Kari Summerfield’s Memorial Fund. (Cami’s Mom)

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Camera Anne ·
Hi everyone. The lovely Rachel English made a go fund me to help with the costs of my mom’s passing.
I absolutely hate to ask of this and appreciate any shares, words of comfort, or anything you’re able to donate.
I’m already so thankful for all the support I’ve received: all of you who’ve reached out, sent flowers, came to visit, etc. it means more than you could know.
Anything donated will go towards getting my mommy back home with me in an urn deserving of her, and any services we plan.
I also have cash app, Venmo, and fbpay

Radio Geo’s Media Blog (The American Dream is Toast) New 2/12/24

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When my brother Reg and I took the train across Canada last year, we got off in Winnipeg for a few days to visit with friends and family. On our last day, we rented a car and drove out to Transcona, where we grew up, albeit ten years apart.

While there, we visited all our homes, including the one I bought shortly after getting married.
Since then, I’ve owned seven more but unfortunately, I doubt that my kids will ever own even one because the American Dream is a bust. 

Hell, when I was growing up in Canada, even though my grandmother, mother, and wife didn’t work, we all managed to live our own homes.
Even though I blame some of today’s housing problems on the rich because they overpay for their homes, driving the prices up, most of the mess beginning of this mess can be traced back to a small group of rebellious women.

In the mid-sixties, when I got married, my wife, Lana, worked as a secretary, and I played with the Jury while working at CKY as a part-time board op.
So, we weren’t well off by any means but during our first year we managed to buy our first home which is shown on top.

The way it worked back then was when we applied for the Mortgage, the bank told us that we could only use 25% of my wife’s salary to qualify for a mortgage.
They reasoned that once Lana had a baby, she would no longer be in the workforce, so wouldn’t be able to make the mortgage payment if it was too large.

Yes, their baby prediction did come true some four years later when my daughter Candis was born, and yes, things did get a little tight when Lana stopped working to stay home and take care of Candis;
Fortunately, though we weren’t in over our heads because the bank’s discrimination didn’t allow us to be.

Then what happened, you may ask? Well, a small group of women organized and filed a discrimination suit against the banks.
This resulted in the banks being forced to use the full salaries of wives in the qualification process which led to very few “stay at home” moms because everybody was now in over their heads.

Married couples now could qualify for more expensive houses, so of course this just drove the prices up.


Many parents spend most of their lives trying to make their kids happy. How many succeeded do you suppose?

So far, the only thing diversified is Hollywood movies. They have a woman or a black person in charge and a Latino or Gay person as their assistant.

Have you ever heard of the Gay Mafia? I think maybe Ryan has.

Who the hell doesn’t know about their Miranda Rights or what to do at the tone?

90% of Americans still listen to the radio, but unfortunately, they don’t do it as often or as long as they used to.

The way it works with most fathers is we support our sons and protect our daughters.

As the old song goes, “You Only Hurt The Ones You Love.” That’s because nobody else gives a shit.

Don’t you wish we had a political party somewhere between the Republicans and Democrats?

I love when they use hit records in a movie or series to depict an era, and hate when they use unfamiliar new music to save a few bucks.

With all the evil things politicians do, I find it hard to believe that only extracurricular sex can bring them down.

Somewhere between the Democrats and the Republicans is the truth.

The biggest opportunities lie waiting inside the biggest problems.

I’ve noticed the Chicago Blackhawks have drafted a few North American Indians. I wonder if they love or hate the logo?

The only thing slowing down AI is unions and government regulations.

Is there such a thing as superstar CPAs?

Wouldn’t it be great if the bad guys had to follow as many rules as the rest of us?

I wonder if the homeless voted as a block as do the blacks and the Jews, do you think they could get as much attention as the refugees do?

Good luck to the Muslims trying to change North American Women; we’ve tried for years. Nada.

When I left Canada for America, I quickly discovered comparing Canadian and American radio was like comparing the CFL and the NFL.

So, do you want more freedom or security because you can’t have them both?

I wonder why the Americans who threaten to leave the US if things don’t go their way politically think Canada would have them?

Sadly, only sisters hug and kiss each other for their whole lives, but brothers usually don’t.

Thankfully I only remember the loving times of the women I was involved with and not all their nagging and whining.

To be successful, one must become as close to being irreplaceable as humanly possible.

Nobody changes until they have to.

The longer you live in somebody else’s shadow, the longer it takes to live in your own.

The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.

When a man falls in love, it changes his life, whereas a woman continues hers.

How do you fight a war politically correct?

Sometimes happiness is a choice.


Jed Duvall: George: Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were not men of means when they started. Ford was experimenting with engines in the 1890s after hours while he worked at the Detroit Edison power-generating plant during the day, with the Quadricycle hitting the Detroit streets in 1896.  Automobiles were a means to an end for Ford because his real goal was to create tractors for the world’s farmers. Although Ford was highly prejudiced against those of the Jewish faith and deeply flawed in many ways (driving his only son, Edsel, to an early grave in 1943), H.F.I until he became senile, Ford remained a man of rural values and tinkered on projects until he was physically unable. Ford greatly respected Edison because Edison was a kindred soul, which is why he bought Edison’s Menlo Park, NJ, laboratory and moved it to Ford’s Greenfield Village, MI. (Laughter in The Halls))
Geo: Interesting stuff, Jed, and one has to wonder what caused Ford to be anti-Semitic.

Nick Alexander: George: Of all the government agencies, which one do you trust the most?
Social Security – they send me a check every month, which is something I don’t get from all the various radio stations that I worked at. Medicare is a close second for the same reason. 🙂 Leaving radio (thankyou Mel Karmizon for ruining it) to start my own production company was the smartest thing I ever did. Although I still miss the glory days at KVIL. (Laughter in The Halls)
Geo: I miss those glory days too, Nick.

Skip Kelly: Hey, George!
One of your observations asked, “Why do black bands have no white guys in them, whereas many white groups have black musicians playing with them?”
Earth Wind and Fire has had a white rhythm guitar player on stage for YEARS. He’s a Russian guy named Serg Dimitrijevic. And without the funky guitar riffs from EWF ‘s amazing guitar players, their sound just would not be complete.  I haven’t seen them live in a few years, and I don’t know if Serg is still with them, but I saw them multiple times when he was. Not the amazing on-stage show as in the 70s, but still a very entertaining night out. (Texas be Berry Berry Good)
Geo: I saw them with Chicago, and for the finale, both groups came together, and he blew all the other guitar players away. However, he looked like an accountant. 🙂

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