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So if God created the best things about California what the hell are all the taxes for.

The three things you can't take back are a bullet, your words, and a missed opportunity.

I just read that the best age to get married is between 28 and 32 so I must be off the hook.

Our brains like the smart girls, our dicks the pretty ones, but our hearts love the combination.

You can not explain nor teach understanding.

Being a Democrat or a Republican does not automatically make you stupid or smart.

Your reputation is decided by others.

Jim Hilliard once told that if he called out my name an I could hear him, the big money was already gone.

Do big companies think they have an obligation or a right to lie.

No action can quickly turn a good idea into a a bad one.

If you don't know what to do it's best to do nothing.

Sometimes with a small change in attitude on can change their whole life.

The more famous you are the less respected you become.

Being pussy whipped is understood but never respected.

The problem with trying to figure it all out is you become old doing so and all you figured out was that you wasted your time.

No woman feels so beautiful that she is confident that their husbands will not be attracted to other beautiful women.

Men fantasize about women they know whereas women fantasize about men they don’t know.

Women are like crock pots whereas men are like micro wave ovens.

The only things politicians are afraid of is the next election and guns which is a good thing.

The more talented you are the less local you have to be but if you're both you're unbeatable.

To be a huge personality on the radio you must be for all things that are good and be against all things that are bad.

Wise hosts always lure their guests into saying the things they can't say.

A great radio host is one who knows a little about a lot.

Neil Simon's play "Laughter On The 13th Floor" was about the end of manufactured humor.

Movies generally have two themes, an unfamiliar path leading to a familiar ending or a familiar path leading to an unfamiliar ending. Radio's two themes are background or foreground.

Anticipating which direction the money will flow next is what we should be thinking about.

A short trot down the aisle does not change love into unconditional love.

Systems can prevent you from losing but only talent can give you a shot at greatness.

I don't ever remember Michael Jordan talking about who was the greatest basketball player of all time because he already knows he was.

The “great one” Wayne Gretzky claims Bobby Orr was the greatest hockey player of all time because he changed the game, Wayne just just mastered it.

The thing about running that is so different than other sports is either you're running or you're not.

I wonder how long it will take until google stops asking me if I mean George Jones whenever I google my name.

You seldom see what you don’t expect to see.

Sad news to hear about the passing of Martin Milner. As a teen he was the one who made me yearn to drive a Corvette across America like he did each week on TV which by the way is still on my bucket list. I luckily got to work with Marty at KOGO in San Diego during the mid eighties where he was always the consummate pro, a delight to work with, and a wonderful guy.

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Chapter LI (For The Good Times) Chapter LI 2/19/23 (51)

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After returning from the CKY reunion, I started thinking about how it all started in Winnipeg but ended up in three countries, five states, four provinces, and twenty-two cities.
However, if pressed about where I liked living the most, I must admit that San Diego was the best. (What’s not to like about what’s pictured above?)

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed about living in California, and I’ll never forget the day that I woke up and realized that if I didn’t move to California right now, I probably never would.
As I said in some previous chapters, the only way I could get to live there was by finding a client somewhere in California where I could also office.

Luckily, the Shadek family, who owned KOGO/KPRI in San Diego and KLLS in San Antonio, became my first client and made it possible for me to move to San Diego.
I loved San Diego, and it took me over two years to get over the feeling that I was on vacation.
When I first arrived, I bought a house in Coronado that needed a lot of remodeling, so I lived with Tom Shadek, the owner’s son, and his girlfriend, Rose, in La Jolla until my place was livable.
(Shown on top)

Meanwhile, we were doing two brand-new formats.
In San Antonio, it was the “Class” format, modeled after KVIL in Dallas, and in San Diego, we were doing an experimental format called the Radio Magazine on KOGO

The Radio Magazine, which was the brainchild of the legendary Jack McCoy, was not only very experimental, but it was also very fun.
However, I needed one of the new formats to pop so I could afford to live in San Diego.

News Director Greg Tantum headed up the News Page of the Radio Magazine and surrounded himself with characters like Mike Dewey, Steve Tom, Lee Mirabal, and Perry Allen.
The only thing these people had in common was they were all crazy. Luckily I liked crazy. (Greg pictured above with a few of his news folks) Doing an outstanding job of the Sports Page was Jerry Gross whose feature “Could It Be,” I loved, and Bob DeCarlo hosted the morning edition.
Bob was doing a lot of stuff, like trying out for the San Diego Clippers, so I was sorry to see him leave, but Tampa Bay was calling. (Bob pictured above with me at Duffy’s)

Luckily, I talked movie star Martin Milner into replacing Bob when he left for stardom.
Throughout the rest of the day, we had Shotgun Tom and Mad Dog Maddox handling the music pages, with Captain Stan in the chopper doing the Traffic Page and Reid Reker acting as the Assignment Editor.

After only being in San Diego a short while, Tom Shadek graciously gave me his huge office, which was right across the hall from Ed Shadek, the company’s president. (Ed pictured above)
After Tom moved to the other end of the building, I discovered he’d left his fridge behind, which would be put to good use very soon..

As I said, I lived with Tom Shadek for a while, and after hearing that I liked to play racquetball, he challenged me to a game.
I told Tom that I played racquetball all the time, so he may have trouble keeping up, but he just laughed and said that his younger years should more than makeup for his lack of experience.

Unfortunately, after playing several games, Tom was not doing as well as he expected, so he called a time-out.
He claimed that the reason that he was not playing well was that he didn’t have a good incentive.
When I asked what he had in mind, he said, “Whoever loses the next game has to buy the winner his favorite adult beverage.”
His choice was Chivas Regal; mine was Canadian Club.

Tom didn’t get another point, so the fridge in my office not only had a bottle of Canadian Club in it so we could have a toddy at the end of the day, it also had a bottle of Chivas.
Before long, we were going through gallons of liquor as more and more of the staff popped in to have a quick one before heading home.

“Toddy Time” in my office at five was becoming so much fun that Greg and a bunch of the early edition folks started coming back in the afternoon for the good times.
My office was large, but it sure wasn’t big enough for this crowd that showed up every afternoon. We were elbow to elbow, and you could hardly hear yourself think.

When we assured Ed that we were well aware of thAT ruling, he nodded his head, smiled, AND went back into his office and closed the door. Here’s to the good times!


Pink Nipples. (New For August 31/15)

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Having a few drinks at BJ’s with my new friend Sharonda, (pictured with old friend Lindy Rome) she explained to me that the real reason there were very few Daddies in “the hood” and projects was because if there were, the Baby Mamas wouldn’t get their welfare checks. The Daddies have to sneak in and out undetected in the middle of the night because if the feds ever find any evidence of them being there, the welfare money is cut off immediately. Eventually the Daddies tire of it all and move on.


For some people creativity begins immediately upon hearing the word no.

To be outstandingly creative you have to give up your fear of being wrong.

Why is it no longer right to be against something. 

Two of the things that women desire the most:
1. Losing weight
2. Eating

Men insult each other all day but don’t mean it where as women spend their day complimenting each other but also don’t mean it.

Friendship should never be taken lightly.

To communicate correctly on the radio one must use punctuation.

If you fit in on the radio, radio doesn’t need you.

Radio for me is just like smoking was, I don’t like it but I can’t quit.

Ayn from Duffy’s told me that all women have pink nipples until they have children, is that true?

Without laws I believe that most businessman will cheat you.

Can you imagine John and Paul telling the other two Beatles that while on tour they wouldn’t be making as much as them as Fry and Henley told the rest of the Eagles.

Logic will take you from a – b, but imagination will take you everywhere else.

Ivan Braiker once told me that it was what I didn’t do that created the sound on the stations I was involved with.

The biggest selling records of all time usually have a black person sounding white or a white person sounding black on them.

Any words other than yes mean no.

I’ve never hear the word true being used to describe PPM.

I think Custer may have been the last General in America to lead his troops into battle.

Say something out loud sometimes takes on a whole new meaning than when you think it.

Without commitment and accountability, good intentions are simply that.

The only time a creative meeting goes smoothly is when the room is filled with mediocrity.

Answering any question is easy if you’re not lying.

I wonder what God thinks about gifted people who don’t use their gifts.

To become successful it’s a way more important to write a song than play it, ask Ringo.

Nothing stays pure without rules.

Life and death take on a whole new meaning if you can sue someone when somebody dies.

If you just leave out the truth are you still lying.

The best days of your life usually follow the worst.

In order to get something you’ve never had before your gonna have to do something you’ve never done before.

You’ve begun to grow old when you stop laughing.

Your rights end at the tip of my nose.

I don’t think they should plea bargain Jared it would be much more fun for us to watch him squirm everyday throughout a long drawn out trial. Why should all the guys who are waiting for him in prison have all the fun.

So I understand that the new formula for fixing radio is that you simply yank two guys off the air (Charlie Tuna & Shotgun Tom) who have their own stars Hollywood Walk of Fame, hey that should do it. I wonder why the Hollywood Movie Moguls aren’t as smart as these radio clowns and pull Tom Cruise from “Mission Impossible” and Vin Diesel from “Fast & Furious. Talk about f**king savings!

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Guitars Radio & Wild Wild Women (The End) * Extra Chapter July/17

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A few years ago when Embree McDermid told me that they were finally putting a CKY reunion together, I was very excited. Hoping to get the word out, I checked in with Warren Cosford to see if he knew what had happened to folks like Rick Hallson. (pictured above). Rick and I had worked together at CKY when we were kids, and then I’d heard that he’d worked with Warren at CHUM in Toronto. Warren told me that he had lost touch with Rick but had heard that he suffered from depression and even had tried to commit suicide.
Like most people, I know nothing about depression, but I’ve had several brushes with it over the years. You’d be surprised to learn how many of your friends suffer from it. Unfortunately, a lot of them though do it in secret.
The first time I ever heard about depression was when I flew back to Winnipeg for a reunion of our old football team, The Transcona Nationals. 
On the morning of our big get together, Bill “Bomba” Wakeman told me that he’d be unable to come because he was depressed. Not knowing what he meant, I asked, “What the hell are you depressed about?” He said that he didn’t know.
The next time depression raised its ugly head was when my brother Reg went back to Winnipeg for a reunion with the CKRC folks. When Reg worked there, his CO-PD was Billy Gorrie who told him that he was very excited about the reunion and could hardly wait to see everybody again. Billy never showed!
A few weeks later, Reg got an e mail from him explaining that he had sat in the parking lot for over an hour but just couldn’t get out of the car. I along with several others got a very different kind of E mail from Billy. He described how happy he finally was after so many years of torment, but as I continued to read it, I began to realize that this happy e mail was not going to have a happy ending. Billy thanked his many friends and co-workers for their friendship over the years, and sure enough, the e mail turned out to be his obituary.
I published a Blog about the hell Bomba, Billy, and Rick must have been going through. When it posted, I got all kinds of reaction from folks sharing their own experiences including a pissed off E mail from my sister-in-law who has never spoken to me since. However, the most surprising reaction I got was the E mail I received below.

Hello George,

I think the last time we talked was 1963 when Sandy Koufax won the MVP award in that years’ World Series. Maybe that’s going back a little far, but it’s in the ballpark.I was directed to your website last night by Ken Porteous, an old CHUMer, and lifelong friend. He found news of the death of Bill Gorrie. I am shocked and saddened to hear about Bill’s demise by suicide. Bill, Ken, and I were just three on a long list of Silver Heights Collegiate grads who were drawn to radio in the early sixties, primarily by the dynamic CKY talent with jocks such as Jimmy Darrin, J. Robert Wood, Chuck Dann and the amazing on-air execution. ‘KY was huge and working at the station for me, being barely 17, was a gift.

Bill Gorrie was kind, gentle, supportive, humorous, upbeat, flexible, honest, to name a few. That was my experience with him during the time I worked at CKRC. I guess that’s why I was so shocked at learning about his suicide. That just doesn’t fit with what I knew of him, his character, his comfortable drive and his kindness toward others. But then, someone who lives with chronic depression lives two lives. One is hidden deep within while the other part struggles to live with a sense of normalcy. I know because I have lived that. I attempted suicide three years ago. I don’t know what Bill’s issues were, but in my case, I carried my issues as far as I could–until August 28, 2008. My demons had won. I was completely surprised when I woke up 26 hours later, and it was shortly after waking up when I became somewhat lucid that I realized I was getting a second chance at life. Since then, I have used my experience and skills as a two-decade professional speaker to advocate for mental wellness and the rights of those who are affected by mental illness. (That’s a long way from executing a dynamic intro sitting on the edge of the jock chair in front of a mic in the control room.)

Could Bill have been persuaded to leave the parking lot the night of the CKRC reunion party? No one will ever know. A couple of months after my suicide attempt and release from the psych ward, I became certified in suicide intervention so that I could better understand suicide and perhaps help others in crisis. One who deals with chronic depression feels shame and a sense of hopelessness, every day. It never leaves. There is no relief. Stigma is a huge issue. Stigma is embedded in our health care system—even within the silo of mental health. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. It’s there in all its ugliness. Bill’s pain is gone. May he rest in peace. What a shame. What a loss.

I did write a book about my experience with my suicide attempt. It sits in a folder on my computer. I’ve never sent it to a publisher for consideration. I’m not sure why but I had to write it for the sake of writing it. Please let me share a few lines from the book with you and your readers. “Within weeks of my release from the hospital after my suicide attempt, I attended a suicide survivors gathering. It’s an annual event staged for family and friends who have lost a loved one to suicide. Speakers addressed an audience of about 150, relating their personal stories: anguish, guilt, fear, hurt, anger, frustration, pain; stories that rang so loud it was deafening; Oh how they wish they could turn back the clock and perhaps change an outcome. As the ceremony continued, I became so profoundly aware of what I had done, as never before, and even in my survival, how I had hurt the people who loved and cared for me. I stood in a back corner of the room watching and listening to the stories one after another, trying to keep my crumbling composure in check. It was so hard to be there. As I walked away after the final prayer from the podium, I decided to write my book. I need to write it for my own sake: fifty years of dealing with my personal demons had almost cost me my existence. It had to end. If telling my story helps even a single human being from taking that final step—suicide, then it is worth every word.”

Like so many others, I will remember Bill Gorrie.

Take care, George.

Rick Hallson





Sex Is Always The Answer. (new for aug 24/15)

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My friend Tom Hoyt who was recently appointed Director of Communications for the Catholic Churches in Galveston wanted to impress. So he decided to honor a tradition the Franciscans have participated in for hundreds of years … The wearing of slippers while in Church.
On his first day of work, Tom showed up proudly wearing his special wine colored slippers complete with the beautiful RC logo embroidered in gold on front which he’d purchased from the Ritz Carlton when he lived in Palm Springs. 


Maturity occurs the moment you do what you should do rather than what you have an urge to do.

The Civil War was about the freeing of slaves as much as World War II was about the persecution of Jews.

It appears to me that the only guys who are excited about marriage are gay.

Speaking of marriage and the fact that at least half of them fail I wonder what it is gay guys are excited about.

The more beautiful the woman the plainer her attire should be and also the better her body the less of it she should show.

I’ve never heard a black artist pay tribute to a white artist.

What has the confederate flag have to do with the less than 5% of the Americans who owned slaves.

The scariest thing that will ever happen to you is having kids, once you have them though it’s even scarier imagining not having them.

If something is different passing laws won’t change it.

I loved the line in the HBO series the “Ballers” when one sports agent says to the other as the valet brings up his Buick up … Hey man, ya gotta upgrade your ride. The other agent says why Peyton Manning drives this car and the other agent says, only in a commercial.

It’s easy to be a flake but it’s not easy to escape the consequences of being one.

A team wins championships but one player can change a team’s destiny just as one person can change the world. 

How come we think it’s shameful when Mr. Business Man sells out to the highest bidder but not the athletes.

Just worrying a little bit each day adds up to a couple of years in a lifetime and fixed nothing.

Regrets about yesterday and the fear of tomorrow ruin today which is the only thing that counts.

Immediately after brushing your teeth there is no such thing as good wine.

The people who complain the most about taxes are the ones who can afford to pay them.

Speaking of taxes we only need one and that one is a giant sales tax. If you buy something you pay a tax, if you don’t you don’t.

I’m thinking that a totally tricked out aftermarket Shelby GT500 Mustang may be the coolest car on the planet to drive.

Treating people like the way you want them to be actually helps them become that.

Has Apple figured out yet that the best thing about radio is that it’s free?

Here’s a radio question that I think stands the passage of time … Would You Listen To You?

It was as tough to get married as it is to get divorced marriages would last much longer.

Once you understand what it is you are afraid of it’s no longer fearful.

The definition of art is the observation of life and your exaggerated opinion of it.

Now that I figured out that sex is always the answer I forgot what the question was.

Anybody thinking they’d be happier if the government took care of them might wanna check with the American Indians.


It’s Cami’s first day back at school today (Sophomore @ USF Tampa) and one of the few I was not there for. Miss her madly.

I don’t think anybody on welfare should make more money than the lowest paid American worker.

Wow, how embarrassed Subway must be huh!

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