“Dirty Talk”

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I’ve often wondered about the conversation that must have gone on between men and women in prehistoric times that convinced him to drag the deer he had hunted down all the way back to the cave instead of just cooking it up out there in the wild. Perhaps “dirty talk” had already begun.

Speaking of prehistoric times I along with “Little Jim” figure that it was the women who domesticated mankind by talking us into living in caves and such. Otherwise we would still be out there chasing deer and pussy.

Speaking of caves I’ve got my man cave pretty well set up (pictured). First at the end of the room I’ve got the big flat screen ready to fire up at a moments notice to catch each and every sporting event, I subscribe to both HBO and Showtime and have 7 nite lights strategically placed to provide movie theater style lighting which gives the room a nice glow. My bar in back is loaded up with some Canadian Club plus a few bottles of a nice Red Blend not to mention some Grey Goose with which to make a fine Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred please. Of course I have a Blue Ray player for those very slow TV nights along with a lap top and desk top computer with which to create my Blog and to continue to write my books whenever the muses whisper some copy into my ear. There’s two big ol’ leather chairs to relax in and one of them even gives you a massage. The Geo Cave also contains a bathroom complete with shower and on the opposite side of the room from it are sliding glass doors which lead to my large balcony with a breathtaking view of the golf course, a lake, and even a glimpse of the ocean. The thing though that I always thought was most impressive were my records hanging on the wall. I was hoping that just like in days of old when a gentleman would invite a young lady into his apartment to view his etchings that I too could lure some sweet young things into my cave to view some of my own etchings until one of them happened to ask me what records were.

My grand parents and parents respected the police, teachers, media, and even the government. How did all that change?

In 1966 when I was a young board op at CKY in Winnipeg, Jim Hilliard wanted to hire me at WFIL in Philly to do his promos for. After filling out an application for a US work permit and using a bunch of lawyers to help I finally secured one in 1973 at which time I was the station manager of CFTR in Toronto. Upon entering the US I became a legal alien, I hope the current government isn’t counting on my support just letting them walk across the border. Oh yeah and I didn’t have a plan to ship my money back home like they do either.

Not lets see if I’ve got this right, it’s OK for us to publicly criticize, belittle and taunt Tebow for his beliefs but not Sam for his.

After hearing about Don Sterling I started thinking about the fact that a man’s home is supposed to be his castle and what goes on in there is his business and only his business. When did that all change.

The more powerful you become the more popular you appear to be.

Now that the dust has settled I’m pretty sure our parents were right about Rock&Roll.

Happiness is not really about your circumstances, it’s more about your attitude towards your circumstances.

What % of profiling do you suppose prevented crime.

Have you ever noticed when you call Comcast or even your phone company that some of the folks you talk to sound like their names should be Ali Babba instead of Bruce as they may claim.

When I am afraid of an answer I seldom ask the question.

Boy with all the stuff going on in DC it kinda makes Nixon look virgin like doesn’t it.

Either you think you can or you think you can’t, both thoughts are absolutely correct.

Timing is everything especially when the perfect killer line pops into your head but somehow you manage to bite your tongue thus avoiding big trouble.

One of your goals should be to have as much money someday as your kids already think you have.

Don’t you think it would speed things up a tad if lawyers also had to swear an oath on the Bible at.

In Canada kinda it’s an East West thing like it’s a North South thing here so I don’t mind saying that I’m very happy to see the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are finally back in the Western Division where they belong.

Sometimes it may be good to look back every once in awhile if for no other reason other than to make sure we aren’t just repeating all of our past mistakes.

Game Of Thrones creators delighted in killing off all of our favorite characters.

Everybody loves free enterprise when they’re winning.

Growing up in Transcona if you wanted to become a policeman you went to Winnipeg to do so because you already knew who the criminals were. Hey you can’t arrest your friends!

Is there good Karma because when John was singing “Instant Karma” it sure didn’t sound like good things were about to happen.

Sometimes change for change sake sometimes fixes everything.

How come you never see any interviews with Mexican politicians asking them why so many people want to flee their country. All you ever hear about is them knocking us for making it so difficult for their people to come to ours.