Rock On “N” (new geo Blog for May 01/17)

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My grandson Nathaniel Marko is not only an excellent student and a great baseball player, he also plays a mean violin for the Pasadena Junior Symphony.
“N” was a featured soloist at a recital in Pasadena recently which put him in the s
potlight for the very first time and at 12 also the youngest player to perform that evening. Color me a proud Buppa.

That big smile on Santa’s face is proof positive that it’s much better to give than receive.
Seeing as the liberals created PC, I think the academy award-winning movie “Moonlight” should be required viewing for them. 
I think the Democrats need to spend a little more time on who their new leader’s going be and less time on what to wear while dissing the Republicans.
“The times they are a changing.” At the end of my evening the other night I arrived just in time to say goodnight to my daughter Cami who was just heading out to begin hers.
The only thing you never want to have to ask yourself is what if?

Your fans are the only ones who will spread the word about you and your station.

I’m ultra sensitive, but unfortunately, I don’t think it’s the kind of sensitivity that the ladies are looking for.

Getting someone’s attention is the first rule of show biz but I’m sure it must also be on the list of all businesses.

How does it go again, If you love something set it free but if it never returns feel free to hunt it down and kill it?

The first time you ever hear about PMS is usually right after telling your girlfriend that you love her for the very 1st time.

I wanna be around when Trump kicks the press off Airforce One and why the hell do we pay for them to fly around with him anyway?

Repetition fixes a lot of problems but never a lie.

Isn’t it great that we can finally give our president some s#it without being worried about being called a racist?

It’s scary watching my 21-year-old daughter use the radio. I don’t know how any one radio station could ever play the variety of music that she likes let alone hold her attention for more than 5 minutes.

Surrounding yourself with people smarter than you makes you the most intelligent person in the room.

The rich and famous love sharing the downside but not so much the upside.

Sales folks have always claimed that if they sold anything, they did it all but if they didn’t, it was the ratings that killed the deal. 

Shakespeare said “the play’s the thing” not the client.

The world use to look to America for the new radio formats but now it just tries to sell us theirs.

The way they figured out how to get those food carts to go down the aisle on an airplane a whole lot quicker was by charging for everything on them.

There is no way to get around failure you have to blast through it.

I know of no beautiful women who are striving for equality.

Being unhappy perhaps can best be described as that place which is located right between what you have and what you have not.

Your limits are bound only by your imagination.

To a lot of folks opportunity just looks like more hard work.

It’s much easier to make a living by doing something you love.

Being normal buys you a ticket to nowhere.

I’m much better than all my enemies but not quite as good as my friends.

No matter how softly spoken, the talented who crave praise can always hear it.

Listening to advice requires a lot more wisdom than giving it does.

What prevents you from learning anything is being a “know-it-all.”

The greatest honor a man can ever give a woman is by asking her to marry him.

Sometimes a turned down marriage proposal can be looked back at later maybe as a wonderful unanswered prayer. 

Of course, Trump cut the tax for business he’s a businessman.

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Primal Emotions. (new geo Blog for May 22/17)

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Seeing as women like my friend Marnie who is pictured above control 81% of the spendable income in America, you need to get them to listen to your show.  It’s your only hope of ever becoming successful.
Can you spell show prep? The very first thing you’ll need to prepare is a killer close for each and everything you do on the radio. If you didn’t have time to come up with a good one, don’t worry about it, just roll another tune ’cause you don’t want to embarrass yourself by talking. Once you’re happy with your punch out, it’s time to create a very short attention-getting open. (you lose 20% of your audience in the first 5-10 seconds of your quacking. ) After your big bang open, it’s time to have a little fun as you wander around the drama of it all. Keep in mind though, you still have to hold her interest as you take her ever so gently to your killer close.
How you keep her attention, of course, is by talking about one or more of her five favorite topics while keeping as many of her six primal emotions involved as possible
If you can do the above each and every day, the only money worries you’ll have is whether or not your radio station can afford you.
I wonder if the history books will look kindly on America’s two invasions of Iraq not to mention our continued involvement.
Speaking of Iraq, do you think there would be an Isis if Sadam Husain were still in power?
An on-air sales promotion will be ten times more successful if it sounds like the program department created it.
We need some new radio, the old stuff is very tired sounding.
The loneliest job in the world has to be the GM’s at a radio station. They’re responsible for motivating and inspiring the people above and below them without getting any of it in return.
You can’t learn from your experiences if you don’t have any.
Getting your staff to care about your radio station requires getting them involved, keeping them informed, and then above all, inspiring them.
You need to control your destiny before someone else does.
Most projects could use a little more sex, passion, and desire.
There is more than one way to die in fact there are four:
(a) You stop learning.
(b) You stop making love.
(c) The child in you dies.
(d) You stop breathing.
Every seven years a new generation is born, and though they may find our history interesting, I rather doubt that they want to repeat it.
According to Walt Disney, the definition of creativity is the making of the new or rearranging the old in a new way.
No matter how much folks like what you’re doing on the radio today, they still want it to be better tomorrow.
There needs to be a balance between what you’ve always wanted to do, what you like doing, and what needs to be done.
To be rich one just has to pay the price.
The most powerful women on earth are daughters.
Sexual harassment is not a political issue.
Those who are talented have a way of making the things they deal with everyday sound interesting when they talk about them on the radio.The way they do this is by adding a little exaggeration and a lot of emotion to the telling.
I now think that the only people who want to immigrate to America are the rich and poor. The poor for all the free stuff and the rich for the tax breaks.
I’m a man, so I’m mostly for men except when it comes to my daughters.
Over the years I’ve been told that many of the things that never made any sense were only done for the greater good. However now I think that the “greater good” must be things rich folks like because so far nothing’s hit my jeans. How about you?
Ladies unless you look like an Angel (I’m talking about the ones at Victoria’s Secret) I would suggest you keep your man real close. Have you seen how they dress out here?
Had we known “our place” back in the day there would be no such thing as Rock&Roll.
At one time every genius was just a student
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“Sleeping Giant” (new geo Blog for April 24/17)

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What with our recent missile strikes in Syria and the dropping of the biggest bomb ever on Isis started me thinking about how much had changed since September 1st, 1939. At that time the Brits, Aussies, and Canucks were all desperately trying to get the US involved in World War II, but America was having none of it.

Conveniently for all concerned though on December 7th, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and our never ending taste for war began. (wouldn’t you love to see a photo of Hitler’s face when told of the Jap’s awakening the sleeping giant.) Now, of course, America couldn’t wait to jump in so they could throw everything it had at the Japanese and Germans. Unfortunately, now it appears that World War II had merely whetted the appetite of the politicians and those who contributed to their campaigns because even though every president since has promised to pull us out of our conflicts around the world, we’ve never stopped fighting.


Happy 13th wedding anniversary to my beautiful daughter Candis and her husband Charlie who are raising my grandson Nathaniel out in California for me.

Every time you make an error you discover a new truth.

The strongest part of social media is its ability kill careers (Brian Williams) and companies(United Airlines) and now its next victim appears to be Bill O’Reilly. Although the attack on O’Reilly seems to be mostly politically motivated because it’s more about his political viewpoint than it is about sexual harassment.

Speaking of harassment, how did Letterman get away unscathed for similar wrongdoings or was he just on the right side (left) of the political spectrum?

Back to old Bill, I’m sure he’s done even worse things than just coming on to a few of the “pretty things’ at Fox, but if that’s what gets you a 25 million dollar settlement then I’m ready to confess right now that I’d like a shot at one of those “Foxettes” myself.

You’re the only one in charge of your attitude.
The best on-air performers always include the correct punctuation when they perform.
You always have to be careful about what you say because they never blame the writer only the speaker.
The more your program director listens to his radio station the better it will become.
Throwing food stamps at the poor may solve your conscience but not poverty.
What a difference a day makes. You can be born; you can die, you can change or even fall in love.
The people who have figured out how to beat the welfare and unemployment system are mostly those who don’t deserve to receive any of it.
Even though you didn’t ask here’s how the learning curve works. You start out in life in an unconscious incompetence state of mind (you’re stupid, but you don’t know it) then if you’ve got any smarts at all you get to move to on to conscious incompetence (you’re still stupid, but now you know it. Then if you study real hard, you get to the conscious competence level. (you’re smart, and you know it) The graduating level is unconscious competence. (this is the part where you just know how to do everything without thinking about it or caring why you can.
How cool is this? Recently in South Florida singer at a local bar told the patrons that her Dad had come a long way to see her perform, so she invited him up on stage do a few tunes. Once on stage “Dad” kicked it off with a lively version of “Brown Eyed Girl,” followed by “Wild Nights,” Have I Told You Lately,” and before he got to “Moondance” the lucky patrons realized that they were in the presence of the great Van Morrison and had a ringside seat for a once in a lifetime private concert.
Surely the folks from New York City and the province of Quebec in Canada must have some redeeming qualities but here in South Florida, they are only known as rude. The tie breaker though has to go to the folks from Quebec who also don’t tip. 
Your first shot at enlightenment begins the moment you realize that you don’t know what you don’t know.
Mr. Businessman always overvalues his part in the play.
If an 8th-grade (male or female) teacher is caught sleeping with one of their students what should the punishment be?
Attempting to eliminate what’s different about you may result in your becoming ordinary.
Not being fearful of people who look different has to be taught.
Just because there is a lot of action doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is getting done.
Athletes, performers, and beautiful women each get ten great years.
It is a lot easier to appear youthful than it is to appear wise.
Saying the same thing over and over again doesn’t make it truer.
Occasionally bad decisions at least make good stories.
Even though women have made great strides in the music world, they’ve yet to make a dent in Hollywood.
You never have to stay up at night worrying about the possibility of a swat team knocking on your door. They don’t bother to knock.
The people should never have to be afraid of the government, but the government should always be afraid of the people.
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1-2-3- Strikes You’re Out! (new geo Blog for May 15/17)

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While growing up in Winnipeg, we lived at my grandfather’s in North Kildonan until my folks built a new home in Transcona. While living in North Kildonan I fell in love with baseball and eventually became good enough to make the dream team but that all changed when turned fourteen and we moved into our new home.
Being the baseball freak I was it wasn’t long until I hooked up with the Pony league team in Transcona where I’ll never forget our first practice. After running a few warm up laps, our coach called us in for a little chat before we started all of our drills. As we gathered around him, I can still see him pointing his bat towards the outfield at some young teenage girls were hanging out there. Then in no uncertain terms, he warned us to stay away from the likes of them because they ruin baseball careers and I like the rest of my team-mates had no idea what the hell he was talking about.
It took about half the season until somehow we all knew exactly what he meant and in fact, were so focused on it that he could no longer get our attention. We were too busy out in centerfield chatting up all the young ladies who were hanging out there.
Our coach wasn’t the most brilliant man in the world, but he was right about one thing, I never did play baseball again.
Talent without discipline is on a fast train to nowhere.
Attitude is a choice.
Most of the contestants on “The Voice” will never be that big again.
I think that free WiFi is only free because how could you charge for something that never works?
Buying a bunch of stuff so you can look prosperous is called “score boarding.” Not possessing any bling because you claim you’re just not into that sort of thing is also score boarding.
A truce is a fragile thing.
Arrogant macho types are the kind of men that protect women; it’s the weak, wussy, sensitive guys that you have to beware because they’re the type that beat and kill them.
23% of the population are born leaders, but most of them don’t care to lead. Your move!
Doesn’t it seem a little strange that the people who screwed up their life with drugs and alcohol are treated like heroes when getting out of rehab, but those who never screwed up are ignored?
Even to this day when somebody refers to me as Mr. Johns I always look around to see if somehow my father magically appeared. 
You never can become any bigger than you think you can.
The only good thing about failure is that it lets you practice bravery which is the only way that you can ever become courageous. 
If the work is exciting, I can live anywhere, but if not so much then you’ll find me in California, Florida, or Texas. 
Being considerate of others will get you a lot further than most college degrees.
The more talented the person, the smaller the ego but unfortunately the reverse is also true. 
The older I get, the higher my standards become. 
When I was fifteen, I was very into 20-year olds and still am! 
To be the best one must always try their best. 
The things I miss the most about my kids are kinda silly but for me very memorable. I remember wrestling with my kids Candis and Curtis every Saturday morning in Indianapolis which we did until my daughter turned 13 and my wife told me that we couldn’t do it anymore. Twenty years later I kinda got to do it again when Cami my youngest would run across the room when she was little yelling “uppy daddy uppy.” As I reached for her, she’d fling herself into my arms and wrap herself around me claiming that she loved me big as the sky.
The only way to get the best out of life is by accepting nothing else.
The stronger person may, in fact, be the one that let’s go not the one still hanging on.
How many bad things do you suppose were done for the greater good?
A lot of countries still have Kings and Queens, here in America we just call them something else.
Most of the wars in the world are fought about which religion is the most peaceful.
Speaking of battles; unfortunately, it makes a lot of financial sense for wars to continue.
If you need a license to drive I also think you should need one to shoot.
Apparently, the only people in America who like the one percenters are the Democratic and Republican politicians.
The only good thing that comes from your most embarrassing moments are the great stories about them.
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