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Owners and businessmen say many things that really irk me, like, “I’m going to have to let you go, but it’s not personal; it’s business.” What the fuck is not personal about being fired?
I think some of these guys make this shit up so some disgruntled employee doesn’t hit them on the way out.

Thankfully, though, all businessmen and owners are not created equal, and one of the good ones lives in Santa Rosa, California.
His name is Gordon Zlot, and he deservedly is about to be inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame.
(Gordon pictured on top)

Gordon, when he was just a young engineer, built his own FM Station in Santa Rosa, California, and launched it 50 years ago.
KZST not only became successful quickly, but to this day, it’s still #1 in Sonoma County.

Since launching KZST, Gordon has added four more stations to his roster.
I didn’t know Gordon back in ’71 because I was still in Canada working for Ted Rogers, who once told me, “For someone to become even more successful than they already are, sometimes they have to leave behind those who helped make them successful.”

Gordon Zlot totally disagrees with Ted’s philosophy, in fact, believes the exact opposite.
Gordon believes that you always stick with the ones that brung ya, which he has done year after year after year.

Over 30 years ago, Gordon and his crew, GM Tom Skinner and PD/ Morning Man Brent Farris visited me in Coronado, hoping that we could come up with a way for us to all work together.
I’m proud to say that we did and we still do, and in fact, whenever I visit Santa Rosa, it feels like I’m going home.

I’ve worked with many radio companies over the years, but I assure you that very few are run like Gordon’s.
How foreign does this sound? He pays his people well; they have the finest equipment available, and they do it out of a super modern facility. They also have profit sharing, a good health plan, and a super pension plan.

Gordon has had many opportunities to sell his stations for a huge profit, but I would venture a guess that he didn’t do it because of his staff.
He didn’t believe that the people who were pursuing his radio stations would take care of them as well as he had.

Even though Gordon runs his stations pretty fat, Gordon still manages to have two beautiful homes.
One of them is in Santa Rosa, and the other, which he travels to in his own jet, is in Palm Springs.

Knowing Gordon as I do, radio is not just a business; to him, it’s very personal!
Here’s to the newest member of the Bay Area’s Broadcasters Hall Of Fame, Gordon Zlot.

(As George Harrison once sang, “All Things Must Pass,” and so it has come to be.
Recently, Gordon decided to hang it up, so on 12/01/22, he sold KZST to ASMG.
ASMG is a local broadcasting company owned by Lawrence Amaturo, whom I’m happy to say, I’ve known for over twenty years.

The radio stations are run by Michael O’Shea, who is the company, President, along with Jim Murphey, who is the Vice President of Programming and Operations.
I’m very proud of the things Gordon, Tom, and Brent have accomplished in Sonoma County over the years, and I am very happy to announce that Lawrence, Michael, and Jim want me to continue contributing.

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Sometimes, when you hold out for the best, that’s exactly what you get.

My writing goal is to simply write something profound. So far, all that’s shown up is the simple part.

According to publisher Jerry Del Colliano, the time to stop chasing your dream is never.

Movie star Sophia Loren says that sex appeal is 50% about what you have and 50% about what others think you have.

Radio guy Brent Farris claims that Lions don’t lose a lot of sleep worrying about the opinions of the Sheep.

My daughter Cami signs, so I excitedly told her that a deaf school coach invented the huddle used in football today because he wanted to hide the signing from the opposing teams. She said, “I know Daddy, and I also know that the coach’s name was Mr. Huddle. 

It’s never been about the money; it’s always been about the product. If it was about the money, who could be more focused on that than today’s radio leaders? Hey, they can’t even pay the rent.

Unfortunately, the only radio promotions that work are the ones the air talent loves.

No matter what Nielsen’s PPM device says, mornings are still the most listened-to radio daypart.

Women lose most of their power when we no longer desire them. Men lose theirs when they run out of money.

If you want to appeal to 30-something women, you have to look and act like you’d make a wonderful Daddy. However, I’d advise you to make sure you wear a condom; women in their thirties tend to forget about birth control.

HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” has sex, violence, nudity, booze, adult situations, adult talk, great actors, and great scripts. It’s gotta be the perfect series; what the hell else could you possibly want?

Is the reason Bernie Madoff is one of the very few guys from Wall Street who are in jail because he stole from the 1%ers instead of the 99%ers like the rest of them do?

It takes a lot of courage for a person to apologize.

The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel.

I’m always hearing that Social Security is about to run out, but never Welfare.

Don’t you just hate when you realize that you’re wrong in the middle of a very intense argument?

How come Asians never whine about their life or demand special privileges? What the hell’s the matter with them? Don’t they realize that they live in America?

My Father always advised me to stay away from the bad girls which made no sense. Unfortunately, I now understand.

Speaking of bad girls, is there anything more powerful than one that’s beautiful walking into the room?

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you’re crazy, you’re not. Crazy people never have crazy thoughts about that kinda stuff.

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Blondes Have More Fun!

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10270720_10203967436689530_8746799186193594387_n4 10155069_10203907297546089_7915765796942624704_n1

I​f you’ve ever noticed any of the photos on my Facebook page it becomes fairly obvious that I must have a thing or two or three for blondes. That being said here is one of my absolute favorites as Cami prepares to start her new life at College as the world’s newest blonde.

Learning how to handle embarrassment eventually leads to maturity.

Have you ever heard a Woman say that she got lucky last night.

Speaking of Woman if you want a shot at the pretty​ ones and you’re not good lookin’ you better learn to dance your ass off.

Bob Pittman is exactly right when he says that Radio Personalities are a key element in defining what makes Radio different. But I would caution all the sales types who before getting excited and running out into the street to sell a bunch of live reads need to heed Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent words on the subject … “There is no Actor nor Director alive today who can make magic out of a bad script”.

Most sales departments can dismantle your Radio Station much faster than any of your competitors can.

Since airlines no longer trust flight attendants with cash is there anything else about them we should be​ aware of.

Several Ladies have asked if I have any plans on growing up soon! Seeing as I still don’t see very many happy grown ups I think I’ll pass.

Egos other than giving you the courage to crawl up onto the stage to perform are fairly destructive.

Is the reason Psychics don’t win the lottery because they feel they have an unfair advantage so they don’t buy any tickets.

Hey I figure you might as well live it up because as Jim Morrison said many years ago, none of us are getting outta here alive.

Have you noticed that since we’re all armed with cameras in our cell phones now, UFOs have virtually disappeared.

Do Women ever say they’re sorry first.

Nobody can ever take away the memory of your breathless moments.

The only problem with becoming wise is that by the time you become so it’s of no use.

A couple of signs that you may be growing old is you stop falling in love and also stop chasing your dreams but of course when you stop making love you’re already dead.

Old people only like the music they already know.

As Frank, Elvis and the Beatles discovered, once you achieve fame it’s relentless.

Life is a great teacher but you’ll remain it’s student forever coz you’ll never teach it anything.

The only thing better than sex is sex with someone you love.

Most people live three lives …. Public, Private and Secret!

Jealousy provides a hell of a lot more information than the truth ever does.

One must learn how to handle success for it is not a natural occurrence but if you’re standing around waiting for it to happen, you won’t have to worry about it.

The only people who deserve your tears are the only ones who’ll never cause you any.

Have you ever noticed how many pictures of your first born you have around.

Some Of the Best/Worst self motivators of all time are … Embarrassment, Fear, Revenge, Love, Hate, Envy, Jealousy, Anger, Pride, Lust, Disgust, and Rage which all can be rendered useless with one word. Apathy!

Tough Restrictions = Strong Creativity.

Anybody can say it but few can do it. Time moves at different speeds depending on whether or not you like the situation you find yourself in.

I know a lot about a little and a little about a lot but like most folks I have an opinion about everything.

Kindness will get you a hell of a lot further than a college degree ever will.

What fork you use doesn’t really matter, the only manners you’ll ever need is your sensitivity towards others.

You may have freedom of speech but you’re certainly not free from the consequences of which you speak.

​​Sinatra claimed that the only choices in shoes Men really have is black or brown. Lose the brown at 6.


​ ​



Decolletage! #10 of my most read Blogs in 2014.

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319959_10151824969914307_1034124411_nI worked for Fairbanks Broadcasting much longer than anybody which may have been because they gave me all the tools I would ever need to win. But then again maybe it was because they also had the most beautiful Women in the world working there too.
All I remember was how much fun it was to come to work each day at the two story brick on North Illinois in Indy and be greeted by their wonderful smiles. One day Alice who was Mr. Fairbanks secretary gathered a few of the beauties such as Connie, Bobbette, Ann, Judy, Betsy, Karen and of course Linda Duffy (pictured) around her to inform them that she was noticing too much decolletage around the office lately and wanted it reined in immediately. Linda later asked the girls what the hell decolletage was and they answered with … You are Linda!

Surprise is the new marketing edge.

Talk about surprises, when I left Canada to reunite with my former Radio boss Jim Hilliard in Indianapolis I was quite shocked to find out that even though American Radio sounded better they managed to accomplish this feat with about 40% fewer people. Are you reading this CBC.

Speaking of Canada I have found that most Canadians know who they are because they know where they came from. Most can trace their family’s heritage back to even little villages in the “Old Country”.

Once you finally reach the top of the ladder always remember that the people at the bottom not only have you in their sights but will work much harder and more importantly cheaper.

Technology is only now, Art is forever.

If you’re trying to bring back the past you are doomed to live in it.

Becoming famous should never be your goal because at that point it’s usually the end of your journey.

If you’re not busy being curious you’re busy dying.

The fastest and easiest way to get noticed is to just stand up to the very powerful.

Most problems are the result of poor solutions.

The reason for going to school was never to score well on a test it was to actually learn something. Right Nathaniel!

The IRS is never happy until you are unhappy.

I’m not sure any artist ever went into the recording studio to record an Adult Contemporary record which leads me to believe that only Radio people believe that kind of music even exists.

I hope some of the historic statues in the world aren’t religious in nature because they may have to be torn down or does that only happen in America.

The first time anybody in America was interested in what we were doing at KVIL was when the industry heard about our billing figures.

Is it still racist if it’s true or is it racist to ask.

Someone only has to start leading then just like baby ducks others are soon to follow.

Men always listen to what the Women they want have to say.

The first sign that spring may actually be on its way to my hometown of Winnipeg is with the arrival of the Provinicial bird  … The F**king Mosquitoes!

Wise men usually only talk when they have something to say where as fools talk coz they think they have to say something.

You know you are entering a new level of maturity (aging) when the list of Women you’d like to sleep with is much shorter than the list you wouldn’t.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Women love buying shoes much more than they enjoy wearing them.

Wow the record that changed the world “Rock Around The Clock” featured in the movie “Black Board Jungle” just turned 60.

A pessimist may merely be an optimist who had a little too much to dream last night.

If you could have seen how it was all gonna turn out for would you even had bothered to get outta bed?

Why is it much easier to piss people off than please them.

Albert Einstein once asked … If a cluttered desk represents a cluttered mind what does a clean desk represent.

Making a mistake is the only way you will ever learn what not to do.

I think the Hunny Bunny may need a Mommy Van which just gives me a Madonna Complex.

How come stupid people think they know how it all works where as wise people still have some doubts.

I always wonder who the President is talking about when he mentions all the hard working people of America. Hell compared to our Grandparents we’re all just hangin’ out.



Freedom Of Speech Is Just Another Interesting Concept!

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It amazes me even today why more people don’t get more upset with all the hype and non truths contained in a lot of the commercials, promos, and one liners they hear everyday on most Radio Stations all over America. Maybe they’re finally just tired and jaded by it all now so they tend to ignore them. I remember years ago hearing a couple of car commercials that really got my attention while I was visiting the legendary Jim Harper who at the time was the PD and Morning Man of a station I was working with in Detroit called WNIC.
After listening to Jim’s show (pictured) for most of the morning I headed into the station where I went directly to the Sales Manager’s office and asked if he could take me down to the local Ford dealer. Stunned by my request he asked me why I wanted to do that and I explained because I had heard couple of car spots that morning on Harper’s show that really got me excited. The commercial claimed that the local Ford Dealer was selling brand new Fords at the cheapest price ever. I went on to say that we were all aware and proud of the fact that Henry Ford had the very first Ford dealer right here in Detroit so if they like they claimed were really selling Fords cheaper than even old Henry did I may need to get me 6 or 7 of them. The SM just looked at me as if I was crazy then walked away muttering to himself about programming people.

Everything is beautiful in its own way but not everyone has the ability to see it that way.
Who decides if you were assassinated instead of murdered.
Why do we think pressing the elevator button again will speed up its arrival.
If seeking revenge is so bad for you why does it feel so good when accomplished.
Is it really bragging if it’s really true.
Being a Program Director and a Director of talent are two very different professions.
Most Radio commercials contain a bunch of words which a listener would skip if they got to read the copy first.
The only way to become bigger is to think bigger.

Tech runs this century but Banks, Oil, and Pharmaceuticals not far behind.
How much would you pay for a Tums in the middle of the night.
I think the word that best describes a great morning show is “Unpredictable”.
Unfortunately nothing has changed, things still continue to be what they are not what we wish them to be.
Also holding onto what you have in most cases keeps you from having what you want. Case in point is that almost 100% of Americans have some kind of insurance where as only 20% invest in the future.
Most American Men never get to buy their favorite car until they are over 50.
What makes the government think that we have the money they need to balance their budget.
Speaking of the government you would think that they would be tired by now of all the whining the rich and poor do.
According to PPM phantom cume was not a myth but if it can’t hear the clock Radio go off who cares.
I believe that Orville and Wilbur Wright may have been the last guys to make any money in the Airline Biz.
Seeing as the estimates for repairs are always lower than the actual bill I’m thinking the estimates for the ratings must be the same so lets go for a bigger rating party.
Why is whisky always in charge of when you finally tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
If all you do is read novels you can actually educate yourself because at least 50% of all fiction is true.
When a Woman gets engaged the whole office is in a tizzy about it but the first time you ever know a guy got engaged is a few months after the wedding.
Freedom of speech like justice is just another wonderful concept that doesn’t exist at the office.
Looking at the price of cigarettes now I’m sure glad I quit smoking in the 70’s because unless you have food stamps how could you afford to do so.
It’s competition that keeps the prices down not the goodwill of the owner.
When did we vote against having a coffee break.
The best time to persuade people to do something new is in the morning when they are generally filled with optimism. Evenings are not so good because most people are slightly annoyed and frustrated by then.

More time should be spent on implementing something than on making the decision to do so.
Compromising works so much better in your business life than it does in your personal life.

​ ​

Women With Balls!

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Every year around this time I get to spend a few days in Palm Springs with the folks from Santa Rosa who run KZST, KJZY KTRY and the WOLF. We spent a lot of time discussing where we thought Radio was going while drinking some excellent Mojitos expertly prepared by GM Tom Skinner.
The good news is Tom, Gordon Zlot, Bobby Cole, Brent Farris and I actually came up with the answer. The bad news is we can’t remember what it was.

I love strong Women who can still be soft and warm.

Nobody likes an expert, we just need ’em sometime.

A lot of musicians don’t have the privilege of growing old.

It’s what a Radio station doesn’t do that usually makes them great.

I learn more from the questions people don’t answer than I do from the ones they do.

 Has anybody ever learned anything on all those free Webinars other than where to send a check.

Jim Hilliard Jr. claims that it isn’t about race it’s more about your Socioeconomic Standing. You’re mostly afraid of anybody who is two levels below you in economic standing. Are some black college guys coming towards you really more frightening than a bunch of skinheads.

How do we shut off all the stuff the government uses to watch us as easily as they did on that missing plane. 

It takes balls to be the type of Woman who invites herself to dinner where she spends the evening drinking and eating on your tab while telling you that the Women you adore including your Daughters are just using you.
Just kidding is another way of saying “I’m not kidding”.

Just because it’s not against the law doesn’t make it right.

I feel about the same as I’ve always felt but when I look in the mirror I wonder what the hell happened.
When you’re the smartest person in the room it’s the start of a very long and boring day.
If you wanna learn something new you have to ask a few new questions.

Most of the people who have nothing to say take sooooooo long to say it.

If you’re not a very powerful person you better have a great attitude coz you’re gonna need it.

The best way to teach someone is to simply assist them in discovering something they were previously unaware of.

I’m sure glad Frank Elvis And The Beatles didn’t do a research project before they began to do their thing.

Speaking of research, Henry Ford claimed had he done any the folks would have just asked for faster horses.

 It’s tough to fail at doing what you love to do.

 If you can’t dream it you can’t do it.

As difficult as it is to make yourself happy it’s still a hell of lot easier than finding it elsewhere.

Men who work with their hands are called a laborers.
Men who work with their hands and brains is called a craftsman.
Men who work with their hands, brains, and heart are called artists.

Pointing out the blemishes of another does not hide your own.

The average Woman owns over $500 worth of clothing she has never worn but then again I don’t know any average Women.

You only make the same mistake once, the next time is by choice.

According to H Jackson Brown talent without discipline is like an Octopus on roller skates. Lots of movement but much of it ends up going in many unneeded directions.
Everyone is gifted it’s figuring out what gift(s) you have and what to do with them is what should become your life quest.

Speaking of gifts there are 7 different intellectual gifts but SAT’s still continue to only measure 3 of them … Reading, Writing, & Rithmetic.

Love is only just a word until you find someone you want to say it to.

Before music research there were a handful of Radio Geniuses who knew exactly what music to play on the Radio. Research found out they were right but it also found out that Radio no longer needed them.

Unfortunately most Women who are fantastic lovers are also in some kind of therapy.