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As KVIL comes to an end travel back with us to the beginning almost 44 years ago when Fairbanks Broadcasting launched the very first AC radio station in America. Hear some of the original cast members, Ron Chapman, Bill Gardner, Mike Selden and Major Tom Lewis along with some promos about a few of the station’s early promotions like …The People’s Choice, The 50% Off Free Fair which literally shut down the Dallas expressway, and The Great Race which featured Hall of Famers, Ron Chapman and Mike Selden racing each other around the world. (pictured up top) Just click below on the itty bitty picture of Billboard’s personality of the year that year Bill Gardner and be instantly whisked back to 1974 as we began to wrap up Kay-Ville’s very first year.

KVIL FM Station Promo 1974


The Mythicals. (new Blog for Feb 06/17)

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When I was growing up there were so many bigger than life mythical figures around that I just thought it was normal. I’m talkin’ giants like Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Rocket Richard, JFK, John Wayne, Martin Luther King, Joe Dimaggio, Robert Kennedy, Bart Starr, Mohamed Ali, the Beatles, Johnny Carson, Clint Eastwood, Bob Dylan, and Michael Jackson. These people were so magical and all of them had such an aura about them that it was very difficult to breath let alome speak in their presence. If they did nothing but just stand there I would still stand in line to buy a ticket.
Who would that be today?

The only reason I would ever allow either of my daughters to walk 10 paces behind a Muslim is so that he could clear out the land mines.
Isn’t it weird that the best and worst thing you can call a Jew is a Jew? 
You are judged much more on what you do than what you did.
When you live in a world where you are rewarded for merely participating while others are even given bonuses for losing, of course, a guy like Trump was gonna come along.
Wow, I can’t believe that CBS is hanging in there with Colbert and are actually trying to rebrand him. Don’t they realize that just appealing to California types ain’t enough?
Some of the funniest radio shows I’ve ever heard were Ron Chapman’s on KVIL in Dallas and Jim Harper’s in Detroit on WNIC. The most interesting part though is that neither of these legends ever told a joke.
You can’t let content get in the way of great music just as you can’t let the music get in the way of great content.
A tune is either up or it ain’t.
As I’ve said many times the first rule of “Show Biz” which only leads to the even tougher job of trying to hold their interest.
If Germany and Japan had won the war what Americans do you suppose would have been on trial for War Crimes?
It’s not whether you win or lose it’s how you play the game said Bill Belichick to no one ever!
Life continues to turn out just like we didn’t plan.
Very little greatness came from cautious behavior.
Your rights end right at the tip of my nose.
If liberal politics don’t work on radio why do they assume that they will on TV?
I think we finally reached the point last year where the bands in Rock&Roll heaven are definitely much better than the ones left here on earth.
Being the best in the world at anything pays pretty well.
Only one thing wipes away all fear, irritations, and resentments … Laughter!
If you get to stir it you get to say it’s homemade.
So far the word awesome continues to stand the test of time even though crazy and epic gave it a run.
Taking advantage of who you are ain’t necessarily a bad thing.
Walt Disney took care of the customers first the employees next and then the executives. That’s just the way radio does it. Right!
The biggest radio stations always figured out how to make their clients cash registers ring.
Unfortunately, the road to success is filled with detours and is always under construction.
Anybody can say no because only very special people get to say yes.
I’ve been told that cocaine is better than sex so I’m glad I didn’t try it because I can’t even handle sex.
Watching the Young Pope recently on HBO reminded me that Jesus once said, “it’s not about me it’s about my father.”
If we really are what we remember that makes me a very naughty boy.

Very few people realize that most actors can also sing as my daughter Candis told me when she was studying drama at NYU and said … “Dad nobody who goes here can’t sing.”

Wow the Pats pulled it out.
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#8. Death Is Relentless! (new geo Blog for Jan 30/17)

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I think a worthy quest might be to find out once and for all if there actually is … Too much money, too fun, too Beautiful, too fast, Too Big, Too Sexy, Too Wise, Too Strong, Too Funny, Too Majestic, Too Exciting, Too Clear, Too Healthy, Too Good, Too Naughty, Too Mysterious, Too Sensuous, Too Nice, Too Peaceful, Too Smart, Too Friendly, Too Reasonable, Too Truthful, Too Perfect, Too Special, Too Rare, Too Happy, Too Pretty, Too Solid, Too Ravishing, Too Grand, Too Faithful, Too Loyal, Too Successful, Too Talented, Too Good, Too Wonderful, Too Together, Too Lovely, Too Hip, Too Today, Too Timely, or just plain Too F*%king Cool.
Sometimes the most complicated questions have the simplest of answers.
When I first moved to Ottawa the radio station was in the middle of negotiating an announcers union and I remember thinking, whatever. However, when I heard that they actually wanted the all night guy to paid more than our superstar morning man because his job was tougher it was the last time I ever took them seriously.
Speaking of Canada I find that the French people who winter down here in West Palm Beach are much friendlier than those I met in Quebec and they can also speak English.
I read that 24% of the world thinks America stands in the way of World Peace whereas 6% think China does and only 2% of the planet think Russia does.
I’m much smarter, braver and sexier on a text than I am on the phone.
Living well is much better than living longer.
Growing up is one of the toughest things you ever have to do. So far both my daughters have managed it well but I continue to struggle.
It’s the fear of death that keeps us pursuing life.

Only when your buddies start dropping around you do you finally realize that you’re no longer a bulletproof “Young Turk” but just a vulnerable old man.

The good news is that 93% of Americans still listen to radio but the bad news is who the hell would listen if they had to pay.
When I was growing up at home I don’t ever remember it being about me. That sure changed though with my own kids and I can only wonder what we’ve created.
If your ship seems to be taking too long to come in you may consider swimming out to it.
It’s real easy to figure out who’s doing the boss, their usually the person who starts ordering everybody around shortly after the affair begins.
Most people resist learning even though they enjoy teaching.
There are as many rich politicians in Mexico as there are in America but nobody seems to be calling them out on why their citizens are leaving their country.
There is more talent off the air now than on it.
“It’s not personal it’s only business” is a ridiculous phrase created by some wimpy businessman hoping that it would keep us from beating the s**t out of him for his greedy actions.
What we did during our leisure time is what we will be remembered the most for.
When you count up all the people in government agencies not to mention private charities we may have more people helping the poor than we do poor people.
I remember when a radio station used to have enough airstaff to field a baseball team. Today I don’t they could even if they used the whole station.
Most of the politicians are rich and 99% of us ain’t so just who the hell are they representing.
Wouldn’t it be nice if the politicians needed more from us than just our vote?
To be happy one must lead a balanced life but to feed the family somebody needs to be obsessed about money.
When my folks were young the popular slogan was “better dead than red” what’s the new one?
Has a woman ever been outed about being sexist, a black person called racist or a Jew accused of being prejudiced?
I live in fear of Duffy’s coming out with a new menu because that usually means that along with a couple new things they put on there, the prices on the old things just went up.
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Peggy Does San Diego. (new blog for Jan 23/17)

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Back when Buster Bodine, Reid Reker, and I all worked together at KPRI in San Diego we used to come up with some crazy promotions. One of the best though may have been our TV spot which ended up being banned from local TV.
We auditioned several well-endowed young ladies for the commercial which we planned on running on all the channels during their news. A girl by the name of Peggy who was simply breathtaking won the audition and the copy went something like this, “when Peggy hears KPRI’s music she just can’t control herself.” We put her in a bright yellow t-shirt with giant red KPRI call letters emblazoned breast high and had her dance around to samples of KPRI’s music. (of course she had no bra on, why would you do that?) Near the end of the spot when she appears to be in a near frenzy Peggy reaches down and starts to rip the shirt off and as it got to the bottom of her breasts we zoomed in and froze on the call letters.
Our plan was to run the commercial for a couple of weeks and then begin running a crawler on the bottom of the screen promising that next week Peggy takes the shirt off. We were very excited about the campaign until all the TV stations said that they couldn’t run it claiming that it was much too sexy. The only good thing that came about was that both newspapers, the Union and the Tribune did stories about our banned TV spot and even the TV stations ran portions of it in their newscast, strange huh?
Don Walker (pictured) who headed up our crack sales team and had a nose for money instantly came up with “Peggy Watch Parties” which he sold to the local clubs. He rented a giant TV with which to show the spot and at the bigger events even Peggy came along with Reid Reker as her personal driver and what went on with that I don’t know nor do I know if Peggy took her shirt off at any of the clubs because I was married and was not allowed out at night.
Is anybody buying that the Neilson ratings are legit?
It’s not what you do that causes your listeners to listen longer and more often, it’s what you don’t do.
Every successful business has a secret ingredient, what’s yours radio?
Pretty hard for a national act to entice someone to go into a local store.
I think the college playoffs should include the top 8 but only if tuition goes down for the rest of the students. Otherwise f#*k ’em!
Your most embarrassing moments make the most memorable memories which can be shared time and time again.
Only the doer’s and the givers who should be recognized not the takers.
Contrary to public opinion your opportunities are never lost, someone else always picks them up.
Lying to me has always been a deal breaker even if it’s blood.
I think everyone should celebrate Christmas because it’s more of a good feeling than it is religious.
If you really don’t know what you want it’s gonna make it rather difficult to identify when it finally shows up.
Who is it that makes up all the breaking news stuff?
One moment of anger can lead to a hundred days of sorrow.
The dumbest thing about a smartphone is the phone.
Saving for a rainy day can sometimes spoil the sunshine.
Why don’t the poets give up the good stuff before they’re tortured?
No matter what, most women end up sleeping with someone else.
Except for my daughters most women aren’t that innocent.
I think it’s time to reorganize both the Republican and Democratic parties. They both appear to be old school to me.

What the folks are imagining Trump is gonna do I would bet is a lot worse than what he really does.

So it’s New England and Atlanta in LI huh.

At a predominately white bar, you always see a few black folks hangin’ out but the reverse never seems to be true.

Why is it that only drunks and small children seem to tell us the truth?

At the time of Christ’s birth mankind had doubled its knowledge about every 100 years, then 50, but now it’s every two years and gaining.

It’s finally over in Dallas KVIL has left Big “D.”.

It is said that most men only have two regrets on their deathbed … They didn’t spend enough time with their family and they didn’t make love to all the women they could of.

It’s pretty easy to tell who’s doing the boss, it’s usually the staff member in the short skirt who suddenly starts acting like the manager out of the blue.

Fame & Fortune are usually attained one at a time.

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