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My youngest, Cami, (shown above with me) watches a few reality shows on TV that are mostly about finding the love of their life, which I get but she also likes to watch “Shark Tank.” Huh?
The concept of the show is putting people who create new products in front of a panel of rich investors who may or may not invest in their creations. After watching a few episodes, I was totally confused, most of the stuff that I thought would be successfull, the investors didn’t think so. Finally, I picked up the pattern and could predict who was going to get some seed money and who wasn’t.

The secret is, you need a secret. Great radio stations all had their secrets as did the giant promotions they ran. One that comes to mind is Jack McCoy’s “Last Contest” that blew out the city’s phone system. When he syndicated it, you were buying how to run it without going bankrupt or to jail.
Later he came up with another blockbuster called “The Prize Catalog” which of course also had a secret but this time when the secret was unveiled, Jack sold the company. Hey, even my Class FM format had its secrets and when those secrets got out, I got out.

Steve Jobs and Bill gates had secrets, as does Google, and Amazon, and like most inventions, they use patents to protect them. In fact, if your new product doesn’t have a secret, don’t bother taking it to the Shark Tank because they already know that without a secret, someone else will figure out how to do it cheaper. You’d be much better off going to a good school, or better yet, go to a trade school and make some real money.



You tend to remember all that you want to remember.

Why do the words, “For The Greater Good” and “Because Of National Security,” somehow change illegal activities into legal ones?

I wonder what the millennials are gonna do when they discover what we already know, “There is no free lunch.”

In this day and age, it takes so long to undo all the locks on your door that when opportunity knocks, it’s already too late. 

Being out of time isn’t a good enough reason to finish a project that’s not done. 

He who truly knows may not feel the need to share unless asked to. 

You are who you hang with. 

California is so beautiful that half of the homeless in America have chosen to live there.

You’re only one fuck-up away from the thing that you will be remembered for. 

Real friends shouldn’t have to ask for help. 

According to Tim Reever, selling radio without ratings builds character. 

He who walks into a room with the best looking lady on their arm owns the room.

Being impartial is almost impossible.


Doug Erickson: That KVIL staff — and I mean the whole staff, news people, traffic reporter, sidekicks — may have been the best air staff ever assembled in one station. There were some WLS staffs that would be up there with you, but daypart by daypart, major and minor roles, there just wasn’t one weak link. (I Got Lucky)

Geo: Most of that incredible staff are all in the Radio Hall Of Fame, Doug, so most of Texas agrees with you.

John McQuaker: Hi George: I enjoy reading your stories. I worked at CKY FM, and then CKY 580 from 1966-1971 and worked with some of the people you name, such as Frank Roberts, Bill Grogan, George Dawes, and Embree McDermid. There are probably many others whose names I don’t remember but I got into the news side in about 1970, when I think that John Pierce was the news director. These days it’s hard to imagine that the big 3 AM stations in Wpg, (CKY, CKRC, and CJOB) each had an 8 person news team. Keep up the good work.

Geo: Thanks for the read, John, I left CKY in 1968 to become a Program Director in Saskatoon. I started in radio as a part-time board-op at CKY-FM and worked with all the legends, Jack Wells, Jimmy Darin, Gary Todd, Chuck Dann, Daryl ‘B’ Mark Parr, Deno Corrie, and J Robert Wood, as well as the names you’ve listed above. Real heady times for a lad like me who was just beginning his broadcasting career (Register)

Jerry K: Correct about the freight trains, when ACL and Seabord were around it wasn’t so bad. Add to that the mess in central Florida where Amtrak doglegs over to Tampa and back, making stops in Winter Haven Lakeland and Plant City, or did all a few years ago. One screwup and it becomes a dog and pony show. Many years ago Amtrak had a train link between New Orleans and Jacksonville but a hurricane took out the track. Still waiting for the service to resume. (Train Wreck)

Geo: When Cami was a little girl, Jerry, we took that link all the way to LA. Not a pretty ride, but very relaxing.

Marshall Quelch: I wonder how many entertainers and actors who give assistance to p.e.t.a. wear leather footwear and clothes. (Music & Sex)

Haynes Johns: (No Relation) George: I learned volumes by reading about KVIL in the trades, and watching the results in the ratings. On rare occasions when I got to hear Ron Chapman, his enthusiasm and energy were very obvious and infectious to those of us who were tuned in. We wanted to just keep listening so that we could stay plugged into his outlet of fun! Thank YOU (and Reg) for spreading the gospel and recipe for great radio. I began to learn when we became a Fairwest station in 1986. (Crazy Man Crazy)

Bill Gardner: I remember hosting a KVIL morning show in the late ’80s and wondering at 6.15 about our scheduled 6.20 newscast since Andy McCollum had yet to arrive. When he walked in about 6.19, I hit the intercom and asked if he wanted me to scrub the 6.20, he said, “No, I’ll be ready.” When I introduced him, Andy proceeded to do a newscast that sounded every bit as good and prepared as all the rest! An amazing guy and fun to work with. Saw Andy last at one of our KVIL reunions, and Bob Morrison who you also mentioned, and even the legendary Ben Laurie, miss them all personally and professionally. (News To Me)

Scott Vowinkle: Never worked for KVIL, George, but admired it from “afar” during the two years I spent in sales at KOAX and KLUV. My introduction to the Fairbanks way, however, started during my years at Butler University in Indianapolis where everyone in the Radio/TV department was enamored with WNAP/WIBC. KVIL was cut from the same cloth. Today when I start missing those great sounds, I punch up the over two hours of WNAP airchecks I have, or the fall 1981 version of Ron Chapman’s “promo majora”…the 25-minute, “Here’s what’s coming up this fall on KVIL.” Competing against them though wasn’t fun. Thanks for the memories. (Kay-Ville’s Obituary)

Geo: We used to promote the hell out of the playing of that 25-minute promo, Scott. Who we really wanted to hear it though was the management and staff of all the other radio stations. In it, we unveiled our promotion plans for the fall, hoping to intimidate them. It worked, everybody got out of the promotion game.

Kurt Johnson: Thanks for the story/obit. It was a sad day here in D when she passed. I am grateful I got to spend a few years in the PD chair with Kay. She was grand, classy, and a real presence in any room. (Kay-Ville’s Obituary)

Tim Moore: Geo, that’s where it all started for me: fall 1977 recruited by the vaunted TM Companies (Regal Row) to come to DFW from northern Michigan! TM’s VP Jerry Atchley flew up to beautiful Charlevoix overlooking the harbor, saying I’d been nominated to him by several people, and, TM couldn’t figure out why our station was using so much Masterplan and Producer Library material. He asked that I fly to Dallas and spend a couple of days; “if I didn’t want the job, it would be okay.” I was 27.
Well, 2 days inside the TM studios and TM Programming hallways convinced me it was an incredible opportunity. But the REAL education came after moving there. I kept hearing hall buzz…”KVIL this,” “KVIL that,” “Ron Chapman…” and so it went. Thus, I asked my top sales guy Mike Baer, “What is so great about KVIL?” He looked at me like I was retarded and in his Texas drawl asked, “Have you LISTENED man?” I pledge to do it.
Over the first 2-3 days, I said to myself, “Okay, it’s upbeat, positive, but…” Then, after a full week, I told Mike Baer that it was the greatest, most complete, totally aligned station I’d ever heard. When after three years I returned to Michigan to launch my own 100,000 watt “106 KHQ” (Coastal NW Michigan) I unabashedly took everything I learned from you, Fairbanks, and Ron, and applied it. I even had Ron on my Morning Show! Oh…when the first-ever Arbitron in that 7 County, 21 station regional market along the beautiful Lake Michigan coast, KHQ scored a 14 share 12-plus and won every female demo that mattered.
That all led to our large consultancy today, where we still refer to principles of “cinematic radio” and KVIL. As well, I was very proud to nominate Ron to the NAB when they asked me about a Hall of Fame suggestion. Thank God they agreed! (Kay-Ville’s Obituary)

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Geo’s Media Blog (KLIF vs KVIL) New 11/18/19 #6

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Ever since recently attending a KVIL reunion in Dallas, a ton of memories started coming back to me like when I was hired by Fairbanks Broadcasting who had just purchased KVIL in Dallas, so it became my first project.

When we launched KVIL we did it with a very softly with just a new music system and a few great Heller Jingles. (Hear them below) Then one at a time and ever so slowly we added the air talent, beginning with Ron Chapman.
The reason we were stalling was because we were waiting for Arbitron to combine the Dallas and Fort Worth rating books which would put the market in the top 10. Surprisingly, the “build your own radio station” concept, which we used as our stalling technique, became so popular, that I used it to launch the Class/Classy format across North America.

When the rating books were finally combined, KVIL caught everybody flat-footed when we started unveiling our giant promotions. Our specific target was 30-year-old women so we did very well with the 25-34-year-old ladies right away. However, that didn’t translate into big 12+ numbers so the trades didn’t write about us. This though ended up helping us because the rest of the radio stations just ignored us. We could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted, and we could do it unchallenged.

Our main competition back then was KLIF who had us at a big disadvantage because they were on the AM band back in the day when FM wasn’t cool.
Slowly but surely though, women of all ages began to join us, and before long, if you pulled up at a stoplight, then rolled your window down, you’d hear KVIL drifting out of the other cars at the stoplight like a massive echo.
KVIL was becoming so popular with women of all ages that I’d even win free drinks when I claimed that I could predict a flight attendant’s favorite radio station. I, of course, only did that when I heard that Dallas accent.

The day I’ll never forget, though, was after hearing KLIF launch their big rating contests called “The KLIF Call Girl” and “The Big Snatch.” I thought that we would kill them. However, when the ratings came out, they killed us and it was pretty apparent that I didn’t know anything about ratings or radio.
Thank God cooler heads prevailed, and Jim Hilliard, who not only my boss but also a lot smarter than me, said, “Johns, don’t touch it, it’s perfect.” Sure enough, when the next rating book came out, KLIF went from first to worse and KVIL had doubled its audience and never looked back for over 20 years.

We found out much later that KLIF had started doing music research during that survey, and one of the none musical questions they asked was, “Has anybody contacted you recently to ask about your radio listening habits? If the respondent answered in the affirmative, they won a brand new TV that would be delivered that day by one of the KLIF News guys.
Not only would he set it all up, but he would also show them the correct way to fill out your diary. Talk about community service. 
The only land America ever demanded from the countries it defeated, was the land where its soldiers lay in rest. 
Occasionally you have to fire the bad clients. 
Being comfortable is very comforting until it enslaves us. 
Sometimes all you need to get through life is a great smile. 
Everybody loves to walk through the door marked private. 
Folks only pay attention to what you say or write if you generalize. 
As the Stones sang, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” However, if you focus and work hard enough, sometimes you can get what matters.
I think college athletes should be paid to do endorsements that would back the cheaters a way off. 
There are two ways to become successful. Change what people want or change how they get what they want. 
The only thing you learn from your victories is how to celebrate. 

Genius secretly yearns for fame.

Your rights end right at the tips of my daughters’ noses. 
When a man starts losing weight, he’s having an affair with a younger woman. When a woman loses weight, she’s recently divorced. 
Do we want to go all-electric with what’s going on in California? 
An expired ID doesn’t change your date of birth. If it did, I’d let everything expire. 
What memories are you making today?

My friend Bob Christy claims that the only reason Jerry Jones isn’t on the sideline coaching the Cowboys is because they won’t let him drink down there.

Bobby Orr, the world’s greatest hockey player, calls Sportsnet’s firing of Don Cherry, disgraceful.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are going to the Grey Cup. Go Bombers!

Jed Duval George:  When I worked for you at Fairbanks, you rarely dropped names.  Whenever you spoke, it was to put something into motion or make a relevant comment about the direction you wanted to take the next task forward.  Your blogs fill in the missing pieces of your fantastic journey thus far, but you generously credit all of those who made such an impact in your life. Thank you for the narrative, and keep them coming! (Hollywood Knights)

Craig Walker:
Hi George, Please let Bob Hill know that I remember getting the baseball from him over 40 years ago. I still have it, and I’ve added many Hall of Fame names to it. I have Mays, Mantle, Berra, Aaron, DiMaggio, and several others on the ball. It’s one of a kind. It will be passed on to my son and grandchildren. I have always appreciated his help in getting it to me.
Concerning my advancing years, I’m just elated that I’m still here.  I just wish radio was as healthy as I am.
Stay well, George. (Whose Caddy Is That?)

Geo: Glad to hear that you’re doing well, Craig.

Nick Alexander: George
Your Eldorado story reminded of Charlie Van Dyke, who came to KLIF the Mighty 1190 in 1977 to do mornings for one last gasp for a formerly AM legend. He bought a beautiful black Biarritz when he got to Dallas.
I worked mid-days, and when we looked out the window to the north, there was a KVIL billboard with Ron, Larry, and Seldon. Taped to the window of our studio was a sign with an arrow that pointed toward the billboard. It simply said, “Get ’em.”  :o)  After KLIF, I moved with Edd Routt to Mobile to program WKRG-FM. I took all the knowledge I had learned from KLIF and from listening to KVIL and applied it. We went from a 4 share to a 20.8 12+ in our first book. Flipped the market leader WABB on its ass. A year later I came back to Dallas as Production Director of WFAA/KZEW. That lasted a few years and finally, Dave Spence called me and offered me my dream job, working at KVIL as Operations Manager. That lasted until Mel bought the place and the economy went to hell. Billing dropped significantly and my job was eliminated 2 weeks before Christmas 87. I left radio for advertising, production, and jingles. Best move I ever made. Much more lucrative. But I miss what radio used to be. Thanks for your column. I enjoy it. (Whose Caddy Is That?)

Geo: Ain’t it fun beating up the leader of the market, Nick? When we first launched KVIL, we were chasing KLIF, but before long, they had to chase us. However, we never noticed because we didn’t have a rearview mirror. 🙂

Ron Chapman: I expected a couple of dozen, “It became a “happening.”
Jerry Bobo, Jack Schell, George Johns, Cat Simon,
Terry King, Bud Buschardt, Xrey, Becky, and Heather….. different zip codes and states.  
GM’s and SM’s, DJ’s, Engineers, the “tape cart ops,” and the group from Sales, all wedged together in one enchanted hotel bar. You pulled it off, Jack, and thanks to all! (KVIL Reunion)

Geo: Great seeing you, old friend. “Oh What A Nite.”

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Geo’s Media Blog (To Play Or Not To Play) New for 11/12/19

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A little while ago, my daughter Candis sent me a video of my grandson Nathaniel playing his violin with the Pasadena Youth Symphony. They sounded great and I can hardly wait to see them play as I travel to Calfornia for Thanksgiving.

As you’re probably aware, I’m very proud of my grandson who has just entered high school. Not only is Nathaniel scholastically gifted, he’s also on the debate team and has won several “gavels” and recently finished in the top 8 of the National Geographic GEOBEE. Oh, and did I mention that he’s also an all-star baseball player? What’s not to be proud of?

However, as a grandparent, my job is to give Nathaniel sage advice so after watching the video of his performance, I texted him the following, “Nathaniel, don’t ever give up playing the violin, it makes you special.”
I, like you, I went on to tell him, was also good at baseball and a pretty good running back for the football team, and also like you, was a musician. Hey, and I even started my own band.
Even though I played sports and with a band, I liked the independence of having my own money so I also had a bunch of different part-time jobs that I hated. However, I lucked out after enrolling at the Manitoba Institute Of Technolgy, (should I just go with MIT?) when I got a part-time job at the big radio station in town. I loved it and soon discovered that you’re always good at what you like to do. I was a pretty good bandleader but I was better at radio.
As I’ve said to you, “The secret of life is figuring out what you love to do, then finding someone who will pay you to do it.”
Unfortunately, as good as I am at radio, nobody wants to hear about it, nor do they want to hear about my prowess in sports. They only want to hear about those records hanging on my wall and what was it like to play with Neil Young, Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, and open for legends like Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash?
Hey, unless you make the majors, nobody will want to hear about your baseball days they’ll just want to know what college you went too. However, they’ll be very interested in hearing about what it’s like to play the violin in Symphony Orchestra because when you play at that level, it makes you special.
There are over 3000 people living in my development but I bet I’m the only guy here who has his own records hanging on the wall. How special is that?

No response is a very powerful response.

The best thing about having money is getting to spend it on the people you love.

As I said to a guy at Duffy’s the other night, “Even though Canada invented Hockey, and have the best players, no Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since the early ’90s. Somehow out of the blue, the Toronto Raptors are the basketball champions of the world. What’s up with that?” He claimed it was because none of the Raptors are Canadians. I responded with, “You mean like in St. Louis where the Blues are not all Americans?”
You’ll never get rich working 9 to 5. 
I doubt that even gay guys can resist tapping their toe when “La Grange” comes on. 
The definition of radio art – “Your exaggerated comments about life as you observe it.”

The government doesn’t give you anything more than what you gave them. 

Is there a good looking woman out there who isn’t sleeping with somebody?

Familiarity breeds contempt.

What made Woodstock so famous 50 years ago was all the people who showed up, not the artists. The bands thought of it as just another gig.

Wow, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers one the first round of the playoffs.

Surely this is not the first time the NHL has noticed that Din Cherry is controversial?

Hey, IU football is ranked for the first time in 40 years. 


Ron Below: As Midwest Regional Promotional Manager for about a decade for various labels, I never had the pleasure of crossing paths with you until my strange side journey at WNAP. So, as a “once was” record guy, what does it take to get into your exclusive circle of record guys :-)? I only crossed Charlie Minor’s path a couple of times at industry events, but he was very well known to just about anybody, connected to or in the record biz… magnetic charisma, more than gracious host, beautiful women around at his beckon call, quick to pick up the tab and all the perks that record/showbiz (radio) enjoyed. If the perfect Record Man Robot came out of a machine it would be a clone of Charlie.

Geo: Mr. Below, I’ve only known four record guys during my whole radio career, Al Mair and Doug Chappelle in Canada, and Jerry Brenner and Charlie Minor in America. The reason I know them is, they figured out how to find me. (Good Time Charlie)

Pat O’Day: Thanks so much George for another great year of fun, enjoyable, knowledgeable, reading. As I write this, I can still see you sitting in my Seattle living room where I was trying to hire you as a consultant and you said, “Pat, why would you want to hire me, you already know more than I do.” What a humble statement and it’s typical of you.
Give my best to Jim Hilliard when you get a chance. Tell him I’m alive and well, busy with my real estate practice and deeply involved with a Seattle Addiction Hospital. Still in great health, living on San Juan Island, Washington.
Merry Christmas Sir! What a winner you are!!!
Pat. (Seasons Greetings)

Doc Harris: Cami, like many others here, I have never met you but have spied on your life through your Dad. He and I worked together in Saskatoon, Sudbury, and Toronto, and he helped me build what turned out to be a very successful career.
As you go through life, always know that man will be there for you.
He loves you very very much. That’s obvious. With that behind you, there’s nothing you can’t do!
My Best Wishes,
Doc. (Camera Anne Johns Summerfield Graduates Today)

Robert Woyna: Hey! Just a terrific blog.  I grew up with you guys and Burton Cummings back in those great days. We lost you to the states but got now have you back again via your blog but witty and smarter. Great on the Canadian shit, keep it up, my friend. (CKY Reunion)

Bobby Rich: Geo, you’re right–probably not. Not that it matters as the item is still inspiring. They aren’t his final words and it’s not proven that they are even his words. According to his sister  Mona Simpson’s eulogy “Steve’s final words were: ‘OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW’.(The Last Words Of Steve Jobs)

Bruce Buchanan: Thanks for the mention…those years at KVIL, WRMF, and KLLS were my favorite during a 28-year radio career.  I credit you, Chapman, and Hilliard, with forcing me to approach programming in an entirely different way. To this day I’m not sure the industry really knew what happened when KVIL went #1 in 1976.
Someday I’ll tell you about the time I entered KOGO/KPRI, at midnight, with a Colt .45 and asked three drunk staff members to leave the building. Oh, the good times !!! (Thank You)

Jeff Roper: Now the definition of “copy” is just that…repeat, cut and paste, even the movie industry can’t find any new ideas, just reboots, do-overs, and prequels of sequels.
I write the best copy, now if someone would listen…Get off your phone!!!! (White Guy With Privileges)
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Geo’s Media Blog. (First, Ya Gotta Get Noticed!) New for 11/25/19 #5

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To become successful, first, one must be noticed. Case in point, my nephew, Jamie Boychuk, (pictured with his wife Lindsay above and me below that) who, following in his father’s and uncles’ footsteps, worked his way up from a yardman, to a switchman, a conductor, but unlike them, he ended up in management at the CNR in Canada..

The genius who headed up the CNR was Hunter Harrison. (pictured right above) Each year Hunter would invite a few junior executives to his seminars at the Breakers in Palm Beach. He held these seminars so he could explain his railroading philosophy to the staff, hoping to catch them on fire. However, it wasn’t all work, the attendees also got to play a little golf.

On one very special occasion, Jamie, who you can see in the photos, looks much younger than his forty-one years, got to play in a foursome with Hunter. On the first tee, Hunter said, “Hey kid, you need to go as long as you can but keep it to the left.” Jamie hit a perfect shot. On the next hole, Hunter said, “Nice shot back there kid, but even though this hole is a par three, you may want to hit it short and chip onto the green. There’s a bunker on the left and water on the right making it a narrow entrance to the green.” Once again Jamie hits the perfect shot and ends up in the middle of the green and so it went for the rest of the round.
Jamie finished one under which kicked Hunter’s ass but also got him invited back to every seminar from then on.

A few years later, Hunter took over the CSX railway which is headquartered in Jacksonville and one of the first people he asked to join him was my nephew. Unfortunately, soon after making CSX the most successful railway company in the world, Hunter passed.

Jamie (shown above ringing the bell on Wallstreet with the president) I’m proud to say, has recently been promoted to second in command of CSX which is now a 12 billion-dollar company with its stock on the rise in a world of Trump’s tariffs wreaking havoc with the transportation industry. You go, Jamie!
Have you ever noticed that whenever a company says, “We’re making things better” things actually get worse?

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers win the Grey Cup.
I believe in God but not the Church’s versions of him. 
The toys have changed but not the world. 
One of the hardest things to do is learn how to control your anger so you can use it to be more productive. 
I think the NFL and the players union should split the cost of lifetime health care. A certain % of a player’s salary going towards it sounds fair to me? 
Opportunity is usually cleverly disguised to look like hard work. 
The more money you make, the less time you have to spend explaining your behavior.
Nothing’s changed, women are still known for their looks, and men for what they do.
Few marriages are strong enough to survive the loss of a child. 
You never own success, you’re just renting it. 
Nance Chapman says, “There’s no sense wearing a fake diamond if you don’t have the real one locked up at home.” 
Rich people don’t share, it’s as simple as that. 
To be a great director one must first figure out what special gifts the talented possess.
Doing more than what’s expected always ends up well. 
Pointing out what’s wrong with this picture only pays a dollar an hour but coming up with the perfect fix, pays a thousand dollars an hour. Based on that, I’d advise the Democrats to change their tactics. 
Silent gratitude is useless. 
It’s not the words it’s who said them. 
Back in the day when the air talent was bigger than the records that they played, nobody had a problem selling spots. 
Speaking of talent, Entercom’s sure burnin’ through them fast, huh? 
If the hard part was easy it would already be done. 
Life would be boring if you didn’t have any regrets.

Ron Below: Payola isn’t illegal… but not reporting it on your taxes is. (Get Out Of Jail)

Geo: Damn! that info is a little late in coming, Mr. Below.

Art Vuolo: Joey Reynolds has been preaching this exact same sermon for the past ten years, but (seemingly) nobody is paying attention.  Next week there will be a ton radio people attending the NAB/RAB Radio Show, the biggest convention for the radio industry.  Everyone will be patting each other on the back and proclaiming how great things are.  I love radio with a great deal of passion, but realistically I agree with this entire piece and about WLTW Lite FM (an appropriate name) and the relationship to WCBS-FM.  Did Bob know that BOTH are programmed by the same man…Jim Ryan? It’s true.  As long that the profit column is longer than the loss column, expect nothing to change in the foreseeable future. Truly a sad commentary. (Radio? It’s Over)

Joel Thompson: Love it! You gotta get the movie rights. It beats WYRK all to hell. (The Future Is Now)

Paul Cavenaugh: It’s about complacency George!   People expect mediocrity today,  and radio delivers!  The worst radio copy I’ve ever read…always includes the words “located at”!  Don’t get me started on this topic!  If the advertiser knew how useless the impact of their message was these days,  maybe there would be changes.
Heck…TV was supposed to quiet down commercials a year ago.  Did it happen?  The agencies and broadcasters have done nothing! The FCC has done nothing!  Network Promos have gotten even louder!  No Guts.  No Innovation.  No Creativity!  DEAD! (Freedom Of Speech)

Roland Blaquiere: Congratulations Cami. We’ve never met in person but I feel I’ve known you all your life. Your dad and I go back 60 or so and I’m glad you kept his life a happy one, along with all the rest of his family. If you continue to stay the course that you have been on, I’m sure you will keep your dad young and happy with all the great things in your life that he is so proud of. (Camera Graduates)

Mike Diston: That video of Trump making fun of somebody handicapped is fake news (Unthinkable Trump)

Jim Corkern: Wait a minute. He gets to run around and do anything without scrutiny?
Surely you jest. Special council, illegal wiretapping, plants inside his campaign, then presidency… and who knows how many illegal leaks during his election campaign and then in his presidency until he found all of the traitors. Fake Dossier paid for by the DNC, FISA abuse against him and anyone two steps from him (hundreds, if not thousands of Americans illegally spied on).
I could go on forever with actual verifiable facts like above that you haven’t a clue about, or you would not speak as you have and made such immature claims and statements.
Maybe, just maybe you should research before spouting off lies and deceptions because there is no other way to classify the comment I am replying to. (Unthinkable Trump)

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