Sleeping With An 8th Grader (new for Nov 30 /15)

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Sometime after my wife and I had split up and my kids were grown I made a special trip to San Diego to visit with my son Curt. (pictured) He was still living with his mother but the time had come for us to have a father son talk.
The message I was there to deliver was that I no longer was going to be sending him money so he needed to figure out how to take care of himself. I also told him however that whenever he finally decided what he wanted to do with his life and it took some more of education to do so, Dad would definitely pay for that. He claimed that he had being expecting our little chat and had already figured out what he wanted to do and when I excitedly asked what his plan was, he said … I just wanna hang out Dad!


If our government is really concerned about climate change don’t you think it should go after Mexico, China, and India instead and stop beating us up all the time.

​Speaking of Mexico how come nobody is slamming the President of Mexico for the fact that his citizens are fleeing his country by the thousands.

​All that’s going on in radio today is figuring out how to be the last man standing when every body is fired.

​On air folks have to figure out how to get the people to just like them not love them. There’s no money in having them love you because it’s impossible to get enough people to love you to become successful.

You can almost play any song you want on the radio as long as your explanation of why is interesting.​

​If a teacher is caught sleeping with an 8th grade student what should the punishment be.

​A very dear friend of mine who is not doing well is mostly concerned about how his wife will do after he is gone rather than his well being. I wonder if wives have the same concern.

​How many games does a team have to lose before they finally decide to teach the kicker how to play football.​

​How do those college football players afford all those hair extensions.

​Change does not come about without some inconvenience.

​Is it still racist if you cut someone some slack because of their race.

Having a wife doesn’t change a man as much as having a daughter does.

​You’ll never be happy until you can say what you mean and mean what you say.

I finally saw the movie “Sniper” which was well acted but I couldn’t remember if it was the Republicans or Democrats who told me that I was not supposed to like it.

There are six sides to every argument but unfortunately most Americans only see things through their Democrat or Republican eyes.

The rule of never spending more than 30% of your take home pay on your mortgage has never changed but I think a lot of people have ignored it.

The biggest risk of all is never taking any.

If you have rich friends living there every place on our planet is wonderful.
I know a whole lot about very little.
The Beatles never dreamed big enough so they flamed out early.
Opportunity always needs some help before presenting itself.
How come the people who have absolutely nothing to say, take so long to say it. OK I’ll try to edit.
It’s a lot easier to communicate your point of view when you use a poem, a song, a movie, a play, a dance, a painting, a sculpture, or a photograph to do so with but sometimes a kiss does it best of all.
I understand that women always talk about sex until men show up.
Speaking of sex, a woman’s memory usually only goes back five love affairs.
A long time ago my Mother told me that I should never spend too much time alone because I have Hermit tendencies. Hey maybe I need to stop doing this Blog and get out there.
Years ago when Delilah had signed a new deal I asked her if she still had all the homes she owned. She told me that she had given them to her staff … Take that Mr. Businessman!
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Cuz He’s a F**kin’ Beatle! (new for nov 23/15)

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I was in Santa Rosa recently visiting with Brent Farris and Bobby Cole of KZST and the WOLF who told me that I had just missed a great charity concert starring Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band along with America and Chicago and everyone except Ringo it appears gave interviews and signed guitars for the big auction. When Ringo’s people were asked why he wasn’t more cooperative they replied … Cuz He’s a F**kin’ Beatle Mate!


Opportunity cannot not present itself without a little help from you.
Has anyone actually seen someone wearing a PPM device.
The only sports teams that ever seem to achieve any kind of success are the ones who suffer fan loss if they’re not successful.
As we drown in an overload of information we are starving for a little wisdom.
Only the media is excited about social media most of the folks just use it.
Speaking of social media has anybody other than Zuck made a buck off facebook yet.
It doesn’t matter where you stand it’s about what direction you’re moving.
Defense can win you into the Super Bowl but it can’t get you there.
I know a lot about very little!
Cami texted me that that they were studying Little Richard in class today at USF which reminded me of how disappointed I was when I first found out that he was just a drama queen instead of just the angry young man I thought he was.
I wonder if something is supposed to show up that warns you that you are no longer a “Young Turk” If so I never got mine so I’m just gonna carry on.
Just ’cause you don’t need glasses doesn’t mean that you have vision
Worry is from the dark side of your imagination.
Whenever your lady asks, whose she, the only correct answer is I don’t know.
We of course must honor our troops but we don’t have have to honor nor respect the pricks who sent them to war.
Does anybody know what happened to all the people who supported Hitler and those who voted for Nixon both groups seem to have disappeared.
Romance movies lie to women as porn does to men
No great story ever began with … So there I was eating a salad.
If you’re struggling with something it’s probably because you’re just not very gifted in that area so just move on.
When you’re a kid you hide what’s different about you because you think it could make you an outcast but when you’re older you realize you should probably shine a spotlight on it because it will most likely be the thing that makes you successful.
The best motivation for some people is the word “Don’t”. 
We understand why a guy may be pussy whipped but we certainly don’t have respect him for it.
In a market I consult there’s a rumor going around town that the competitor’s Morning Man may be having a little problem with Cocaine and upon hearing it I was confused. I thought Cocaine use like smoking had become jive and very old school.

The best thing about falling in love again is that you get to tell your life story one more time.

Even in Canada all the buzzwords before the election was about the plans being made to help the “Middle Class” but of course now the Politicians will go right back to only taking care of the rich and poor as usual.

There’s nothing sacred about the law it’s man made.

Growing up in Winnipeg the only outdoor sport you could play this time of year was hockey, but now they tell me they’re playing the Grey Cup there at the end of the month. What the hell changed!

Man is still faster than a computer as proven every time you try to order a pizza on the phone.

I think the Dolphins should sell tickets at half price seeing as they seem to be moving at half speed against the Cowboys.

Understanding that you have to prepare to win is even more important than having the will to do so.

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