Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Laughter in The Halls) 6/26/23

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After working at and writing about Radio for many years, I’ve finally concluded that even though Radio is part of show business, unlike Movies, Plays, and Music, it has no end.
Hell, even Hey Jude has an ending when Sir Paul sings it live.

Radio is a process; no matter how big the ratings are or how much the revenue may grow, it all starts again tomorrow morning.

I wish I’d come to that conclusion when I was a young Program Director. I definitely would have tried to slow the process down so I could have enjoyed it more.

You know, more of the good stuff like having rating parties that lasted for days, more long lunches with the record ducks, much shorter meetings with the sales staff, and, of course, much longer mentoring sessions with the pretty interns.

Pursuing great Radio is much like pursuing happiness; happiness only lies in the pursuit.
You must figure out how to enjoy the journey more because that’s all there is.

I think my wife Lana may have summed it up best years ago when, after hearing me whining about working hard all week so I needed rest on the weekend, not chores, she said, ” You call standing around the halls of a radio station laughing all day, work?”

Lana was right because I worked at numerous jobs before getting into Broadcasting, but when I got into Radio, I never worked another day in my life.


Stop waiting for your ship to come in; swim out and get it.

Wouldn’t  America have been better if those rich folks had picked their own cotton?

Speaking of rich fucks, did they ever invent or create anything that benefited the world?

When you go from failure to failure with enthusiasm, you eventually have a huge win waiting for you.

And the best part of growing up is?

Of all the government agencies, which one do you trust the most?

Recently heard in Cambridge, “With what’s going on, you’d have to be crazy not to be seeing a psychiatrist.”

I find it very interesting that even Hollywood portrays most government employees as people who are not interested in making America a better place; they’re only interested in their careers and pensions.

Speaking of Hollywood, thankfully, they have made the Russians our enemy again. Good, I was growing weary of the Desert.

According to Steve Jobs, the best Managers are those who don’t want to be one.

Have you noticed that the crime rate goes up every time we get more freedom?

I remember when an R rating meant the movie would be full of sex and violence, and now it just means someone smoked.

I wonder if the networks realize that white people watch football too.

Dreamers are dangerous because they don’t adapt.

When is somebody going to call out the universities about all the money they spend on athletic scholarships for those who will never change the world?

There’s always will be another move until there ain’t.

The good life is only temporary.

Great leaders think about their mission more often than they think about themselves.

Will those who feel sorry for the millionaires Mehgan and Harry please raise their hands and explain why?

Is “Awesome” finally going down and replaced by “Epic?”

This would be a wonderful world if women were half as smart as they think they are.

Growing weary of hearing that a bunch of rich old white guys created America for their ilk, I did a little research. Yes, they were men of means, and they were white, but they sure weren’t old; the average age was forty, and a couple of them were only teenagers, so I’m not sure who their ilk was. 

Bill Gardner: Hello Eugene and George, from Las Vegas.
As usual, George got it right.
There are three radio Gardner brothers, starting first on the air with me, Al, and STILL Philly PM Drive dominator Andre on the air at WMGK-FM.
Andre is definitely the most Philly famous these days.
Funny story:  I actually had a couple of dozen Philly visitors on one of my flights here out of Las Vegas, where I shared a little of our family radio story with one of the passengers. He shouted joyfully, “Hey guys….our pilot ACTUALLY KNOWS Andre Gardner!” Yep, and I have known him since birth!
When Phil Gardner was hired from Cleveland, he arrived in my PD office one day at WIBG and was told, “This is BILL Gardner.” His head snapped up, saying in all seriousness, “YOU’LL have to change your name!” After being both born with and using my real name on the Radio for decades, I just smiled and laughed inside.
I didn’t know “Gardner” wasn’t HIS real name:-) Phil didn’t stay too long at WIBG. And Eugene, I’m glad you still remember our staff members! We had an amazing collection of on-air talent.
And don’t forget voices like Jack McCoy, Eric Chase, Steve Kelly, and more. All were chosen by amazing dudes George Johns, Jim Hilliard, and even me. Jim Hilliard was my former Program Director at Famous 56 WFIL in ’68 after Paul Drew and I parted ways at WIBG initially. (Coming To America) 

Radio Geo: Bill, only you could handle the great Bill Gardner being told he must change his name. Wow!
Bill Gardner: Thanks, George! Funnier yet that “Gardner” wasn’t even HIS real name 🙂 Didn’t know that. I was Morning Man back then, and Phil was coming in to do Noon-3.
Radio Geo: He was either very ballsy, Bill, or very stupid.

Steve Dinkel: I could listen to that version of Hallelujah over and over…. and I have! Great memory photo trip, and Merry Christmas, George. (Seasons Greetings)
Geo: It’s just beautiful, Steve.

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Radio Geo’s Media Blog. (I’d Rather Stand Alone) 6/05/23

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So, as I write this, I’m on the train somewhere between West Palm Beach and Los Angeles, where I’m headed to my Grandson’s graduation.
I love the train because I’m all alone, so I don’t have to look after anyone, which gives me thinking time.
What I’m thinking about is how I’d like to get my hands on a stand-alone FM, even though most radio folks believe you need a bunch of them to be successful.
Oh, oh! There’s that can’t word again that I was writing about in last week.

I beg to differ, though, because a stand-alone has a unique opportunity to become the winner.
You can focus your quest for not only better rating but also revenue at your enemy without worrying about how it will affect your other stations down the hall.

Until you get some decent ratings, direct business is the lifeblood of a stand-alone because calling on agencies without gig numbers is just a waste of time.
However, now that you don’t have to call on agencies you have some extra time to come up with things that cause traffic because that’s all direct business cares about.
Stand-alone’s can not only cause phones to ring but can also send folks to web pages and places of business.
I’ve always used unique promotions and endorsements from the Dee Jays to blow the doors off some of the local establishments.
Promotions and endorsements are very measurable, so they help solve radio’s biggest problem, accountability.
Group stations have too many systems and rules in the way, so they tend to shy away from promotions and such.
Instead, they’d rather continue calling on agencies.

Oh, and because you won’t have as much debt, you’ll be able to afford to advertise, promote, and build databases that can be used for even more accountability.

The best part is when your stand-alone begins to heat up; the group stations don’t have the time or the money to fight back.
Speaking of heat, whether a PPM device, a Diary, or a Phone is used to do a radio survey, they all find the hottest stations.

It takes some kind of woman to distract a man from his destiny. Hey Harry, how’s it going so far?

Speaking of strong women, Cami’s Grandma once said to me, “Any man can be a father, but it takes a hell of a man to be a Daddy.” 

Success is not measured by how much drama it took to get there. 

It may not be your parents, teacher, or mentor; it may be you. 

Is Johnny Depp the first man to win an argument with a woman? 

According to Hollywood movies, in the future, all the presidents will be females, and all the armed forces commanders and judges will be black.

Regrets, yeh, I have a few; I wish I hadn’t divorced, and I wish that I had a better relationship with my son and hadn’t gone ten years without talking to my brother. Other than that, I’m fucking rockin’!

Everyone looks at their situation from their side of the table, but it’s those who see all sides end up owning the table. 

Facts ruin most good stories.

Why is it that if a woman says something hurtful and I mention it, I’m even in more trouble?

Big is the result of many small things all coming together.

Being smart is not only a skill; it’s also a choice.

I can only wonder what Suzette McClure, who murdered my good friend Charlie Minor is doing now.

I‘ve been in love six times but was only excited about marrying one of them.

While watching some old Tom Cruise movies, I realized why they were successful. Tom was smart enough to have great actors around him, like Anthony Hopkins and John Voigt.

Courage needs to be exercised.

The question may be more important than the answer.

Good enough is the mortal enemy of greatness.

I think that the oil companies will keep raising prices until we all promise not to vote for a Democrat.

Hockey players are the only athletes in the world who pretend that they’re not hurt.

What politician would you trust to babysit your grandbabies?

At what age do you develop shame?

Why do Whiskey and wine go down much easier than water?

Tolerance sanctions misuse and incompetence, and familiarity breeds contempt.

If 65% of the rich did not inherit their wealth, I doubt they’d be running anything.

I read that Einstein married his cousin because she had large breasts. How wise was that?

Most listeners don’t want their favorite radio station to get any better.

Has anybody thought that maybe we shouldn’t export our oil?

Do you have any idea what the initials CD, ASAP, DVD, BYOB, FOMO, FYI, LASER, P.S, PIN, RADAR, RIP, SCUBA, SMART, SNAFU, SONAR, SOS, VIN, WD-40, ZIP, CAPTCHA, CD-ROM, JPEG, RAM, URL, AWOL, FLOTUS, NATO, SWAT, AIDS, AT&T, and BOT, stand for?

I wonder when Biden will stop blaming Trump for everything and get on with the fixin’.

Most great men aren’t good men because they were too busy being great to be good.

There’s an old song I never understood called “You Always Hurt The One You Love” until I realized that they’re the only ones we tell the truth to.

Research can only tell you what happened, not what will happen.

Art is one of the few things that doesn’t have any rules.

Are you as tired as I am being asked to do a survey every time you buy something?


Ron Below: To answer your headline question- War, What The Hell Is It Good For?… Absolutely nothing! (War)
Radio Geo: Uh-huh, uh-huh!
Kevin Robinson: From my front porch, I could see the 1070 towers up until two years ago. Retirement Condos are being built there now. Shame. (Coming To America)
Radio Geo: Very sad, Kevin, as the jingle sang, “It’s a Shame What They’re Doing To Radio.” It’s hard to believe that WIBC once had a 19.4 share overall with a 27 in the morning. Oh, and the Buzzard was right behind “Big Mama.”
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Radio Geo’s Media Blog (Can’t Is Also a 4 Letter Word) New 5/29/23

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I’ve always detested the word no, but I’m starting to come around to the possibility that no may also have a positive side. Hell, I don’t even begin to become creative until I hear it.
Randy Michaels commented that he agreed with me on No, but he hates Can’t even more.

Randy’s response reminded me of a dinner I attended a few years ago with my Daughter Candis at Camp Pendleton.
After dinner, the Company Commander got up and said, “We are supposed to be the toughest people in the world, but I do not have one Marine on this base that can do what you people are going to do tomorrow.”

He then said, “I just ran the San Diego Marathon to experience a little of what you will go through tomorrow, and the only reason I finished was because I had to face you today.
It is almost impossible for me to fathom how you will run the 26 miles I did, plus add a 2 1/2 mile ocean swim and a 116-mile bike ride. Good luck and Godspeed to you all.”

All I could think about was, “Hey, wait a minute, if a Marine can’t do it, then how the hell is my little girl going to do it?
But do it she did, so now and forever more, Candis is an Ironman.

The only reason she did it was because of the word Can’t. She was repeatedly told that it takes several years before even thinking about attempting something grueling.
And oh yeah, it’s called the Ironman, not the Ironwoman, little lady.
Yet, here we were in Camp Pendleton ready to go in less than a year

The words Cant and No are very difficult to overcome, but once they are, it produces exciting life-changing results.


Do we have any stats that prove people are happier now because of political correctness?

I wonder how great America would be if there were no lobbyists.

You are who you are when nobody’s watching.

Being influential is a lot more powerful than being powerful.

You don’t need to worry about missing an opportunity; someone else will grab it up for you.

The only problem with your memories is they don’t remember you.

Why do sad people have the best smiles?

Why would we believe that the government is the answer to anything?

If you don’t work on your dreams, you’ll soon be working on someone else’s.

The world belongs to the curious.

Nobody has ever convinced me that I’m a nobody.

Just because you don’t believe something doesn’t change whether or not it’s true.

There’s a big difference between what WOKE means and what it is perceived to mean, and then there’s that perception is reality thing.

If you care about something, you’re probably not alone.

Until they get rid of lobbyists and corporate funding, I’m against both parties.

Why do some folks think they deserve a raise just for the length of service?

Have you ever noticed that California’s not that pretty if the sun ain’t shining?

I don’t think that not standing for the flag is political; it’s anti-American. What say you?

If you don’t choose your life, it will choose it for you.

Not only does it take a lot of work to be successful, but it also takes a little luck.

Hey, ya gotta think about something, so you might as well think big.

Sometimes silence is deafening.

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

How ’bout dem Panthers, eh?


Chris Kampmeir: Hi George…and Reg…thanks so much for the recognition in this Classy piece. That was a great time in my learning curve, and I spent a lot of my career passing along your many words of wisdom. I really bought into the build-your-own radio station concept and used the basic working parts to rebuild or launch several stations over the years. Most notably, WYNY, NY, in its final years doing country leading up to the consolidation explosion. “The slower you go, the longer it lasts.” Such a great concept is so often undermined by impatient GMs. Remember Tim Rose and his Rolls Royce. What a hoot. Nothing classier than a proper British accent, a tux, and a Rolls! And, of course, his morning partner Beth McDonald, still killing it all these years later. I was blessed to have had many great mentors along the way but none so quotable as you, my friend. (Character Part 3)
Radio Geo: Wow, so good to hear from you, Chris. Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end but end they did. 🙁

John Forsythe: Chris, George, and Reg, Great memories in San Diego and then with Kampmeier in Orlando! Definitely the highlights of my radio creations. (Character!)
Radio Geo: Great times, John.

Peter McClane: I would be interested in your comments on today’s radio. If there is such a thing. (Character!)
Radio Geo: Hi Peter, did you read part 1 of Character!, it pretty well says what I think about today’s radio.

Jed: In an instant gratification world and the major radio companies living on money that they have not earned but revenues (however much a shortfall) that have to be banked instantly, how in God’s green earth can one sel l a concept of build-it-yourself-market-radio? The manager today who buys into the concept will be gone in 30 days or less, and the format will be blown out in 90 days or less. Go slow? The industry (and their venture capital bankers) must now be run by premature ejaculators! (Character!)
Radio Geo: The problem, Jed, is there are no radio people running radio today.

Bruce Devine: George, the app is called Arrive-Can….actually it’s pretty easy & the USA has an equivalent. my summer place is in the 1000 Islands & the USA is less than a mile away. I go to the USA by boat quite a bit, I land in the USA & return to Canada without actually seeing a soul. the guy comes on my cell phone through the app & asks the usual questions via video chat & emails me my Proof of Entry…don’t have to go to some designated check-in location,  line up, etc..they already know exactly where I am, they can see via my cell phone…Easy (The Future)
Radio Geo: Yep, it looked easy, Bruce, but two hours later, me and two AA attendants were still struggling with it.

Kevin Robinson: From my front porch, I could see the 1070 towers. Up until two years ago. Retirement Condos are being built there now. Shame. (Coming To America)
Radio Geo: Very sad, Kevin, as the jingle sang, “It’s a Shame What They’re Doing To Radio.” Hard to believe that WIBC once had a 19.4 share overall with a 27 in the morning. Oh, and the Buzzard was right behind.

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