They’re Not Wearing Victoria’s Secret

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As sophisticated as my new little 18 year old is becoming it’s very fun to get a photo like this texted to me saying … Daddy you should get me this. Needless to say she slept in them last night!

When I was growing up I always imagined that when the girls had sleep overs they all wore that sexy Victoria’s Secret type stuff. It turns out though the garb they really wore more resembled what Cami is wearing in the picture.

Now that I know how Victoria’s Secret works I’m looking for a fun shopping companion.

The way it works in show business is you should start out mimicking your idol and probably because you won’t do it very well, it becomes your own style.

Most successful people became successful by doing just slightly more than others.

Who was it that decided that after a war everything went back to the original owners. Was that decided right after the Indian wars and how come Castro never got the E mail.

The hometown football team generally wins the tight games.

I just read that Jackie joined the mile high club along on Air Force 1 the night before JFK’s assignation.

It’s what the folks think you’re saying is all that really matters.

If you keep having to solve the same problems over and over again you haven’t come up with the solution yet.

Seeing a picture of a beautiful Woman nude is wonderful but seeing a picture of a bunch them together is just odd.

As quickly as Women forgive themselves for their sharp tongues I hope they don’t think we have done likewise.

Years ago when I first moved here from Canada and being curious I looked up how many people in America owned slaves. It turned out to be 3 to 4%.

Why are the reputations of used car salesmen and politicians so similarly bad. Surely they don’t deserve them.

You can reinvent yourself and become a better person mainly through repetitious action.

Walter Cronkite spoke on TV at the rate of about 120 words a minute unlike the average American who speaks 165 – 200 words per minute. Walter knew it would make him stand out and be understood at the same time.

Even though I’m a Centrist I nevertheless do lean a little to the right but not far enough not to think that Oil Companies, Banks, Politicians and Pharmaceutical folks shouldn’t all be in jail.

I don’t see a lotta young Men driving fancy cars but I do see lots of good lookin’ young Women driving them.

As we try to head away from the consumption of fossil fuels how long do you think it will be until the Electricity Barons will become bandits.

C’mon we all pretty well know what others should do, it’s what we should do that becomes difficult.

I hoping at my 100th birthday celebration that my daughters push the beautiful nurse who claims she loves me out of the way and they both roll me in together.

The folks who got fired in the early days of consolidation were the lucky ones. They got to sell their stock and became rich.

Radio has always been under attack from things like TV, MTV, Satellite and various other high tech modes of entertainment like we have today but it always survived because it always found the new way. The problem now is I don’t think anybody is looking for the “new thing”.

Nowadays there are only two types of people left in Radio. Those afraid they are gonna be fired and those that want to be.

Sales systems will never replace great ratings as a sales tool.

I think the perfect Rating System for Radio would be the one that only measures the folks who buy stuff.

If you’re not a poet is it against the law to use poetic license.

I’ll say it again … You Can Never Overplay Someones Favorite Song!

How come when you see those “Men Working” signs you never see Men working.

Some entertainers get so drunk on applause that they don’t even notice when the party’s over.

Roma and Rivers are great examples of why “stats” don’t mean a thing. 

The West wins the Grey Cup. Yay!




I Misspell My Daughters Names!

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Being originally from Canada I’m not very hip to college ball but it’s becoming pretty obvious to me that some of the players are much too busy having their hair extensions installed to be able to go to class and learn how to play smarter.

The Muses and Demons use similar voices when they speak to me.

Dreaming your dream is only a dream but sharing your dream with others begins the process necessary to make your dream come true.

But you’re still just dreaming if your dream doesn’t have a goal.

Friends are friends! Facebook friends at best are acquaintances.

It all begins with a dream then in Nashville it becomes a song, in Hollywood a treatment, in New York a script, and on the Radio a clever line. Words Are Golden!

Sometimes there is a better life waiting for you than the one you planned.

At her Birthday Dinner Cami said to me, Daddy now that I’m 18 I no longer need your permission to get tattoos. I responded with … Ah so you don’t need you a car!

People make mistakes a hell of lot faster than they make corrections.

If having babies didn’t pay so well there would be fewer of them.

I don’t trust the rich nor the poor, they both think they have the right to lie.

I believe there is a way too much freedom in America. A small case in point is my oldest Daughter was only given the choice of what college she was going to attend. But by the time my Son came of age I had come around to America’s way of thinking so he had freedom of choice. He chose not to be educated even though he may be more intellectually smarter than Candis or Cami. Unfortunately I don’t think it has turned out so well for him and I understand he may be bitter about things and might be looking elsewhere to place the blame. Needless to say I have returned to the less freedom mode again with my youngest who is a now senior and in the honors program and seems very excited about going to college next year. America on the other hand just keeps on handing out more and more freedom and the unrest across the land continues as does all the senseless shootings.

Until you try to master something new you will never grow.

The scariest thing about working for Jim Hilliard was we didn’t have a promotion budget to work with but somehow ended up doing more great promotions at Fairbanks than anywhere else. The only budget Jim ever put together was how much the sales department were going to bill and whenever they would say, Hey what if we don’t get the ratings! That’s just gonna make it tougher was his reply. On my end it was all in the presentation and if your pitch was any good all you heard from Jim was … Hell we gotta do that!

Spellcheck still claims I spell both of my Daughters names wrong.

I’m quite sure discussions about my writing style is not soup du jour but I did want to state that most of my scratchings are simply the verbal translations of the audio I hear in my head.

The thing I really dislike about political correctness is, it removes the opportunity to convince someone that their thinking is misguided.

Change has to start with visualization because somebody has to see the next step!

Money is the Achilles heel of Women, beauty is Men’s.

If you ever wondered about some of the decisions some Jury’s make. Most smart people figure out how to get out of Jury duty.

Have you ever noticed that Santa seems to love rich kids a lot more than poor ones.

You’re just dreaming if your dream doesn’t have a goal.

Isn’t it sad that some of the most exciting times in your life can never be talked about.

You’re not supposed feed wild animals because they become dependent and can’t fend for themselves. Surely that’s not true of welfare recipients.

Half of all the people you know are below average.

Unfortunately the experience you so badly need to handle a situation only shows up after you need it.

Tim Reever will like this one. I just read somewhere that foreigners probably can’t tell if someone is retarded or just has a Boston accent.

Opportunity is often cleverly disguised as too much trouble.

Do you think the Broadway performers would put up with the ticket sellers coming out of their booths to give them a little constructive criticism.

Speaking of selling I do think that sales is a worthy profession. Hey everybody can’t sing, dance, or say clever things so somebody has to sell those that can, but I just wish they wouldn’t be so noisy about it.

Carole King said that most of the songs she wrote about back in the 5o’s and 60’s were about sex and Women’s fear of having any.

Why do the folks on the air make such a big deal about the end of their shift. Why can’t they do it like “Breaking Bad” or The Sopranos and set us up for the next show so they can get 6 or 7 years out of it.

Most leaders are very visionary and it’s the passion they use to describe their vision that gets people to follow them.

Most Canadians don’t think they are as good as Americans where as Australians think they are much​ better. They’re both wrong!

Most support people at a Radio Station feel the place couldn’t go on without them. What they don’t realize, there’s a meeting going on at this very moment trying to figure out how to do that very thing.


Cami Is 18 today!

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1187009_10152104993264307_1424002743_nHappy Happy Birthday Baby!
You’ve now become a special lady.
But you’re still my precious little girl
And I’m gonna shout it to the world.
Happy Happy Birthday … Baby!
(Daddy Loves You Madly)

My Daughter Camera Anne Johns Summerfield turns 18 today. I’m just so grateful that I got to spend the last 18 years proudly watching her go from the pretty girl she’s always been to the beautiful intelligent Woman she’s become.









Could’ve Had Her!

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1451964_10152301730359307_248599457_nWhen I first began consulting I was based in beautiful San Diego at KOGO & KLZZ where the Class FM format was a fairly new concept so I had to have weekly staff meetings to get everyone up to speed. One of the people who attended these sessions was our news guy Steve Tom who was so funny he even use to break himself up during a newscast or two. Steve who went on to become a successful Hollywood actor was very hard to control back then and probably still is today. I don’t think Steve can help himself because he has a constant need to entertain everybody.Jamie who was one of our news people once told me she remembered being in a staff meeting where she noticed Steve roll up some paper and throw it at me. I was in the middle of explaining exactly how the Class concept worked and she thought I hadn’t noticed what was happening and was sure the paper was going to hit and ruin the whole meeting. At the very last moment she said I moved my head ever so slightly letting it pass by and she claimed I could’ve had her right then!

The Hunny Bunny once told me that seeing as most bartenders steal the trick is to hire the ones who steal the least. I think this concept may also apply to our politicians.

Now let me see if I’ve got this straight …  The stock market has very little to do with the economy anymore and big business no longer provides many jobs for Americans because it moves almost everything overseas. Yet the Republicans and Democrats both go out of their way to protect them both. What am I missing? What’s that you say … You claim it may have something to do with political contributions. Surely not!

What ever happened to Joe Biden.

Whomever got all that stuff done for the handicapped should be running our country.

18 years ago my beautiful Daughter Camera Anne Johns Summerfield was born. Whew where did the time go. I’m just so grateful I’m still around to see her become the special Woman she is.

Much as we don’t want to believe it there really is no such a thing as a free lunch.

Whatever most of America doesn’t want America’s gonna get!

OK The 3 Lies Have Been Updated For 2013.

1.The Check’s in the mail.
2. I gave at the office.
3.You can keep your current health plan.

What do the signs mean that read “Crime Free Neighborhood” if all we need to do is put up f##king signs lets put ’em up everywhere.

It’s The Game Stupid!

1.Where would Jordan be without Basketball.
2.Namath without Football.
3.Pappi without Baseball.
4.And Gretzky without Hockey.

Do thugs not realize we have them spotted and of course we profile.

As smart as some folks kindly claim I may be they just don’t realize how I’ve managed to drive off every Woman whoever told me she loved me. How f**king smart is that!

Even though content is King it’s available everywhere, performance is not.

One of the toughest things for me to handle when going from the National PD of Fairbanks to a Radio Consultant was to adjust to the fact that maybe all my ideas weren’t as brilliant as they used to be.

The listeners know good Radio when they hear it’s just Radio people who do not.

Most folks aren’t sure what they want to hear on the Radio but they know exactly what they don’t wanna hear.

If the pursuit of happiness is happiness why isn’t the pursuit of profit not always profitable.

When things go wrong you never get to complain to the people who made them go wrong or can do anything about them.

I’n the last 18 years I’ve been called a lotta things but my favorites are going from … Da Da to Daddy to Dad to Dude and now back to Daddy again which is my all time favorite.

Folks claim I spoil my Daughter Cami but they don’t realize the reason I do is to teach her a life lesson. As long as she does real good in school I’m going to reward her just like the companies in the real world do to all their over achievers.

Bosses don’t need no stinkin’ credentials!

My folks use to go south to Grand Forks ND for the weekend just to enjoy the great American service. I wonder how many Canadians bother doing that today.

Why is the speed of light absolute.

Have you ever noticed that even during bad economic times Oil Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies still have record breaking years.

The infamous 3rd eye doesn’t let silly things like logic or reason deter it from it’s ultimate goal.

Can anybody tell me what they are saying on the drive through speaker at McDonald’s.

Even though USA TODAY is a huge national paper it’s not near as big as a school newspaper locally. What about that part does Radio not get.

Did I miss the ceremony where they inducted the sales people into the Radio Hall Of Fame.

Hey Paul Barsky who had some bones fused in his back is on the mend and starting to be funny again. Great to hear Barsk!

The bad news is I went through a couple of million dollars, the good news is I’m pretty happy unlike a lot who didn’t.

Some Women claim as their Men get older they don’t hear as well as they used to but I’m hear to say Men always hear what they wanna hear.

Do the coaches and management of the Dolphins think by suspending Richie Incognito that they have actually covered up their own incompetence.