you Barb, I’ll make sure Cami sees this.

Rachel: Excellent points. America is a dumpster fire under the Biden Administration.  Full of corruption, greed, lies, who knows what else…

Lorenda Rae: Some more of your great quotes… You should put them all in a book George.
Geo: The book’s almost done, Lorenda; I’m in the middle of editing it now.

Candis Johns: I’m sure Mom made quite the impression when she drove that Cadillac all over town! The one you probably intended to make, which she gladly usurped when you ‘lovingly’ drove ‘her’ car to her all the way to Canada.
Dad: Yep, and just like that, there I was back in my beat-up old T-bird.

Anita Mitchell: I started to work for WDW before we opened and graduated in the first Walt Disney World University class. Mike Vance was absolutely one of the best in training, and after years of attending a lot of lectures like this, he still rates as one of the best.
Geo: He sure changed the way I did radio, Anita.</s

Betsy Cameron: I’ll always remember meeting you for the first time. We were all out in California with Joe Amaturo for meetings at KFRG, and you were supposed to bring me into the radio station with you in the morning. Obviously, you forgot, so I made my own way in and, upon arrival, confronted you by saying, “Hey, I’m a six-foot blonde, and I’m not used to being forgotten.” Your only response was, “I didn’t forget you; it’s just my way of hitting on you.”
Geo: And I have enjoyed every breathless moment of our friendship, beautiful lady. RIP. xoxo
Lesley Palmiter: I love that picture of you and Cami standing beside the Christmas tree. I hope all is well with you and your family.
Geo: The only thing that could have possibly made that photo better, Lesley, was if you were standing there with us.Sherry: So, Geo, will I be a story or just part of your blog?
Geo: Well, so far, Sherry, you’re only part of my Blog, but the night is still young.
Cami, Linda, and Brynn:
Hey, thank you for taking us to San Diego with you for your “Toast & Roast” birthday party.
Geo: I wouldn’t have shown up without you guys.
Betsy Cameron and Gayle Brammer: Happy New Year, Geo; what a great Party.
Geo: Not so happy a New Year without you around, dear friend. RIP  Betsy. Xoxo.
Diane Shanon: George…. instead of a celebrity dying, what if this would have been a real emergency? This shows how radio has given up the “go-to” medium title. If it’s happening now… go to Facebook; you’ll find out a lot more than on your local radio station. How sad is that?
Geo: Sad but true, Diane.Lisa Burke: I had no idea that you lived near Hillsboro Beach, sorry I missed ya!
Geo: I’m sorry you missed me too, Lisa, I live up the road a bit in West Palm. You don’t suppose that my old pal, Captain Tom of the good ship BenT,  kept that intel from you, do ya? 🙂Lorraine Munson: So my Dear Canadian friend, I think your daughter might be in store for some of the best lessons of her life.
Be a lady! Be beautiful, Be real, Be alive in all ways.
Embracing the beauty within is such a lovely lesson for all young ladies (even us older ones need to keep learning!). That does not mean ‘trying’ to be more or less than all that one is. Beauty comes from ‘being comfortable with who you are which she will not fully know until much, much later.
I am in France right now, A place where beauty and sensuality are as easy as water and wine!  All of us women need to be more at ease with our beauty!
Oh, and by the way – NON, I do not pick up Cheques…  So Canadian of me! Bisous from France, Lorraine. (Sex Sales & Lies)
Geo: Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful lady.

The 6th and final installment of “Let’s Hear It From The Girls” wraps up in a couple of weeks.

Geo’s Media Blog is a politically incorrect inside look at Radio, Music, Movies, Politics, and Life. For a sneak peek at some upcoming Blogs or to see some that you may have missed, go to Geo’s Media Blog @ On Twitter @GeoOfTheRadio. Your sharing of my blog with friends and commenting on it would be much appreciated.