Everybody’s Still Talkin’ At Me (Part II)

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Bill McMartin claimed the only reason I asked all the radio wives at dinner questions about why females do certain things was to make sure I wasn’t the only one sleeping alone that night.

Ted Bolton taught me a long time ago that people who fill out Arbitron Diaries know a lot about radio just like people who vote know a lot about politics. I think Ted has new data on the PPM types

Jimmy Darin told me at my first ever jock meeting if I ever wanted to attend another one I better keep my mouth shut. In order to talk again I started having my own meetings.

Laura Neville told me that a of young Woman have lusted after the “Guitar Gods” but very few of them ever liked their music.

Jamie Gold taught me that most 30 year old Women leave the bar scene behind to start getting healthy.

Kari Summerfield convinced me that if a Woman wants to have a baby she’s going to have a baby.

Gary Bachman told me sometimes you just have to kick your big brother’s butt and tell him to stop playing that James Taylor s**t and start rockin’ again like he was born to do!

Linda Duffy helped me figure out I enjoy being the other guy much more than I enjoy being the guy.

Lana Johns told me she wasn’t going to follow me around anymore. Ouch!

Keith Elshaw wrote, the thing about George Johns is real talent loves him and management is afraid of him.

Cyber girl taught me that imagination is 85% of it.

I have learned that if you can’t get a word in edgewise with a woman just bring up sex. Rollye James showed me how the reverse of that worked.

Females are the ones that taught me everything I know about Women which shows even they really don’t understand Women either.

Ron Chapman confessed to me that my convincing him to reinstall the phone in the on air studio to find out what the folks thought about our new sound changed his career forever.

I heard Chuck Dann (Riley) on air say … Here’s a dedication from a c**t. Oh I see a country chick

Randy Bachman wrote me he can hardly wait to play a “real rocker” on stage with my Black Strat!

Mancow told me that without boundries humor is not very funny.

Dave Spence wrote me that he let Ron Chapman be the spokesperson for KVIL because everyone thought Ron owned the station anyway.

Rich Stevens re convinced me that having a script for a Radio Show is still the only way to go just like the rest of show biz.

Bruce Fohr showed me that it’s the word Sports that Women hate, not actually Sports

Barsky has shown me you can be seriously funny on the Radio

Reid Reker claims I ruined his life by showing him what he needed to do to live the good life. Now he’s addicted.

My Brother Reg informed me that everyone at a Radio Station thinks their part was the biggest part and they were the ones that really made the difference.

Joyce Kaufman showed me another way. You can chase thousands of listeners in hopes 200 of them will shop where you want them to shop or just get 200 loyal ones who will do what you tell them to do when you want them to do it.

Larry Dixon wrote me that when he first came to KVIL from WAPE that he just knew we were making huge mistakes. He is so happy now that he managed to have kept his mouth shut.

Bill Gardner told me that Paul Drew once Hot Lined him for adding “good morning” to the top hour ID at WIBG. Paul claimed it was superfluous bullshit.

My Daughter Candis told her Sister that she hoped she was present the day Cami discovered I wasn’t as stupid as I appeared to be.

Burton Cummings told me he was so excited about cutting a live album at Carnegie Hall he stayed up all night celebrating and missed the gig.

Dion told me that 50 years ago $35.00 was the amount of rent money his folks paid so he didn’t want to explain to them why he spent the same amount on a short plane ride when he already had a seat in the tour bus. It saved his life.

Randy Bachman also told me that on the way to a gig with BTO he heard Daryl “B” say a phrase on the Radio which was the final piece he needed for a song that he had been working on since he was with The Guess Who. Later that night with Fred Turner’s voice failing him Randy told the rest of the band just to follow him and they would finish out the night with his finally finished new tune. When he ended the song the people were still singing and chanting ” Taking Care Of Business” and it became one of the most popular songs ever written.



Women With Influence!!!

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I don’t listen much to many people but when these ladies speak they have my attention. They don’t have much in common other than they are all very smart and also very beautiful.

Top left Lorenda, top right Candis, below Lorenda, Cami, below Candis Laura, below Laura, Barbara, below Cami, Marnie, below Marnie, Betsy, Below Betsy, Linda, beside Linda, Kari. (Missing is Lana, Sharon, and Jamie)






Very Interesting Women!

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As you may be aware I do a lot of research with Women. What I’m trying to find out is what they really want. The reason for doing  all this research is so I can figure out how to get what they want on the Radio. Ladies like the ones I have pictured control 81% of the spendable cash in America it’s a tough but worthy cause.   The technique I use is mainly focus groups and private one on one sessions. I thank them all for sharing there secrets with me and am considering writing a book that will help them in return.                         I also have internships and assistant research director positions open for those who are interested in this type of work but I’m not quite sure where to start the bidding.



I Love To Probe!

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As you can see I’ve moved my research back to the streets, where I happened across a Mother and her two Daughters. Maybe they’ll tell me what Women really want so I can get it on the Radio as soon as possible. Probing this lovely trio could prove to be very interesting even though I’ve been warned earlier not to even think about it.

How much do you suppose someone would pay me to maybe become my research assistant or do an internship with me as I continue my on going research project about Women’s wants.

Most of the content on the Radio today seems to have been written by the sales department.

Unlike the USA, Canada hasn’t spent a lot of money on the military since World War 2. So I wonder why they need such huge taxes. Hey maybe it’s for that free health care.

The first time a Man hears those dreaded 3 initials PMS is shortly after he utters those 3 fateful words … I love you!

I was having a great life, a couple of hit records out and I was just getting started in an exciting new career in Radio when God gave me a Daughter I guess so I could see the errors of my ways. I must have started slipping again because almost 30 years later he gave me another. Maybe I should stop dating.

The absolute best thing you can do on the Radio is intro somebody’s favorite song by sincerely saying you love it too.

When Ronald Reagan began his first term as President he immediately started a war with Russia. Soon our economy was fixed and the best part was no shots were fired so none of our troops had to die. I wonder what part of that didn’t the Bushes understand.

Rich Stevens of Big Talk 8-50 asked my old friend Randy Bachman (BTO) during a radio interview about his new book, what the correct pronunciation of his name was, Randy said he introduces himself as Randy Back Man of Bachman Turner Overdrive, that way he has them both covered.

Speaking of Bachman, I had some pops with Brother Gary here in Florida. Gary stays connected to the music biz in our hometown of Winnipeg by doing such things as selling Burton Cummings’ Mansion in Winnipeg for him. Gary says Burton never stayed in it anyway. Whenever he was back in Winnipeg he stayed at the Fort Gary Hotel because his place didn’t have room service at 3 am.

You are not born courageous you have to become it.

Winston Churchill said … History will be kind to me as I intend to write it. I know exactly of what he speaks!

Everything already exists, we just haven’t discovered it yet.

Boy those Gas prices sure zoom up quickly but come down like Heinz Ketchup.

If there is something you don’t like and can’t seem to change it, maybe it’s you who needs to change.

Survival is part of the defensive team, your destiny is controlled by people on the offensive team.

It’s a hell of a lot easier to say your sorry than get permission to do anything.

Words of love are easily brushed aside, but love once demonstrated is simply irresistible.

Jo Jo Holotka thinks I may be writing the new version of “50 Shades Of Grey” in my spare time. I’d sure like to try if she’d help out.

I did an interview with Mike Kinosian about the state of AC Radio which is going to appear in RadioInfo.com as a 5 part series around February 25. Mike was very easy on me and later referred to me as a Gentleman. Now there’s something I don’t hear very often.

How come the further someone is away the more you miss them.

If it’s not true it’s not communication.

Most opinions are just what some people think not what they know.


A Guitar & Cello (part 2)

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photo-11In (part 1) I wrote about purchasing my Fender Stratocaster when I was going to High School in Transcona in hopes of becoming a “Guitar God” In 1967 I decided to give up the dream and move on to Radio shortly after my Daughter Candis was born. I wisely decided to leave dreaming about being on Bandstand and other stuff to some Winnipeg folks a lot more qualified than me such as my friend Randy Bachman and Neil Young. When I began my Radio career I was a fairly quick study so before too long I was moving my family to CKOM in Saskatoon where I had just been hired as their new Program Director. This time I was there as a teacher of Radio not as it’s student.

photo-21I also mentioned in (part 1) I found out early how it all works when I hired a guitar player better than me. I learned a smarter and/or better person than you is always the answer. My first hire was Gary Russell a hippy from Winnipeg who even though younger than me knew more about programming than I did. Gary who is still one of my dearest friend ended up in Radio Hall Of Fame in Canada and helped me put together a very unique radio station in Saskatoon. Together we produced some decent ratings rather quickly plus the Radio Station sounded pretty good considering our budget and what size market we we were in. As good as things seemed to be going management was upset most of the time.           They were a lot more concerned about the length of our talent’s hair than how they sounded. The last straw was when they claimed they couldn’t sell any commercials because the clients didn’t understand what we were doing so they wanted me to change it so I moved on!                                                                                                                                     My next stop was Sudbury Ontario where we put together a great sound with the help of a few of my Saskatoon guys, Woody Cooper, Doc Harris and of course Gary Russell. In Sudbury I learned another lesson which I’ve used again and again. “Always have a road team ready to go”                                                                                                                          The CKSO sound was so good that within four months Ottawa dragged me out of there and made me the PD of my first Major Market Station. My short stay in Sudbury provided me with another recruit for the road trip gang Roger Klein. Roger had what I like to call a silver throat and we produced some gigantic ratings while we were in Ottawa and soon Ted Rogers came calling and recruited me for his Toronto Radio Station CFTR.                                                                                                                                               The first thing I did in Toronto of course was bring along some members of my talented road team, Roger of course, Doc Harris, Keith Elshaw plus my new recruit Sharon Henwood.  As they say “necessity is a mutha” Ted’s license said our programming had to be for adults so we had to figure out which of the hits would appeal to adults without attracting too many teens. Our first rating book was a monster adult book and they rewarded me by making me the Station Manager.                                                                       Next Jim Hilliard calls and says he wants me to be his National PD. Jim who was my first Radio boss at CKY in Winnipeg was now running a Radio Group out of Indianapolis called Fairbanks Broadcasting. He said he loved how we were doing the music in Toronto and wanted me to try it on a brand new station he had just purchased in Dallas called KVIL. We didn’t know it at the time, but while we were busy protecting CFTR from the CRTC we also were creating what was about to become one of the biggest formats ever to hit FM in North America. What fun Ron Chapman another Hall Of Famer and I had doing Kay Ville and watching it become the darling of the industry.                                                     Fairbanks Broadcasting which was headed up by Jim Hilliard was very cutting edge. We did a lot of very creative and innovated things on Stations like WIBC and WNAP in Indianapolis where I still have good friends like Cris Conner, Bruce Munson and Linda Duffy. WVBF in Boston where I sparred with Jay Williams and talked my friend Delilah into leaving Seattle to join us and much later putting Boston’s first Country Station on the air with Bob Christy. WIBG in Philly where good friends Bill Gardner and Chuck Knapp sounded so good and finally WRMF in Palm Beach where Russ Morely and I did the first KVIL clone which became the front runner of the Class/Classy format. WRMF proved you could syndicate a concept and philosophy.                                                                  As good as I had it I was also 39 and headed for a head on collision with mid-life crises. It was 1981, time to move on, time to do my own thing and I don’t think Jim has ever forgiven me for leaving. To this day he never fails to bring up what he calls “The Day I Screwed Him”                                                                                                                                       Growing up in Winnipeg as I did watching all the folks at the Rose Bowl in their shorts and T-shirts every New Years while we were freezing our asses off in Winnipeg would make anyone want to live in California. My muses were screaming … Hey why not right now! I was throwing everything away by starting all over anyway so I might as well do it in a place where I can’t freeze to death. Even my wife had informed me she had followed me around long enough and wouldn’t be joining me, so I could live anywhere I wanted. I chose San Diego as the place to start my brand new consulting firm and KOGO/KPRI became my first client. I must admit those were scary times but also very exciting times for a lad who was a long way from Transcona.                                                                               When Ron Chapman and I were working together on KVIL the best word we could come up with that described our sound was “Class” and it seemed to be the perfect word to name our new format with and shortly after that Class/Classy FM was born. The next step was to recruit my Brother Reg and my friend Reid Reker to help out. Back when I was in Toronto I had purchased a great promotion from Jack McCoy which I ran on CFTR called “The Last Contest” When I moved to the US Jack and I became friends so I had first shot at all of his creations which I ran on both the Fairbanks and Class/Classy stations. Jack happened to live on an island off of San Diego called Coronado and as soon as I saw it I knew if my family ever showed up this was where I wanted my kids to live. You only needed a car if you were planning on going over the huge bridge to San Diego, otherwise walking was the main mode of transportation.                                                         Before we were quite ready for it the Class/Classy format exploded on to forty Radio Stations which was a little scary but it provided the necessary finances needed to turn the large older home I had purchased into a beautiful mansion. We totally tricked this place out with a pool, Jacuzzi, Mexican tiles, award winning landscaping using flowers and fruit trees everywhere. Once all that was done we walled it in and installed some electronic gates that opened with the touch of a button. It all turned out so nice the house made Better Homes & Gardens twice.                                                                                                     As I mentioned earlier we walked everywhere and one of my favorite places to go when my family finally joined me was the Hotel Del Coronado which was just down the street. They had a spectacular Sunday brunch and once there we also loved to check out all the new neat stuff they had in their special shops and stores. One Sunday while browsing I spotted this exquisite Ceramic Cello (pictured) and it knocked me out. When I asked what the price it was a way out of my league and I would have to satisfy my desire for it by just peeking at it each Sunday till it was gone. One particular Sunday after the usual scrumptious brunch I checked the mail box when we got home and lo and behold there was a big check from a client I thought had stiffed me. Hey this is found money so it’s back to the Hotel Del I go, dragging my Son Curtis’ wagon behind me and carefully haul the precious Cello home. What a wonderful day!                                                                           When Lana and I split up the only thing I wanted was the Cello which I still have but like my guitar it’s from a different time and a different life style and sometimes you just have to let the past go. I have no idea what it is worth, hell I can’t even remember what I paid for it. Maybe somebody knows what I should do next. I need to figure out how to get it to the next person who also lust after special things like I do.