What Should We Do With The Untrustworthy Women. (week of February 2nd)

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It’s a lot smarter to make love than it is to just sit there over thinking it.

Whatever happened to time & temp on the radio.

You’re as young as your brain thinks you are.

Everything already exists, we just have to discover it.

When it becomes apparent that you’re not gonna hit your goal adjust your strategy not the goal.

Daughters are worth dying for but a lot of their Mothers are not.

They’re are a lot of stupid businessmen out there but they’re just not famous. I smell cover up. 

If you ain’t learning you’re dying.

No matter what happened yesterday the dawn of each new day gives you another fresh start.

One of the responsibilities of air talent is to explain to their audience why they should bother listening to this new record because they sure don’t want to.

If I could have a wish for my Daughters it would be that they become more like each other.

When you’re a child you long for the freedom of an adult but when you become an adult you soon discover you even have less.

Some of the excuses for failure are almost perfect.

Does anybody really think Obama is really going to raise taxes on the 1% he’s working one level below them.

Just because you think there are no apparent consequences doesn’t mean you can bitch because unfortunately there are always consequences.

Kanye West is more known for his inane superiority outbursts and being married to Kim Kardashian than he is for his music – Bob Lefsetz

Why is it that only successful actors and musicians lecture us about how we should live.

If you don’t think you’re worth much the world will not try to change your opinion.

At some point you’ve got to stop the selling and just jump in there and start helping.

I’ve noticed a couple of things that are very telling. First there are no pretty girls at bus stops the other is that beautiful women do not clean houses.

Great morning men are great storytellers and their fans tell great stories about them.

Sometimes success is only one more failure away.

Progress depends on the folks who don’t want to fit in.

Always persist in doing what you do best.

Sometimes it only takes a little courage to find fortune.

You can never change how it all began but you can sure change how it ends.

What is it that Republicans and Democrats see so clearly which is murky to me even though they are on the opposite side of  each and every issue.

The Hunny Bunny once told me that if a man didn’t get everything he wanted from a woman he’ll look elsewhere. She was right.

Oh no and wow are several light years apart.

Most women I would think are trustworthy so what do you suppose we should do with the others.

Some big businesses are just too big so are bound for extinction like the Dinosaur.

Speaking of big business a lot of it couldn’t exist without the government’s protection.

Most women are confused and bewildered about relationships and why they go the way they do but one short walk down the aisle and life suddenly goes how they planned it.

The hardest thing to come to grips with when I became a programming consultant was the fact that less than half my stuff was good enough to go on the air where as when I was the national PD of Fairbanks, it all got on the air.

If you don’t get some joy out of doing something why do it!

In order to achieve greatness one must master the fundamentals first.

Isn’t it strange how all the other companies who are in the same business as the post office such as Fed EX and UPS do quite well where as the post office continues to lose millions.

Being alone is only good if you choose to be.
Wow what a great Superbowl huh!




Talent On Loan From Whom?

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The Midweek

Audience Development Group


 Talent On Loan From Whom?                                    January 21, 2015




Tim Moore

Tim Moore, Managing Partner Audience Development Group


Managing Partner


Audience Development Group


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Ours’ is a world of ironies. America talks incessantly about social media. We’re famous for breaking out neologisms annually…we can’t have too many. Radio is no exception. But think about it: Radio has almost no formal talent development culture, yet we’re developing new and important applications for “social” with the ultimate goal of luring potential listeners to our brands, only to hear undeveloped-in many instances un-coached-talent…the equivalent of pouring 94 octane fuel into a contaminated tank.



This doesn’t require much cogitation. Historically we’ve taken talent for granted. In markets of all sizes where we work with accomplished personalities, when probing their radio history we often hear the lament, “truthfully nobody ever really coached me. Sometimes I’d get nailed for a weak bit or going too far, but that wasn’t really coaching.”  Recently I was asked to coach a weekend talent on a major New York spoken word brand. It was eye-opening. Basics that we’d expect to find were missing. From content sequencing to re-setting a topic, important techniques needed work. If you think this is only a ‘B’ topic, consider the following.



In diary markets (virtually all markets outside the largest fifty-four), almost half the diaries contain comments; and a large percentage of those comments are about personalities! Last year I personally conducted fifteen focus panels. Once past market basics and music brand conversation, much of a panel’s attention turns to personalities. This is where the meat hits the grill. George Johns built some of the best talent-based radio in America, lured to the states from Canada, where he built epic brands from Winnipeg to Toronto. George claims there are three categories of talent: the gifted, the creative…and everyone else. The salient question then is, “can those in the “everyone else” column be developed to at least rise to the “creative” category?



When I begin a talent assessment the first test of a potentially good performer comes with this question: “can they put their listener first?” If people on the radio don’t like their audience, their audience probably won’t like them. Our ADG colleague Tommy Kramer put it perfectly: “work from your listener back.” Make them feel like club members, and ask, “If I was doing this show on a set in front of a studio audience, would I do it this way?” Too many shows across all market levels aren’t “real,” never let their listeners get to know them, use arcane references (no one cares about the empty Coke bottles in the break room), and don’t have the slightest concept of the “III Act Play” when planning content.



And when it comes to imaging…well, that’s another column for another day. Suffice to suggest that if Charlie Sheen, Gary Sinese, or Donald Sutherland was your station voice, would you continue to write stagers, lock-outs, re-joiners and promos the same way?



Music accuracy is an entry level requirement. For music stations, if that’s FUBAR the rest won’t make much difference. But when it’s right, then station atmospherics mean everything to your “brand depth pyramid.”



It’s never too late. If your company or cluster doesn’t have a talent development value, create one. If you don’t know where to begin, try listening to shows that are perennial winners (it’s no accident). Use your social media to help define your character traits. Have a “show-plan.” Shows “in the middle” seldom win. Top rated shows are famous for something. And, a memo to managers and program directors: what are your shows famous for?



Tim Moore


Tim Moore


Managing Partner


Audience Development Group


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Chapter XXIV (We’re Going to America) 2/7/22 (24)

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We’re headed to America
to start a whole new life
But the move
wasn’t very popular
with Lana, my Wife.

Crossing the border
was a terrifying thing

Hey, but
there’s no turning back,
so this move
can’t be no fling.

Years ago, when Jim Hilliard tried to hire me at WFIL in Philadelphia, my name was at the bottom of a very long list.
By the time my name rose to the top, Jim was running a radio group out of Indianapolis called Fairbanks Broadcasting, and I was the Station Manager of CFTR in Toronto.

Fairbanks owned WIBC/WNAP in Indianapolis, WVBF/WKOX in Boston, and was in the middle of purchasing KVIL in Dallas.
When my name came to the top of the list, it was almost perfect timing because Jim realized he could no longer do it all, so he hired me to be his National Program Director.

Things were going well in Toronto, but I couldn’t help but remember how much fun I had working for Jim at CKY because all I did was implement his stuff.
Now, not only did I have to come up with ideas, but I also had to implement most of them too.

CFTR was not only taking good care of me; they were also taking care of my wife, Lana.
Whenever the ratings came out, Ted Rogers would send Lana flowers and a note that read, “Thank you for sharing your husband with us.”

Not only were things going well in Toronto, but we’d also just built a beautiful house on Lake Simcoe, and Lana couldn’t understand why I would want to leave all of it behind.
Truth be known, I was tired of being the guy.

So even though everybody was pissed at me, I turned in my brand new Pontiac Grand Prix and jumped back into my beat-up old Thunderbird and headed south to a whole new life.
I became Americanized my first weekend when Jim took me car shopping at the Cadillac store.

Jim was thinking of maybe buying a new Caddy, but the guy driving out of the dealership in a red Eldorado didn’t look like Jim; he looked an awful lot like me.
My justification for the purchase was my T- Bird didn’t have an FM radio, and Fairbanks had an FM radio station.(The “Eldo” is pictured on top.)

Unfortunately, I knew Lana wouldn’t buy that as an explanation, but I had three weeks to come up with something before I drove back to Toronto.
Three weeks later,  there I was, listening to WNAP-FM in my brand-new “Eldo” as I headed back to Toronto.

Lana and the kids had stayed behind to sell our house, and I was very excited about seeing them again, but I had one small problem, I hadn’t come up with a reason why I bought the car yet.
So when I pulled up the driveway in Toronto hours later, I went with the first thing that popped into my head when Lana asked, “Whose car is this,” I said, “Your’s honey, happy Mother’s Day. I never got to drive the Caddy again.

When I first arrived in Indy, Jim told me that he wanted to monitor WIBC and WNAP for a couple of days and then also check out WVBF in Boston on the listen line.
Then we would meet at the end of the week and discuss what I heard.

While listening to all the stations, I’d jotted down what I liked and didn’t like so I was all ready for my first meeting.
I was also very excited to hear what Jim wanted to be implemented, and I remember thinking, “Man, this is going to be just like the old days”

At the meeting, when Jim asked me what I heard, I told him that I thought WNAP’s music was too hip for the room where as WIBC’s music was a little too unhip.
WVBF on the other hand, sounded like NAP, except I liked the music more because it was more familar. However, I said, “The talent on all the stations is outstanding.”

Jim said he agreed with my assessment and then asked what station I would like to fix first.
When I told him that he should choose because I was ready to implement whatever he wanted done, he said, “Johns, if I knew what to do, I wouldn’t have hired you.”




Bachman Turner Cummings & Young. New for the week of Jan 26/15

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417899_10151867141829307_1830702318_n7361_10200781823808493_689631505_nI’m sitting here thinking that some old friends of mine from Winnipeg should start a new super group called Bachman Turner Cummings & Young.
Can you imagine how long the concert would have to be for the four of them to get all their hits in.
Hell I would even take Bachman Turner and Cummings but when you also throw Neil into the mix your talking a world wide stadium tour.
The world tour of course would have to kick off at Winnipeg’s brand new Football Stadium.
I would also think that a Canadian Company who are looking for a world wide footprint would want to do the presents which would add quite a few bucks to the coffers. Another consideration perhaps would be to tie Neil’s charity into the project and also do a movie/documentary about the whole tour and how four guys from very humble beginnings in Winnipeg went on to dominate music all over the world. I’d love to be a roadie on that tour baby and I bet I could talk Randy’s brother Gary into helping out.

The world may not recognize or remember your kindness but those you helped sure will.
Sometimes bad things happen just because you were stupid.
During your lifetime people will love you or hate you through no fault of your own.
You can’t change everything but nothing ever changes without your attempting to do so.
I have extremest friends on both sides of the political spectrum who are both wrong but I would rather argue about important stuff with them like women.
Have you ever noticed Jewish guys write the best Christmas songs.
How much do you want to bet that when gas starts going up again it will be at a must faster rate than its decline.
In order to be successful the perfect position to be in is a half a step behind the public.
Trying to figure out if you are doing as well as the next guy does not lead to a happy dance.
Do the folks in Nashville ever get tired of hearing all new singers that hit their town every year?
Have you ever noticed that most of the laws have been set up to protect big business from the consumer. Seems to me that its we small folks that need the help, not those bullies.
You have the ability to to control your memories.
Radio is supposed to be a reflection of life but lately it sounds more like a shadow.
I can’t believe they got the President to promote “The Interview” flick.
An optimists only see opportunity, pessimists only difficulty.
If you’re not learning something new everyday you’ll soon find yourself living in a world that no longer exists.
Memo to self … Never see a movie again like “Taken 1” without your Daughter(s) by your side.
Life isn’t near as complicated as people are.
Wouldn’t it be nice when people say … Ya gotta move on, it meant you also got to leave your debts behind.
Just because someone may be physically able doesn’t mean they are mentally able.
Has anyone else noticed that Obama seems to have the same approach to big business as Bush did … Suck up!
Just because it may be unlawful or politically incorrect to use certain words to describe a group or a person does not mean they’re not true.
Speaking of unlawful, does the Department Of Justice still exist?
Isn’t it God who decides what’s sinful.
I wonder where when swearing in front of a woman you say … Pardon my French came from.
Speaking of the French, when they swear in front of a woman what do they say.
I’ve noticed that the winters in Florida and California go by rather quickly.
I’ve never believed anybody but me can solve my problems but now my problem is, how do I convince my Daughters.
I wonder why America spends so much time worrying about the rights of the scum of the earth.
Inspiration is only inspiring to those who want to be inspired.
Why do they put braille on all the drive through ATMs at the banks.
In order to achieve something you may have to give something up.
Most people volunteer to obey the law, if they didn’t you could never hire enough police.
At some point one must stop talking and start doing.
Change has a lot of enemies.

So far the beard or not to beard voting has gone … Women over 40 don’t like it women under 40 do.

Much more @ georgejohns.com 





Happy Birthday Nathaniel

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10752361_10153331695414307_1934009121_oMy Grandson Nathaniel turns 10 today and even though it’s hard to imagine what’s ahead it’s fairly easy to predict what I think he’ll probably leave behind.
1. The Check.

2. The Newspaper.
3. Television Stations.
4. The Book.
5. The Post Office.
6. The music Industry.
7. Privacy.
8. Owning Things.
9. Landline Telephones.
10. Cursive Writing.